Grandpa’s Corner


September 3,1973


I was reading in my Bible this morning

About Abraham the Servant of the Lord

How he was faithful about everything

And how God gave him his reward.


Abraham had great possessions

And journeyed throughout the country wide

His grandson Lot was with him

But their flocks and servants wouldn’t abide.


When God created this world

He separated the water and the land

Some of it was fertile ground

And some was sinking sand.


When Abraham pitched his tent

He built an alter to the Lord

Made sacrifices to Him every day

And always faithful to His  Word.


Lot also had servants and cattle

So his men and Abrams men had to split

Abraham took one direction and Lot the other

So the strife was ended and that was it.


Abraham was a faithful servant

Always obeying the Lord

It was imputed to him for righteousness

Because he obeyed every word.


He went out looking for a city

Whose builder and maker was God

 In everything  he was faithful

Until he was put under the sod.


One time He thought He’d test him

And asked him to slay his son

Faithful Abraham built an Altar

It wasn’t long until it was done.


When Isaac saw the Altar

He asked where was the lamb

His Father did not answer him

But was faithful to the great I Am.


Just as he was about to slay him

God immediately sustained his hand

And at that crucial moment

In the bushes there was a ram.


The moral of this story

Is to show us the right way

We should be faithful always

Each and every day!