August 8, 1973  

I like to think of the years back home
We all worked hard did our share
After supper was over in the evening
Daddy always had Family Prayers  

Each of us boys had our work to do
Feed the hogs was one of the tasks
For another bring in coal and kindling
And no one had his job for to ask  

Some times the younger boys would swap jobs
As theirs seemed to get kind of dreary
But we all got our particular jobs done
So no one had any cause to get weary  

Charley did all of the heavy work
And  I was always going to school
My job was to milk the cows
And curry the horses as a rule  

When evening and supper was over
We were free to do as we saw fit
Sometimes we rode our bicycles
Played a few games and that was it  

Then later on as the evening progressed
Each one got a pan of walnuts to crack
Ate them before a blazing coal fire
That was what we call our evening snack  

As we sat before that blazing fire
Eating our walnuts one by one
Threw the shells into the grate
And oh boy did we have fun  

I canít remember about the younger boys
Whether they ate any walnuts or not
But I do remember how they played
Rolled on the floor and tussled a lot

 As the evening grew later and later
The two younger boys asleep on the floor
They wore themselves out completely
So they were too tired to play any more  

I stated before Dad always had Family Prayer
Had each and every one of us kneel
With our arms resting on the seat of our chairs
Then this was over how good did we feel

 Then off to bed we were herded
I was in charge of the two boys
Took them upstairs got them ready
That was our pride and joys  

By Joseph Edward McLaughlin