A Poem to Jesus

Oh Jesus I love you so dearly
And itís so very hard for me to tell     
My heart is  overflowing with gratitude
And I know I do not say it too well  

I know that our Heavenly Father
Created this world in which we live
Filled it with all kinds of good things
And to us   these things He did give  

I know  that  this world  is wicked
Sin brought on by Adam and Eve
But since  that  time has elapsed
Itís grown worse as  we all  can perceive  

I know  that our Heavenly Father
Is grieved at the state of affairs
And the only thing we can do about it
Is to get down on  our  knees with prayers  

We know  He has compassion on His people
And wants to save us all from sin
So He sent His Dear Son Jesus
Our hearts and our souls to win


Jesus  came to  us as  a tiny Babe
By the Power of the Holy Ghost
And as He  grew  into manhood
It was  our  sins that grieved Him most  

He worked here  on  earth  day and night
Teaching  and  curing the sick and blind
Wherever He went more diseases He found
He cured them  all  and  left them behind  

I know He gave us His Son Jesus
To save us mortals whom He loves
And if we obey His Commandments
Heíll  take  us  all  to Heaven above  

Iím  trying  each  day  to live for Him  alone
And  itís  a  pleasure  to  live  by His Rule
Any  one who  does  not love and Praise Him
Must  be some  kind of  a  crazy  fool  

Iím  living  for  Him  each day  that Iím here
And many others  are doing  the  same
But  those who  have been hooked by Satan
May  find  it  too late to their  shame