August 28, 1973

Itís time to be serious and look to the future
As most of my days are in the past
My Savior has given me many years
And I can realize it canít always last  

I keep in tough with my Savior
Every day as I go on my onward way
Trying to lay up treasures in Heaven
And for this I fervently hope and pray  

He has given me this long life for a purpose
And as I travel down lifeís highway each day
Trying to do what good I can to help them
Who unfortunately have been left by the way  

Young folks can not realize the importance
Of extending a helping hand to the poor
As they have to work hard each day however
In order to keep the wolf from the door  

When I have eaten a sumptuous meal
It makes me think of those without food
Then it makes me feel like helping them
And I think in my heart that I should  

So when I give to the Missions
It is with a good wish and a prayer
Hoping it will help some poor little urchin
To have a good meal right then and there  

The Bible is full of admonitions
About laying up treasures in Heaven
Where thieves can not break in and steal
And your gifts will work like leaven  

I also know that I an a sinner
Like all the rest of mortal man
But I also know that Jesusí Blood
Cleanses our souls as no Fullerís earth can  

So Iím hanging all my hopes on Jesus
The spotless Lamb of God
Who will take our Spirits to Heaven
While our bodies will be under the sod

 Just one more thing Iíll mention
We should try to live each day as the last
Who knows in these perilous days however
What serious times my come to pass