September 8, 1973

When I think of Jesusí suffering
It makes me very, very sad
To think all of His Children
Are so very, very bad  

When I was a young man
Of course I had to work for a living
But since I am now old and gray
I spend most of my time in giving

I like to make people happy
In any way that I can
So I have found the only way
Is to be a perfect Gentleman

When I say perfect I do not mean
With out spot or blemish am I
But for Jesus sake I try to do
Everything right as I go by

When we go for our walk each day
I have Jesus right in my heart
And as long as I keep Him there
He will never, never depart

I also Pray for my Family
That they may rest peaceful at night
And when the morning comes
Every one is perfectly all right

Itís easy to live for Jesus alone
When you have no work to do
But when you work all day long
Itís not easy between me and  you

I am closing this Poem now
With a Heart full of love
And waiting very patiently
To be with Jesus above

By Joseph Edward McLaughlin