August 31, 1973

The many many years Iíve been on earth
I think there is something I should say
Of all the problems that faced me in life
Have been solved in a very special way  

Daily Iíve read my Bible carefully
And have tried to live just right
By loving my friends and neighbors
And praying for them every night  

Many troubles have I encountered
But I remembered Jesus is our Friend
And every time trouble beset me
I called on Jesus to help me defend  

When trouble of any kind assails you
Remember you have an Advocate with the Father
So we can lay all our troubles on Jesus
And He will plead our cause without brother  

He took all of our sins on Himself
And was Crucified and hanged on a tree
We should never cease to Praise Him
As His Sacrifice has set us free

In reading my Bible daily
I came across this one day
Be doers of the word daily
And not hearers only and Pray  

There is never any trouble so severe
That Jesus cannot really overcome
But you must take it to Him prayerfully
And He will ease that trouble some  

He has said ask anything of my Father
In my name and I will give it you
So our faith should never forsake us
But we our part must always do  

He has given us minds of our own
So we are at liberty to choose our lot
Stay on that winding road always
And Heavenly light is shining ahead  

It isnít so easy for the young  folks
Who can see that long road ahead
But after you have traveled it daily
A heavenly light is shining ahead

 So when all the years have passed you by
And there is no other road to take
Youíll know Jesus is your Advocate
And your cause Heíll never forsake  

By: Joseph Edward McLaughlin