My Easter Poem
April 22, 1973

In a lowly stable in Bethlehem
A Child was born one day
God the Father created Him
To take all of our sins away

He was born of a Jewish maiden
By the powerful word of the Lord
So we should all Praise Him
Singing Praises with one accord

Mary was espoused to Joseph
Before the little Child was born
Joseph did not underst5and
Until by God he was informed  

So in the appointed time
Joseph and Mary were wed
They watched over their little Child
And by the Holy Spirit they were led  

Wherever they went they took Him
To make sure He was all right
They took him with them to Bethlehem
And on returning they had a fright  

When on their way home they missed Him
And went back to Bethlehem town
And after searching for Him diligently
It was with the Doctors He was found  

They couldnít understand why He lingered
And questioned Him why He did this
The only answer they got from Him
Wist ye not that I must be about my Fatherís business  

Back home things were as usual
Until He became a man
Thatís when His mission started
According to the Fatherís plan

Daily He taught in the Synagogue
Reading from the Holy Book
But the Jews were so stiff-necked
They wouldnít give Him a decent look  

So they nailed Him to a horrible cross
Between two murderous thieves
There He hung until He was dead
As most of His friends believed  

Then they placed Him in a tomb
Where never a man had laid
But after three days He arose
Just as He had said  

Thatís the meaning of Easter
When all of us should shout
After all is said and done
Thatís what Easter is all about