My Future Home  

I Long to be with Jesus
The Fatherís only Son
By His life, Death and resurrection
Our souls He has already won.
This life on this earth is all vanity
There is nothing here below
I have given up all worldly pleasures
Thatís why Iím Anxious to go.
I want to be with Jesus
Who will wipe away all tears
And that will end forever
My ninety two years

I have had a lot of sickness
But in Heaven there will be none
As it is a  life everlasting
To be with the Trinity, the Three in One. 

I Know we are all sinners
But Jesus has forgiven all of this
And my confidence of the future
Will never come amiss.

I know not how long I may remain here.
But I am patiently awaiting the call
And when it really comes to me
I will say, ďMay God bless you allĒ