August 21, 1973

When youíve traveled down lifeís Highway
And are nearing the end of the road
You want to take stock of yourself

If thereís any burden to unload  

Your days of labor are ended
And you can only rehearse the past
Have you been kind and considerate
To everyone so it will always last  

You look ahead to the future
Down that road that lies ahead
You wonder how many will miss you
A long time after youíre dead  

I have examined my life completely
Of the things that are worthwhile
And the only thing I can come up with
Nothing more refreshing than a smile  

Good friends will always remember
How you treated them while on earth
And you will never be forgotten
In times of plenty or dearth  

Youíll then begin to think of the future
Have you been a good Steward to the Lord?
Thatís when youíll search your conscience
To see if thereís anything youíve hoard

Some day the Lord Jesus is coming
And weíll have to give an account of all
The things weíve done in our lifetime
Then will triumph or fall

I know we are all sinners
Brought on by Adam and Eve
But Jesusí Blood has cleansed us
And this we must fully believe  

He has given us rules to go by
And He expects us to follow through
Iím always trying to live up to it
And I am wondering what about you

 We know not the day nor the hour
When He may call us to our rest
So Iím always trying to improve
And do everything I can the best