Grandpaís Corner 

Thoughts and Reflections

Written August 16,1973


Iím getting a little older

Every day I live

To have my youth back

I wouldnít a penny give


Iíve climbed up the ladder

To the very top

And there for a short time

I think Iíll stop


The road Iíve traveled

Has been rough and severe

But when the end comes

I shall never, never fear


Iíve gone through the valley

Iíve seen life at itís best

I have married three wives

And laid them all to rest


Iíve been in the hospital

Many and many a time

Going to keep on as long as I can

Iím really ahead of lifeís span


Three score and ten itís supposed to be

But there are exceptions as you can see

Thrice Iíve been given up as no return

Dear Lord in His goodness has kept me firm


Saw my Father and Mother

Laid away to rest

And brothers and Sisters

But I have been left


If there is some purpose

In my being here

I am ready to face it now

Or whenever it may appear


Some day the curtain will be drawn

Then Iíll fly away right before dawn

Going on my last journey to rest

Knowing for sure Iíve done my best


Hoping to see those I love

Sitting with Jesus in Heaven above

All singing and praising the lamb

Then Iíll know exactly who I am



Author: Joseph  Edward McLaughlin