Witnessing A Rainstorm


We had a rain Ė a wonderful rain

It ran down the streets like rivers

To look out when it was pouring down

It almost gave you the shivers


It rained all night in torrents

There was thunder and lightning too

It was like the old fashioned storms

Way back in Ohio which we know


We were glad to see this rainfall

As it was needed so

The only hindrance we experienced

To our Church we did not get to go


Now the storm has halted

And the streets are clear once more

Itís about time we get ready

To go shopping as we did before


It may seem strange to some folks

That we do our shopping on Sunday

But itís the only time folks have

As they have to work on Monday


Why canít they shop all through the week

Well thatís very easy to figure out

Every man and his wife are working

The whole blessed week throughout


We appreciate that wonderful rainfall

As it will make our lawns grass green

And thatís something to be thankful for

Because here it is very seldom seen


The vacant lots look drounded

Now the tumbleweeds will even grow

And we are so very very thankful

That we didnít have 8 or 10 inches of snow


So we thank our Lord in Heaven

For this wonderful downpour of rain

Because in a very short period of time

It came down like a tremendous waterfall


Now the bright sun is shinning

But there are still clouds shifting around

It may possible be all over

And the sun will dry up the ground