How to Overcome Lust

June 2007


     This message is not for everybody, but for men & women, teens, young and old (married or single), who are having a problem resisting those affections and lusts which war against their soul, preventing them from being free.


     If you’re in this group, you will have a hard time finding amongst deep Kingdom writings a way to escape from this dilemma, for much of our writings are deeply spiritual, dealing with the inner man, and do not deal with the practical issues of daily living in an outer man who by faith is dead, but in manifestation still works, thinks, lives in the world, and is to die daily. I find that unless one is constantly preaching the gospel and does not commune superficially with people of the world, there will be open doors for another spirit to come in which is very subtle, and can get a foothold in our lives, keeping the old man and his lusts very much alive. I am writing from personal experience. In my own dilemma of endeavoring to get free from sexual lust and other things like drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and such, after diligent search I could not find in any of the deeper writings a practical way to stop these things which in myself led to bondage, in turn taking my money and not allowing me to be free. I’m saying that these things came upon me after I got saved, got filled with the Spirit, preached the gospel around the country, etc. It’s those who are building up the Kingdom of God who are most likely to be attacked by the kingdom of darkness. In this writing I will give you real answers which will work. Yet there will be a wrestling to get free from these principalities and powers, for they very much enjoy having you in their grip, and do not want to let you go.


    Usually these things start out very small. It would be difficult for those enemies of our soul spoken of in Ephesians 6 to get a man or woman serving God to just jump in bed with another to engage in sexual pleasure. The trap is set slowly.

Here’s How It Works


     This is how it works regardless of the problem. Let me say that this is one of the main ways that this stuff sneaks into one’s life. The problem can be illicit sex, or hard drugs or alcohol, or prescription pain killers, internet porn, sugar, eating, or whatever. I’m not talking to those who can have a beer or two or some wine. I kind of envy you because I can’t because I have an addictive personality which can be good if I get addicted to the right things. Hopefully you are temperate and discreet so as not to be a stumbling block to others who cannot touch these things.

     Here’s an example of a single man who became trapped in the jaws of sexual addiction starting with a hand manicure and a massage of the arm. Well, that feels good, and it’s harmless right? That goes on for some time and he figures what’s the harm in a pedicure and getting a good old leg massage since its part of the procedure, right? I mean I deserve some fleshly gratification, don’t I? I work hard and I deserve it. This may go on for a few months and it feels so good on my flesh, I think I’ll get nice therapeutic massage. After all, I work out and I hear it’s good for my body. Wow! It’s really a good feely thing, huh? But I find that it’s also kind of sensual, one would say, and there seems to be a need for a release. So in a matter of time, its on to the oriental massage place, where I can get that release that I need; and I’ll just do it on rare occasions, every six months or so. Then in a few weeks it’s time to do it again. What’s the harm? But you know, it’s kind of digging into my wallet. And I’m sure God doesn’t mind, right; even though there is a lot written in the Bible (a lot) about sexual purity. Then the times become closer together, where eventually there is a realization that this is something I need every few days, and the money is flying, and I’m thinking that I may not be an example of what a man of God should be from Timothy and Peter, and the desire has become very strong now to the point where I can’t seem to stop. This is the way it works with many of the things that the flesh enjoys. With this come the fears that have been mentioned. At this point I’m not concerned about deep things like whether I’m eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil or whether I’m eating from the Tree of Life. I just need to get free. Help! What do I do? I’m reading many deep things from the deepest writings, but then this desire comes anyway. Is it because some of the writings I’m reading are written by those involved in fleshly lusts themselves? How do I know? Do I know these people? Aren’t I supposed to know them who labor among me, so that I won’t receive the wrong spirit? Or is it that these writing are not touching the point that needs healing or strength or fulfilling? What! The desire is strong!! So desiring to resist this thing I go to the Bible and read scripture pertaining to the lusts of the flesh, while trembling and feeling overcome, and after an hour the desire let’s up. Hallelujah! But the next day it comes again, and I don’t have the strength to fight it again like I did yesterday, so I succumb to it, because I like doing this so much anyway (well, my flesh does, you know?) But my emotions are not peaceful, and my boughs are stirring fiercely, and I’ve got to go to the bathroom, but I’ve decided that I’m going to fulfill the desire regardless, just to feel a release and to be at peace again. WOW! Does anybody know what I’m talking about? What’s the solution? How do I get free?


The Solution


    Many had once done these things and their life changed when they gave their lives to God, and now this or that has come back. For some this is the first time they’ve ever been caught by this. It’s all for a good, Divine reason. If you are one of those in this situation; whether its drugs, alcohol, internet porn, marijuana, pain killers, cocaine, heroin, crack, food, sugar, sex, or whatever it is that you want to stop, there is a solution. I know you would like to hear that it’s easy, but it’s not. It depends on how long you have been captive, and to what, and how deeply you’ve become entrenched. Each time the desire has been strengthened, and it may be very strong in you. But this is why Ephesians 6:12 says we wrestle. You’ve got a wrestling match coming, or you’re in it now. And guess who it’s up to win? YOU! This is why the Bible says to abstain from fleshly lusts which war against your soul. How determined are you for this to stop! The next time you do it, it becomes stronger, thereby harder to stop. Oh, yes my friend! There is a struggle between the flesh and the Spirit, and it doesn’t go away by itself. As the resistance begins, you may feel a burning inside. You may shake uncontrollably like a person coming off of heroin. This is the time to endure! ENDURE that you may win the Crown of Life, the Christ ruling rather than the flesh, talked about in James. A wrestler in the Olympics struggles with everything he has, and then some more. It’s hard but he/she know that the victory is worth it. No fight; no victory. The victory will come. Bring it into the Light! Expose it! It’s not who you are anyway. You’re a Son/Daughter of God! That’s who you really are! This is an enemy! Here is something to OVERCOME, you overcomer! Tell a friend or two who you respect who loves God.  Submit to God and resist the devil (fleshly lust). Fall on your face. Get into the Word and as much as your flesh doesn’t want to, go to verses that talk about lusts and sexual purity and flesh and Spirit and the battle. Go to James and 1 & 2 Peter. Cross reference! Believe me, that outer part of you doesn’t want you to do this. It wants to keep you believing its okay. You know, we don’t believe in sin anymore. Actually the Spirit (inner) man doesn’t sin, and never has. It’s Christ!! That has its place, but this is not the place. This is the outer (flesh) man who has been allowed to be raised from its death bed and strengthened, and must be subdued. God is not beating you up! Your old self is. It’s the battle between flesh and Spirit. It’s time to fight, and time to win and get yourself where you like to be; Christ enthroned and reigning over all your life. I’m telling you firsthand, it’s going to be hard. You’re in for a battle, and victory is mandatory. This is your life we’re talking about. I know all about the verses that say God will complete the work (and He will) and the yoke is easy (when you come unto Him) and all the great promises and deep treasures, but these, by themselves, will not mean much when you’re in this battle. But, oh the victory when it’s won is so sweet!!! With determination and doing what needs to be done (get in the Word-the Bible- it’s PURE), and resistance to your flesh desire, and your Love for God and others, including the person(s) who you may have been using to provide your pleasure if this is the case, you will gain the great victory which will come in useful in your life to help others, just as this writing is doing.

     If I can be of assistance, e-mail or call me.



Romans chapters 6, 7, & 8 talk of this struggle as does Galatians.


Romans 8:1- There is therefore NOW no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit!


Jn. 8:34- Whoso commits sin is the servant of sin. And the servant abides not in the house forever, but the Son (Christ) abides in the house (your body) forever.


     Should we throw out the foundational basic scriptures now that we think we’re deep? God forbid. ALL scripture is good and profitable. The fear of the Lord is still “the beginning of Wisdom”. If you are deep and think you can do whatever the flesh wants, you are deceived. Trust me, you will find this out tomorrow, or two years or in twenty years. But you will find out that the Grace of God is not cheap, and does not give you the right to live any way that you want.


Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners. Awake to righteousness and sin not (be not led by the fleshly lusts): for some have not the knowledge of God: I speak this to your shame. 1Corinthians 15:33 & 34


Again, basic scripture cannot be thrown out for one to pick and choose because they think they’re “deep”. If the foundations are broken up, how will your house stand? God loves you and is not out to beat you up, but to lead you to His Kingdom. It’s your flesh (devil, self) that fights against you that doesn’t want to die. I am crucified (by faith). I die daily by mortifying the deeds of the flesh. I LIVE FOR GOD! PEACE and LOVE!!