One Man- Male/Female         

August 2007


     If all things came out of God, which according to scripture they did, how can God be all male, when there are as many females as males? That doesn’t mean we don’t call Him Father, for our Elder Brother Jesus taught us to pray, saying “Our Father”. Since there is a Son, doesn’t that necessarily mean that there is a Mother? There has to be. Sons & Daughters are begotten only by the joining of male and female. Don’t the things which you see tell you what God our creator, in whose image we were made, is like? Yes, they do.


Romans 1:20- says that “the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made; even His Eternal Power and Godhead.” If God produced a Son without a Bride, then according to the Word of God which we just read, humans created in His Image wouldn’t need a Bride to produce offspring either. Right?



     The Spanish language tells us more about words than English and others. For example the word Sun in Spanish is “El Sol”. The reason the “El” is in front of the Word Sol is because it is masculine. “El” when used in front of almost all nouns explains that the noun is masculine. Note- El is also the Hebrew word for God. I think that is really something. Don’t you?

     The word “La” is almost entirely used in front of female nouns to explain the gender of the noun, for example “La Luna” which means the moon, and also says that the word moon is feminine, which it is as we shall see.


     The Sun/Son is masculine, and like the male He is the giver: of Light, of Heat and all the properties that cause things in the earth to grow. The earth, who is also a woman (hence mother earth), for she receives the seed from the male plants, and receives what is needed to survive and prosper from the sun. In Spanish the word earth is “La Tierra”.


     On the other hand, the moon being female has no light of its own, but gets her light from the reflection of the Sun. Although the moon has no light of its own it has power over the waters of the earth; tides and such. The Sun and the Moon is a match made in heaven (really). The light of the moon brightens our nights, and is known for its romantic qualities. There is much more to say about each, but I think the point is made. They are our natural heaven’s man and woman; a pair of lights.


     Whether it is heavenly bodies, humans, animals, or plants, we are dealing with male and female, the giver and receiver. Although the woman is the receiver of seed, she is in turn an even greater giver, being the production plant that does all the work to bring forth the continuance of the line, usually through much pain, back to the earth from the darkness in her womb, where the baby is formed and nurtured. The baby being brought forth is then given by the woman what is necessary for its health & growth, given milk, comfort, love, and training. I realize that we know this, but some men seem to forget and not give enough credit to the maybe better half.


     When Adam was created in the Image of God, he was created male and female. What is that saying about God? God said, Let us make man in our Image…. So God created man in His Image, in the Image of God created he him. Male and female created he them. This was in Genesis 1:27 and before Eve was taken out from Adam. Adam was male and female, complete in his own being; nothing missing, nothing lacking.

     There are many singles who are following the Lamb wherever He goes, and realizing the same thing as the Christ in them increase and their old earth decreases; that they are complete in themselves without the necessity of a man or woman outside of themselves. They are neither male nor female, and yet both. These are spiritual things. Natural man, including religious folk consider them foolish. But to those desiring God with all that they are, I believe this to be life-giving, edifying, and showing us Who Papa is. Abba!


     The soul in Spanish is also feminine although it is one of the few feminine words that has “El” in front of it; and that is for grammatical reasons being that “La” ends with “a”, and “Alma” (like alma mater) begins with “a”. Nearly all Spanish words ending in “a” are feminine. The soul is feminine. It is the woman who has been captured by the evil king, who is being pursued by her Knight in shining armor. The prince rides on a white horse, and he loves her very much. Nothing can stop this mighty Prince from accomplishing His quest. The evil king (self) has no chance of holding her. It’s just a matter of time before this villain is conquered and vanquished, and the princess is restored to her proper place ruling and reigning with the Valiant Prince; and they live happily ever after; Soul and Spirit united forever.

     The thing about this story is that it is not a fairy tale, but absolute truth. This is the good news of the gospel. It is what the Prince gave his life for. It is His-Story.


     What I’m saying here is also a”key” for unlocking the mysteries of Romans chapter 7. This chapter describes the marriage to the outer man, the first birth, by the soul. It describes the death of that outer man in order that we might lawfully get married again, this time to the inner man; the Christ. We believed God and turned away from that which we reckoned to be dead, in order to be married to Him Who died and rose again. Yet as we draw near to our Risen Christ in the inner places, there are enemies trying to persuade us that the old man is still alive, and that we need to serve him; the dead husband. They are lies, but they sound so real until we come to a place of completely leaving the lie so that we might abide with the One we are to be married to. It means the soul (intellect, emotions, and desires) is meditating on what our new Husband is saying; staying with Him, learning from Him, and forsaking all else in order to keep from being deceived again. There are some souls who have married Him and dwell with Him intimately in the Secret Place; and have borne children. That’s the Idea and goal!

     The word for spirit is “El Espiritu”, and it is of course masculine, being your inner man, or Heart (El Corazon). The inner Man is drawing the woman (soul) to Himself for sweet fellowship and union, to become One.


     During this process (patience) there is a constant battle between the outer and the inner for the soul that is in between. The Spirit wars against the flesh; and the flesh wars against the Spirit. When the soul comes to a place of great decision (to die), to believe that it is the One inside Who is the Real and only Immortal Beloved, then the decision to sell out, to consecrate and commit to the point of death to the outer self can be made. It really is a commitment to die to self (who is really dead anyways; walking dead) in order to live the Life of God, by the Grace and Power of the Husband and leader, Jesus Christ. When that decision is made, the death is not as painful as the one who is kind of caught between the two; wavering (like the sea) between the Truth and the lie.


     Being a man, I found it difficult to think of my soul (thoughts, feeling, and emotions) as the female and Christ (my Heart) as the Male, but I was  drawn to the Song of Solomon with some commentary from Madame Guyon and Jessie Penn Lewis, and a strong anointing came upon me, and a pure intimacy in my own being that was intense, and Holy. This went on for some time. I knew it was the union of my soul and spirit (heart and soul), an unveiling of the Christ, and it was very powerful, and still is. I still have a little problem (I think it might be ego) with this but it’s not major. I’m not only the soul (woman); I’m also the Christ (Man). So are you. That’s a bold statement, but it’s the truth, and it has nothing to do with what I’ve done, but what Christ has done. Actually there are some things that I have done, but without Him I can do nothing (nada), so I consider anything worthwhile that I’ve done to be enabled by the Grace of God. And the Grace has given me the strength to forgive myself for that which was not good. It’s washed away and forgotten; no more guilt! Right? Right!


     We are being restored back to the Garden as male/female in one with access to the Tree of Life, and with no chance of ever losing our Way again.

This time it will be much, much better. This is good news, no! We shall reign as kings and priests on this earth, and perhaps the rest of the Universe (Uni [One] Verse [Word]). Like the angels in heaven we will be neither male or female, or both in one. More important, we will be Home!! Pretty cool, huh? Love, Tom