Revelation of Creation

June 2007


     In the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth. We saw from the previous writing “1st Day” that this is not just a His-Story lesson, but also a your-story lesson. In it contains the My-story (mystery) revealed of the day you left your real and permanent HOME with the Father, to go out in due process, to a place of experiences where you would forget where you came from, and like the Prodigal son/daughter, would come to the end of yourself, and decide to turn (repent) around and go back to somewhere else, because you knew that this couldn’t be the right place to be.


     Coming to the end of yourself in your heart is the “key” to this whole dilemma. If you don’t recognize that you are lost, then you will not be concerned about being found. If everything is going seemingly okay, why do I have to change?


     For me, from an early age, the mystery of life invaded my thinking in the form of important questions that were un-answered by people who were supposed to know God. All the answers to the great questions were the same, “It’s a mystery”? With me this did not cut it. One of the results was a non-conform-ation to this world and its ways, which led me to many problems (intense ones), which in turn led me to the end of my self in total despair, agony, and surrender. “I’ve had it! I give up! Let me out of here!” These are a few of my desperate calls for surrender, which did not receive replies that I could understand for a long time. But the groundwork for a turn-around was laid; the end of life as it had been, and a slow turning toward HOME, but at the time did not realize this or anything else, being so confused and lost. Having been in the U.S. Navy, the turning reminds me of our ship, called the U.S.S. Austin, sailing at sea, and the skipper calls for a 180 degree turn. The faster the ship was going, the longer it would take for it to make a complete turn-around. I was moving pretty fast in the wrong direction, so that when I hit icebergs and other ships, it caused damage and hurt badly. When I hit enough and finally decided that this was the wrong way, and gave up, the decision to turn around came with, along with an awakened feeling inside which came from the decision, and the turn-around began; but like the ship going fast it took a while for the complete turn-around.


     In the beginning darkness was on the face of the deep. Deep calls unto deep. Hello deep! The deep is where you will remember who you are and find answers to the important questions, just as a miner has to go deep to find treasures. But most people are afraid of the deep, and are very content to walk on the surface, where the darkness is. Darkness was upon the face (sur-face) of the deep! Blind people get used to walking in the darkness. But people who have lost their natural vision have an excuse why they are in the dark, in the natural; and they are more awakened to their other senses. Read Psalm 19. It also preaches (declares) to everybody, no matter what language they are. People who walk on the surface actually have no excuse for walking in the dark, because God has set Eternity in their hearts, and the whole time they walk according to the limited (birth to death) realm, deep inside eternity is telling them that there is more to life than this: just live your life, raise your own family, do your job, get old, retire, have grandkids, and die. That is walking BLIND; BLIND I tell you!!


     “Then I’ll go to be with the Lord”. No! No! No! You won’t! He’ll be there because He’s everywhere, but you won’t recognize His Presence until you are purged from all the things that you’ve imagined all your life that kept you from knowing His Presence then. There will be a space of time and trouble to burn away what was built into your thought life, your imagination, and the soul in your years of living for your SELF, and all of this will have to be purged away. This will not be pleasant, to a worse degree than those who surrendered their lives up to their Creator, and decided to die to their SELF while here, allowing God to come in and with His Love and Fire, to burn out all that is not of Him, that the pre-existent relationship from the beginning of time, may be restored.


     Those who find their self life will lose it; but those who lose their life for the Gospel will find it (in Christ). The same desires that one wants while here still remain even though the body dies. If a person loves another person, or food, or alcohol, or drugs, or gambling, or their pride, these will not disappear after the body expires, for these things are wrapped up in the soul, which continues on.

     If a person is in love with God through His Redeemer Son, and serves Him with everything in their life, when their body expires nothing will be missing. They’ll be right at HOME, with nothing but advancement in view to higher degrees of Life in the Father, with perhaps processing for some with some incorrect ideas about the Creator of Life.


     Christians who lead a double life are also in dire need of making s a decision, for a lukewarm life of church on Sunday and Wednesday, while living the rest of the time for their selves, is not spiritually healthy, to say the least, and turns others, who think of coming to Christ, the other way. Most serious people want something all the way, or nothing, no matter what the polls tell you. Seeing Christ represented by part-time Christians tells them that there is nothing to this life, and that they must look elsewhere for answers.


     The bible says, “Woe unto those that give suck”. This is what pastors in most church buildings give to the people who attend. They give suck on the milk of the Word. This keeps the people babies in their stinky P-ew and pays the bills each month. If they had meat to give, which nearly all do not, because they have ties to a central organizational leader who is more concerned with their own doctrine and attendance than what God has to say (unknowingly). This meat would not be given freely if they had it, for that would strengthen the people to be able to move out on their own, like a teen who grows old enough to move out of the parents house.


     These who think they are saved (deep down inside themselves something’s saying this is wrong) are in for a surprise also, and a time of painful processing in a lake of fire, which is purposed for purging out carnal, earthly ways, for the purpose of returning to the Father, Who is a Consuming Fire anyhow. How can anyone which has not been baptized (immersed, become) in the Fire stand in the presence of the Consuming Fire, which is our Creator. They cannot!


     Romans 1:20 says- The invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His Eternal Power and Godhead; so that people are without excuse. You see, deep down inside everybody knows, because “eternity” was put into their heart in creation.


     I used to preach in the streets. I wasn’t a flake, but a powerful Word preacher who would shake up an area, including the authorities, wherever I went with this Word and Bible in hand. People who questioned me or tried to insult (cut) me, would have the Sword (my response) cut deeply into them, which would quickly shut them up, and allow them and any within earshot to see the Power of the Word. This sharp Sword came from using it, and from the Lord working with me to not allow me to be ashamed, but would make an example of any who would contend with a man who was laying down his life to give people the life of God. It is not easy raising your voice like a trumpet to strangers to declare unto them things that are invisible. It’s foolishness to them (Rom. 1:16). The point is that everyone who was told to repent knew what that meant because it was declared with the command and belief that this is what they must do. Each one heard something familiar, but most kept going and the thing which was being brought up to their remembrance slowly or quickly subsided as their own self world reappeared. Everyone knows, but it’s pushed down.


     This type of thing, which was also majored in by Jesus, Paul, Peter, Philip, and the rest of the original church, is called plowing, digging into hearts that would normally just keep on going on their merry way, piling line upon line of lies and vanity upon the heart, thickening it to the point where it cannot hear the Truth. This type of preaching is disdained by most, including and especially lukewarm church-goers, for it is not nice, and also convicts them for not really living for God. If God calls me to do it again, as hard as it is on the flesh and natural mind, I will do anything to please my Father and to help bring the lost in. But I’m being processed and waiting like all the rest of the Sons. I’m waiting and praying and being still before the Lord, and reading the Bible, Jane Leade, Madame Guyon, J. Preston Eby, Elaine Cook, and other anointed writers. I’m reading short parts, and then being still before the Lord, and feeling His Mighty Presence, and it’s such a Joy. But God wants me into the Bible alone prayerfully as a priority. Acknowledge Him in all of your ways and He will direct your paths. There’s nothing like you and God and the Bible and cross-referencing. It’s the Joy unspeakable that I’ve longingly looked for, even as a Christian. It only comes about when you lay your life on the altar for complete annihilation. Are you willing to do that? It’s going to happen anyway. Wouldn’t it be better if you did it willingly? Wouldn’t It?


     The revelation of you being a new creation comes about through the revelation of your annihilation. Selling out to God is not for the faint-hearted. It is for those courageous enough to do it. For me it was more about having enough pain, and there was no place else to go and nothing else to do. But this is why Revelation 21:8 says that the cowards have their part in the lake of fire along with the liars and the others. We must be courageous to turn it all over to our Father, who will not disappoint you, and will give you confidence and the courage, if you will just have a willing heart.


Is. 65:17-Behold, I create New Heavens and New Earth; and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind. “Let there be Light”!


     This involves a complete renovation. The old is to pass away being re-placed by the New. In the renovation of a house (which you are), the old stuff is thrown away and is replaced by new, beautiful things. Isaiah 61:4 talks about this as does Paul in 1Cor. 3. These former things shall not come to mind because they will be removed and burnt up in the Fire, and the mind will become the Mind of Christ. This can only happen as the Light/Heat is given place and welcomed to constantly shine, exposing all the old crap hidden in the darkness, that it might be removed, or burnt up by the consuming Fire of the Son. He will burn the old as it is placed on the altar by the habitant (you). Many try to avoid this procedure, having a fondness for the old junk, so with the resistance comes a holding back of the New coming in. This will cause pain, for this renewing would only be taking place at the prayer of the occupant who saw that there needed to be this renovation, and now there is a double-mindedness that comes into play, quenching the Spirit of God.


     But for those who have placed themselves on the altar (Romans 12:1; Rev. 6:9-11) to be burnt up, they are given white robes and rest. Some are there, even on this side waiting for the others to be completed. It’s happening and God is coming on the scene. Praise His Holy Name! We are His!