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Solar (Sun) Power
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Solar (Sun/Sun) Power


     This is the Day of the Son/Sun! The oil companies can’t stop it nor can the night, for the night is passing away. Everything is destined to be Star Powered, Daystar-powered. What can be purer or as powerful as the energy of the Son/sun.

     Everything that you see on the outside in this universe is there to show us the true and lasting world, of the Spirit.

The invisible things are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made. What is out here is on the inside of you in a higher form, as shadow is relative to substance.


    Editors’ Note: With writings like this some will have to study rather than just read for they don’t hit a spot but a wide area, in which you can’t just glance to understand but you must scan the area with few words, seeing by hearing.


     During that first six days of creation (yes, the world was created, by a God Who loves His Creation. It didn’t create itself with a bang or by chance. Please!)  every day ended with God saying, “and the evening and the Morning were the 1st day, 2nd day, etc”. This was done for the six days but not the seventh. But on the seventh day God rested and there was no mention of evening because it was the final day, the day of the Sun/Son. This is that day! Many of you already know from scripture that one day with the Lord is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as one day. What, did you think God Almighty thinks as man thinks? How could He then bring you up to the heights if you were already there.  But man’s thinking is mostly aimed at self and is therefore vain, being one heartbeat away from extinguished. That’s another story. Let’s stay with the seventh day, the present day and it’s relation to us now.

     According to biblical history which is what I adhere to, the world as we know it was created 6 thousand years ago and we have entered into the 7 thousandth year. According to God’s calendar 6 days have passed and we have entered into the 7th day, one day being one thousand years. Do you see?  Let’s get some more Sun/Son to shed more Light on the subject, and we’ll see clearer, for these are dark sayings to some, being placed in a dark world. But the Daystar is rising in order that all may see and recognize that they are loved by the One Who performed all of this. You may be seeing shadow but as you receive light into your being (the Word) the shadows disappear as at the noonday. Is this clear?


     Most of us living on this earth would like it to be a place that is cleaner. Replacing Carbon monoxide with the stored rays of the sun is a simple solution but the big money holders have been doing all they can to prevent this for oil is big business. Just as the organized church has tried to hang on to her old Pentecostal ways (oil represents Christ [Greek;Christos, or Crisco oil] when that day of gifts is over and we move into the Day of the Lord (the Son/Sun), so the oil companies hang onto the thing that has so-called established them. What do I mean?


     Jesus was born two days ago according to the spirit calendar (one day is as a thousand years). We are entering into the third day since then. Day 1- Jesus       Day2- Christ        Day3- Lord    We are in the day of the Lord. I can hear someone saying, “where did he get this from”. Stay with me my good friend and we’ll go on to see it clear as crystal. So whose fault is it, the church or the oil corporations. If that which is first is natural, and after that which is spiritual (as the evening and the morning) where does the fault lie. If Christians or preachers go around bringing people to Christ but not discipling them but leaving them as babes to die spiritually, then whose fault is it that abortions in the natural are so widespread. I’m Convicted. Thank God that His mercy endures forever. As we put on the Mind of Christ the Son comes into Rule, and things change for the better and best.



     This power cannot be stopped. It is just being delayed. It is the same with all of our wrongs. As the Sun/Son rises on the earth and especially in the earth (your earthen bodies, in your heart) people begin to recognize who they are. As the Light is shed into the darkness, memory of whom we truly are returns. This is not just the day of Jesus and the day of Christ. This is the day of Jesus Christ the Lord (Boss Man). This is the seventh day. We are to enter into the Rest of God. This is the day that has no evening. The Son is the Supreme Power. The oil will still be used but in other ways. The Son/Sun is the number one source of energy. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, guaranteed!


Here are some scriptures I used in this writing, and in “seeing the unseen”.  Genesis chapter 1 &2-evening and morning; 2Peter 3:8- one day as a thousand years; Romans 1:20- the visible shows the visible, also Psalm 19:1-4; Psalm 48:8- seeing by hearing; 2Corinthian 4:18- invisible is eternal; Malachi 4:2- Sun of Right

2Peter 1:19- Daystar rising; Romans 10:17- faith comes by hearing.    Any questions?

Coming Attractions- “Day 1 of the creation in your life”

                                “Light equals Knowledge”