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Paul & Emily Mueller
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bulletIntroduction to the Writings of Paul Mueller: Dec. 1998

Our monthly publications are titled, "The Living Word." For the most part, our writings appeal to believers who have left the church system and desire to hear and receive more from the Lord. Those who appreciate our writings have been weaned from the ways of man, and from following man and hearing man's word. Now they want to hear the Lord, who speaks His word within the hearts of all whom He has given ears to hear. They seek to do the perfect will of their Father. Their utmost desire is that the same Spirit that led them out of the church system will continue to lead them progressively onward and upward in their walk with the Lord. They have a deep hunger for truth and the higher ways of the Lord. And that spiritual hunger within was put there by the Lord Himself, that we would realize our need for the true Bread, which is the living Word of God.

When the leadership of Moses was ending and Israel stood before their promised land, Moses spoke to the people telling them of God's ways. He told them that the Lord humbled them, caused them to hunger, and then gave them manna from heaven, that they might know that man does not live by natural bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God (Deut. 8:3). Our loving Father, Who put this spiritual hunger within us, also made abundant provision for us that we might eat and drink of Him. The same God Who gave Israel of old manna from heaven to satisfy their hunger, water out of the smitten Rock to satisfy their thirst, and the hope of a promised land as their inheritance, has also made abundant provision for us to have all these things and more in the Kingdom of God. The Bread we eat is the living Word of God; it is Christ, the Word, which is freely offered to satisfy our inner, spiritual hunger. Christ is the spiritual Bread we eat and He is the spiritual Wine we drink. He also is the tree of Life to all who desire that greater Life, and who hunger and thirst after righteousness.

Leaving the church system and the leadership of man, we soon learn to put all our trust in the Lord. And when we trust Him more completely, we know He will not lead us astray. As we grow spiritually, we lose all fear of being deceived and of eating from the wrong table. His Love replaces all fear! Our faithful Father will not allow our feet to stumble, nor will He allow us to partake of food that is not good for us. If we ask Him for Bread, He will not give us a stone. If we ask Him to give us a drink of the waters of His Life, He will grant us our desire. And when we drink of the waters of His Life, we will never thirst again. He will also show us that the well of the waters of His Life is within us and that those waters are springing up within us unto eternal Life.

The Bread of Christ, or the living Word of God, is not given to us just to make us feel good, or to merely satisfy an immediate need. God gives us of His Word that we might grow to maturity in Christ. It is our Father's purpose that we should grow and mature spiritually until we stand complete and in the full image and likeness of Christ, the pattern Son. This is our spiritual goal! It may seem to be quite a challenge when we think about it, but we should know that we will get "there" by taking one step at a time, as the Spirit leads. We may never take giant leaps of faith on this walk to His fullness. But we are assured that we will arrive at His fullness by taking those small, seemingly insignificant steps our Father leads us to take day by day. We are only responsible for the word our Father gives us and reveals to us, nothing more. If He gives us a simple word requiring a simple step of faith, we will faithfully take that one, simple step, looking forward to the next step He would have us take. Only as He speaks and leads us can we progress and grow to full maturity and perfection in Christ.

Our purpose in these writings is to provide confirmation for others, that all who read might know that the Lord is also speaking to them as He has spoken to us. We do not seek to lead or to control anyone. We honor Christ as our Head, Lord and King, and fully acknowledge that He is also the Head, Lord, and King of all others who walk with Him. It is only as we acknowledge Christ as our Head, Lord and King individually that we shall have that precious unity of the Spirit. We also acknowledge that our Father has no grandchildren; He only has children who are equal and who are directly responsible to Him to do His will, as He leads them. As Christ is fully acknowledged, honored, and obeyed as the Head, Lord, and King in each of our lives, we will then realize that He has a many-membered body in the earth that is in full harmony with God and His purposes for this world, and who are in blessed and peaceful unity with one another.

To this end we dedicate our writings, knowing that the Lord will lead those whom He chooses to read our writings and to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. We do not charge for our writings! But we invite all who seek for more from the Lord to receive that which He has freely given to us, by His Spirit.

The truth of God is marching on; and His kingdom also is increasing. With each day, month, and year that passes, our Father continues to unfold His truths and add to our understanding. Therefore, we continue to offer some of our back issues we have on hand, knowing that we may see things a little differently now because of the increased light of His truth. Although we have been writing and publishing since 1967, we only have the following booklets available at this time.


THE KINGDOM OF GOD, Parts 1-24, Jan. 1989 - Dec. 1990

THIS STRANGE TIME OF TRANSITION, Parts 1-24, Jan. 1991 - Dec. 1992


PROGRESSING IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD, Parts 1-30, Jan. 1995 - June 1997

THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND THE WORK OF THE SPIRIT, Parts 1-18, July 1997 - Dec. 1998


To be placed on our mailing list to receive our monthly booklets, or to receive any of the above listed booklets without further obligation, simply write to us and ask us. Our address is:


Paul and Emily Mueller

The Living Word

P O BOX 25055,

PORTLAND, OR 97298-0055



How beauteous on the mountains
The feet of him that brings,
Like streams from living fountains
Glad tidings of good things;
That publisheth salvation
And Jubilee release
To every tribe and nation
God's reign of joy and peace!


Break forth in hymns of gladness
Oh waste Jerusalem!
Let songs instead of sadness
Thy jubilee proclaim!
The Lord, in strength victorious
Upon thy foes hath trod!
Behold, O earth! The glorious
Salvation of our God!


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