Literature List 2001
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Literature List 2001

Unmasking the Book of Revelation  160 pages $ 15.00 US      

NEW - Just Published - Inherit the Son 162 pages $20.00 US                 


Other booklets available:

The REAL Location of Heaven and Earth            Men of Valor 

The Logos, the Light, the Life                          The Temple Revealed

The Rapture Ė Spiritual or Literal?                   Principles of the Kingdom

Hidden Man of God                                         Godís Family Affair

Manifesting the Feast of Tabernacles                Sons of God

Enoch, Elijah, Lucifer, Judas                            Kingdom Covenants

Christmas, Easter, Halloween                           The Lake of Fire

The Sanctuary and Its Ministry                         Who is Noah?

The Antichrist, the Apostasy, the Anointed       Who is Abraham?

From the Wilderness to the Promised Land        Who is Isaac?

Discerning the Lordís Body                               Who is Jacob?

Ministry of Melchizedek                                     Who is Joseph?

Ministry of Reconciliation                                   Root of Corruption

Mercy Extended, Grace Victorious                        




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