Radiant Awakenings
Johnny and Connie Purnell


This fellowship was formed as the result of a dream given to me in December of 1981.  Some others felt the same move of Spirit and joined us. Of course as our time marched on none of that original group remains. Back in 1974 my husband  Johnny was serving his last tour of a 20 year Navy career in Brunswick Maine.  Our first week there Father began to form and awesome fellowship of 3 or 4, until the number was so great we had to take down all partitions and people sat on the stairs going up to second floor.  Some 40 folks.  The ladies had a mid week meeting and it was very strong. Spirit was poured out as on the day of Pentecost. Many shared it was mind boggling. One of the Ladies, Karen Lawlor remains with us today. This was 40 years ago. 

We currently meet at 10:30 every Sunday morning in our home at 16 Newcastle Lane,  Oak Ridge, Tn.
37830. We have a room set aside for our smaller meetings.  We have larger meetings during the year. We offer speakers , Rokus & Carolynne den Hartog, Gary & Carol Sigler, Barbara Dempsey, Ruth Minor, Dorothy Morris. Recently we were honored by a visit of Shaman' Michael Vargis and wife.

We would love have you visit. It would be wise to contact us before coming. We may be reached at 865 659 2182 my personal cell. One other contact number is Karen Lawlor 865 250 0733.
                          Johnny & Connie Purnell