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From Rags To Riches...Spiritually

Author: Rexanna Raymond

Unless otherwise indicated all scripture quotations are

From the New King James Bible.



I have known Rexanna Raymond all of her life. She is my daughter. She made the Lord Jesus Christ her Savior at age nine, but the reality of it didn't take hold until about twelve years ago. She has made tremendous strides in her spiritual growth ever since. So when she says "Our victory begins with Jesus on our lips, but it is not reality until the very nature of God is formed in our hearts", she knows where of she speaks.

Her family and friends have encouraged her to share these teachings with others. From Rags To Riches... Spiritually and a previous book, Soar Like An Eagle... Spiritually, are collections of these bible studies. As you read them I know you will be truly blessed like so many others have been.

In the world you can't sit on the couch and expect riches to fall into your lap. The same is true in the spiritual realm.

My prayer for you as you embark on this spiritual journey is found in Ephesians 1:17-19. V17. That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him. V18. The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that you may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints. V19. And what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe, according to the working of His mighty power.

Evelyn LaCasella



Isa.45:3, "treasures of darkness", Rom.11:33-34, "Hidden riches of secret places". To me this was showing the depth of Gods riches, as they applied to me, or us. But it was like I was getting them right from God’s heart. God’s promise is to GIVE us the treasures of darkness and the hidden riches of secret places and as weird as that sounds it’s good.

Unfortunately most of us haven’t learned how to keep our focus on God when we are going THROUGH a dark place. We like it in the light where we can see everything, where we know what’s going on and all the reasons why. We like living in the positive realm where (we are in control). But God said in the 23 Psalm verse 4 "though I walk THROUGH the valley of the shadow of death" He is THERE with me. So there is a reason for our dark places. God said, though we must walk THROUGH them He is with us. So darkness isn’t defeat, it’s a time of growing in the Lord; it’s a time of change, so allow God the opportunity to do what He has purposed He knows what is needed in our lives.

Ps.137, This Psalm tells about one of Israel’s darkest times. They were depressed to say the least and in great despair, how could they sing? But out of this darkness came a man who changed the course of Israel’s history. His name was Ezekiel, and at the darkest point in his life he was able to keep his focus on God and he found a treasure, Ezek.1:1. God showed Ezekiel things to come; He took him behind that veil we are all trying to get through and God allowed him to see things no one had ever seen. He saw the new priesthood and the temple, (Do you believe that? God showed him us!)

We need to stop all of the grumbling and complaining we do when we find ourselves in dark places and we need to start looking for the treasures and hidden riches God has waiting there for us. God never promised anyone a rose garden and we won’t come into His fullness without going THROUGH the fires (trials, test, circumstances = darkness). God is making sons out of some of us He isn’t making excuses. He doesn’t give us the reasons for what He does or why He does because He isn’t required to He is God! All He asks of us is that we believe He has called us and that He is working everything out for our good, Philp.2:13-14. We must believe this if we are going to find the treasures God has for us in our darkest times and it won’t be easy.

God creates the circumstances that open the doors into our darkness, not the devil. Our problem is we get all wrapped up in the circumstance or in looking at each other and we lose our focus on God. Jesus never did that, His focus was always on God, He never prayed the problem He always prayed the answer. And 90% of our problems could be eliminated if we kept our eyes on God and stopped looking around. We always find it easy to point out someone else’s problem when we should be looking for the Treasure in them; I know I’ve done it. It’s easy for me to see what I don’t like in someone else because I’ve seen it in me. I’m familiar with it so I see it right away. But I’m learning to ask, "God what is it I’m supposed to see in this person?" We are not called to find fault (Jesus took care of all of that at the cross) our job is to see them as God sees them, and since He is in them we’d better start looking for God in them and not looking for their faults. Remember we are His seed, 1Jh.3:9; Jh.1:12-13; and 2Cor.4:7. We are to look for the Treasure (the Christ) in each other as well as the riches God has for us in our circumstances. Human eyes see things the wrong way, Christ eyes see things right, so ask God to remove your blinders that you will be able to see what He sees, and the way He sees it.

How will we ever know He is the Lord who has called us by name like it says in, Isa.45:4-7, if we never take time to build a personal relationship with Him, if we never learn to depend on Him? Thus the reasons for our dark places, we have to learn we can do nothing without Him. God wants us to depend on Him for everything, Ps.23:1; Matt.6:31-34; Philp.4:19. He took care of His people in the wilderness for 40 years and He wants to take care of us to. We need to experience the Lord and His ways so that we will know there is no other power stronger then His. We will then be able to see that the devil is truly defeated in our lives. The only way he has any power is when we give it to him or believe the lies of this world, Jam.4:4; 1Jh.2:15-16.

Remember what Isa.45:7 said, to many Christians give the devil credit for everything. They give him more power then they ever gave God, they say the devil made me do it, they act like he controls everything in the world and they blame him for all their darkness. Look at Mic.4:6 & Jer,29:14, again God says He is the ONE who causes our circumstances. When we have problems, troubles, things go wrong all around us it = darkness and God allowed it. But He has no intensions of letting it consume us, nor did He allow it to leave us stuck in it. His will is for us to come through it with Him. Look again at Isa.45:7 the word "evil" here in the Hebrew language is pronounced "rah" it means trouble, problem or suffering. It doesn’t mean sin and it’s all created by God to help us grow, or should I say, so that He can grow bigger and finely consume us. Our battles belong to God, 2Chro.20:15. Look at Jer.50:43, this king didn’t see anything, he just believes the report he heard and he lost control. Who’s report will you believe? How long before you believe and find the treasure within you? How long will you believe the lies of the devil before you realize that by walking in the Spirit you can scare the devil to death? All it takes is believing you are a new creation and Christ is truly living through you.

Have you made anyone angry just by walking into a room? Evil hates us when we know who we really are and will move in God’s power. God’s anointing scares evil, so have you scared anything lately? Do you know who you really are?

Isa.45:14-19 God is revealing Himself to His people, but there in v15, it says He is a God that hides Himself. Of course I was like (What’s up with this God?) But then He reminded me of Moses. God didn’t let Moses see His face but He did let him see His back so I thought well we may not be able to see His face at this time as we have a problem accepting truth, but we can surely see the after affects of His presence. Things like souls transformed, seeing His glory shine through someone, seeing someone healed, or seeing the Christ in each other. So what is it that can’t see God? It’s the old man the natural man or mind, 1Cor.2:9-14. The Spirit reveals things to those with a renewed mind, so let Him renew, transform and regenerate you. We know things are changing in us when we stop accusing our brothers and sisters in Christ and keep our hearts focused on God. Maybe they don’t see it or say it like we do, maybe they zig when we zag. But if they love the Lord with all of their heart then we need to keep our mouth off of them. We cannot hold something against them not if God doesn’t hold them accountable for it, if He did He’d hold something against you too. So does God hold anything against you? Duh, no! So then who are we to hold anything against anyone? This world has taught us to judge with our natural eyes but its wrong if God lives in us, 1Sam.16:7. We need to start seeing things the way our Father does. Just think what kind of story people could have started about Dale going into a bar to get a very sick young man out of there. (A man of God, lead by the Spirit, into a bar!) Yeah right! It could have become a big lie but then most anything Dale does starts something, (ha-ha). He just seems to grind religious spirits and he can always make someone mad when he walks into a room, evil hates him because he knows who lives through him and he walks in Gods power. Carnal Christians don’t take the time to pray and ask God "why" or if they should be praying for what they are seeing or hearing, they just act like the world and judge it from the carnal or Adam side which you no longer are, not if you are truly a new creation.

This whole walk is spiritual and our carnal minds can’t absorb what the Spirit reveals, and only the Spirit can reveal God written word to us, reading our bible can’t even help those who chose to interpret it with logic and knowledge.2Tim.2:2-7, these are all around us so our only way to be sure it’s of God is to build a firm, active, personal relationship with our Father and be led by His Spirit. So be continually filled with the Spirit, Eph.5:17-20 and hunger for more of the Father and less of this world.

1Pet.1:5-7 sometimes God hides Himself from us to see how hungry we are or to stretch us, but this jumped off the pages at me, "If need be". IF NEED BE!!! Why would I need to be? Nope, nope, not me. I don’t like test and trials but God says we need them to grow and overcome so that He can touch the world through us. So He tests our faith and if your like I am, you cry and ask God, "Why and where are You?" I’ll bet God hates that. 2Cor.4:16-18 I’ve wondered myself at times if God was really aware of how hard I felt my tests were. But then He reminds me about Jesus, Paul and some of the others I’ve read about and how hard their tests were and I always come to the same conclusion, I wouldn’t want to trade with any of them.

From what Paul has said here it sounds like our afflictions (test and trials) work to for us, that includes when we think He isn’t even there. Every day in every way God is in the middle of what we are doing and in what we are going through even when we don’t think He is, or we may think He is but we don’t understand why He is allowing so much darkness to happen to us. Just know He is there hiding His face from you, but if you will look real hard for the treasure you may be blessed to see His hinder parts just like Moses did. When we learn to believe and accept that our darkness is from God, He will let you see the glory in what He is doing and help you find the riches in it.

The 23 Psalm is wonderful and I love v4, because it says when I walk through these times of darkness God is with me. He is taking me through it! So when we feel alone, when our world is falling apart and there is darkness all around us, the Lord is there too and He has promised to bring us through. Ps.139 (from the Living bible) sums up everything we have just talked about.

So look for your treasures of darkness, your hidden riches, God will reveal them to you during your trials if you will trust Him. He is Lord of ALL and that includes your darkness. Let Him be Lord of your life (when things are good and you know where your going) and then in the dark (the places He takes you so that He can grow in you) let Him live through you, don’t be afraid. Jer.29:11-14 God created the darkness so He could bring you THROUGH it He never intended to leave you there by yourself. It is all for His glory, that’s why He must take you there.


Jer.51:6; Rev.18:4, God was warning His people then and He is warning His people now, "Come out, separate yourselves".

But we all have a come back for this statement: "But Lord, I’m a good person, that’s all I really want to be". "Oh yes Lord I love you, but don’t tell me anything, I don’t want to be accountable". " I love you Lord, but I can’t just leave all I have to go somewhere You haven’t paved the way for me". I love you Lord, but if I go to that church or to those meetings my family, (wife, husband, girl or boyfriend, parents, boss, whoever) will say I’m being deceived if I listen to anyone but our preacher". "Oh Lord, but they speak in tongues of devils over there, and believe You for everything, I shouldn’t go there". I’ve heard them all, I’m sure I’ve even said a few of them. I call these "But Christians", I was there I know; only one thing is different now, I’ve grown. Now I hear from the Father for myself and I do what He says, (don’t lose control here) I still don’t always do it joyfully or ecstatically, but I can honestly say my heart is in it now. I don’t stop anymore when I know that I know the Lord has spoke to my heart. I don’t let what my family, friends, parents, and children think bother me much anymore. I love them with all my heart, but my walk isn’t with them, it’s with God. Not that I don’t take what they have said and go to God with it, after all He still uses people to give you a word, but I don’t rely on it until God says to.

Anyway God had me in 1Sam. Taking a long look at young Jonathan, Saul’s son and I saw a sad thing. What was sad about it was it is still going on today. Jonathan was a good man and he could see that God was going to do something new, (going to change things, bring in a new order). Jonathan loved the young man who was going to be the new king, but he is going to miss being a part of all that is coming, simply because he refused to come out of where he is comfortable, he liked things the same old way, the same old order. As we study this I pray that you will hear God’s warning in it, and if your one of those who thinks maybe God is moving or doing something, or thinks maybe there is something to what you’ve been feeling or hearing, then I’m praying for you real hard, because that’s where I am! I know a new order has been given to the church. So if you think you have felt the anointing, if you think you’ve heard God speak, then I think you could be in great danger of missing out with God just like Jonathan, simply because you will not separate yourself from the old order (from what you know and understand). If you’re hanging on to the old ways, hanging onto what people say is right or wrong, then your hanging onto the edge of what God is doing. Your content to just feel the anointing that’s coming from God’s people, but you’re not willing to bear the reproach from family and friends for being one of those "crazy people who believes God for everything". I believe the bible called them "zealots, rebels, blasphemers, and heretics."

There are many wonderful things said about Jonathan in the bible, he was a man of faith, courage, vision, and he was not selfish. He was the king’s son, next in line for the throne, which he gladly gave up because of his love for David and he loved God.

We first see Jonathan in 1Sam.13:2-6, he has just killed a garrison of Philistines and brought a bunch of trouble to Israel. His courage had no limits; the bible says he was "swifter then an eagle, stronger then a lion". His army however was not; they preferred to hide in the rocks and in caves because Jonathan lived among a fearful people. In chapter 14:6-14, Jonathan takes his armor bearer and goes with God to the camp of the Philistines; he knows with God he can do all things. In V.27-33, we see (a spiritual picture) Jonathan knew what it was to be in Gods anointing, he believed what God said and he won many battles. Here we see he has tasted what God has and he knows, his eyes are opened (spiritually) and his soul and body are strengthened. He also knows he will face the wrath of Saul, (a type of man made king, doctrine or religion). He sees the wrong in what his father is doing, but he continues to stay in it anyway.

Then in 1Sam.18:1-4, Jonathan and David are soul tied, (spiritually not physically). Jonathan had found someone who understood him and he knows that God had placed a divine anointing on David’s life. So he takes off his princely clothes and put them on David. Jonathan knew all of this was ordained of God, but still he stayed under Saul’s old order. Next David has to flee for his life, because Saul is so jealous of him. Chapter 20, and Jonathan still will not leave what he knows is wrong. He knows the truth, he loves David, and he knows God has anointed David. But he isn’t ready to leave his comfortable ways, (his fleshly father’s house, what has always been). He isn’t ready to break family ties and he isn’t ready to bear the disapproval from the establishment that David was bearing.

How many of us are here? We love the anointing, we are willing to pray, fast, give, go, and do, just to be in that anointing. We want it all, but we don’t want to leave the old order, we don’t see a need for leaving, were praying that things will change. Yet we know the truth, we know what God has said, "you can’t put new wine into old wine skins", Mk.2:22. Its not courage that your lacking, like Jonathan you have many fine qualities. But you don’t or won’t hear God calling to you telling you to separate; God is calling you to "Come out of Her My people". And like Jonathan you can’t understand why the David’s (the ones who answer God’s call) have to spend time in the wilderness, or why they waste so much time listening to other crazy men, and acting like crazy men when they could be setting at Saul’s table (pastoring a fine church, or on the deacon board). Why all this need to separate? If David would have only bowed, Saul would have given his approval (or he’d have gotten the organizations approval) then he could have gone against the enemy and Jonathan would have been right there with him. But all he could see was David hiding to save his life in the woods, stuck in the wilderness, hiding in dirty caves, and don’t forget he was surrounded by misfits. Why is it Christians always look at the outward appearance? God doesn’t look at it, 1Sam.16:7.

1Sam.22:1-2, Where is Jonathan? Back in Saul’s house, probably wondering what is happening to God’s anointed. Maybe he was wishing he was with David, but he goes to Saul’s dead, dry banquets full of nothing but business, (like what program should they start next, a lot of arguing and bad spirits). But he is stuck; he can’t pull away because it’s comfortable and he understands it. Maybe Jonathan felt he was more help to David there, but believe me, God is big enough to take care of all the David’s by Himself.

Jonathan knows David is right, he knows the new order is coming. In 1Sam.19& 20, he makes it very clear he will not lift a hand against David, 1Sam.20:30-31. Jonathan knows God is changing things, but he refuses to leave what he knows, he is soul tied to the old order. Maybe your thinking Jonathan didn’t really know what was going on, think again lets read 1Sam.23:17-18. What a terrible waste, he had good intentions; he has a true vision and revelation of the coming Kingdom, probably more so then any of the men who were with David. But Jonathan had opted for not going through the wilderness processing. He can’t pull free of the old order and when David set on the throne, his best friend Jonathan wasn’t there beside him.

At one point in his life Jonathan with the Lord’s help could have killed a whole army by himself. But what worked yesterday won’t work today. Because we have a God that moves, that causes change. He has caused change in our life since the day we arrived on earth and we had better learn to move with Him or miss the greatest thing since Pentecost. Babylon is coming down, and if you don’t come out of her, you will fall with her! God is tearing this old order down and building it His way.

There is a little army in the wilderness today, full of wired and crazy people. They may look pretty insignificant now as they are lied about by their Christian brothers and rebuked by the religious, but they are anointed of God! They may not look like they are doing the right things, but they are doing what God has said. They are mighty men and women being trained and raised up to go out in the Power and demonstration of God and do what the old order (or Saul’s manmade order) could not do. Saul’s order started out good, but after 40 years they were no further along then when they had started, (they were still fighting the Philistines, or preaching law). It over took Saul’s army and in the end Saul’s headless body hung in the halls of the enemy’s false gods, 1Sam.31:9-10.

Jonathan had high hopes that everything could stay the same, 1Sam.19:6-10, but God’s plans are not ours, unfortunate for us because they should be. Don’t think I’m saying the old order doesn’t want the anointing, they do! But they want it in a box, under their control, their name, and hanging on their walls. (I guess that would be the Headless body) or the body that refuses to let God be the Head and be led by the Spirit.

Then we get to 2Sam.8:15-18, and of course we are minus one great man (Jonathan). Why didn’t God save Jonathan to stand by David on that great day? He was a great man, he loved David and he loved God, so why not? Because God will not allow anything from the old order to have a part in the new order He is setting up. All of Israel enjoyed the blessing of David’s new order, even Saul’s grandson, but he wasn’t allowed to rule with David. Ruling is only for those who have paid the price and have overcome in their wilderness processing with God. This move will not be manmade it will be all God made.

I know most of us here have been in the wilderness, we have set our hearts for God and we are coming out of Her, (out of man’s religious systems, the ways of the world) and we are growing in the fullness of the Godhead. But this is going to reach someone who knows God is moving; you know there is a higher realm in the Spirit. But you don’t see the need for change. You think you can do more good by staying in the old order (in denominations and the ways of the world) praying for and encouraging others to move with the Spirit. But all you will encourage them to do is just what you are doing, staying in a twice dead move. "COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE", cries God, will you hear and obey? Remember this, God didn’t destroy Sodom while one good man was still there; Abraham prayed that God would get Lot out of there. So I’m praying hard that God will get us all out of Her (the world, Sodom, the old order, the natural) before He brings Her down.


Lk.8:10-11; the seed is the WORD of God; God spoke everything into being, before time as we know it began, and He placed His seed in us, 1Jh.3:9; James 1:18; Jh.1:13, He planted it deep. So that it would grow, sprout, and bloom at exactly the right time, and like a faithful Farmer, He has watched over it and cared for it very carefully. Too much of one thing or another would damage all He has purposed. The growing process takes time, (God created time just for our processing) and the seed He planted (Himself) isn’t quit finished with it’s process just yet. When we begin to see this spiritual seed (Christ in us) we will begin to understand both His nature and what we will become when He is formed in us.

A seed in the natural holds the genetic code for what it will be when it grows and matures. The spiritual seed planted in us also has a genetic code, our Father’s. Remember the "Refiner of Silver" Jo read to us? (The only way He knows when the process (time) is complete, is when He sees His own image reflected in the silver or the gold (us).

Dale brought 2 bags of seeds with us from California, 7 years ago. He has never done anything with them, and guess what? They are still seeds in a bag, in our room, doing exactly what they have been doing for the past 7 years, laying there doing nothing. They didn’t have what they needed to grow and mature. They needed to be buried, (die) receives water, light, heat, care and time. Oh yes don’t forget the fertilizer, Jh.12:24-25; Heb.12:7-8; Rom.8:17-18.

Spiritual seeds need all the same things. We need to die (to our old nature). Be buried with Christ (into fertile ground prepared for us by the Master Farmer). We must be watered by the Word (written and spoken). Receive the light (of His revelation). We’ll need heat to grow (our Father’s consuming fire). Time (His proper timing or processing for each phase of our growth), and oh yes, don’t forget the fertilizer (our tests and trials). God does

Fertilize with great care through each one of our circumstances, 1Cor.3:6. Everything around us affects us and it’s God doing it all to change us into His image.

Ecc.3:1-2, says everything has a time, and our Father has a perfect time for each of us to break forth. He planted His seed in us and has diligently and with great patients watched over each one of us. He has only allowed in our lives what each one of us needs to grow and only as it was needed, (no more, no less). We might disagree with that but it’s the truth.

In the parable of the sower the Lord explained, that every Word or seed of God would be tested before it would bear fruit, (His fruit, His nature). 1Cor.15:36, we cannot bear fruit until we go through the full processing. So now I’m going to take you on a trip through "The Parable of the Sower", via Rexie.

Matt.13:19, we each must have our own relationship with the Father, in order to receive and understand what He is saying. If we don’t, watch out He can get real liberal with that fertilizer. Matt.16:13-15, Jesus asks His disciples 2 things. Basically, "who do they (the religious) say I am"? And "who do you (His children) say I am"? Now He doesn’t need a parrot here; He needs to know that they are sure, that they have each received a personal experience deep within. He wanted to know they were growing, that they were listening for the Father’s voice. He would be leaving them soon and needed to know He had given then what they needed to grow spiritually. I believe I have tried to teach all of you to have a personal relationship with the Father in almost every lesson this past year. We must each get our own "green food" so to speak, Philp.2:12. We must have our own revelation and experience with our Father. (Don’t go over in the natural on me here, just because your earthly parents and you didn’t have a good relationship, so you don’t know how to do this). Get a grip; lots of us never had a good relationship with our natural parents. That does NOT mean you can’t have one with God. Sit down, let Him wrap His arms around you, and talk to Him. The only thing stopping you now is you!

Matt.13:20-21, shallow ground, no roots. It doesn’t matter what your parents, pastor, friends, spouses, or Dale and I believe. Each one of us must go to the Father alone; it’s the only way we will grow the deep roots needed to stand. We will never make it on what anyone else has received from the Father. Reading the written word, going to church, being able to expound on a truth, or acting like a Christian, does very little unless your being changed into His likeness. Being one with the Father, having your roots go deep into Him, that’s where the change comes, Jh.15:4; Jh.17:21; Rom.8:1; Rom.12:5. Not knowing about the TRUTH, (for personal gain,) but in love with the TRUTH Himself. That’s what Jesus was asking them when He said, "who do you say I am?"

When our roots don’t go deep, we can be deceived into believing lies. So taking time alone with the Father is a must for our growth. Isa.61:3, says, "That they may be called trees of righteousness". My first thought was the "Oak Tree". Oak trees have a fantastic root system. That point in itself is good; our roots are what hold us firm in a storm (test or trail). So keeping balance or order in our lives helps us through our circumstances. One of the most awesome things about the Oak tree is it becomes stronger during a dry spell. On a normal day an Oak tree releases water into the atmosphere. Like us giving out what God has put in us. Then during a drought, the Oak stops releasing water and sends it back into the roots so they will grow deeper and stronger and find deeper water. That’s what we should be doing when a test comes; stop giving out, get alone with our Father and let our roots grow deeper and deeper into Him, until He gives us His deep and hidden things. Our dry or hard times need to be working for us not against us. We can never run dry if we learn to stay at the well, Jh.7:28; Jh.6:35; Ps.42:2.

Matt.13:22; "cares of this world choke the Word". Jh.18:36, His kingdom isn’t of this world. Our first mistake was to focus on this world, the second is dead men don’t look at anything except what’s in the Father, as that is where we go when we die. If we are Christ’s, and are a new creation, we are supposed to be in the world not like the world, and dead men don’t react to circumstances. Gal.4:3-9; Col.2:19-20. A good gage to use is Matt.6:21, where is your heart? If something is pulling on us, we better check ourselves. Paul says a mouth full about this in, 1Tim.6:6-12.

Remember the little mustard seed? It was so small; does that sound like your faith? Well no worry. It might be the smallest thing you have, but give it to God and watch out! But you have to give it to Him, it won’t grow sitting in a bag in your room. Once it’s in His Hands He will make it grow. Just get your focus off of the world and back on God, cause He isn’t finished with us yet!!

Remember the widow and Elijah, 1Kings 17:8-16. She only had a little, but she gave it and she never ran out again. So if your going nowhere and don’t know what to do, just give it all to God and see what He can do with it, once you take your hands off of it. Like Dale always says, "Faith, faith, faith, it don’t take a whole lot, just use what you’ve got". God will do the rest.

Matt.13:23, "good ground", we are becoming good ground. Once our Father gets rid of everything in us, that’s not from Him, we will be His Ground. All this requires, is dying to self, time alone with the Father, growing, maturing and this comes through discipline or fertilizer, then we will bear our Father’s Fruit. Isa.57:19-20; Rom.7:4-6; Jh.15:16; Gal.5:25.

If we are not tried and tested, we are bastards, Heb.12:3-11. We are not sons and we will not be good ground, we will have no root system and no loving relationship with our Father. Oh we would be saved, (Jesus made that possible for everyone) but we will have missed the greatest experience ever, to be One with the Father. This experience will keep us standing while the world and its system is falling all around us, Malachi 4:1-3.

We have an AWESOME GOD! And He will have an AWESOME BODY!

So get ready, rejoice in Him as you are tested. Thank Him that He counts you so worthy. Bless Him for you are blessed that He found you worthy to be tested in the fire. Amen?


Can we go beyond where man has already gone? I believe we can and in our time, but you decide that for yourselves. Heb.6:1-3, go on to perfection, Heb.12:23, just men made perfect,1Jh.4:18; Heb.10:14, and what was this perfect offering? Jh.3:16, LOVE.

But how do we get to this perfection, this perfect LOVE? Through faith, Rom.12:3, God has given us each a measure, 1Cor.13:2, all faith. Does faith have different levels? I understood that Faith was the way I had to go, but was it the highest place, I could go to?

I know I must walk by faith to reach the place I’m wanting to go to, 2Cor.5:7. But I’m looking for that higher calling of God that Paul spoke of in Philp.3:14. But faith isn’t my goal, but its how I will get there. It’s like "Faith is the road", but it’s not the "City" I’m going to. I am trying to tell you that God can take us to a realm where "faith" sort of doesn’t operate any longer so please don’t get lost here.

Heb.11: 6, without it we can’t please God. Rom.1:17 the just shall live by it, and man has been living it ever since Adam left the garden. I call Heb.11 the "Hall of Faither’s", from Abel to Moses, what they received they received by faith. But there is a greater victory, and that is to put all of our enemies under our feet and this comes to those who will go higher in the realm of the Spirit than the faith realm. Look at v39. All these great men and women of faith never received the promise.

People make me wonder when I hear them talking about their great faith. Great faith was the Hebrew children in the fiery furnace, Daniel in the den of lions, and those who died for their faith. Christians say they have faced their lions and gone through the fires. But most of them are speaking figuratively. Figuratively I guess we all have. But this was literally; this was real fire and real hungry lions. These "Hall of Faither’s" didn’t have any bibles; they didn’t have the baptism of the Holy Spirit, all they had was faith and they never got the promise!

1Cor.15:25-28, If you will allow me a little more room here. I saw this as Christ in His humanity. Or could I say "The Body of Christ", "The Corporate Man", "The sons of God", or "The Overcomers." Turn to Rom.16:20, "Under your feet shortly", Paul implies that this was not done but was coming. Jesus was dead, resurrected, and ascended. Then why isn’t Satan under our feet? 1Jh.5:4, says it’s done. The church sees Jesus crowned, on His throne and ruling. But He is not, Rev.11:15 not yet. Keep in mind here He is the Head; and His body is not perfected yet. Yes it was spoke from the foundations, and yes it is coming to pass.

Acts2:36, Peter tells us the crucified Jesus has been made Lord and Christ. As Lord, He is one with the Father, (The fullness of the Godhead bodily). Col.2:9; Col.1:15 the invisible Deity. As Christ, He is one with His body, bringing us into His image. Also bringing us into the realm of the Spirit where we will rule and reign with Him. There are many precious promises, and as we believe and receive them we are made partakers of this divine nature, Acts17:29-30.

The bible never says God is faith or hope. 1Jh.4:7-8, it says, "God is Love." Love is the substance or very nature of God. God does impart faith to us and He does give us hope. But God doesn’t hope or believe or have faith for anything. God does not operate in the realm of faith. Don’t say, "so what here." Because "the what" is, God is imparting His divine nature to a people who have escaped the corruptible world 2Pet.1:4, and He’s bringing them into His image.

1Cor.12:31, A more excellent way! Above the gifts! Above what we’ve been taught! Then there may be a place above the faith realm? Which made me look at 1Cor,13:2, again. How much was all faith? Was it so much you couldn’t receive any more or was it different levels? Another step? The more excellent way? Then Paul speaks about love, 1Cor.13:1. This isn’t the love the world knows; it’s the very nature of God, the substance of Deity. It’s who we LITERLY are. Children of the Supreme Deity, GOD! Acts17:26; Jh.1:12-13. Yet the world and its system, and lets include the "church here", have fed us lies and the children of God have believed them, but now its time for the truth.

1Cor.13:13, Faith, Hope, Love, and the greatest of these is LOVE. I saw these as realms of the Spirit. Since I know God is a God of order, I knew He had placed these 3 in order too. I had always thought that hope was right in there with faith, but not so according to this. I took a long look at hope and saw it was what I was doing. I’m hoping to move beyond Paul, into the divine nature, while I’m still on this earth. I’m hoping to go beyond the realm of faith.

I thought the worlds were made by faith; they were not, they were formed by the Word of God, Heb.11:3. I then looked at the word substance in Heb.11:1, (in the Greek this is substantiation) provide evidence for; prove; like a title deed. So faith is the title deed of things hoped for, our assurance rests in God’s promises. Amen! But before all this was possible, the Spirit of God had to birth something in us. Something we have lost growing up in this worlds system. The hunger and desire to believe for things we couldn’t see, like a child and then the ability to receive them by faith. But the Spirit goes beyond this: there are things we have never seen or heard; things we don’t even know exist. So how do we believe or have faith for them? Isa.48:3-8. So until the Spirit reveals these things we can’t believe for them but I believe there is a realm that goes beyond this. That hope reaches up into that realm and brings it down into the faith realm, Isa.64:4, and again in 1Cor.2:9-10, tells us the Spirit of God is bringing things to us through revelation, things we have not heard of or had faith for. Eph.3:20, confirms this. God is able to do more them we are able to believe for, ask for, or know about. Could I believe God for too much? Dale had a friend who always said, "Dale will be the only one in heaven who believed God for to much." Everyone would laugh then, but now I don’t think it’s so funny, I think I’d love to be one of those who believed God for too much, if that were possible, which I doubt.

Rom.8:24-28 "saved by hope that is seen is not hope; we know not what to pray for, but the Spirit makes intercession for us, according to Gods will." It’s Gods will to do much more for us then we know about or believe for. This realm of hope enters into the unseen. My belief is, there are a lot of us out there believing God for too much!

Eph.3:17-19 could read like this: Faith, is on the horizontal level and understands all things on that level. Hope, on the vertical level, reaching higher and higher into God, bringing the invisible into a visible realm. These are the hidden things of God. It then brings us higher into the knowledge of God. But LOVE, real LOVE, brings us into the fullness of God and swallows up all the other realms or levels of the Spirit in its perfection, v19, All the fullness of God!

Please do NOT misunderstand me; I am NOT talking against faith. It is the road to glory and I’m only trying to understand myself that it has limits. I want to go beyond my understanding, beyond my limits and find the unlimited realm the very nature of God. What God is goes far beyond what He does or the gifts He gives. I can die in faith, like all the greats before me. Yes faith is my road to glory but faith is NOT my goal. I want to find the place beyond faith. The place of promise, my birthright, the place of dominion, overcoming, a more excellent way, a way without spot or wrinkle, this is what I’m looking for.

God never said," Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness and let them have great faith to believe for many wonderful things." Gen.1:26, God said, "have dominion over all things that He created." When man fell he needed faith, but Jesus came to give us back what was taken, "dominion." So I guess I’m believing God for too much because I am believing that I’m a new creation, I have dominion and God lives through me.

Lets see if I can bring a little more light to the picture: David is divinely anointed. Under this power he was a mighty little warrior. Through the Spirit’s power, David fought a bear and a lion and killed them. Then David defeats the giant, Goliath, in front of all of Israel. David fought many battles and won. (To me this was a good picture of our faith walk. With the Spirit’s help we get through this world.) But look, through all of David’s great exploits, he never set on the throne of Israel. (The higher realm.) Not until 2Sam.5:3, Here David is anointed and called by God to a higher realm. Where he directs armies, makes laws, no more lions, Goliath’s, and bears, oh my. Because now David is in the higher realm of dominion, setting on the throne. Killing Gods enemies was glorious but temporary. Like our faith in this realm, it’s temporary. As long as Saul set on David’s throne, the enemies kept coming back, that’s the flesh realm. So no matter how many people are healed or delivered as long as the world and its system sit on the throne, our works of faith are temporary. But Jesus said in Jh.12:31 "Now is the judgment of this world. Now the ruler of this world will be cast out." My first thought was "Now faith is!" I have no idea why I said that. Maybe its because Now is where we live in this realm? When Jesus was put on that cross, He made the way; He left the Spirit to anoint us for the job of taking dominion from the world’s system, our Saul. 1Jh.4:4; 1Jh.5:4; Rev.11:15, says we will rule and reign one day, but in the mean time Jesus’ death has given us back dominion over this realm. So nothing should be sitting on the throne but Christ in us. We are no longer held back by the Adam nature, we are a new creation.

Gen.1:26; Ps.8:6; Heb.2:10, God says He has a people destined to rule and have dominion. If Acts17:28, is true, then God must be here! In us! Where we are! Not on a planet, a billion light-years from here but here, in an invisible realm. The Bible never says we are going anywhere, only that we will be "caught up." Caught up where He is, here in this real or invisible realm so we’re not leaving. Our eyes are only finely being opened so that we can see what is really real, not carnal, Rev.5:10. O.K. I’m excited and getting ahead of myself so would that be in or out of the body? Joke, (ha-ha)

God is now bringing forth His corporate body, His son ship company. Those who hear His voice and obey it and those who are pressing into the very nature of God.

They are the ones who want to go higher, deeper, and find the more excellent way. The place in the Spirit that goes beyond the veil, the place Jesus has prepared for us. These people will want to give up the world and its ways; they will want to die to self and live for Christ. Jesus wants us to know who we are and what He is doing, Gal.4:5-7. He wants us to have our full inheritance; He wants us to minister in the full power of the Spirit, to a groaning creation. So the time is coming to spoil the strong mans house and take back our treasures. The best way I know to destroy the wicked is to make saints of them. So praise God, the world He loves and died for will be saved,1Tim.2:4-6.

Maybe you’re wondering, why is it so important to serve God now? Or, why go through all of the troubles? Its because you will need His Ark of safety, to keep you when He gets ready to pour out the wrath. My prayer is, that you will want to reach the higher calling of God, that you will want to become mature sons, that you will want to be used by God in this end time victory, and that you will to be like your Father.

So what do we do? We keep pressing in and God will do the rest. Just keep yourselves full of the Spirit and keep the faith.Eph.1:4-6; 1Pt.2:9; Eph.3:19, we are called, chosen, and filled, in His time. Faith moves us forward into His purpose for us.

Faith is the road we must travel on our journey. Hope is the anchor of our souls, sure and steadfast, Heb.6:19, Love the fullness of God in us. This is our inheritance, and its time for its unveiling 1Pt.3:14-17. We have been brought into this generation for such a time as this.

Do you dare believe there is more? Can you dare to enter into the beyond? Are you ready for the mature things of God? Phil.3:14-16.


Matt.20:16, Eph.l:4-6, those who are here tonight can no longer say they are babies in Christ. We have been called and chosen to walk in the Anointing. To reach for all God has. The way of the carnal mind is to build idols, (churches, fame, and the things that please the mind and flesh). 1Sam.15:23 amp; 1Pet.4:2-4amp.

Eph.1:9-14; 1 Pet.1:4-7, In Christ we have an inheritance and what we just read tells us about it and when it will be fully revealed. Being an heir myself, I want to know all I can about my Father, what I'm to do and what it is I'm to inherit. I hope you do too.

Now its been told down through history that our inheritance has been a glorious mystery, but it also says, He will make it known in the "last times". And it's not that golden mansion in the sweet bye and bye. Think on that a minute (if we each had one, we'd be all alone. What would we do with 15 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and no one but us to enjoy it because everyone else had one too, sounds a bit carnal don't you think?) Oh in my Father's house are many mansions and I am one of them.

Heb.9:15, says, "Jesus died for us so we could receive the promise of the eternal inheritance." Go back and read Eph.l:l4 AMP, Did you catch that? The inheritance is of the very same thing as the foretaste; only it's the fullness of what we now have. Is there anyone here, who after receiving the in filling of the Holy Spirit, did not hunger for more? And this is only the foretaste. I love being filled with the Holy Spirit, I love being able to talk to and hear from my Father, I treasure His gifts and I long to feel His presence. But it's all only the beginning of what's coming. Our natural minds are so small and we can only see in part, dear Lord help us to see! Father God; remove the doubt that limits our vision and transform our minds we pray!

Philp.3:12-16 AMP, Paul says God apprehended him, so that he might lay hold or apprehend that. What? What he hadn't reached yet. If you are thinking it was heaven, you're wrong! Paul had a lot of chances to just get to heaven; everyone was trying to kill him. But he was after something he felt was even greater. He was after a prize; heaven is a gift for "whosoever," (the dying thief on the cross, the person on their deathbed and the pew filler). Paul said in v.14, "I press on, to win what God is calling me too" that's the Rexiel:l version.

If you've studied Paul's life any, you know that at the time he wrote Philippines, he already had a great ministry, one most men only dream about. But it still wasn't the high calling he was looking for. He wasn't looking for churches or the Apostleship, because he already had all that. It was the fullness, the completeness, of what he and we have only received a taste of. Christ living through us!

How did Paul find out about this higher calling? Acts 24:14 and Acts 26:22, in Paul's own words it says, he never preached anything but what was written and revealed to him by God. (Sonship, High Calling, Overcomers, Body of Christ, Inheritance), Paul preached it all and right from the Book. He not only preached it, he believed it, it consumed and possessed him and he wanted it all!

Eph.3: 16-20, do you believe that? Filled with all the fullness of God. This is God's desire and purpose for His people. But with all the negative speech coming out of Christians, I think we've missed the true meaning of this verse. Length and breath; He stretched out His arms and died so that the whole world could live. The depth and height, we may never know to what depths Jesus had to go to redeem His own. From heaven to earth, from earth to the grave from the grave to hell, then back to earth victoriously! He was then exalted to the highest place of honor. v20, says "above all that we can ask or think," how high will you dare reach? How much will you believe God for? Do you see the picture of the cross here? Length and breath, depth and height, can you see it? He paid a great price for us to be set free, yet the church (the religious order) handles it so lightly, oh they are grateful for the sacrifice Jesus made, but they don't want to have to sacrifice anything or be afflicted in any then why? Matt.20:22-23. I've heard Christians say, "Jesus suffered so that we don't have to". Then why? "You will indeed". Why? Matt.10:17-18 & 21-22? Why? Jh.16:33 .Why? Mk.13:10-20. Why? Rom.8:17-18; Philp.1:2; 2Tim.l:8 & 4-5; 1Thess.3:3-8; 1Pet.5:l0; Heb.11:24-27 and Rev.2:10 just to name a few. To me these say you will indeed, if you follow Christ.

In every generation canal man has tried to gain everything for self. Remember the tower of Babel, men were saying, "Lets make a name for ourselves." Then God confused their language and its been man against man ever since. Always trying to destroy what the other one has. Why? Because they're carnal men they can't understand each other; they refuse to see God in each other, so they have no unity or purpose the way they are. But a time is coming and coming quickly when God will do what He said in Zeph.3:9, (I could do a whole study on this verse).

God is always attentive to those who will hear His voice and obey. Abraham heard God, left all he knew, to go to a place he had never known, and God wouldn't tell him why. Some of those who went with him left him half way built their city, named it (self) and died there, self is death. They would not answer the call to go higher with the Lord. Most just came along for the prosperity, (you know the ones who just come along for the ride). They like the message, they like the freedom, and they love to feel the anointing. They are called but they are not chosen. They don't have that deep hunger to reach higher. God has always had those who will climb His spiritual mountains; those who will reach for the prize and pay the price, now it's our turn are you ready?

Remember John the Baptist, he was another one who was called and chosen. He had to leave that " circle of safety," (the place where he was sure of everything) and press into the unknown with God. John had no one to follow or learn from except the Spirit and he reached a place in God that no one else had. Jesus said, "There is none greater," Matt.11:11. John was given the awesome job of introducing the Love of God, His Son! The greatest move of God to ever hit the earth! John dared to believe God for it all and he reached for the unreachable. Was he so different from us? No, look at Matt.11:2-6; John was unsure, even though he knew he was called and chosen; he just dared to believe what God said. Yes he paid with his head but I believe Johns whole body was in God's arms long before his head arrived.

The put-downs that come with being a spiritual pioneer are very hard to deal with. It seems that no one understands or hears what God is telling you or asking you to do. Jesus

went through it, His disciples went through it, and we will go through it too. But let them eat and play while we fast and pray, then just like at Pentecost, we will have a breakthrough into a new dimension of the Spirit. We will walk where no man has walked before. God is opening a door to the realm of the Spirit and has made a way for us to walk through it. Why? Because God chose us and we dared to believe that we could reach for that higher calling.

The time for this great move of the Spirit is here. We feel it in our spirits, we know it in our knower, and as unseen as it may be to those around us who are admiring their beautiful churches, their big congregations, and all of their fine possessions, the elect of God are crying " Father, bring us into the fullness of our inheritance, prepare our hearts and minds and give us the divine faith to believe for the unbelievable."

The walls of the old ways are coming down; a separation is taking place in the body of Christ. We may be called to say goodbye for now to those who cannot hear His voice. Whenever we move forward with God there will be adversities, Rom.8:18-39, and we will go form suffering to glory for His sake. He did it for us! Are you ready to do it for Him?

Live or die, sink or swim, set your heart and mind and don't look back. I wish I could promise you an easy road paved with gold, but that wouldn't be what God said and I'd be lying to you as well. What I can promise you is a glorious victory, through Christ should you decide to take this mission, so endure what comes and obey the Fathers voice. Ezekiel 2:5-3:1


Today as I was driving to town, enjoying my time with the Father, I saw a very large flock of crows flying over a farmer's field to the left of the road. I don't know if any of you enjoy watching that sort of thing, but I love to watch the birds, so I stopped to watch. They were all moving together as if one body, they seemed to just let the wind carry them wherever it wanted, it was so beautiful. As I was enjoying this the Father asked me to watch as about half of them flew across to the right hand side of the road. At first glance I thought I was seeing a flock of white seagulls. But as God directed my eyes I saw as part of the flock really let everything go the wind took full control of them and took them across the road and into the direct light of the sun, as they came into that light they appeared to be pure white. God said, "The crows to your left are how many of My remnant see themselves, not yet pure but still black (not clean), still believing they are the ones in control of their direction, yet very aware that they need Me to survive what is coming, still carnal. But the crows on your right are how I see My remnant, pure or white in the Light of Christ. They have allowed the Wind of My Spirit to take control and lead them where I have chose for them to go. They accept that they are in My Hand and I will do what I have promised". Jh.3:8.

I felt sad for God, what He had said was so true. I knew it was I had felt that way before. But I also knew God was making major changes in the way the remnant thinks, looks and believes. I also knew that very soon many more would go all the way with the Wind of the Spirit.

Gal.2:20; 2Cor.4:6-7; Col.1:27; I know that everyone here tonight believes these scriptures are true but I’m praying it will become a living revelation for you. That God will take your knowledge of Christ and turn it into a living experience with Him. Believe me it’s the key to going beyond or crossing over from where we are into His very presence.

Now I know I’ve done my part to pound you full of the Word (both written and what has been revealed to me), I know our knowledge is great but we must come to the place where the Treasure within us, (the Power of God, the Anointing, Christ) takes complete control. God has called us out, He has chosen us, Rom.8:28; 1Pet.2:9; Eph.4:17-18; CALLED: is an invitation to become or accept an appointment.

CHOSEN: is selected, marked for Grace (favor) or special privilege.

The birds to the left of the road were called and chosen but their darkened way of thinking (religion, doctrine, tradition or just stinkin thinkin) is overshadowing the understanding God wants us to have. They have accepted the called part but not the chosen part. The birds that crossed over to the right side of the road (also called and chosen) have accepted the appointment to be carried away by the Wind of the Spirit and into His marvelous Light the True Life.

I don’t know about all of you but I was always taught that Matt.5:15; meant, in order for my light to shine I needed to get out and preach Jesus to a lost and dieing world. But it wasn’t my light that was going to shine at all. As I’ve come to this crossing over (this Kingdom walk) I’ve found out it’s God’s Light that shines, and as (I, me, my) dies the Wind of the Spirit can have His way and it’s His Light that shines brighter and brighter through this vessel. We may never preach a word but people will be touched by God’s presence coming through us. Like the book says, we are in this world but we are not a part of it, Col.1:12-13. God has delivered us out of the darkness of this world and carried us into His Kingdom on the Wind of His Spirit. It’s His Power that transforms us and places us where He wants us to be, and it’s His Light that shines not ours. So we can either accept and go beyond or only believe what we see and remain, which side of the road are you on? (Interpretation, Rexie 1:1)

We can at this point in our lives pretty much dispense with devil fighting. The only devil we are fighting is us! Our stinkin thinkin is where we fall short. The birds to the left of the road thought they had something to do with the direction they went so they either used the winds power or fought it. The birds to the right of the road accepted the change in the wind and went with it which allowed them to become one with it. They let go and let God. I’ve heard that statement for the last ten years and finely know the meaning behind it. It’s God in us, let go of who you think you are and give it all to God, become One.

We can start this walk by encouraging each other and ourselves in the Father. In doing this we build ourselves up in our faith, 1Thess.5:11; Col.2:6-7; and also Jude 20. We need to learn to refuse negative thoughts and speech. We can do this by turning our complaints into thanks and praise. It is not wrong to thank God for our problems; they bring change into our lives, take things out of our lives, and transform us into Him. You don’t need to see these changes to thank Him, just accept that it’s God doing it and thank Him that He is. As I’m writing this I start thanking God that my thyroid works perfect, that I don’t ever have to take mediation for it, that my car runs good, and that I have a home that’s warm and a roof that doesn’t leek. But God stops me here and asks, "Who’s" and then I see it, it’s His thyroid, His car, His house, not mine. Everything belongs to Him and exists through Him there is no (I or my) needed to praise and thank Him. I am either all His or I’m not, am I on the left or the right? Chose this day He says, not what you had yesterday or what you will have tomorrow because they don’t exist in God, there is only right now in God.

God has told us over and over exactly what He wants from us (believe and obey), and He has told us what He is in us (Christ the Anointing). He made it clear He wants to consume every inch of our being, Acts 17:28. He never stuttered or fell short on anything He has said, Eph.1:17-23. So how is He going to do this? Eph.3:14-16; 2Cor.3:18; Eph.3:20-21; (look at that, there are three 3’s that = Perfection in the inter man). It’s His power within us, His working in us, His Spirit in us, and it was in ALL of us before we ever set foot on planet earth. This world, our flesh, and religion have made God so complicated and He is not, they have tried to get us to accept that we are just humans but we are not; we are God here on this earth in these bodies. So separate from the world, tell your flesh shut-up, forget religion and God will reveal Himself through you; it’s what He has purposed from the beginning. He is the One who put that hunger in you to know Him. He put the desire in your heart to be all that He wants you to be, and to reach higher and higher for all He has. Your not here for yourself and the desires of your heart are not yours, they are His, so get a grip this whole thing is His, and your in it to the end.

I’d love to say at this point just sit back, relax, don’t worry, its not your problem, God will do it all, but as true as that all is I also believe we have to accept and obey what He says. We have to accept the changes He makes in our lives, our thoughts, and the new way we see things. Because after all of this is said and done we are going to be just like Him. If God is your Father, the Holy Spirit your Mother, and Jesus your Brother, then you have no choice as to who you will be like. You will be a carbon copy, a chip off the Old Block, a child of The King, and you will be One with God.

Col.2:6; 1Jh.2:6-8; Eph.4:17-18; Walking in God, I had to think on that awhile but I remembered what Al is always trying to teach us, and that is, (that right now this moment thing, he does). I made mention of it earlier but it is a very important key to where we are now with God. Right this minute, one step at a time, one word at a time, one act of obedience at a time, believing and accepting what God says one moment at a time that’s what puts me over into the Kingdom, (Him walking in me). Because that moment is all we have, if I messed up that was then but I’m in the NOW with God. I’m not back there where I messed up. Why? Because God doesn’t see my past, He only sees me in the NOW. He only sees me perfect. That statement will throw your religious theology in a spin, (that one they always say about being as filthy rags) in Isa.64:6. Religion neglects to mention that this was before Christ, and Paul tried to make it very clear in 1 &2 Corinthians. But somehow religion messed that up too. God did not make us a new creation, in His image and likeness to keep us ignorant, its religion that prefers we remain ignorant.

Now if all I’ve said is truth and we are our Father’s sons then we to create. (Don’t lose yourself in religion here take it to the Father and then decide). What I’m talking about here is our mouth speaks (creates) and we accept (believe) what is birthed out of it. We keep this dead man (the old man) alive by the things we speak. It is us who remember our old nature, our faults or the faults of others, it’s us that remembers a word spoken or received in hate, it’s us who say we can’t attain all this that we have just spoken about, it’s NOT the Father. He doesn’t see any of these things; they are all gone and dead as far as He is concerned. We give it life with our thoughts, words and actions. It’s time we got over ourselves, Phil.1:19-21. For you to live is (to be) Christ, Christ revealed to the world and the Anointing of God in the earth. Christ in you, everything that He is, everything that He says, alive in you!

We have kept the old man alive to long; we have held onto the world’s way of thinking, we have believed the word of man above the Word of God. The time is over for us to keep flying to the left, God started something here a couple of weeks ago at the foot washing and we spook with our mouths that we wanted to cross over, so let it be done onto you, as you believe. I pray that we will all let go and let the Wind of the Spirit carry us over to the right side of the road permanently where we will truly be a new creation in Christ.



Can Love be terrible, my Lord?

Can gentleness be stern?

Oh Yes! Intense is Loves desire

To purify My own - tis like a fire

A Holy fire, a Holy fire that burns

For Loves desire must fully be

Till in My likeness all may see

The beauty of thy Lord

Can Holy Love be jealous Lord?

Oh Yes! Jealous as the grave

Till every idol be uptorn and

Rooted out of thee

Love must be stern to save thy soul

I'11 spear thee not a single pain

Till thou be free and pure again

Restored back perfectly in Me

Can Love seem cruel, my Lord?

Oh Yes! Cruel as the sword

I will not spare thy sickened soul

Till I have made thy sickness whole

Till thou be pure again

For oh I loves thee far to well

To leave thee in this man made hell.

Is Love really a consuming fire? Should it be approached with Godly fear? Can it seem cruel or unfair? And the question above all of these is can we accept this kind of LOVE?

I gathered from this poem type thing and from all the information available to me about God that the answer to these questions must be, "yes", Deut.4:24 and Heb. 12:29. God's Love is a burning unquenchable passion to perfect the object of His Love, which is us! And His love is too jealous to allow anything to hold a place above Him for very long as our hearts belong to Him and He wants possession of the whole thing. Once He has called you to go on with Him into that higher calling, He must consume you. He wants you to be one with Him. Not only does He take our idols, He fulfill His purpose and that is bringing the object of His love, us, into the perfectly matured man, Eph.4:13. Now if all of this hasn't convinced you that the most beautiful, most caring and most passionate LOVE in the universe can and must at times seem cruel, I've missed it. I can even see where we could say it’s cruel for God in what He has to go through to secure our blessings and our perfections and He is LOVE. By not understanding His Love we can perceive it as cruel when He allows us to go through things and endure suffering. But what if that is what it takes to restore us, what if that is the only avenue to our perfection? Would you want Him to stop? But the most beautiful part, the part we seem to ignore until God points it out to us is, He is with us. He carries us through; He is our strength and comfort every step of the way.

I know from the Garden of Eden to this very day God has shown His Love to every living creature, yet the "church" chooses to believe that Jesus died and suffered so that they never have to. But this group here was selected by God to know the truth and we can start in Matt.20:23, "we will indeed drink His cup." Rom. 8:17-18; 1Pet.4:16-19, many may consider these scriptures cruel but Love is not cruel. He does however allow things we don't want as part of our perfection, 2Cor.4:7-18 and Eph.4:13-16. This all tells me God will use whatever it takes to get me where He has predestined me to be, whether I think it's cruel or not, my job is to praise Him while I'm going through my trials.

Ps.23 has been the most help to me and I believe it says it all quit well. V1. "The Lord is my Shepherd" means He feeds, clothes, corrects, teaches and takes care of every need I have. V2-3. Means, God gives me His strength when I need it, He teaches me what is right and what will please Him. Not because of who I am but because of who He is. V4. Means, Yes! I will go through hard times, sickness and even experience death (either of a loved one or self) but God is there with me, holding me up. He is the One who will take me through every circumstance in my life and I have nothing to fear because He is with me. Pro.13:24; Heb.12:3-8, His rod, corrects me because He loves me. His staff protects me from all harm (manmade). V5. Means, He has gone before me and prepared everything in the path I will walk, (people, places and circumstances). He has anointed me with the oil of His Spirit, which enables me to run this race He has called me to. V6. Means, His unfailing Love is with me all the days of my life (regardless of how I view it) and I will live in Him forever. All of this and He gave His life for me that I might have true life. God will have it His Way (whether you give Him permission or you don't) and He will still be all you will ever need. 1Jh.4:8 & 16, Jh.1.3, Col.1:16-17 and Ps 37:23-24 can you see both sides of LOVE yet?

All that has taken place these last two months has had me praying and searching, I've ran my trip to Mexico over and over in my mind and I know now God will continue to teach me from it as time goes by. But right now I'm being made to set here and watch and wait until God works His Way in the lives of my daughter, her family and me. As they are all going through this battle with my friend and sister Teri, and time and doctors are wearing on them all very hard. I have found myself asking God dumb questions along with those what's going on kind of prayers and it's not a good feeling. Oh I know God is moving us all into a new place or maybe your there already. It's a place as our daughter Tami put it, "Where I have to depend on God for every breath". But I'll take it one step further, not only will we depend on Him for every breath we must also give Him thanks for it even when we feel like we can't breath.

I guess this is the lesson God wanted me to see in this part of my trip (the sitting and waiting part). I knew the first part of my trip it was real clear, I'd been sure that God had ordained and ordered my going. I was positive when He said do this or say that. I knew it was God who said go talk to our children (Teri's and mine) when I got back to California, He wanted them to understand all He had done so that they would hold onto and understand He was with them and He loved them, that Teri was in His hands and they would need this understanding in order to hold onto Him and understand His Love. I knew He had me ready for every negative word with praises and thanks. I was ready for every battle day and night. I knew I had a mighty army of pray warriors and angles with me. But when I got home the anointing lifted and I found myself in that place the one where I couldn't breath. I started listening to there negative reports and looking at the cancer and pain battle my family was going through. As my focus got off of God their problems got bigger and bigger in my eyes and God had to teach me to praise Him when I couldn't understand. I've learned a lot from this experience, I know I can do all things through Christ, that God's love can take us through deaths door if it's necessary but at least we will finely get it right. Getting us out of the way brings us into His perfection. I'm not God (thank God) and I don't know what it will take for Him to reach each one of us. But I know for a fact we will learn to praise Him in ALL things good and bad. It's only our fleshly perception that's a mess. So whether we see it from natural eyes that say His Love is torment or it's too much to bare or we see it as the means used by the "King of LOVE" to perfect us, He will have His way and His Love will be made complete when He consumes us. So I guess now my friends you will be accountable as to how you view God's Love and then accountable as to how you will praise Him when you can't understand anything He is doing.

So welcome my friends to the Beauty and the Terror of LOVE.

Thanks Hannah Hurnard for your book.




2Cor.5:17-19; we have all heard it preached, we have all said it. "We are a new creation in Christ". But for most Christians this doesn’t seem to be a reality. We’ve said it with our mouth, heard it with our ears and believed it with our heads. Our problem was we didn’t believe it with all of our hearts, thus the 18 inches. Look at v.19 again; God was trying to show us that it was Him doing it all "He was in Christ" and He wants us to believe He is in us doing it all too! That is what makes us a new creation. From cover to cover God promised He would never leave us. Look at Deut.31:6 and Heb.13:5, God will never give up what He has ordained. What He has spoke will come to pass, and we will manifest His glory. Heb.1:3, Christ was the brightness and express image of the glory of God, or the embodiment of God. Remember Jesus told His disciples, "If you’ve seen Me, you have seen the Father". God hasn’t changed we just haven’t received Him. If Christ is in us then someone should be seeing the Father when they see us, but those 18 inches stop everything.

At the cross the sin debt was paid for all men. Not just for the Christian but for the whole world. The bible says all sin; (past, present, future) ALL was paid for on that day! So why is it man isn’t experiencing all that God says he can? Well I believe God had it planed that way for a time and the religious helped by always focusing on the outward appearance and performance, I believe Jesus called them Pharisees so that’s what I’ll call them to, modern day Pharisees. Man in his carnal thinking has always tried to be in charge, god like, I do believe that is what got the whole thing going in the garden; man was focused on himself not God, and we are still doing it, missing it by 18 inches.

Saying Christ lives in us and having it become a reality are two different things. A living God cannot be experienced with our intellect. He has to be experienced in and through our hearts. He is reality not theology, and He is not what the world perceives as real. This reminds me of the movie Matrix, "Its not a spoon" we’re not what the world says. Are minds are deceived into believing what is acceptable to this realm, but its not real. Go to Eph.2:6 and Col.1:27; Paul was always giving us pictures of what it will be like to walk in the reality of the Kingdom. How many times have we read and quoted these scriptures? But has it become real in our life? Are we truly having a living, transforming, relationship with Christ or are we still missing it by 18 inches?

I have no doubt that Jesus is seated in the throne, and that heavenly places are not somewhere out there in space but they are here within each of us. God said, "Where He is we are, in Him we live and move and have our being", and all things exist in Him. So if He is in us and we are in Him then He is right here. It’s called Christ in us, living through us, His character being seen by the world through us. Jesus said He came to make the Way, so how did He live here and how was He able to endure it all? Remember when Jesus was persecuted? He wasn’t hurting so much for Himself as He was for the ones who were doing the hurting. Can we say we hurt for the ones who hurt us? I’m not saying you don’t feel the hurt and pain someone is causing you, I’m sure Jesus felt it too. But what is your attitude? What is your heart feeling toward them? Jesus walked in the reality of the Kingdom, or in Oneness with the Father. He could see the spiritual ignorance of the people. That was how He could forgive the sins of the world and He made the Way for us to do it too, Jh.14:10-12.

Man has a hard time accepting and believing with his heart what God says in other words his carnal mind is pretty much ignorant about anything spiritual. So when we don’t accept or believe what God speaks to us we revert back to our brain washed Adamic nature. We identify with it’s lie that we are nothing, we can do nothing, we’re just sinners saved by grace and we sit in the half-truths. And then that scripture we started with in 2Cor.5:17 seems to get lost somewhere in that space of 18 inches.

Knowing the heart of God, knowing that there are people He still has blind and ignorant to His ways and His voice is what will help us get through this phase we are in with Him, its called "Kingdom Walk". It was what helped Jesus and all those who followed Him, which includes us. If you think I’m wrong start reading your bible it’s all in there. Start with John the Baptist or Stephen, they understood the Kingdom. Stephen knew the men that were stoning him were blind and ignorant spiritually. That is how he was able to ask God to forgive them.

But the only way we are going to be able to experience this Kingdom walk is when we accept what God says about us (that we are a new creation), and believe it in our hearts. Then the old man, (the Adam man, the one nailed to the cross with Jesus) will finely die. When Paul talked about dieing daily he was giving us a key to this Kingdom walk. Because in dieing to our agendas, wants, beliefs of what our spouse, our children and people in general should be (include yourself there), we kill the Adam man. Besides God changes people, we don’t and getting our hands and mouth’s off of them gives God the room He needs to get it done. People will never live up to the carnal mans expectations so get your focus on God where it belongs and quit looking at people. If they seem blinded or ignorant to what God is doing, don’t worry be happy they are right where God wants them. So they miss it for a season, God is faithful, keep believing His promises, keep thanking Him, He will do the rest. Walk the Kingdom walk, that 18 inches can cause you a lot of pain especially if you’re trying to walk it for someone else.

Jesus said in Jh.6:54-57, "If you eat Me, you will live by Me". To eat Jesus doesn’t mean lets roast Him with some potatoes and have a real blessed dinner. It means learn from Him, His teachings, His life and what He believed. Then let it consume you until you become one with the Father just as He did. Let that old Adamic nature that the world and religion want you to embrace, die! Rom.8:13, through the Spirit we put to death the deeds of the old man, the flesh and then we will live, give Him all of yourself. Rom.5:10, It’s not what we do, the classes or churches we attend, but it’s by His life that we are saved. Jesus said, "He came that we might have life", Jh.10:10. Not laws, not division, not to save, not to give better sermons, but to be the fulfillment of God’s Word, to be His word’s His living epistles. Every time we come into God’s presents, every time we sit in sweet fellowship with Him a transformation takes place within us. We cannot come into that place of oneness with the Father without having something of Him touch and change us forever. It takes pieces of who we thought we were and leaves in their place pieces of who He is through us. We become more like Him each time we meet; remember, "You’re not a spoon".

2Pet.1:3-4; All of this is truth but believing it in your head without receiving it in your heart is where the 18 inches cripples your walk in the Kingdom. Oh your still His, your headed in the right direction and you will get all of this later on, God has never lied. But I want to be on the first boat He sends. I never did like that joke about the guy caught in the flood on the roof of his house. Two boats and a helicopter come by and offer him help but he turns them down and says he is waiting on God. He drowns, goes to heaven, and asks God why He didn’t help him. God said, " I did 3 times, I sent you two boats and a helicopter" thus my reason for wanting to be on the first boat.

I’m asking you to believe with all of your heart that what God says is true. You are chosen, predestined, God has a covenant with you; you are His seed, holy and blameless before Him. You were placed here for such a time as this to do God’s will what ever it is and to accept that it is God who lives in and through you. I’m asking you to ask God to take your mind and heart, remove it and replace it with His, thus eliminating that 18 inches forever.

I know a lot of you are thinking, wait a minute what about mans free will? I really gave that a lot of thought and what I found blow a lot of holes in what I thought free will was. Jonah flat told God "no" and what happened? Jonah went to Nineveh, via (the S.S. Whaleology Ship). So did God violate Jonah’s free will? What about Pharaoh, Judas, and Paul? I’m sure they didn’t want all the trouble they got, but God did. God ordained Judas to betray Jesus, He hardened Pharaohs heart, and Paul liked his job under Gamaliel, killing the Christians, but God didn’t. And what about those famous last words, "Never the less Father, not My will but Yours be done". Will God hold them accountable for what they were made to do? I don’t think so. But if you don’t understand that God’s promises are made to the new creation you’ll never say good-bye to the old Adamic dead nature that holds free will high and dear. The new creation knows they are here to do God’s will. Why do I think God does this, what is His purpose? It’s all so that His glory can be seen. So do we as the new creation preordained and learning to walk in the Kingdom have a free will or is it a part of that 18 inches? That’s for you and God to decide. The real question here is will we believe all of God’s promises or will we be led around blind? Will we ask God to remove all doubt and free us from those 18 inches or will we be content to stay where we are? Will we only believe in part, asking nothing, expecting nothing, and worry about everything. Col.3:1-3.

I can only speak for myself and I want all God has ordained for me, I was with God in the beginning and He put me here for a purpose. That purpose was not to suffer over 18 inches, my debt is paid in full, and I’m a new creation. How about you?


I had read the story of David and Goliath, at least a hundred times but I had never seen what God was about to show me; 1Sam.17:1-3. Ephes Dammim (e’fes-dam’im) "boundary of blood," and The Valley of Elah (e’la) "Oak" (remember God likes oaks He used them to explain a lot of things to His people). The Israelites and Philistines were each on a mountain (mountains represents kingdoms), and the place where the Philistines were, belonged to Judah. That meant they were camped on God’s property, bad mistake for any enemy of God. Now from the name of the place you’d think the Philistines would have had a clue, "blood boundary = blood covenant," Duh! The word "Sochoh" here means "Hedge". So now we have God’s hedge, His blood covenant and they are on His property messing with His oaks, an extremely bad combo for any enemy of God to order, don’t you agree? The enemy should have known from past experiences that they could go so far and no further. Like how God allows Satan so much room to stretch us and then he can’t go any further, because of Jesus, our blood covenant, and hedge. Not to mention he is messing with God’s private property.

Judah means "God be praised". Boy these Philistines were asking for trouble. Judah, Praise God for our land Sochoh, our hedge, and Ephes Dammim, our boundary of blood. It was all His Love, it was for them and it is for us, Praise God for His love and His grace, the Lord knows we will need it to get through this battle we are in.

Then I noticed in vs.4-11, it described the might and power of Goliath and I thought how like the Christians today, they give God three Hallelujahs on Sunday and spend the rest of the week making Satan bigger then life, they give him more power then they ever gave God. But look at what Goliath shows them in v.8. He not only lets them know who he is, he tells them who’s they are! "The servants of Saul" he doesn’t call them "servants of the Most High God". Their enemy had read their mail, and fulfilled the prophecy in, 1Sam.8:17. They were supposed to be God’s servants; it’s no wonder the Philistines were not afraid of where they were standing. There was no God there, no hedge, no blood covenant either, therefore no anointing, so what was there to fear? And just like Goliath, Satan has no fear where God (is man made). He cares less how many churches are built, how many bible colleges, youth groups or classes you start, he doesn’t care who you make a deacon or pastor. Have you ever heard that expression? "Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves". Who knows maybe Satan started it, he set this world system in gear and the church has been driving it ever since. The church even looks like Goliath here in 1Sam.17:4-7. Look at all that stuff Goliath needs to look and feel the part. Sound like any church’s you’ve been to or any Christian’s you know? Got to have all the stuff to look good! (Stained glass, fancy buildings, new chairs, robes for the choir, clothes, cars, etc.etc.)

Fortunately for us, to bring down the Goliath’s in our lives we don’t need all that stuff, what we need is the power and the Spirit of God to lead us, and then to believe that He will do what He says He will.

I looked at that v.8 again, what a terrible charge to bring against God’s people then and now. Unfortunately it’s true, they have sold their spiritual birthright for a "bowl of denominational flesh".

Then Goliath says, "choose you a man", that’s a riot in the "church" today. The church is so busy with their agenda, (when is the next meeting, don’t let anyone set in my set, don’t pick them they don’t give enough, yada, yada, yada). And as long as they stay divided and bicker among themselves, they will not be the body of Christ. Thank God He chose "the Perfect Man" and that He has made the way for us, all we have to do is believe.

O.K. v.9, "If he kills me, we will be your servants". Thank God Jesus overcame Satan so that we don’t have to be servants to the world or its ways, but we have to keep Satan and his ways under our feet. There can be no compromise here, its either victory or slavery. So who’s report will you believe? Will you be like Saul and Israel, cowering in their tents? Or will you do what God says you can do and overcome the world? 1Jh.5:4-5.

V.16-18, Goliath challenged Israel for 40 days, (40 being a time of testing) and Israel flunked the test. Where was David during all of this? He is out taking care of the sheep and singing hymns to God. Isn’t it amazing how the "nobodies" have something to feed the sheep and can praise God all the while they are doing "nothing" for the kingdom. I started to wonder why it had taken David so long to go to the camp and why hadn’t his father sent him sooner? But God said He is doing a quick work and that was my answer. He did a quick work then and He is going to do it again. He just isn’t going to it according to our time clock.

It may seem like we’re not moving at all, like we’re stuck in that little place we don’t want to be but it’s where God wants us. We may be wondering "how long Lord?" But suddenly like David we will hear our FATHER"S voice, telling us to "run"! So be content like David was and sing praises to the Lord for where He has you. V.20, Notice David leaves early in the morning: "a new day", and the start of something big in David’s life. His purpose for being has finely started and he can feel it. I want to feel that to, how about you?

David had learned a lot in the wilderness; who he was in God, who God was in him, he had received the kingly anointing; and he knew God’s power (it had brought him through many trials) he also knew God’s sovereign authority so when David hears this giant defying God, and he sees Israel’s mighty men running in fear, the anointing of God rises up in him and he refuses to accept what he sees and hears, vs,33-37.

Again this is so like the Christians today; they settle for fear, they hold onto their mountains (guilt, doubt, unbelief, man made kingdoms) hoping that God’s hedge will help them, they keep hanging in there until Jesus come to rapture them or they go on home to heaven. But there are those who believe what God says, and they’ve received and accepted that kingly anointing. They know God’s power and authority; they have experienced it, like David, and they will depend on God for every breath they take. There will be no settling for anything less then total victory as long as they have His breath in them. They believe there is no place for the enemy except under their feet, no place for the past or the future except under the blood. That’s the only way an overcomer can see things anything else is defeat, guilt or shame.

How many times have you thought things were really moving alone pretty well with you and God? God was really flowing through you and things were happening? Then Goliath shows up, (a crippled man, a deaf child, a blind woman, the death of a loved one) and you can’t help them and you wonder where is God. And old Goliath is right there to remind you, (about past sins or lets you know you haven’t come into the full stature of Christ yet). No not yet devil, but hide and watch, and as for all those sins you keep reminding me of, they are under the blood, so you lose devil! There are David’s out there just waiting for God to say the word "run" and believe me they will run, right at the devil and take his head!

You’d think every preacher and Christian out there would be encouraging anyone willing to stay and fight for complete victory, but they don’t. They act just like David’s brother, Eliab, in v.28. They see us as offensive, just like Eliab saw David. So when God gives you a new revelation, or you step out in a new move of God, be ready for rejection and defiantly no help or support from your brothers. Now we can see why God didn’t anoint Eliab, his heart was full of self (anger and jealousy).

Remember David’s father sent him to his brother, but when they refused him and rebuked him, he turned away from them, v.30. David had a choice, stay with them and take it, which would mean he would lose the anointing. Or turn his back on his brothers and do what God wanted. That had to be hard for David, and it’s just as hard for us today. But when you know it’s God calling you to go forward, you to may have to turn your back on the brothers. They aren’t called or anointed at this time to go where you’re going, keep your eyes on God and He will get you through.

Finely a desperate Saul talks to David but every thing he had to say to David was negative. He gives him all the reasons he will fail, never one word about faith, God, or the anointing to do what God wants done. The religious never have a good word either, because they don’t keep their focus on God. Poor David, (have you ever been in this place?) How much more negativity could he or we take? How many times has God ask you to do something and everyone including your pastor has come against it in one way or another? (Guilt and condemnation) don’t let it get a hold of you! Has God ever asked you to quit a good job and move to the unknown? Well if He has you’d know everyone and include yourself here; told you "you were crazy"! "You could do so much more for God if you stayed where everything was already established". Right? Wrong! No one is listening when you say the words "God told me to do this". Their hearing tells them, you are making a big mistake! Or you’ve missed God all together! More guilt and condemnation get rid of it! It will hurt and it’s hard but you must go on with God.

Thank God we can hear Him and that His Spirit leads us. Thank God we have a testimony like David did. Thank God that He has taken care of us in our wilderness, and rescued us from our lion’s and bear’s and even after everyone hears our testimonies, they are still going to think we are to dumb to do anything right, and like Saul they will try to show you how they would do it because it’s obvious we don’t know how. Vs.38-39, Saul puts his armor on David, but David takes it off. It wasn’t helping Saul, and it wasn’t going to work for David. If rules, regulations, (denominations and organizations) could have brought the church to perfection, it would have been perfect long ago. If they could have taken Goliath’s head off (or put Satan under there feet) it would have happened long ago. Only the anointing can do this, no amount of armor (committees, activities, pot luck dinners, or deacon boards) will help now; it didn’t help Saul. So hang up all the armor (stuff) and cry out to God for the anointing!

When David went to fight Goliath he didn’t have anything to really fight with, he looked totally unprepared. I’m sure as he ran toward the enemy everyone thought he was committing suicide. But his trust wasn’t in his abilities; it was in the God he knew could save him from anything. David took three things with him to face the enemy, his staff (representing God’s correction) his sling (representing God’s judgment) and the anointing (what God had given him to do the job with). He then picks up five smooth stones from the brook, (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher), 5 = Grace, and David was going to need it. Note; these were not just any stones they were smooth. Smooth so that no little wind (of doctrine) could cause them to fly off course and miss their target. These stones had been in the moving water for a long time. They had been beat against each other until the rough edges were knocked off. They had been in the processing of the Spirit before they were picked for service. Sound like your wilderness? Processed, polished, shaped, and washed in the water of the Word. This is the road those who want to be used of God must take. Oh you’ll hate all the bumping and tumbling you get from your brothers, but learn to submit to the work that goes on in the moving waters of the brook if you truly want to be used of God.

Now it didn’t matter which stone David picked to use in his sling, the rough edges of pride and jealousy had all been knocked off, the stones were there to work as one in the grace of God, a picture of the true Body. Take a minute to really learn from these five stones; many stones are lodged in the sides of man-made mountains (kingdoms, denominations) their sharp edges of (pride, and jealousy) sticking out all over them. God can’t use them in that condition. God’s stones must fit together so that they won’t cut and wound each other.

Now you’d think any great warrior who had graduated from bible college, advanced through the ranks to associate pastor or senior deacon would know better then to attack the enemy with only 5 smooth stones. He should know he would need lots of (swords, shields, spears, helmets, etc.etc.). After all you can’t even start a church without (proper advertising, money, committees, assistant pastors, ministers of music and education, youth directors, pews, equipment, bigger buildings and on and on!) But all the mighty men of Israel were not used and all their swords shields and helmets hung in their tents and God never used any of it for this great battle. He chooses instead to use a foolish thing, (a young boy full of faith and trust, unarmed with only the praises of God in his mouth, anointed by God for this job). To do what all the mighty men of Israel and their stuff could not do.

Yes, we use all of this equipment in Jesus name, and yes a lot of it is done with a pure heart, and God uses it to reach His people. Its true without those God has chosen to provide for this ministry we wouldn’t be as able to house, feed, restore and bring to accountability those God leads here. But if we lie to His people or led them into bondage or condemn them we will pay and so will all of those out there who have led God’s people into bondage.

David runs at Goliath prophesying Vs.45-47, the devil or enemy had come to battle with his sword and spear (sickness, depression, and lack) but I come in the name of the Lard. David never bragged about anything God had given him to use, only about the glory that belonged to his God.

I'm sure everyone who heard David thought he was a mad man. But he was willing to stake his life on the fact that he was speaking God's words. Remember what the people thought when Jesus spoke, Mk.l:22. That authority (the anointing) the knowing Who has sent you. Jesus spoke, God did. David spoke, and God did, IKingsl7:l. Elijah spoke and God did. One day we will speak and God will move again, just like then. When we are anointed and go in the name of the Lord, walking in His authority, we won't have to scream, we won't be using anything that belongs to us; it will be God manifesting through us! You'll just go and say whatever God tells you to. We were never called to rescue the human race, God was! We don't have to perfect the church, God said He would do that, 2Chro.32:7-8; 1Sam.17:47. V54, David took Goliath's head to show another spiritual truth, that Christ was and is the HEAD and that no man ever takes that place or it just becomes bondage to the law again! Goliath's armor went back to David's tent, another spiritual truth, the armor is ours, God gave it to us but He always remains the HEAD! The battles are God's, the victories are ours, 1Jh.5:4-5; Ps.5:11-12! So now who’s report will you believe?


1Cor.3:1-3 AMP. And Living, VI, babies, infants, non-spiritual, men of flesh who allow the carnal nature to rule, mere men. Men who follow their own desires yet say they are of God.

I was sort of lost when the Lord took me here, I'd been seeking Him all week for a word to share with you on Sunday and I was a little taken back when He gave me this. As hard as I tried to assure God that this group was headed for His heart and that we were growing, He showed me where we as Christians fall short. It happens mostly because we have "our" way of seeing things and its not "God's" way at all. We get upset, angry, or flat pissed off when we hear or see something a brother is doing and 9 times out of 10 we never take it to the brother. We form our "own" opinions based on what we have heard or what we've seen a brother do or say in the past and we do it so easily, our flesh just takes control and our thoughts go to the natural and the spiritual is left behind in our smoke. Now if you think I'm pointing a finger at you, get a grip! Its not aimed at anyone special here its aimed at us all! We wonder why we don't get any further and things in our walk aren't moving any faster. It's because our growth is stunted.

As much as I'd life to say we have all grown spiritually the truth is we act like mere men. God wants us to grow strong in Him not in ourselves. V2, He wants to reveal much more to us but He can't right now, not as long as we are nursing and pampering our desires. Desires like being right no matter what, or the desire to never accept correction because of course, we are never wrong. We have a desire to be above one another and condemn but all of this is flesh and it stinks. Could you trust you're 15 year old with a souped up racecar if every time they got behind the wheel of your car they tried to kill someone or themselves? I don't think so and God is no different, He isn't stupid and He isn't going to put us behind the wheel of His Super Charged Royals Royce until we quit trying to kill each other with our little VW's.

V3, We are still babies when we are jealous of each other, when we fight over stupid things that mean nothing to God. When we say mean words or go behind a brother's back to spread our fleshly trash. Where is the unity, one accord and one mind spoken of in 1Cor.l:l0amp? Paul wasn't speaking lightly here he was bagging and pleading. Why? Because he knew it was mans major flaw and as the body of Christ we would have to face it. He knew because he had lived it and he knew that every Christian would have to fight with it. He said, "I bag you in the name of our Lord", learn from me he was saying or you will stay in the fleshly realm of mere men.

Co1.3:1-17, Paul is talking to the body of Christ here not the unbeliever. V2amp. Set your mind on things above, not on things of the flesh. V5amp. Put to death the flesh, kill it, and deprive it of all power. V8amp.Rid yourselves of these rotten garments. V9amp. Don't lie to or about each other because that is what carnal men do. Strip off the old man he is dead. Vll.amp. We are all equal in our Fathers eyes, we should all be seeing each other the same way He sees us. No one better or above another, other wise it's carnal thinking, making us mere men. V12&13amp. Clothe yourselves in the Spirit and represent God with your thoughts, speech and actions. Quit acting like the "Natural Church" and be the "True Church of Christ", pure, holy and forgiving. This isn't a choice it is the Way of true Life. V14. Perfection, what is it? It's maturity in Christ. So above all that's been said, put on God! For He is total Love! God (Love) does not keep a record of wrong; He (Love) does not see our yesterdays. But mere man judges their brothers; they listen to slander and gossip and call it truth. God (Love) holds nothing against us yet we hold onto the past, to grudges and hurt feelings. We bless God and curse His children with the same mouth all because we refuse to lose our pride, humble ourselves and go before the brothers, or to Throne and just leave what we feel there. We say we forgive but we stop way short of how God does it; we never take it the rest of the way like our Father. He takes our past, our failures and shortcomings and forgets them. Isa.43:25; Jer.31:34; and Hebl0:16-17amp.

Col.3:15 Let the peace of God rule our hearts; let Christ in you settle all the questions may have about each other. We are one body not many! Be thankful always for everything whether you like it or not. VI6amp. God's Word is the final word in all matters so let nothing have place in your heart. Teach, train and warn each other in what God requires so that we can grow. V17amp. Above all else do and say everything to one another as if you were doing or saying it to God Himself,

We call ourselves sons of God but we kill His body with our words and actions. We are the called and chosen of God, but we were never called to spew out bitterness, hate, and gossip about God's body no matter how good or bad we think they are. We are not the Authority, He is. We were not chosen to bring condemnation on our brothers but rather with much wisdom warn and teach them as it says in Col. 1.28 and Co1.3:16amp. We have always been quick to judge a brother when what we should have done was judge ourselves.

I'll give you an example and maybe this will be clearer. I have a friend who says they love God with all their heart, and they do many wonderful things in His name. Their lips speak encouragement and life but they also spew hate like an erupting volcano when certain people are mentioned. With their lips they forgave but where was the heart? If I had 5 conversations a day with them and brought up these people they would tell me every time what these people have done in the past and what they will do again if given the chance. We have all been here, and God wasn't seen in us was He? He is never seen when His wonderful saints spit the fires of hell out their hearts aimed at a brother, remember out of the heart the mouth speaks. So where is your heart when you speak? Is it in God? Or is it in the flesh?

Our Father is the total sum of LOVE, and we are to be like Him. We are a family, The Family of God. Not bounty hunters out to see who we can tear apart next, that is what the world does not what God's family does. Again making us mere men not God men?

Can any of you remember how hurt and disappointed you felt when the child you loved more then life itself did something that you would never believe they could possible do? Do you remember that sick hurt feeling in your heart and stomach? Maybe for some of you it was a parent or spouse, but it was that same awful sick feeling. Well if you do remember then you can imagine how God would feel every time one of His beautiful children, made in His image and likeness turns and convicts, condemns or hurts another of His beautiful children.

When we have leaned 1Cor. 13:1-7amp. or Living; we will be able to say we have grown. For LOVE covers a multitude of sins. It covered ours.


(The Father, Christ, You!!!)

Col.1:26-28, we don’t need more churches, doctrines, or prophecies. What we need today is for the revelation of Christ in us, to become a living reality. We need our blind eyes opened and our minds totally renewed to the mind of Christ.

I pray that the Father will reveal this simple misunderstood truth to us as quickly as He possible can then forever we will be changed into His likeness. This flesh will stay nailed to the cross and we will forever be the Father’s, (spirit, soul and body). His will forever established, 2Cor.3:7- 2Cor.4:7. I don’t believe it can be any simpler yet those with a carnal mind cannot understand or see this treasure, this glorious revelation that is in us. Religion refuses to accept it, because they have been blinded. The Father has chosen those who will receive, accept and believe this revelation, and they will go forward with Him. I pray you are one of them.

As most anyone who shares in these studies knows, I totally disagree with the religious belief that; we are only human and that the best we can hope for is that we get saved, we be as good as we can, we die, and maybe when we get to heaven God isn’t mad at us. Do you see anything wrong with this picture? We (self) is in control of everything. God’s words, written and spoken have never given us this kind of direction. It has always put God in charge, He is the giver of life and death, He directs our steps, He paid the price to buy us, He owns us, and we are predestined to walk through this life the way He says! God’s words have always pointed us to Him. We just read that in 2Cor.4:6-7, lets look at Eph.2:8-10; and Rom.8:10-14, there are at least 100 more where these came from. Spend some time with God and check it out for yourself.

Religion always wants to lead us to Jesus but Jesus always leads us to the Father, Jh.5:18-25. Now if scripture is Holy Spirit inspired, 2Tim.3:16; 2Pet.1:20; Jam.2:8; Rom.15:4, and there are about 32 more if you need them that imply the scripture is truth. So this book (The Bible) was written to those who would be led by the Spirit into all truth. 1Jh.4:6. So then this book of remembrances was written to you that the Holy Spirit would lead you into all truth. So this picture of how we see things has to change; He (God) is in control of everything, not us. Let’s read 1Pet.2:9-10; Eph.3:14-21; Eph.4:17-18; Col.1:9-21. Where is ALL the emphasis? It’s on, His light in us, His Spirit in us, His power in us, His working in us. Its ALL Him, doing everything through us. It’s ALL God’s, none of it is our efforts just our obedience.

The biggest problem I see is we put limits on God. If I’m coming into the presents of my Father, for a time of prayer and sweet fellowship, trust me I’m not dragging all my pasts sins and guilt with me. My Father can’t see them because my Brother covered them all with His Blood. My Father can only see His precious life in me. The life He placed there, the life He paid for, pure before Him, and if I believe what His word says then He is also going to feed and nourish that life. He is going to take it THROUGH every fiery trial, there are no limits; He is going to do ALL His Word says He will! Now I’m not telling you to get all puffed up here and do anything you feel like doing. I’m saying I can do anything I want to, but with Christ in charge I’m not going to want to do what is against God. Christ in me will change my wants into His wants, its really very simple if we don’t get in the way. Dale and I taught a class at our home in Yucaipa that really sticks out in my mind as I write this; I hope it will help you see this point better. We made a big cross out of Styrofoam and painted one side black and left the other side white. We then had everyone write and pin all the things they didn’t want in their lives anymore to the dark side of the cross. Then we asked everyone to bow their heads and ask God to take it all away from them, as everyone prayed Dale turned the cross around to the white side where nothing was pinned. As each person lifted their head their eyes saw only the pure white cross, nothing they had put there was there anymore. Then we all prayed and ask God to fill us up with His wants and desires. It was really neat, some went out in the Spirit, some cried; others praised Him for all He had done in their lives. But everyone was changed that night and many things were left at the cross and never picked up again. That’s all God is asking us to do; leave self, sin, guilt and failure at the cross and continue on in Him, a new creation and He will change you, He will bring you into His fullness.

Look at Phil.1:19-21, this wasn’t just for Paul. Because for you to live is Christ also. Christ isn’t religion, doctrine, or the name on the building. It is the Anointing of God (CHRIST) and He lives in you, 1Jh.2:27, what church ever taught you that? Most of the churches I’ve been in have 101 classes you can take to learn what a Christian should be. So isn’t it a little funny that the wise men from the east, (heathens as far as religion goes) didn’t need any man to teach them that they should follow the star of God. When they did ask man about it, total confusion came, but when they left man and went back to look for the star, God took them right to where they were suppose to be, and they worshiped His Son. We could make a list of men and women who had no one but the Spirit of God to teach them, the bible is full of them and guess what, your one too. You had to be led by the Spirit of God to be saved, not a man and what was the first thing we did when we got saved? If you were like me, you went straight to man (church). That was all I knew to do. But every church I went to kept feeding me the same old doctrine, religion and law. You know what I mean; you go seeking after everything (head knowledge, fighting demons, and the prosperity thing and all my sins still in my way) they took my focus off of the Father. Yet there was something inside of me that wouldn’t stand for all the stuff man kept saying, and God moved me until all the confusion was gone. Then just like the wise men, I found out God had never left me, He was waiting there to led me, all I had to do was look back at Him. Again don’t get all puffed up here, I’m not saying these things are all bad. I’m saying they are all good IF the Spirit of God is doing the leading. 2Jh.9-11, Apostles, prophets, pastors and teachers are good ONLY when they are led by God to give you something, if your in doubt check with God, 1Jh2:20-23. Fellowship is good; we need each other to be a body and when your with people who you know can impart the Truth (1Jh.5:6) it’s a blessing, because you feel that leading from the Father deep down inside of you. As for the demon fighting, I’ve done it; I’m not saying it doesn’t exist. I’m just saying it’s not always necessary, because there is no demon with any power over God’s people. None! Not if God’s word is true.

The churches Dale and I went to never taught us to listen to Gods voice. So when God started talking and teaching us to hear and obey, we messed up a lot thinking the devil was talking. Most of the things God told us lined up with the bible but went sideways of religion, that’s why it was so hard for us to get a hold of it. Religion was all we’d ever had and our friends and families thought we’d lost our minds, oh well, I praise God we are still lost in Him! The church today is full of saints who are afraid of being deceived. What do they think the church has been for almost 2000 years? But its time for the overcomers to step out, its time to show the world we have a God that is able because of, Phil.4:13. The most important thing here is to have a heart that wants nothing but God, but if you don’t have that yet, don’t get excited, God can give you that too! God’s whole purpose is to fill you totally with Himself. Our purpose for being is to be filled with His life, His character and His nature. We have something in us that drives the devil and the natural man nuts, Rom.8:11, it’s the life of God alive in us.

Hearing the Father speak to you is the best part of this relationship; you’ll need to hear Him to do His will. Hearing God takes some effort on your part at first, you’ll need to take time out of your busy day to sit and talk with Him. Remember He is working through you not around you.

Guilt, defeat and failure aren’t taking up space in my mind much these days. Neither is trying to be the best little Christian I can. I’m just spending a lot more time in my Fathers presents, letting Him fill me full of Himself. Am I perfect yet? Well in my Fathers eyes I am. In mine, of course not, but I’m learning to see others and myself through His eyes. Do I have problems? All the time, how else could my Father get me through them? Is it awesome to get up everyday believing that my Father lives in me and that He will meet my every need? Hell Yes! Are you nuts? But walking it out and living in it, growing in Him and hearing His every word, well that’s where I am, learning. Mostly I’m learning to discover the treasure that is in this earthen vessel, my Father in me. I’m waiting to be consumed by Him and I’m praying for the day when I can see Christ in each person here tonight.

To be One with the Father in all we say and do, that’s awesome. Jesus came to lead us back to the Father; He made the Way for us to be One with Him. Get on this side of the cross, find out what Oneness with the Father really is!

FOOTNOTE: 2Kings 17:27-41, Rituals from every nation, America to has its rituals. They include the church, as we know it today. But not any more! No more will we follow the rituals and traditions of men. We shall fear the Lord our God and serve Him only. America like Satan doesn’t care how often you attend church or read your bible, as long as it doesn’t change you into being One with the Father.

If you think I’m being hard on the body of Christ, you’re right. Why? Because we

have played church for to long, we have listened to man for to long, and we have followed the rituals of our ancestors for to long. It’s time to quit acting like the church and be the church. It’s time for us to have a real Oneness with our Father, spirit, soul and body!


(The Bride, the Man-child, the Marriage)

Picture this: A group of men are walking down from the hill behind our house and are moving slowly toward the Brook Cherith (which is down by the mail box). It's hot, and they appear to be deep in conversation. Some might think this is an odd looking group, a few look like fisherman, another a businessman, a few construction workers and even some teachers. At first glance some look like they're arguing, others are just talking softly, the rest are kind of in a semi circle around two young men, one is asking questions, the other one is answering him in a very clear voice.

At first glance this young man doing the answering looks no different then any of the others in his appearance, but then he stops, he turns and he looks at you. He speaks to you, and at once you know this is no ordinary man. You know this is not a man like you that's seeking hard after God; but this is God, manifested in human flesh. This was the human body your divine Creator was using to reveal Himself to you. This was the "Body of Christ", (The man Jesus).

Now if I had said, 13 men, the hills of Judea or the valley or the Samaritans, you'd have known in the first line where I was headed. My reason for not saying it that way was so you could see there is now nor was there then anything different about the "Body of Christ" except that it has gone from ONE (the man Jesus), to MANY (the man, Al, Jo, Bob, Fred, Dewey, Eileen, Dale, Rexie, etc., etc.

Look at Jh.4:5-26; A woman who knows men well. At first she thinks Jesus is just a man. She then realized she was talking to a prophet. In her carnal mind she could not see she was talking to a man whose body housed the very Creator of her life. She could not see the "Body of Christ".

He then gives her a word of knowledge, in v. 18, and then has to tell her who He is, in v.26.

Again my point is much the same as the first; there is no difference between then and now. We to house the very Creator of our lives, in these vessels, and we to are to speak for Him, (His words our voice) and the carnal mind will still not know who is speaking to it nor will it see Christ in you.

For more then 30 years "The Body of Christ" was clothed in Jesus' flesh, (through God planting His Seed into Mary). He came into this world just like you and me and from the baby in His mother's arms through His growing up years (full of test, trials, and sufferings) He grew to maturity. So that He could fulfill His Father's plans and purposes, (to give everything including His life, to prove His Father's LOVE). To die, be put in the ground, so that many could carry the presence of God Himself in them, Jh.12: 24-25.

God purposed to start an avalanche, and He has. He purposed to manifest Himself, His compassion, His love, His power, His authority, His wisdom, and His knowledge, through a many membered body of flesh Rom.8:29. He started this avalanche through Jesus, but this was only the beginning. This was the Way for all that would receive and believe to become like Him, (in that they too could manifest the life of God in their mortal bodies). His death at Calvary, and His suffering for our sins was so that we might become His Body, Heb.10:8-10amp. We are the fulfillment of that SIGN, made in the image of that PATTERN; we are the harvest, the precious fruit, bringing forth His life. He is our "Everlasting Father", Isa.9:6, and we are "the children whom the Lord has given", Isa.8:18; Heb.2:13 as we manifest Him, and bear His life and image, "He shall see His seed prolong His days" Isa.53:I0. To the overcomer Jesus said: "I will be his God and he shall be My son", Rev.21:7.

The "Body of Christ", which started out as ONE. Has become this avalanche, (a many membered body). God revealed this to (Saul of Tarsus) on the road to Damascus when He showed him, that by persecuting the followers of Jesus, he was really persecuting God Himself. The body may have only just begun, but they were "His Body" in the earth. Saul then becomes Paul and his writings are still driving believers today to manifest Christ, right here right now in these mortal bodies.

Jesus told them it was going to be even better, Jh.14:12; they couldn't understand this. But if they only could have seen ahead in time, to see how it would go from ONE body to work through, to billions to work through! God's avalanche will wipe across the face of this plant, and remove all that is not God!

Just like then not everyone will receive this revelation, the first church was told this was hard to understand, 2Pet.3:16. This is a mystery, hidden for generations, but is now being made known and manifested to the saints of God, Col.1:26-27. Knowing the truth does not put us above anyone else it only means you know which direction your headed. The time has come where even new babies in Christ will know this truth, look how long it’s taken for us to understand, but new Christians are getting a hold of things it took us years to understand. We are all one in Him, but there are different levels. Jesus taught, a thirty, sixty, hundred fold harvest. God's Promised Land was Canaan, but in Canaan, there was a special place known as Jerusalem, and in this city are many glorious things. Then there is the Temple of God, its one temple, but there is the outer court, the inner court, and the Holy of Holies. Our bodies are one but we have our spirit, our soul and our body. Are you seeing levels yet? Can you see the higher place in God that not many want to come into? Let alone believe for. But Praise God, our Pattern, our Forerunner, Jesus, has gone on into this place and now calls out to us, come! Heb.6:17-20. Do you hunger for this? Can you believe for this? Then I'11 go a little further into the mystery.

1Cor.11:3; 1Cor.11:l1-12amp. Go back to the "garden" Eve, (Adams bride) is brought forth out of his side, Adam from the breath of God. Now go to the "cross", out of Jesus side came His bride, the church. Jesus was the very life of God. (Going deeper), Rev.12:1-5. We have learned this woman is the "Church", His Bride, and there must be a man child born who will rule with a rod of iron. This man (mature) child (God's son's) is the overcomer, Rev.21:7. This man-child who comes from the "Virgin Bride" (the church) is a body within a body, and will walk this earth in great victory over this worlds system. But at this moment he (we) are still in the birthing process. (Ever wondered where you were in the body?) Well now you know. We knew when we were in the wilderness, and now we know we are in the birth canal. Praise God!

Go back to 1Cor.11.3, the head of Christ is God, Christ is the head of the body that makes up the man, and man is the head of the women. (Going deeper! Stay with me). This is God's order; God was in Christ Jesus, reconciling the whole world back to Himself, Christ is in the saints, (the hope of glory), and the man-child is in the church, which is His Body. But she (the church) is not yet ready for the marriage, making her (bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh), like Adam said in Gen.2:23 and Eph.5:30. Now we already know that in eternity this is all done, that is how God sees things. But in this time of processing where we are stuck for the moment (but that's another study in its self) we see the church as imperfect, still needing to be ministered to. But now she is being prepared for the marriage, God is busy preparing the body that He will manifest Himself through and they will have great power, authority, and love, (the kind that no one wants to understand). He shall be its Head and they shall be coequal hairs with Christ, Rom.8:17. (Deeper here)! Could these be the bridegrooms company? Isa.62:5. "So shall your son's marry you". Why is it we believe we are heirs, yet back up at His promises and the ability to share all of it with Him?

Anyway back to the Bride, (the Church), making herself ready for the wedding. To see this I looked at Mary, the mother of Jesus, Matt.1:18, she is pregnant with Jesus, (but has been with no man). The Church is pregnant, and (it is no mans either). Joseph then marries her but they cannot be one until after the birth of Jesus, Matt.1:24-25 and Jesus won't have His bride until after the birth of this Man-child. Mary's real wedding or union with her bridegroom Joseph comes after the birth of her Male-Child. But before this wedding, I'm sure Mary went through the custom of purifying, spoke of in Lev.12:4. It is my belief the Church will go through a purifying after this Man-child is born, Rev.12:6, a cleansing in a wilderness place prepared by God and in this place the Man-child (or overcomer) will nourish her with divine revelation, while hell rages all about them. This Man-child (the corporate mature son's) with Christ as their head will prepare the Bride. She will be washed with the water by the Word, Eph.5:26-27.

Now carnal minds are not going to understand most of what I've said, but this was revelation for me and I'm sharing it with you. The Bride had been dirtied, defiled, but she doesn't believe it. She has become a whore by submitting to man-made organizations i.e. (religion) and has not been able to receive the truth, or the leadership of the Holy Spirit. So she must be washed clean or purified, and this will be done through divinely anointed lips of clay, (the Man-child). Hearing she will believe and be made ready for the wedding. I believe we will see this day!

I believe this is God's plan for all of us here at this time. We must keep our focus on our Father at all times and never forget that He is LOVE no matter what we see or hear around us. Don't fear this rod of iron; it is also a part of His love for His Body and this corporate Man-child will use this rod with wisdom, love, and the anointing. This corporate Man-child will led and guide the Church, because the Man is the head of the woman, and they will become one again. A complete, mature, perfect, Body at last, a perfect Body for the HEAD to set in authority over. Can you see THE BODY of Christ coming together? There was always a big gapping hole in this part of what God was going to do as far as I could see. But now I can begin to see what my Father was saying all along, He is going to bring us to this place of perfection, Mal.3:2-3. He is going to have a body for His Head to sit on.


These are the last days; I don’t think anyone can deny that, I believe we have been in them for at least 2000 years, (God’s time clock will never be like ours). Anyway men’s hearts are failing them for fear of what is here and what is coming. World leaders are coming together; looking for answers (but they are not finding any) they are only fulfilling scripture. Much of the world lives in fear, while some live in ignorance and others live in a pseudo-reality through drugs or anything that will please their flash. For the natural man the outlook is dark and freighting to say the least and in the midst of all of this I see the church in fear as it secretly asks, "Where is God?" Or "What is God doing about our situation?" But hey, God is right in the middle of it, it’s happening right on His queue. Nothing is out of His hand and we are right on schedule. God has already taken His remnant (the vessels the ones He has been preparing) out from among the body and they will deliver Gods people. Just like in the days of Noah, Matt.24:36-39.

I chose to talk about the ark mostly because I watched the movie "Noah’s Ark" Friday night. I thought it was good even though it was a little out there, it still opened my eyes to a lot things and I’ll be sharing them with you tonight. I really liked Noah in the movie, he was a good man always trying to help people, he was honest, he loved his family, he was looked down on by the people and he was always asking God, "What?" and "but wait a minute God!" I related to Noah real well.

Anyway when I read this in Matthew I had to stop and think, with the movie fresh in my mind this didn’t quit make sense. Most people read v.38, and think, (eating, drinking, and getting married). I think all of that was going on before Noah, and its been going on ever since Noah. So that really wasn’t the information God was giving. I’ve even heard some people say "some will be taken in the last days, and some left behind. I want to be in the group that is taken! I want to be out of here!" I didn’t get any of that from what I’d read so I looked again at Noah’s days, and I was sure I wouldn’t want to be in the group that was taken. Why? Because righteous Noah and his family were NOT taken, they were left behind to inherit the new earth. It was the wicked and perverted that God took from the face of the earth. (Anyone catch that?)

But what really interested me about Noah’s day, was not what the people were doing (they were not any different then people today) but what was God doing? Why? Because in the days before the flood God was busy preparing a vessel of deliverance, an ark to save His righteous family. Lets go read Gen.6:13-16. I was interested in these 3numbers in v.15, 300, 50, and 30. God is always very precise about everything, so I decided to find out what these 3 numbers meant. I found enough to write a book on, so I’ll give you the Rexie 1:1 version. The fact there were 3 numbers was important in its self, as Al has shared with us before. God made everything in 3 parts starting with the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Us: spirit, soul, and body. Time: past, present, future, and etc.etc. 3 = Divine Perfection. Next was 300 which = Complete Deliverance of victory in conflict. Noah’s ark had 3 stories in it, each being 300 cubits long. It needed all of this to be complete and deliver Noah from the conflict or the flood. Lets look at Judges 7:7-8 and v.16. All of Israel was going to receive deliverance from this battle, but all God chose was 300 vessels to do it. Supernatural deliverance! 1Chron.11:20; again God used supernatural deliverance. Mk.14:3-6; this precious ointment was worth over 300denarii and against all odds this woman anointed the body of Christ Jesus, the vessel of deliverance for the whole world. Even though it cost her a years wages, even though she was rebuked and rejected by those around her, she ministered to the body of Christ in faith, (anyone get that?) and history has never forgotten her.

30 = a higher degree, the perfection of Divine Order. 1Kings 6:2; of full stature; Jesus was 30 when He started His ministry, as was Joseph and David. So this end time vessel of deliverance will be sons who have come "to the perfect man, to the measure, the stature of the fullness of Christ" Eph.4:13.

50 = Jubilee or deliverance, Pentecost, the anointing. Where the Spirit of God is flowing His people are one, no matter if it’s in a fine building, a living room, an alley, or an ark. Noah’s ark was one vessel, moving with one goal, doing God’s will and bringing everything God needed to inhabit the new earth. (I could do a whole bible study just on the number 50).

Anyway God is busy building again, building an ark out of living stones and this ark of people, through the Holy Spirit, will be a mighty vessel of deliverance in the last days. It may be seen as a laughing stock by the religious right now, Noah’s ark was. Everyone laughed at and made fun of Noah for hearing from God, for doing what an invisible nothing was telling him to do, and then for believing what his God said. And this last ark and us who are a part of it are just as strange as Noah and the first ark were, (and we don’t fit into the religious pattern either). Nothing about Noah’s ark made sense, not even to Noah. So don’t get frustrated about this end time ark you’re a part of. The ark Noah was a part of had only one purpose, to deliver Gods people and do the Fathers will. When Jesus came He had one purpose, He was the ark of deliverance and He came to do His Fathers will. Now this end time ark will carry the fullness of God also it will bring His deliverance and do His will.

In 1Cor.10:11; Paul says that the things that happened in the Old Testament were types and shadows. That means they can counsel us, warn us against any faults or oversights we may make. They are written as friendly and earnest advice for those in the end times, if we have eyes to see and will listen for the leading of the Holy Spirit. I know this is a truth because God has been taking us back to the Old Testament a lot in the past few months, He has had us study the Israelites a lot and what they did wrong. He wants us to learn from His special people, because His Son has made us special too and God loves us more then we can understand, so He shows us there mistakes so that we won’t have to make them again.

Remember the Tabernacle? It’s not enough to pass through the first vial and receive grace. It’s wonderful but God has called us to go further. So we go on and pass through vial number two and receive the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit. But God calls us on to complete deliverance and His fullness, and it waits for us behind the third vial. Maybe now we can make more sense of Rom.8:19-23.

God is putting the finishing touches on His end time ark, (His vessel of deliverance, His body of sons.) Yes, the dark clouds are gathering, the thunder is rolling and the lighting is flashing, but we can handle it all, through Him. Our Father is calling us, "Come out of Her My People"! Do you hear Him? Don’t let religion bind you, lay aside the minor things that keep you bound to this earth and become a part of what the Spirit of God is doing in this last Ark!!

We sing: "Oh come into the Kings chambers, and magnify His Name. Oh come into the Kings chambers, you will never be the same." But is that really where you want to be? Count the cost: Noah did, he left everything to follow God. Jesus did, He left His throne to die for us and prove God’s love. The first church did, they gave their lives so that we would know about what Jesus did but now its time for the last church to make a decision. Are you willing to surrender all you are and come into His chambers? Are you ready to become the end time ark, the life giving vessel that God will work through to reach His Bride?


In reading the Psalms, I have never known a time when God couldn’t, love, change, lift, carry, inspire or break one of His children. I feel like I’ve been living and learning the 23 Psalm for a couple of years now; and God has shown me my hiding place. My place I go to, to find Him, His strength, His help and His peace when everything around me seems to be falling apart. It’s the only place I can find my hope and peace in the storm.

Tonight I’d like for you to see the need we as men have for this place in God and how important it is for us to burn with a desire for a deeper relationship with Him. I hope this study will bring you closer to and help you rekindle (renew, restart) that desire within each of you; the desire put there by God to be one with Him. That place of wanting Him more then you want to breathe, and once you get there you to will find your hiding place in Him. It’s so important because it is the only place you will be able to find strength, help, hope and peace for every circumstance in your life.

Ps.42:1-2, Can you feel the desire here to know God? In v3-10, see if you can sense the spiritual hunger, and understand the longing of the heart to trust God for everything yet the doubting that it does. Can you feel the burden here for hope and peace? Maybe you feel the same things. V11, shows that through it all, through every trial God’s love is there, He is the hope and He is the only one who will lift us out of our troubles. He is the same God as then.

Turn to Ps.32:1-4, David repents here for falling short in his relationship with God, and it defiantly shows us how we suffer emotionally and physically when we don’t have our hiding place in God. David says here, he kept silent. I know many times I’ve hurt too much to talk with God, or I felt if I did He wouldn’t listen anyway and I suffered for my bad choices. But I’ve learned that even when I’m lost and feeling down (running around acting like an Israelite, grumbling and complaining) I still must go and talk with my Father. Yes I know I sound pitiful and stupid and don't put much effort into our talks at that time other than (help me Father I can't see past my nose) but Your in charge and I know You won't hurt me but God the stuff You expect me to live through and then at times being real dumb I don't wait to hear Him. Knowing full well I've made another bad choice so I go back and ask Him to forgive my doubts and I thank Him because I know He got me through this one too. I don't always talk to God with great joy nor do I think I'm acting like a son, I do it sometimes with tears, outbursts and even anger but my Father understands me because He has had many sons including One special Son and they all bagged and pleaded with Him, "take this from me" but after the grumbling they said, "never the less Father not my will but Yours". v6-7 we see that David knew that through it all God was his hiding place, his strength and his peace. In v8-11, God tells David if he keeps their relationship going He will guide David through every circumstance and He will watch over him. David’s job was to keep the relationship going, to hear and obey even when he didn’t understand or trust in his God. A truer statement has never been spoken, because as God shakes everything that can be shaken and as He pulls down every idol that stands between Him and His we will need to do the same thing David did. Why do you think we as God’s sons are having so much come at us from every side? Because Daddy started with us! That’s why the passionate relationship with the Father is so necessary even when we don’t understand Him or don’t trust Him like we should. He still understands us, Praise God!

For some time now God has had us dealing with building this relationship with Him. He has told us to separate from the world. When we do this He will guide our every step, take us through every circumstance, give us His strength and His peace even when we don’t understand what He is doing. What a God, so simple, yet we make it so hard, why? Because Gal.5:16-17.

Ps.91:1-10, In Gods presence is our safety, (face to face with Him). Face to face means a desire for intimacy with God, a deep burning desire for intimacy with God. Do you have that? He must be our dwelling place and we must be His. V1-2 AMP. When God becomes all of this to us then v3-8 will work in our lives too. If these scriptures sound like what we call the end times, I agree and that is why we had better not be spending our time securing our passions and possessions but we had better be securing our relationship with a Mighty God. Because He is our only hope of making it through anything and He is the only Hiding Place there is.

I know everything around us tries to dictate to us through our eyes and our ears and that is why it’s of major importance that we keep our focus on the Father now more then ever. Jh.16:33, Jesus overcame the world, it’s pitfalls and it’s heartaches. Why? So that we would have a Way to overcome it, 1Jh.5:4-5. All things are possible to them that believe, can you believe Ps18:1-3; Ps.27:1-5; Ps.37:39-40; Ps. 62:5-8; and Ps.31:19-24, when we seek God with all of our heart (minus our desires) then He will do what He has promised, whether we understand or not, He is God and He will do it!

When we look at all those in the bible we think of as great in God’s Eyes we will find they were no different then us. They loved, cared, cried, hurt, wondered where God was and got lost in their circumstances the same as we do. They just chose to put God above their circumstances.

David’s life screams to us from the pages; anointed by God, believed God that he could kill a giant and save his country, hid in caves fearing for his life, made a king, he was a man after God’s heart, he fell to his flesh, and the Sword of the Lord never left his house, but through it all he never stopped loving and trusting God.

Jonah, maybe you haven’t thought of him as great but I have. He loved God and hated God’s enemies, he had to go to "Whale Theology School" so he could go to Nineveh and become a false prophet for God, because God decided to forgive and have mercy on those He had condemned. But through it all Jonah never stopped talking to God, not even in his whale ship. I don’t think he liked it or even understood it all but he knew God would have His way and Jonah learned, God loves all men even the one’s who are against Him and that God will have mercy on whosoever He chooses.

Jeremiah, his walk looked a lot like Jesus to me even thou he never knew Him, all he knew was he loved God. He was called the "weeping prophet" and it wasn’t joy that made him weep. He lived during one of Israel’s really bad times and suffered much, he knew what confusion was and he had his ups and downs with God. He to wanted answers from God to his questions. In Jer.12, he pleads with God and asks "why God" and "how long Lord". Do these sound like any of the things you’ve been saying in your time alone with God? I know I have.

Elijah, now there’s a great faith where did my faith go kinda guy. Sound like anyone you know? But through it all he loved God and received a double anointing from God. Check out 1Kings 17,18, and 19 when you have some time, you’ll see he was a lot like us. Believed God, did something great, then run and hid and wonder where God went.

The list goes on and on but the point is the same now as then, search our hearts, repent from dead works, seek God’s face, crawl into His arms and hide. Because when everything that can go wrong does hiding within God will be the only place we will have peace and hope. It will be the only place we can renew your strength and loose the chains that will try to drag us back into that place of despair and hopelessness.

Everyone chosen by God will have to take his or her trip through the wilderness, (whale school, pain, suffering, trials or whatever you’d like to call it) but we will be tried in the fire. We have a choice if you like to call it that, we can meet our Lord in our wilderness or we can meet our "Waterloo". Napoleon knew he was headed for defeat at Waterloo and he marched in with both eyes open. All of these we have just talked about knew where there Waterloo was too, they knew what there eyes and ears were telling them but they chose to get into that hiding place with God and keep their eyes and ears on Him thus defeating their enemies and fears. You to now have the same choice as Napoleon did; you can either build your relationship with God and He will provide you with your hiding place or you can build it with the world and meet your Waterloo. You can no longer say your eyes aren’t wide open and that you didn’t know how important your relationship with the Father really is.


Some time ago, a few ladies met to read the scriptures. While reading Malachi 3, they came upon a remarkable expression in the third verse. "And He shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver." One lady’s opinion was that is was intended to convey the view of the sanctifying and report back to her friends whatever he had to say about the subject. She went and without telling the silversmith her objective, begged to know the process of refining the silver, which he fully described to her.

"But Sir", she said, "do you sit all the while the work of refining is going on?" "Oh yes madam," replied the silversmith. "I must sit with my eyes fixed on the furnace, for if the time necessary for the refining is exceeded in the slightest degree, the silver will be injured." The lady at once saw the beauty and comfort of the expression, "He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver." Christ sees a need to put His children into a furnace, but His eye is steadily on the work of purifying. His wisdom and love are both engaged in the manner necessary to reach them. Their trials do not come at random. The very hairs of their heads are all numbered.

As the lady was leaving, the silversmith called her back to show her something and to say one last thing. "The only way I can know that the process of purifying is complete, is when I can see my own reflection in the silver."

What a beautiful example! When Christ can see His Own Image in us, His work of purifying us is complete.