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Within the pages of our web site, you will be confronted with a great number of concepts, ideas and insights that perhaps you may have never considered before. We ask that you take some time to openly consider what the Spirit within you is saying. Nothing more...nothing less.

Although there may be some foreign ides that come before you, Sirius 8 Ministry bases its principle premise on the understanding that ALL men ARE presently saved, without sin and none are hell bound into eternal punishment. We follow the belief and understanding of 2Cor. 5:19 wherein "God was in Christ, Re-conciling the World (cosmos) unto Himself, NOT imputing their (our) trespasses against them, and has given unto us the Ministry of Re-conciliation." From this basic principle of truth, we go deeper into Spirit Reality and understanding.

We hold to the understanding that we need no man to teach us, for the Spirit of truth is within us ALL. We understand that we are to guide others in bringing out that which is within. But we also recognize that because that same Spirit, is also in ALL others, we do not hold to the position that ALL truth is in Christianity alone. We are of the belief that truth can be found and is found in ALL faiths, for we hold that God dwells in ALL men. Though ALL men may not yet know it, neither believe HE is within them, the Spirit will one day be born again within them.

Thus our position on hell and everlasting punishment does not follow Orthodox Christianity and its teachings. Christendom, of today and of the past, holds that if one is not a follower of Christ, then one will go to an everlasting realm of punishment and complete separation from God, upon his death. There are some denominations who hold even deeper understandings, that if one is not part of that particular denomination, he will be lost forever. We at Sirius 8 Ministry, are not of that persuasion or belief. We hold strongly, that if you believe that Christ shed His blood for ALL, once and for all, then ALL sin was paid for at the Cross. Thus ALL sin being paid for, no penalty of everlasting punishment will EVER be forthcoming to mankind. We are NOT sinners who are hell bound. We believe this Gospel of the Reconciliation of ALL men is the true Gospel of the Christian faith, of God's loving grace and of the salvation Christ came to show to us. We also believe that one does not even have to accept God's gift, to receive the benefit of eternal Life, for it was given once for ALL, with no strings attached.

2Cor. 5:19 says that God Re-conciled the Whole World (cosmos) to Himself. The Whole World leaves no one, nothing and no-thing out of this Re-conciliation act. ALL has been Re-conciled back to God, for out of Him, through Him and back into Him are ALL things. If there is only one lost soul in hell, then Scripture has lied to us and has made the Cross of none effect. If the blood of Christ fails to deliver that one lost soul, then ALL must wonder whose soul that one will be and we must ponder the fact that Christ has failed in His act of salvation for ALL. It also leaves the question on the minds of ALL of us, just who will be the one lost forever? It will bring us ALL into a salvation by works, for we will ALL have to walk as if we are the one lost soul who must work our way into Gods grace and mercy. It thus then becomes a performance based Christian walk and belief, whose performance can never  measure up to the standard of the Blood. Most of Christianity's faith is dependant on their performance to make it to that heavenly realm.

Scripture says that Christ is the Savior of the World (cosmos). HE either IS or He is NOT. If He fails to save even one, then He is NOT the Savior of the Cosmos, but of some of the world. Thus Christianity cannot call him the Savior of the World, for He failed to rescue that one soul. Scripture would then have lied to us. If it lies to us in this one facet, can we then trust it in any other? Is He or is He not the Savior of the Whole World?

We hold that Christ IS the Savior of the Whole World (cosmos) and that none shall perish or be lost forever to hell and everlasting punishment. Both scenarios cannot hold the same place in our understanding, for one is contrary to the other. If Christ is NOT the Savior of ALL, who then can mankind turn to? Where then does our salvation lay? Where then is the hope of man, if Christ is NOT the Savior of ALL? But if He is who Scripture says He is, then ALL men must be saved, ALL sin done away with and none bound for eternal loss. Which belief will you chose?

Sirius 8 Ministry also believes that "The God you the Love you give". If the God you love, follow, worship and give honor to, is a God of retribution, condemnation and judgment, then that is the kind of love you will give to others. What kind of God do you love?

The God of our Ministry is a God of Unconditional Love for ALL mankind. God is NOT a respecter of persons and neither should we be. We follow a God of Unlimited grace and mercy, with a heart of Unconditional love, for God IS Love.

We also hold to the premise, that eternity is in our NOW of existence, for God dwells only in the NOW.

Please enjoy the articles within the pages of our web site and contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Don't forget to take a look at our links pages, where you will be directed to other ministries that will give you their insights into God's Unconditional Love for you and for ALL. Blessings.



Welcome to Sirius 8 Ministry


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