No sickness has any reality attached to it, because God did not create sickness. God saw all that he created, and said that it was very good Gen 1:30. It matters not what you call the sickness whether it is cancer or a head-ache, it has no true reality from God’s point of view. Sickness is a product of the carnal mind and has no place in the MIND OF CHRIST. If I can touch a man who the doctor says has cancer, and release him from the limitation that this “thing” HAS PUT UPON HIS LIFE that he calls cancer, and then he goes back to the doctor who now cannot find that disease in his body any more, then that is proof to me that cancer has no true reality. But our problem is, that when the doctor tells us that we have cancer, we go home and tell all the family that "I HAVE CANCER." Then, “YOU HAVE CANCER” and it can KILL YOU.......WHY......Because the Bible tells me, "THE POWER OF DEATH AND LIFE IS IN OUR TONGUE. Proverbs 18:21. When you say, "I HAVE CANCER" you are making a declaration that empowers the cancer and gives it a sense of reality. For what a MAN THINKS IN HIS HEART ........THAT IS WHAT HE IS. 


All this is true because Jesus said to the people of his day, RESIST NOT EVIL Matt 5:39. Why did Jesus tell us not to resist evil......because EVIL has no true reality in itself because God never created EVIL therefore it does not exist from God’s point of view. If you believe that you have been given the right to judge everything, and have the ability to determine if a thing is GOOD or EVIL from our human perspective, we will identify evil all around us. However Jesus expressly tells us in Matt “JUDGE NOT that you be not JUDGED, for with what judgment you judge, so you will be judged by the same standard. Matt 7:1-2. Then in 1Cor 4:5 Paul says, “Judge NOTHING BEFORE THE TIME,” That word “Time “ has nothing to do with our clock or our calendar but comes from the Greek Word, “KAIROS” that refers to the “Times” God has appointed before the world began, when his will concerning everything would be revealed as it truly is, in the purposes of God. If we judge things as we see them today our judgment will be false.


So Jesus said, “Do not resist Evil.” If   someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the left also. But this seems so wrong to us today, so we ignore what Jesus said and do the opposite and resist evil, such as sickness and unfair demands put on us by others, and many other things that Christians see as EVIL in this world. In this list we could include Television, Drinking, smoking, and a host of other things that many Christians spend their time and energy fighting, in conflict with what Jesus said. We could spend our time more profitably by focusing on the reason why these things seem to be so attractive to many today, and even to some Christians. When you do resist evil, you .give it a sense of reality and you will then have to fight it. Many Christians spend more energy and time fighting evil than doing the will of God.  .


            I do not believe that Jesus healed anyone, simply because I do not believe that he saw sickness in anyone. The man with a withered arm was walking along the road, holding his arm in a strange way, but I do not believe that Jesus saw his arm as having a physical problem. Jesus simply said, “Stretch out your arm,” and the man’s arm shot out straight. If this involved “HEALING” then Jesus would have said, “Now I will correct your elbow and your shoulder and repair the Joints and fix your muscles.” But all he did was to SPEAK A WORD. A man who had been laying on a stretcher at the Pool of Bethesda for 38 years, believed in healing, as all those sick people there believed that the first person to get in the water after the waters were agitated, would be healed. But this man was paralysed and could not move, so he never was healed. So Jesus said to him, “Pick up your bed and go home.” And the Man did what he was told and walked home with his bed on his back. Again you could call that healing, but all Jesus did was TO SPEAK A WORD, to which the man responded, and he was MADE WHOLE.


            All of mankind what created in Christ Jesus who is God’s original man. This is your origin, made in the likeness and the image of God, and designed to be his dwelling place on the earth. But a dwelling place or Body with a limitation upon it is hardly suitable for Christ through which to do all that he intends to do on this earth. Sickness limits the body in what it can achieve, and therefore cannot be a suitable expression for the Christ to use. CHRIST IS PERFECT and cannot be sick or limited in any way. Then to say WE ARE CHRIST, seems to be a contradiction. Some Christians believe that God puts sickness on his children to make us better Christians. This is total nonsense, for God never created sickness so it is not in God’s vocabulary. After many years of pondering these things, I began to believe God did not want us to be sick and that it was an intrusion that we simply allowed to infect our body. So when I was told by the Doctor many years ago that I had a serious heart condition that needed immediate open heart surgery,

And at that same time Father had told me to go the U.S. for ministry, and had the Air ticket in my pocket. So I had to make a decision as to what I should do.


            I asked my heavenly Father for a second opinion concerning my heart, and he said, “I told you to go to the U.S. and share my word with the people.” That was all, so I cancelled my hospital appointment, and travelled overseas and did what Father told me to do. I have never had that operation on my heart, but 10 years after this event I am back at the specialist as I was told that I had an irregular pulse. After the test the specialist told me there was nothing wrong there, but then he was looking back through my records and found that I never had that open heart surgery. He was determined to prove that I still had the problem, so he ordered new and much more thorough tests to check the function of my heart. After all the results were in he called me in and said, “You have an amazing heart, as I can find nothing wrong at all.” He could give me no reason for the change in my heart from the test 10 years previously, but I knew that it was GOD.          

            In this material physical world we are limited to what we can see, which means that what we cannot see with our natural eyes fails the test of reality for most people. Paul says in 2Cor 4:18, “Everything that you can SEE with your natural eyes is passing away or transitory, but all the REALITIES of LIFE are in the unseen world,” which is the realm of spirit. We need to define what we mean by a REALITY. A Reality is something that always existed and always will exist and cannot change or be destroyed. So SIN is not a reality because it had a beginning and it had an end, when the LAW finished in CHRIST. Love is eternal for God is LOVE and his love can never change and will always be. But sickness is not a reality because sickness had a beginning and will also have an end. John tells us in Rev 21:4, “And God will wipe away all tears from our eyes, and there shall be no more death neither sorrow or crying, neither shall there be any more pain, for the former things will have passed away.” This is a promise of God to be fulfilled on the earth.  


The doctor shows you an x-ray and explains to you that the dark image you can clearly see is your Cancer. Once you see that image you declare to all, that YOU HAVE CANCER, and of course you have made a declaration as a spirit being, that gives a sense of reality to the cancer allowing it to kill you. Why is this so, because we have forgotten that we are spirit beings, who were created in CHRIST JESUS that first man that God created OUT OF HIMSELF. This man was told to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth. This he does in Gen 2:7 forming a body first out of the dust of the earth as God required, seeing as the MAN he created is his dwelling place on the earth, where God lives today. Paul says, “Do you not know that your BODY is the Temple of God, and it does not belong to you but to God.” 1Cor 6:19.


            Into that body in Gen 2:7 the Lord God (Christ Jesus) breathed the breath of God which he received from God in the beginning, constituting Adam the first EARTH MAN also as CHRIST who is SPIRIT living in a body. Spirit does things very different to how man does things. When God created the heavens and the earth all he did was to SPEAK A WORD. Because when spirit speaks, IT IS. God said, “Let us make man and there is the MAN.” In John 14:20 Jesus says, “In that day (of Pentecost) you will know that, “I AM IN MY FATHER, and YOU ARE IN ME, AND I AM IN YOU.” This is the day of revelation in which we discover that CHRIST and GOD are ONE (John 10:30) and we are IN CHRIST and also CHRIST IS IN US. This is our true origin and remains true today that we are spirit living in a body. So now because we are spirit, then what we say, now carries a divine ability just the same as the words that Jesus Christ said.. Therefore in John 14:10 he outlines the TRUTH that must be in place if we want to do what Christ did on this earth. The first thing is to KNOW we are in the Father and the Father is in us. Then the words that we speak must not be OUR WORDS but the words of the Father, for HIS WORDS are SPIRIT AND LIFE. Then finally God will never ask us to do a miracle, for it is THE FATHER IN US THAT DOES THE WORK. Christ Jesus himself is here giving us directions because he said, “The things that I do YOU can do also.”   


                As you read these words you can see that the key to overcoming sickness etc is to believe GOD rather than what the doctor tells you or what your body will tell you. It is the carnal mind that was deceived  by the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, that produces sickness etc. so to choose TRUTH over whatever other voices you may hear is the Key to walking in divine health. However I am not telling you that this is an easy walk, and your integrity will be checked at every step, My walk in divine health is not perfected yet but I am constantly working on it, adding to my victory list as other issues are being overcome. But the basic issue for me has been to remove the concept of death altogether from my thinking as I have eternal life from God that has no beginning and no end. I have made no plans to die, which to the natural man sounds like insanity, but in Christ it Is the TRUTH. John 5:24.

            Man being the creature that he is I feel I must finish this lesson with a warning. If you suffer from Diabetes or other such problems, do not throw your medication away think that by doing so you will impress God and so be healed. NO SIR. That is not a solution and could put you in a grave if you are not careful. In fact that will not work for any sickness simply to refuse to take medication. Neither will the power of positive thinking help you just in the natural sense. FAITH is the SUBSTANCE of that which you desire from God. Remember I asked my heavenly Father about what the Doctor told me, and if that was true then of course I could not do what Father had told me to do. So I was not asking God to heal my heart, I wanted to know that if I did what he told me to do, I would be OK and so I could go ahead and not worry about my heart. Never once did I ask God to heal my heart. I just did not even think about it again. Each victory comes as I challenge the limitation that a problem puts on my body which is the “BODY OF CHRIST IN THIS WORLD.”

            It is my opinion that we cannot consider healing for our body unless we have made our body available to the Christ. 1 Cor 6:19, “Don’t you know that your BODY is the Temple of God which is in you and your body does not belong to you it belongs to God.” To desire a pain free body just for selfish reasons, so you can fulfil your own personal will, and do whatever you want, hardly seems a valid reason why God should become involved in the issues of your life. I have written these things to bring light and understanding on these important issues.      In His Unlimited Love       Des Walter