When Jesus came to the earth he did not come to start a NEW RELIGION, nor an organization nor to destroy Judaism. Jesus Christ stepped on to this earth and announced THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS IN YOU, He anounced to the people that he was THE KING, and the reason he came was to establish HIS KINGDOM on the earth. The Scripture says, "The EARTH is the LORDS" that means the whole earth belongs to GOD and always did. It is not that Jesus Christ is the KING over the earth, BUT HE OWNS IT NOW, lock stock and barrel. But the scripture continues, And the FULLNESS THEREOF," which includes all the gold all the silver all the diamonds and every other precious stone, IT ALL BELONGS TO THE KING. But the scripture continues, "And all they THAT DWELL THEREIN." This means that the whole 6 and a half BILLION PEOPLE on the earth at this moment BELONG TO THE KING. The KING, Jesus Christ does not just rule but HE OWNS EVERYTHING.

Religion taught us that Jesus Christ came into the world to SAVE people, from WHAT??? Hell fire, the final judgment of God???? NO he came to set up his Kingdom in which cancer would not be found, depression and pain and starvation would never be seen because nothing that defiles can enter therein. The whole focus of the "Church" in the world today is to get people SAVED. Did Jesus go around asking people to give their hearts to him?????? I never read of him doing that. He said to the people "TAKE NO THOUGHT what you shall eat or drink or what you will wear or what is going to happen in the future. HE speaks as the KING and says "Take no thought." Do not even THINK ABOUT ALL THAT STUFF. WHY?? Because that is what the GENTILES (heathen)DO. The heathen worry about all that but I do not what YOU to do like them, but I want you to "SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD and his righteousness AND I (THE KING WHO OWNS EVERYTHING) WILL TAKE CARE OF EVERTHING ELSE.!! Every person on the earth is a candidate for that Kingdom, but because the KING owns everything he has to grant us citizenship. When a person seeks the Kingdom because he is tired of living in this other kingdom where you get sick and always suffer lack of this or that, and some one tells that person that there is another Kingdom where you will NEVER EVER SEE anyone BEGGING for money or anything else because in that Kingdom the KING accepts total responsibility for every citizen.

SEEK FIRST the KINGDOM OF GOD, for this is the message the religious world kept from us doing so much wearing ourselves out doing this and that getting people to ask Jesus into their heart, but never telling them about the one who was BORN A KING who has established his Kingdom for everyone to enjoy.

Now I have just shared this much not to condemn you in any way because for the first 40 years of my life I preached what Babylon taught me. But when Father spoke the truth into my heart I was forever a MISS FIT in the religious world. I have shared these few things TO ENCOURAGE YOU and to help you to see what we have all been robbed of by the woman riding on the BEAST. Rev 17.

Be blessed and be encouraged in the Lord.

In His Love Des