In this Study we are not looking for some spectacular revelation but to focus upon the experience of Christ in the life of a person today. The definition of a Christian is just a blur, as every group has its own concept according to their doctrines making the issue very confusing. I am asking if there is anything definitive that could be applied to all of mankind quite independent of the Doctrinal confusion, that exist today between the Churches. I believe the answer is yes, and in this study we will seek to find this answer not in Church dogma but in the Word of God itself.

One of the most interesting studies in the scientific world over the past 100 years or more concerns the ORIGIN OF LIFE. The problem is that there are two main viewpoints expressed in this search for an answer to the question posed. One answer holds to the concept, that matter can spontaneously generate life. The opponents of this theory see it differently saying that LIFE can only come from pre-existing LIFE. Science has remained divided on this matter, but for us who have a more sure word from the Lord we should not have any problem deciding which answer is correct. This will not involve us having to do some scientific experiments but simply hear what God has to say on the matter for he is the author of ALL LIFE. Strangely enough, the answer to the question, how life is transmitted will solve the greater question, concerning the Christian life.

Science conducted experiments that seemed to prove the theory of Spontaneous Generation, but when carefully checked the experiment was found to be faulty. Professor Tyndall repeated the experiment correcting the mistake of the previous experiments, and found that spontaneous Generation of LIFE could not be proven. This has for the most part closed this question in the scientific community, although there are still some who refuse to accept such a verdict because they do not want to accept the alternative. But man’s attempt to get LIFE out of death failed completely. So all we have left is that LIFE can only come from some previously existing LIFE, and this is called BIO-GENESIS, or LIFE BEGETS LIFE.

Is it not strange that this same argument has continued for at least 200 years in the religious world.  Again, the argument has brought about the same two points of view, for one side affirms that the spiritual LIFE in man can only come from pre-existing LIFE, or Bio-Genesis, while the other side declares that spiritual LIFE in man can spontaneously generate itself. The latter group have the greater numbers to support their case while a minority stand for Bio-Genesis. If this were simply an academic argument I would not be wasting time discussing it, but as you will see this truth carries dynamic consequences for God’s people today. Let me lay the issue out clearly so you can understand why I am writing this lesson. To believe in Spontaneous generation of LIFE means that we believe that a man suddenly become interested in God and joins a Church and becomes involved in its program. As time goes by certain changes begin to be reflected in his behaviour, and he conforms to the “Norm” for that group, just like the other members, so now he would be considered to have spiritual LIFE, which is the LIFE OF GOD. If that is true then Spontaneous Generation of LIFE must have occurred in that case.

The truth is that the Spiritual man is not simply a development of the natural man, but is the product of a totally new Life that he must receive from God. The natural man will remain a natural man until he experiences a NEW BIRTH FROM ABOVE when he is called a NEW CREATION MAN. Scripture only supports Bio-Genesis, but this has made the issue one of dogma, without fully understanding that the constitution and course of nature itself, actually confirms this teaching. The clarity with which nature declares the truth of Bio-Genesis, or Life only comes from Pre-existing LIFE is openly observable. This truth takes on a new quality once we discover that in nature there is a GREAT GULF FIXED, between that which has LIFE and that which has no life. So now it is not just a matter of quoting verses but from the unchangeable laws of nature we have all the support that is needed to convince everyone that LIFE is necessary to generate life. If the doctrine of spontaneous generation of LIFE can be clearly seen in nature then the whole Bible concept of Bio-Genesis must be wrong.

It is true that this truth suffers more from those who misunderstand what Jesus taught than those who actually oppose it. How many “Christians” understand the dynamics of the statement Jesus made to Nicodemus, when he said,“ That which is born of the flesh IS FLESH, and that which is born of the Spirit is SPIRIT.” What was the great distinction that is drawn between the FLESH and the SPIRIT? Flesh comes from a birthing process through the womb of a woman, but SPIRIT was never birthed but was created out of God who is the only LIFE source in the universe. Now Jesus is talking to a member of the Sanhedrin, a very religious man named Nicodemus well studied in the Law of God, and tells him what he needs is “TO BE BORN FROM THE WORLD ABOVE THIS WORLD,“ which is the realm of God. Life cannot be generated by anything that is birthed into this material physical world, for it is sealed from the true source of LIFE. There are many Bible teachers who have never understood these things yet Jesus made it very clear in his teachings. Unfortunately there are so many religious people who do not believe what Jesus taught, and who consider that they have the LIFE of God, which has spontaneously sprung up in their flesh. In other words many good people are convinced that they have graduated from being FLESH to become spirit, by the years in which they believed in God and read the Bible and confessed their sins, and believe Christ died for them so they must have the true LIFE of God.

When we come to look carefully at what the scriptures say it often is a shock to discover how clearly defined are these issues. In 1John 5:12 we read, “He that hath the SON HAS LIFE, and he that does not have the Son DOES NOT HAVE LIFE.” In reading this verse we get the impression that this truth is very dogmatic and leaves no chance of error. However, the natural mind does not understand the things that be of God so many make the natural assumption that they “Have” the Son. Jesus made a similar statement in Matthew 13:12 For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he has. Here again the word “Hath” means to make something or someone our personal possession, so we embrace and totally identify with the Christ of God. We are not simply dealing with words here but a reality that shocked a religious man like Nicodemus.


To make sure that we are not missing the impact of what Jesus said let us look at John 1:12 “But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name.” Again this emphasizes that we must look at Jesus Christ and see him as a true manifestation of what I am, and I immediately identify with him seeing myself IN HIM. Religion has developed its own formulae to make this verse to work for them. The word “Received” (Jesus Christ) does not mean to ask Jesus into your heart and confess your sins etc, it is the translation of a Greek word that means to make him your personal possession, like a man who catches a fish he puts it in his bag because it is HIS. The appropriation of Christ means that he becomes your possession exchanging what you are, for what he is. This is Christ IN YOU that presents the possibility that now GOD can be glorified IN YOU, for his glory (Christ) is now resident in you, otherwise we quit smoking or drinking and go to Church thinking now I am glorifying God. In the same way the Apostle John says, “He that has the SON has life.” To possess Christ as my true identity, means that I recognize that I was created in Christ Jesus in the beginning (Eph 2:10) so now I must be whatever HE IS. Does not the Apostle John say, “As HE IS, SO ARE WE IN THIS WORLD.

What we have been discussing is Spontaneous Generation of SPIRITUAL LIFE versus Bio-Genesis as it applies to ourselves today. Spontaneous generation of Life is preached all over the world from many pulpits every week, to encourage the people to keep on going to Church and reading Christian books, and eventually they will be told they now have the LIFE of God. 2 Cor 3:6 The letter can only produce death but it is the SPIRIT (Christ) THAT GIVES LIFE.” Jesus said, “That which is born of the FLESH IS FLESH,” and that can never change, for it can never become SPIRIT or LIFE.

Now in order to make this truth very clear we are going to look into the laws of NATURE. These  were established by God himself that would be understood by mankind if they would only take notice of them. In NATURE there are two great KINGDOMS, one is called the ORGANIC and the other is the INORGANIC. These Kingdoms will teach us the truth the law of BIO-GENESIS, and show us that Spontaneous generation of Life is absolutely impossible. Everything in the Inorganic world of minerals has been completely sealed within its own world, and there is no possibility for them to escape into the Organic World containing life. The world that is DEAD  is sealed from the world of LIFE and there is no migration from one sphere to the other. There is no chemistry, no form of energy or evolution that can give a single atom in that dark realm, the attribute of LIFE. However, God in his wisdom ordained that although the Inorganic world is sealed off from the Organic world, the ORGANIC WORLD has never been sealed from the Inorganic. Action can take place from the side of LIFE for it has the power to invade the realm of death, and release what is there to enjoy L-I-F-E. This means that something that already possesses the properties of VITALITY or LIFE has the power to DESCEND into the realm of DEATH and raise it up to enjoy the liberty of LIFE. My heart leaps at the clarity with which God’s natural Laws so clearly reveal his Love and Grace to his people on the earth. God’s issue with mankind is not that we are BAD or that we are sinners, but he declares that we are D-E-A-D. In that condition there is absolutely NOTHING that we could do to change our situation as LIFE cannot be produced spontaneously as we have already found.

Now hear the Good News as revealed to us by nature again. The inorganic world is locked into its state of death and darkness UNTIL someone or something from the realm of LIFE reaches down into the inorganic world and draws it up into LIFE. Jesus gave us a beautiful analogy to contemplate when he said, “Consider the lilies of the field HOW THEY GROW.” So if you follow the development of that little plant we will learn much about this process. The roots of the lily push down into the inorganic world of minerals which it draws up into itself and is able to transform the minerals into living tissue. This is Bio-Genesis or LIFE begetting Life, the only way by which the DEAD can ever receive LIFE. Now let us consider another example of LIFE producing LIFE that is taught by Jesus Christ himself. In John 6:48 Jesus says, “I am the BREAD OF LIFE.” In our day bread is referred to as the staff of LIFE, and so in the analogy Jesus Christ becomes the food God has provided for us to give us LIFE, so that if we DO NOT eat his flesh and drink his blood, there will be NO LIFE IN US. The theme here is receiving LIFE in order to get LIFE, but it is an analogy based upon eating.

Yesterday I ate some chicken, but if someone could inspect my stomach today they would not find any CHICKEN there. The reason is that my body is designed to assimilate the food that I eat and it becomes a PART OF ME as food for the cells of my body etc. Think about this for a moment in order to grasp the wonderful truth that Jesus is teaching us here. John 6:49 Your fathers did eat manna in the wilderness, and are dead. This is the bread which cometh down from heaven, that a man may eat thereof, and not die. I am the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man will eat of this bread, he shall live forever, and the bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world.


KJV John 6:52 The Jews therefore strove among themselves, saying, How can this man give us his flesh to eat? This is the typical response where ever I share these things, to the natural mind this sounds ridiculous, so do not even bother to ask the Lord to help you to know the truth. Even the disciples thought that Jesus wanted them to become cannibals, and from that time many left him and went home. The generation of Israelites that came out of Egypt ate the bread supplied from heaven called MANA but they died in the wilderness. We may ask WHY did they die even after eating the MANA supplied by God? Because they had no appreciation of what that MANA was, considering it simply as food so it had no spiritual value for them, and there was no transmission of life. The situation is no different today as millions of Christians around the world celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ as they keep the “Communion Feast.” They take that wafer or small piece of bread and the preacher says “This is the Body of Christ,” and they eat it. Then they take the cup with some red juice in it and the preacher says, “This is the Blood of Christ,” and they drink it. But how many actually did what Jesus told us to do, whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has ETERNAL LIFE. He surely did not mean that if we kept the Communion Feast we would have eternal life, not that it is wrong to keep the communion feast, but remember it is a symbolic expression of a spiritual reality. Paul introduced it to the saints in Corinth who were still immature in spiritual truth, to encourage them. But beloved we NEED THE REALITY in our lives today.


          Let us go back to the analogy of eating to discover the reality that most have missed. What we eat we digest in our body, and that food becomes the material to cause our body to grow, and to give us health and strength, If we apply this concept to what Jesus Christ says to us, to eat his flesh and drink his blood then this must have the same effect upon our spiritual being To eat his flesh is to embrace and possess the SUBSTANCE OF WHAT HE IS allowing it to find expression in our Body. Then to Drink his Blood means, “To embrace and possess HIS LIFE, for the LIFE IS IN THE BLOOD.” So our Christ identity begins to grow and develop in us if we take in this spiritual food. However, to partake of the communion service in itself does not have the ability to produce LIFE IN US, because there we are only dealing with the types and shadows of the Holy Place, where there is no reality. Today we need the reality of embracing the SUBSTANCE OF WHAT HE IS which is SPIRIT. Then, drinking his blood, which does not refer to the red fluid that was in his veins, for that was mortal blood, but speaks of embracing HIS LIFE, which we are told is in the blood. Lev 17:11 For the life of the flesh is in the blood and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul. If we substitute the word LIFE for Blood then Moses is telling us that it is the LIFE of Jesus Christ that is an “Atonement” or a covering over the Soulish life of our mortality.

The Inorganic world is sealed off from the Organic and no mineral can open it or migrate to a higher world. In the same way the world of mortal man is sealed from the Spiritual by barriers that have never been crossed from within. There is no reform program, no mental exercise, no moral effort, no evolution of character or religious formula that has ever lifted one person out of their state of DEATH, and given them LIFE. The world above, which is the spirit realm in which God dwells, is set apart by a Law called, “The Law of BIO-GENISIS. Except a man is BORN FROM ABOVE he cannot enter the Kingdom of God. The exclusion of the spiritually inorganic from the Kingdom of the organic is not arbitrary, nor is a man refused admission on unexplained grounds, the fact is a scientific impossibility. The law of bio-genesis declares that unless that which is already infused with LIFE from a higher realm reaches down and touches a creature in a lower realm impregnating it with LIFE, it is bound to remain in that realm. This whole issue is not simply academic but the concept usually is only promoted by those who believe in the Spontaneous Generation of Life, who have ignored the truth that is self evident in all of Nature, and also very clear in the scriptures. It is a tragic fact that the Church has been infiltrated by Babylon and has consistently ignored the clear statements of scripture, presenting instead a formula devised by man to transmit life that is not to be found in the scriptures.

Many of God’s people have been honest enough to realize that after applying man’s formula many times they feel they have not experienced what the Bible declares to be the NEW BIRTH FROM ABOVE. In so many cases their FLESH has continued to be FLESH with its same desires and absence of spiritual life. That touch of Life that causes us to say, “It is no longer I that lives but Christ that lives in me,” must be the reality of our transition from DEATH to LIFE according to John 5:24. There is no spontaneous generation of LIFE in religion any more than there is in nature. Christ is the only true source of life in the Spiritual world, and he that has the SON HAS LIFE, and he that has not embraced Jesus Christ as a true manifestation of their own identity, does not have LIFE. In pregnancy the fetus only enjoys LIFE while directly connected to its source of life which is the Mother. Life cannot be transmitted by proxy, there must be a genuine connection maintained with the source of life. Adam broke his relationship with God and this resulted in the flow of LIFE being broken causing his spiritual death, which is separation from God. Jesus Christ founded the Gospel upon Bio-Genesis expressing it in very clear terms, “Except a man be BORN of WATER and the SPIRIT it is impossible to enter into the Kingdom of God.”That which is born of FLESH is FLESH, and that which is BORN OF THE SPIRIT IS SPIRIT, so do not consider it strange that I tell you that you MUST BE BORN FROM ABOVE.

The NEW BIRTH is just as much a mystery to the theologians, as our first birth is to the Embryologist. If anything in the inorganic realm is to break free from its closed world it will not be because of anything that is in itself but because something from a higher world reached down and imbued it with  life transforming it into new form expressing life. From man’s point of view because he is living even though it is on a very low level, finds it hard to grasp his position as seen by the Lord. Religion has made the issue with God one of SIN but this is not true, but the truth is that God sees the NATURAL MAN as D-E-A-D. People commit rape, murder, stealing, and every other evil thing because they are D-E-A-D, from God’s point of view. Jesus said, “Follow me, and let the DEAD bury the DEAD.” He was not speaking about the people in the cemetery coming up and burying those that die, but he is saying that we should not be involved in fulfilling the things that have to do with our “DEATH LIFE,” or our mortality. Paul says, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature, old things are passed away, behold, all things are become new.”

Can anything in the mineral world teach me about the organic world? Of course not, for it has no knowledge of such a world. For the inorganic world to know anything concerning the Kingdom that is above, it must come as REVELATION. The barriers that separates Kingdoms one from the other, limits the mind just as much as the matter. It is therefore imperative that such knowledge be transferred as REVELATION or it could not be received intelligently. Therefore anyone living in the “Death” experience of our mortality, must receive not just knowledge concerning the higher realm of spirit, but true revelation if they are to understand and respond to it. God has so ordained that Jesus could say in John 6:63, “It is the spirit that produces LIFE, the flesh can achieve nothing, but the WORDS that I speak unto you, THEY ARE SPIRIT AND they produce LIFE.” Those who reject the concept of revelation also must reject the principle of Bio-Genesis. It is not possible for anything in the inorganic realm of minerals to simply receive information, regardless of how well it is presented and to respond to it and move into the realm of LIFE. This is absolutely impossible, therefore God in his wisdom has incorporated his LIFE INTO THE WORDS that he speaks, so they become revelation to those that hear them and they gender LIFE.

These truths need to be shared because they have not been understood by those who believe in spontaneous generation, which has been discredited by science but embraced by religion. Just imagine for a moment a group of inorganic minerals sitting in a class room with a teacher who is explaining about LIFE and how it functions, and the growth process, and how to sustain that life and many other things. How successful do you think that session would be, to help those minerals to embrace LIFE? You would not hesitate to say that whoever that teacher was, she would have to be crazy to even think those minerals could embrace the knowledge she shared with them because they are D-E-A-D! Is it any different to a Preacher sharing the Gospel with those who are spiritually DEAD, telling them how to LIVE and EXPERIENCE SPIRITUAL LIFE in Christ. To use another analogy, imagine standing on the bank of a flowing river, and seeing a dead body floating down the river with the current, and here is a man throwing out a rope and calling out, “Grab the rope and I will pull you in and save your life.” What would you say to that man with the rope? We would say, “Sir you are wasting your time because that man is DEAD.”

It is possible to distinguish between a stone and a living plant, To be able to do that does not require any advanced education, but to differentiate between the Spiritual Man and the Natural Man, is for many impossible, and yet the same wide gulf is fixed between both groups, without the possibility of a natural man being able to bridge the Gap. Mankind has advanced his natural mortal life to incorporate all that a man needs to fulfill his life as he understands it. Society has processed its image of Natural Life having pushed the boundaries in every direction to their limits for this time. But regardless of this he still remains part of this present earthly order of things. At best we can say that the Natural Man has been endowed with a high quality of the natural animal life, for he that has not the SON has not life. However, he that HAS THE SON HAS LIFE, and that life is a new and distinct supernatural LIFE, that is specifically designed to function under the laws of a timeless state called eternity.. In this state, “It does not yet appear what we shall be.” The quality of this life cannot be compared with the natural life available to the natural man. To sum up what we have discovered to this point let us say, “No man can rise by any natural development from MORTALITY touched by emotion, to IMMORTALITY TOUCHED BY LIFE.”

The Truth that Jesus Christ shared during his ministry on earth yields the greatest results of any philosopher, religious teacher or Holy Man that has ever lived. Some teachings have produced a high moral tone, great compassion and wonderful demonstrations of brotherly love, but no one has ever been able to infuse into the natural man the divine qualities with which he has been equipped in creation, that are greater than any other breathing creature on this earth. There is no other figure on this earth of whom it could be said, “And this is LIFE ETERNAL to KNOW THEE the ONLY TRUE GOD, and JESUS CHRIST who you have sent.” John 17:3. Eternal LIFE is a quality of Life that has no beginning and no end for it is the very LIFE OF GOD HIMSELF, and that LIFE was declared to the world through Jesus Christ, who was the one in whom all of mankind was created in the beginning. The Apostle Paul declares, “We were all created in HIM, Christ Jesus.” Eph 2:10. He is God’s PROTOTYPE or Original MAN. This is the reason why the scriptures tells us, “He that has the SON HAS LIFE (Eternal), and he that does not have the son HAS NOT LIFE.

The bodies we have do not really belong to us, for they are the MEMBERS OF CHRIST, as Jesus told us in John 14:20. “At that day, you will know that I am in the Father, and you are in ME and I AM IN YOU.” Did he not also say, “He would come to us and make our abode with him.” Christ IN US is the theme of the New Testament just as Jesus told us that, “I am the VINE and you are the branches.” This connection is vital to us because LIFE cannot be transmitted except by direct connection. Many Christians believe that God is up in the sky in some place called HEAVEN. If God is the only source of LIFE in the universe then no wonder God sees the natural man as being D-E-A-D, which simply means that they have no connection to the source of LIFE which is God.  Jesus Christ said, “I and my Father are O-N-E, so Christ living in us is the same as God dwelling in us. Did he not say. “I am the LIFE,” so the Apostle Paul said, “I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I LIVE but it is no longer “I” that live but CHRIST THAT LIVES IN ME. These scriptures confirm to us that The LIFE OF GOD in Christ is divinely connected to us by his indwelling presence within us.

These truths are vital to our true understanding of this LIFE OF CHRIST living and functioning IN US, and that it is not just some doctrine or religious teaching to which we must agree. The LIFE that is in the trees and all creatures he has made, is not stored up in the sky somewhere and sent down bit by bit as it is required. The truth is that GOD IS IN EVERYTHING THAT HAS LIFE. However, we must now go beyond what many of God’s people do not know and have never considered.


Let us consider the INORGANIC world, which is D-E-A-D from our human perspective because it cannot move or satisfy its own needs. Remember that Jesus when riding into Jerusalem with his followers singing and praising him told the religious leaders of his day, that if his followers remained silent the R-O-C-K-S would break forth in PRAISE. How are we to understand this? God is in everything even the rocks, at the Atomic level. Atoms are not material but are SPIRITUAL, for they are Protons and neutrons revolving around a nucleus at amazing speed. To get just a glimpse of what the ATOM is, consider the ATOMIC BOMB that releases the tremendous power locked up in the ATOM. God fills everything with himself, for the Atoms are the building blocks of the universe. We will not even venture into the concept of the “Nucleus” or the other parts of the ATOM but suffice it to say GOD is in everything. So now, does this cancel out all we have said about the INORGANIC WORLD being DEAD? The answer is NO, and neither is it wrong for God to say that natural man is D-E-A-D even though he is walking around doing what he wants to do. Christ is IN EVERY MAN, but the life of the CHRIST in the man is not functioning in its true dimension. God lives and expresses SPIRITUAL LIFE as evident in creation, for he only has to speak and IT IS. God said, Let there be LIGHT and LIGHT WAS. Jesus Christ called to Lazarus after he had been dead four days and said, “Lazarus come on out,” and the man that was dead came out of the tomb. Jesus also fed 5000 people with 5 little sandwiches and two small fish, and everybody was filled. Jesus Christ walked on the water without any problem. Can you understand that there is a great difference between our HUMAN MORTAL LIFE and the Life of God which is SPIRITUAL and ETERNAL?

God is in the ROCK but that spiritual life must be released before it can be manifested. God is in the Natural MAN but again that life must be released before it can function. The Bible is full of demonstrations of spiritual life but mankind generally cannot believe that spiritual life could function in them. LIFE requires a release mechanism that will allow mankind to function according to whatever limitations we put on its operation. This control mechanism is called in the Bible, the M-I-N-D. So God is in every man so why does our body get sick. Jesus Christ went about healing the sick when he was on the earth, and he lives in us today but we have to go to a doctor and could even die from our sickness. Many people in third world countries die of starvation even Christians, but God fed the Nation of Israel for 40 years in a wilderness and NO ONE DIED of starvation. Their clothes and shoes never wore out in 40 years, and water came out of a ROCK for them. WHY is it that the Christ who lives in us today, cannot do what he demonstrated for us when he walked this earth 2000 years ago?

We were created in the Likeness and the Image of God, and he gave us DOMINION OVER ALL THE WORKS OF GOD’S HANDS. Gen 1:26. That is the truth, but how many people actually believe it and are able to demonstrate it? Is it because we do not believe that God is trustworthy, or is there another reason for our failure? We discover the reason in the account of Eve and her conversation with the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Remember that the Bible is a spiritual book and not literal, because we have no reference points in the spiritual world, so many things that Jesus taught us had to involve the use of parables related to nature. A snake is a dangerous creature so it represents for us something that can actually bring DEATH to us, and that is the Carnal or Natural mind. Paul tells us that the carnal mind IS DEATH. Rom 8:6-7. Once we understand that this is what the snake in the Garden of Eden represents to us we can understand many things that otherwise are intelligible. That FIRST MAN created in Gen 1:26, was Christ Jesus who is the only SON God ever created. But in that ONE SON was all of mankind as Paul declares in Eph 2:10. “You are God’s workmanship, speaking about your BODY that was formed by your heavenly Father in your mother’s womb, he then goes on to say, YOU WERE CREATED IN CHRIST JESUS, who is God’s only son. If we were created IN Christ Jesus then we MUST ALSO BE WHAT EVER HE IS, because we CAME OUT OF HIM. John the Apostle states that, “As HE IS NOW, risen living and seated at the right hand of his Father, SO ARE WE IN THIS WORLD.” Then it is reasonable to ask why we cannot do what he did during his ministry on the EARTH? The answer lies back in the Garden of Eden experience of Adam and Eve.

The separation of the female from the Male changed Adam from walking in total fellowship and constant communion with God, to a man who is afraid of God and actually hides from his presence. What could produce such a change, and cause Adam and Eve to move out of the Garden God designed for the MAN to live in harmony with himself? Was this the result of punishment from God, or was there another reason for the separation of the MAN from God? In Gen 3, I want you to notice that God never called Adam a SINNER, and neither did he scold him for what he had done. All God did was to ask Adam a question in reply to his statement that he was NAKED, asking him, “WHO TOLD YOU (you are naked)? The inference is that God never told him that he was naked so he had obviously listened to another voice which he had never done before. Now we must seek for the reason behind all the happened to the MAN that resulted in him having to forfeit the Sanctuary of Paradise.

Let us open our heart to the spirit of God as we trace man’s progression to the point of separation from God. The first issue is in Gen 2:21, “And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; and the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.” Let us be very clear that God never created a MAN and a WOMAN! Gen 1:26 “And God said LET US MAKE M-A-N.” However, in the next verse it says, “And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. Notice that here we are introduced to the “LORD GOD” which is the first man God created who is a compound creature called MAN but with God incorporated. The Name is compound also, JEHOVAH-ELOHIM revealing to us the fact that is evidenced throughout the scriptures, that MAN is the DWELLING PLACE of God. He appears as a MAN BORN on the earth in Bethlehem as IMMANUEL which is GOD WITH US and we called him JESUS CHRIST. He declared, “I and my Father ARE ONE.” So now the MAN has caused a DEEP SLEEP or TRANCE to come upon the Man in verse 21, which means that Adam was unconscious and so had no part in what took place in the removing of the Female part of his being. It was the work of the LORD GOD, so if anyone was to blame or caused the sequence of events that followed we cannot blame Adam for he was in a DEEP SLEEP.

Now the second part of the drama unfolds before us, as suddenly Adam is confronted with another creature but not quite the same as himself. Strangely enough he recognizes this creature as being a PART OF HIMSELF, but had never appeared separately from himself before. But almost instinctively he says, “You are Bone of my bones and Flesh of my flesh, you are a PART OF ME, but now a separate entity, so I will refer to you as WOMAN. This is not a Name but a designation defined in the Hebrew as ISHAW (EESHAW) being a part of the MAN who is ISH. (EEHS). Behind the appearance of the woman is the fact that MAN was created MALE and FEMALE in the beginning. This is because he is in the LIKENESS and the IMAGE OF GOD who is SPIRIT. Now SPIRIT is MALE and FEMALE functioning together as ONE. This means that God could procreate without the help of anyone. James the Apostle says, James 1:18 “Of his OWN WILL HE (GOD) created us.” So we also were created SPIRIT and that is why God said to ADAM, not Adam and Eve, “Be fruitful and fill the earth.” Religion has so distorted our understanding that most Christians know very little of these things. People impregnated with religion cannot produce spiritually for they represent the WOMAN CALLED EVE. Do you realize that God never once referred to the woman as EVE. Genesis 5:1 This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him, Male and Female created he them; and blessed them, and CALLED THEIR NAME ADAM, in the day when they were created.


Now we follow the Woman who now has been freed from her unity and oneness with Adam to function alone. It is most important that we realize that the removing of the Female from the Male in Gen 2 cannot be taken literally, because SPIRIT is MALE and FEMALE functioning as ONE, and it is impossible to divide SPIRIT! So this is an allegory, for this is the only way we could understand our situation today, to see the drama played out in the Garden of Eden. In this allegory Eve represents the Female aspect of SPIRIT which has three parts, the MIND the EMOTIONS and the WILL. We can easily see that those three aspects of our being if they had no input from the SPIRIT would be able to change everything concerning our life. Eve began to discover that she could function perfectly well without ADAM so she begins to plot her own course in life without reference to Adam who is spirit. The serpent in this activity represents the MIND that now has no input from the SPIRIT, so Paul called this mind, Natural or Carnal. Why use a serpent to represent the mind, because God wanted us to know that the carnal Mind is more subtle than all the beasts of the field, and carries the power of DEATH. Paul states clearly that the Carnal Mind IS DEATH Rom 8:6 “For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace, Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be. So now we see why the serpent was used to represent the carnal mind of the woman.


          Eve knew what God had said to them when she was an integral part of the Spirit in Adam and while in union with him her thoughts could never be changed. But NOW she is on her own and her mind is in control. As she contemplates the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil, having no contact with Adam or Spirit she comes to the conclusion that to eat the fruit of that tree contrary to God’s warning, would actually elevate them to the roll of gods with a great increase in knowledge. The mind having now made the decision the will says, “Lets do it.” Having now embraced the forbidden tree she takes the fruit to Adam anxious for him to join her in her new found freedom. Now Eve did not have a choice for she was DECEIVED BY THE SERPENT, the carnal MIND, but Adam never talked to the serpent and was NOT DECEIVED so he now HAS A CHOICE. He could refuse to share the fruit with Eve and abandon her to whatever fate awaited her, but beloved we ought to be thankful that he did not do that or there would have been no redemption for anyone. Instead he took the fruit and with his eyes wide open he ate it knowing full well that he would have to pay the price of redemption.


          Now let us look briefly at the consequences of what had now taken place. The scriptures say, “And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons. And they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God amongst the trees of the garden. And the LORD God called unto Adam, and said unto him, WHERE ARE YOU? And Adam said, I heard your voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself. Adam now was experiencing the “Death” that God had warned him about, concerning the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God is Spirit so when he speaks about “DEATH,” he is not speaking about physical death and  being buried in a cemetery, for there is no DEATH at all in the spirit world. The death he spoke to Adam about was the breaking of the relationship he had with God, the source of all Life. Eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was not what religion has told us, simply eating an apple. It involved a spiritual reality concerning a knowledge that really has nothing to do with God or H-I-S CREATION. If you had asked Adam what is EVIL, he would have said, “I have no idea,” because there was nothing evil at all in God’s creation. But the embracing OF THAT KNOWLEDGE, took Adam into another world that God never created, and where the true God has no place.


          God said, “The day you eat the fruit of that tree YOU WILL DIE,” which will result in your relationship with me being broken and you will not know me as you did when you came forth in Creation. To partake of the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil, will open to you another world, and in that world YOU WILL NOT FIND ME, for it is the world of “OPPOSITES” that I never created, for all that I created IS VERY GOOD. Gen 1:31 “And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.” ADAM, as man YOU ARE the creator of that world of opposites, for it is the product of the MIND that was DECEIVED by the Serpent that Paul calls CARNAL. Every person who embraces that mind will find will declare that fantasy world of opposites to be their REALITY. Now Adam sees God not as the GOD OF LOVE, but as the God of good and evil so he was frightened of God because in this other world, the true God does not fit because in this world God is angry with people that do wrong, which we call SIN. Man’s concept is that if we do not repent in this our world of good and evil God will destroy us forever. Millions of religious people today will tell you that is true and to dare to disagree will cause them to brand you a heretic. Why was Adam afraid of God after walking every day with him in perfect fellowship and communion and perfect unity? The reason is very important for us to understand, because he was no longer living in the world God created. Adam lost the function of SPIRIT as his true identity in creation having embraced the tree of knowledge, so now his MIND was deceived and the LIE became his reality. The Mind” that he received in creation was the MIND OF CHRIST, which was his true identity but in the Allegory after the woman or female part of his being was removed, she was deceived by the SERPENT and her mind became Soulish or Carnal. The Male and the female in Man have never been separated in reality, for spirit cannot be divided.


Today the majority of humanity is under the control of the deceived natural or Carnal Mind that has no input from the Spirit that dwells in us, and therefore they have no capacity to know the things that are of God for they are spiritually discerned 1Cor. 2:14. Paul also declares, 1Cor 15:22 “For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.” The ALL that DIED are the same ALL who are made alive IN CHRIST.

So where did this whole change in mankind begin? It was through the allegory in Gen 3 where the Lord God removed the SOUL separating it from the spirit in the MAN. This allegory is vital for us to understand for without it we could have no understanding of why man has lost the sense of his true identity and origin. Neither would we know how to take it back. When we abandon the deception of our carnal mind and focus on HEARING THE VOICE OF GOD WITHIN, restoring to us the TRUTH we had forgotten then we find the spirit renewing our MIND as the MIND OF CHRIST. Rom 12:2. Having been a slave to our emotions and our fears especially of God, the spirit has now restored our relationship with the Father who has never ceased to love us even when we had such bad thoughts concerning him, initiated by the deceiver that is more subtle that all the beasts of the field. Suffice it to say, it was no mistake to allow us to be born in the night time experience that would encourage us to search for the Light of God which is TRUTH, as the bee searches for the nectar.


From this lesson we now have an understanding of organic life and inorganic life, Jesus said, “He that hath the Son has life and he that does not have the Son does not have life.” To make this verse plain to understand we must know that the word “HATH” is very important for it is the translation of the Greek word “echo” {ekh'-o}. According to Strongs this word means :- To have or to hold in the hand in the sense of wearing, it must be a possession of the MIND and therefore is part of our consciousness, and is used of those who are joined to anyone by the bonds of natural blood, marriage or friendship. So it cannot be simply intellectual knowledge, but must carry the weight of what we call reality. It we do in fact HAVE THE SON JESUS CHRIST as a present reality, then you have his “LIFE” which he demonstrated during his ministry on this earth. If such a reality is not our experience then we are like the INORGANIC WORLD which has no power in itself to generate the LIFE which can only come from God. The question we need to ask ourselves is, “Do we possess the SON of God, Jesus Christ as a conscious reality dwelling within and sharing his life with me?”  


The other question that we need to answer is, for those who have convinced themselves that they do possess the Son of God and therefore have Life Eternal which is the Life of God, why is there not more evidence of that life functioning within them? Is there a reason or did God never intend that the Life he gave to us would be any different to the mortal life we all have lived? I believe that God only has ONE kind if LIFE and the quality of that life was demonstrated by his Son Jesus Christ. The reason for our failure to express that Life lies in the MIND that presently controls the majority of mankind, called the CARNAL MIND. We saw in the Garden of Eden how the serpent deceived Eve by invading her MIND, thus gaining control over her. Just as a hypnotist can bring people under their control, so EVE became subject to the serpent and she found herself doing the opposite to what God had directed them. She knew that the Tree of knowledge was capable of destroying them just as God had warned them, but under the serpent’s power she became impotent to follow what she knew was right for her. The hypnotic effect of the serpent was so great that she agreed that the LIE now became the TRUTH and the Truth became the Lie. She was convinced that God’s warning was not valid and the resulting “DEATH” was in fact a LIE.


Religion has understood the impact the serpent had on Eve’s mind, but then confused the whole issue by calling the “serpent” Satan or the Devil giving it creature status. Beloved God never created a Devil or Satan, therefore they do not exist as some creature form. There is no “Fallen Angel” that became the Devil but such is taught in Theological Colleges from Isaiah 14 and Ezek 28, both chapters speak of ADAM the MAN in type form under two titles. One as the Title LUCIFER who is the LIGHT BEARER, referring to the MAN who was in the Garden of Eden walking in pure fellowship with God. In Verse 16 the Prophet says, “IS THIS THE M-A-N.” In Ezek 28 and verse 2 the prophet says, “YET THOU ART A M-A-N, again referring to ADAM.


Now let us understand the TRUTH for Religion has robbed the people and substituted a LIE for the Truth. Let us identify the SERPENT in the Garden. First of all in the natural a serpent has the power of DEATH and is more subtle that all the beasts of the field. Paul declares in Rom 8:6 Paul states that the CARNAL MIND IS DEATH, so we have no problem identifying what the Serpent really represents for it is the CARNAL MIND. Then we need to understand where the CARNAL MIND came from, because it was never created by God. Man was created in the Likeness and the Image of God which means that he could only differ from God in one aspect, and that is that the MAN was CREATED out of God but GOD IS ETERNAL. The First Man God created was HIS ONLY SON Christ Jesus, and he never created another Son. But in that ONE SON was all of mankind waiting to be brought forth in this world by the Son, in due order. Eph 2:10 Paul states, “We are God’s workmanship (speaking about our Body FORMED in our mother’s womb) but we (the SPIRIT of our TRUE IDENTITY)were CREATED IN CHRIST JESUS.”


If we were created in Christ Jesus who is the brightness of God’s Glory and the exact imprint of his person, and the one who upholds all things by the word of his power (Heb 1:3) then it follows that if we came out of that SON, then WE MUST BE WHAT EVER HE IS! Think about the MIND of the CHRIST that could feed two and a half million Israelites in the wilderness for 40 years and provided water for them that flowed out of a rock for 40 years. That could open the Red sea and allow Israel to cross on dry land, and then prevent the Egyptians from following them, and then he MADE ALL THINGS in this physical material world. John 1:3 What kind of a MIND does the CHRIST HAVE? That beloved, is the MIND that was given to you in creation, it is called the MIND OF CHRIST. God’s will and purpose is that his SONS should RULE over the nations subduing them to become the KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS CHRIST. Whay does this sound like empty words to most Christians today. Jesus himself told us that the things that he did in healing the sick and raising the dead, making the blind to see etc, THAT WE COULD DO THEM ALSO. Most Christians smile just a little at those words as if this is just religious talk. WHY IS IT SO TODAY?


The answer now is simple, the CHRIST dwells in every man for all men were created IN CHRIST JESUS. However God said to Adam in the Garden of Eden DO NOT eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil because the day you do YOU WILL DIE. What does that “Death” involve for us? It is the MIND that is the focus of the enemy which we discovered is the CARNAL MIND that produces DEATH. It finds an entrance into our mind by destroying TRUTH and then installing the LIE. What do most Christians believe today? That God is an angry God who has built a fire and everyone who does not repent of their sin will be thrown in to that fire they call HELL to burn for all eternity. This is the Gospel that has gone around the world and distorted the character of God so that more people are afraid of God and many hate him as a result. BUT Christians believe that L-I-E. Then religion teaches us that only a few will really make it and the rest will be destroyed. Then Christians are told that the day is coming when all those who have repented according to the doctrines of the religious world will fly away and they will meet Jesus up in the clouds and he will take them to a place in the Sky called HEAVEN. How can a Christian believe that God will burn the majority of people that he has created as his children? Does not scripture declare that GOD IS LOVE, not just that God loves but that his very character IS L-O-V-E. John 3:16 States that “God so loved THE WORLD,” yet still consider God to be a monster. Why is it easier to believe a LIE than to believe the truth. Such is the power of the CARNAL MIND.


The mind is the control system in the function of our being, it declares what we believe, and makes choices concerning our life and what we decide to do. Before the female was removed from the Man and became a separate entity Adam walked with God and fellowshipped with God and the TWO were ONE. The separation of the spirit in Man produced two separate entities according to the Allegory. The Male was the SPIRIT and the Female was the SOUL, and in creation these two functioned as ONE. The female has three parts as the Soul which are the MIND the EMOTIONS and the WILL. It was God’s design that the HEAVENS should RULE OVER THE EARTH, or the spirit would rule over the Soul, the mind, emotions and the will. The spirit is what God is, and so is the MAN having come out of God who is our FATHER. While the spirit ruled over the MAN everything functioned according to the will of God, but according to the allegory which caused a sense of separation between the Spirit and the Soul, who Adam called EVE (The mother of all living) was then functioning with no spiritual input from Adam, and this set her up for the deception. With no spiritual input from the Spirit, Adam, her MIND functioned out of her SOUL LIFE, living independently from Adam. Adam could not be deceived for he never spoke to the serpent, the carnal mind, so the serpent focused on Eve.


The major cause of our deception, is our sense of separation from God. Religion again has put God up in the Sky separated from Man. The truth is that if God left us for one minute we would be dead for the only life we have is not part of our body at all. It is the spirit that gives life and our true identity is SPIRIT in the likeness and the Image of God who is SPIRIT. In this sense of being separated from God we function out of our SOUL or the Female part of our being having no access to spirit so we are open to the deception and the whole world has been deceived. This is the vail or covering the Prophet Isaiah spoke about. Isaiah 25:7-8 “And he will destroy in this mountain the face of the covering cast over all people, and the vail that is spread over all nations. He will swallow up death in victory; and the Lord GOD will wipe away tears from off all faces; and the shame and the scorn of his people shall he take away from off all the earth: for the LORD hath spoken it.”

The removing of the vail and the power of the carnal mind, can only be achieved as we respond to the truth not as preached by a man, nor by Bible Study, but by responding to the Voice of the Son of God that is within every man. Jesus said in John 5:25 those that hear the voice of the Son of God within will LIVE. IT IS THE TRUTH that can make us FREE having the power to destroy the lies. Paul’s word to us at this point is:-


My prayer is that the Spirit would give you understanding of these things.

                   Written by Des Walter      Dec 2008