Man was made in the image and likeness of God, which is a fact that is declared in the first chapter of the Bible. Gen 1:26-27. Now what God is, remains a mystery for so many people even those who claim to know him. For some reason mankind has reversed the idea presented in the scriptures, considering that GOD was made in the IMAGE OF MAN. So we begin with this "Man Image" of God and thereby cloud our understanding of who we are, in darkness and superstition. But GOD IS NOT A MAN, so to look at our selves and try to see, understand, or to know God is an exercise in futility. What exactly does it mean, that we are created in the likeness and image of God? First of all we need to understand that GOD IS SPIRIT. Now a spirit does not function the same as a human being, for our intelligence is gathered through our physical response to our environment. We respond to heat, cold, pain and fear as we become aware of these ever changing conditions that are being monitored by our 5 natural senses.

There is no one who would believe that God functions as man does, because Jesus told us that GOD IS SPIRIT. Jesus did not say that God is a spirit, but that he IS spirit, belonging to another world that is not physical or material. God is therefore invisible to our natural eyes and must function in a very different way to what we humans do. For instance, God does not respond to the headlines in the paper, which often produce feelings of fear in us nor does he respond to conditions around him as does mortal man. Our perception of life can be so soured for us that we may even contemplate suicide. But of course such responses have nothing to do with God.

Man was created in the likeness and image of God, so it would be logical to assume that we were intended to function as God does, for we are SPIRIT also. So let us consider how God functions. How did God create the heavens and the earth? He simply spoke it into existence, just as he did for everything that is. When he was confronted by darkness, he did not get mad, nor did he fight with the thing that did not fit his plan, but he simply said, "LET LIGHT BE," and light was. This is the way SPIRIT FUNCTIONS, and remember we are "spirit" dwelling in a body. Consider for a moment how God created mankind, for there was no stress or struggle involved but Scripture records, "AND GOD SAID, LET US MAKE MAN," and there was the man. This is how spirit functions and God has revealed all these things to us to guide us as to how we are to function.

We must recognize that everything we can see today came out of the invisible world of spirit, so everything we need today does not have to be manufactured in some processing plant, but is already there and available in the spirit world. But we continue to live as human beings even though we know that IN GOD we live and move and have our being. Jesus declared, "I and my Father God are ONE." The creator and the created could never be anything else but ONE, for they belong to the same infinite world of spirit. But of course, most times we consider we are different from God because we have a body, but God is spirit and has no body. However, your body and God are also connected as the Psalmist tells us in Psalm 139. "In thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned when as yet there was nothing there."

What is this "BOOK" that is mentioned in Psalm 139? It is our sub conscious mind, which we call our CONSCIOUSNESS, that began putting our body together by taking a single cell and fashioned and molded all our organs putting them in order. This consciousness functions day and night and never sleeps, it started your heart beating and has kept it going ever since. It is not some super machine, but is an integral part of our true spirit being we call our SOUL. We have never seen it, and we do not know what color it is, or what shape it has, but within this spiritual part of our being lies all the knowledge of the universe as well as the wisdom and power of God. If we cut our finger it goes to work silently supplying the skin cells and muscle cells required to heal the finger, and after a few days we even forget we had a cut at all. We were created in the likeness and image of God and that image has been stored in our consciousness, and if it is allowed it will constantly work towards restoring that image.

We notice that Jesus said quite a lot about FAITH and the impact it has upon our consciousness. The duality of our being is evidenced by the fact that we now have a CONSCIOUS MIND as well as a SUB-CONSCIOUS MIND. The truth is that we do not have two minds, only one, but most people have ignored the sub-conscious mind, thinking only about our conscious mind which we use every day. The difference between the two is this, we train our conscious mind through education and culture, out of which we form our attitudes and develop our emotional responses, enabling us to live our lives on our own terms. If I told you that 2+2=5 you would immediately tell me that I am wrong, because your conscious mind says the answer is 4. We program our conscious mind to suit whatever we happen to believe about God and everything else.

We may feel unloved because our parents are divorced, or because we believe we are not beautiful. You may say I am not clever as others are, so you do not attempt to do things because you do not believe you are capable of doing them. All these thoughts do not just float off into space, but as they are established in your conscious mind they are then passed on to your sub-conscious mind, which does not argue with what you have declared to be truth. Your consciousness receives such thoughts without question and because it has the power to create, it actually brings them into expression in your life as an effect. The child who declares they do not know enough to pass an exam, will fail without a doubt, because our thoughts must find expression, in this case as failure. Our thoughts are very often the cause of an effect that will be manifest in our lives either as sickness, failure or sorrow and problems.

Usually we put the blame back on God for sickness or failure in some form or another, when the real reason for the problem, is that our thinking was not according to TRUTH. Negative thoughts of anger, jealousy, pride or uncleanness will all produce an adverse effect in our lives. Jesus came to the disciples who were in a boat walking on the water, and Peter completely disregarded what his conscious mind told him about NOT being able to walk on water, said to Jesus, "If that is you then bid me to come to you," or invite me to do what you are doing, that is to walk on water." So Jesus said "COME," and Peter threw his leg over the side of the boat and began to walk on the water, but at a certain point his conscious mind kicked in, generating fear in his heart by telling him, "You cannot do this!" Immediately, that thought registered fear, and his consciousness brought forth the manifestation of that fear, causing him to sink." Did Jesus rebuke him for thinking he could walk on water? NO, he simply said, "O ye of little FAITH WHY DID YOU DOUBT," because you could have proved the others wrong, if you had not entertained a contrary thought."

Again the disciples were in a boat on the lake when a storm arose with a great wind that stirred up the water, bringing great fear into their hearts. Jesus was on board sleeping peacefully through the storm without any fear at all. The disciples awakened him saying, "Lord save us because we are all going to die by drowning." How could Jesus sleep while the disciples were having a minor heart attack? The truth for him was that it is impossible to sink the ship Jesus is in. The agitation of the disciples equated with the wind and the waves, so they could do nothing about the storm, for they were probably the cause of it. So Jesus introduced that glorious peace that was in his heart to the elements saying, "Peace be still," and they responded accordingly. What did Jesus say to the disciples? "Why are you so terrified, O ye of little faith." It becomes evident that mankind responds to outward circumstances while Jesus lived out of the serenity and peace that is the atmosphere in which the spirit of Truth functions.

It becomes evident that Faith is connected with TRUTH, "For the God of TRUTH has not given us the spirit of F-E-A-R but of power and of Love that will restore our true spiritual senses, giving us a sound mind." Fear is not generated by the spirit within us but by our own thinking, considering every external circumstance and then deciding what our reaction will be. Where true FAITH is based upon truth and established in our consciousness, it becomes a law out of which we live our lives. Some Christians have challenged me about the wisdom of going into countries where there are elements of terrorism operating, such as the Philippines and Indonesia. However, if I am walking in the will of God and doing what he has given me to do, why should I be afraid? Is God so helpless that he cannot protect me, and make it possible for me to do exactly what he purposes for me to do? To suggest otherwise is to downgrade God to that of a mortal human being.

In this world in which we live everyone is looking for more of something. This is particularly so in the realm of knowledge, so young people generally are not satisfied with their level of knowledge at the end of High School, so they go on to university to get a degree in some particular faculty. Christians are not exempt from this quest for knowledge either, but seek out theologians or Bible Teachers to learn more about spiritual things. However, what would you say if I told you that all the knowledge of the universe in already IN YOU. The Apostle John says, "But you have an anointing of God and you know ALL THINGS." Just a few verses later he continues saying, "The anointing abides IN YOU and you do not need anyone to teach you, because the anointing is your teacher and IS TRUTH."

There is no doubt that the Bible tells us that we do not need a Bible School or Theological College, to discover that within us there resides a faculty that knows everything there is to know, and also all the wisdom of God. In the knowledge department everything we need is already resident within us. Most people are familiar with their Conscious Mind, where we store our knowledge, and reference all we need to know for our business, as well as our family and our knowledge of God. However, Paul makes reference to our mind when he said, "Let this MIND be in you which in also in Christ Jesus." But it is perfectly clear that most people do not function out of the same "Mind" that was in Christ Jesus, because the thought patterns are so different and the knowledge base is not the same.

The conscious mind of man was formed in the Garden of Eden when Adam embraced a knowledge system called "Good and Evil." Before that event Adam knew nothing about these opposites, for in the realm of spirit there is no such thing as evil. There is only one spirit in this universe and that is GOD. Good and evil only exist in the physical material world, but not in the spirit world. Jesus stated the division between Flesh and spirit by saying, "That which is born of flesh IS flesh, and that which belongs to the realm of spirit IS spirit." Because man chose to embrace the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, his Mind underwent a dramatic change. Whatever he needed as a spirit man in the Garden he could bring forth out of himself.

At that time his MIND WAS ONE, Male and Female functioning in unison so whatever he desired, was available to him. He never had to plough the ground nor hunt for food in the garden, everything flowed out of his spirit being. The MALE and FEMALE Mind are actually the same mind functioning as one in the beginning, but another knowledge system called Good and Evil separated them. It was the conscious mind functioning in the "Woman" that brought about their expulsion from the Garden and their failure to function out of their true spiritual center, or consciousness, which could not be corrupted. So Eve acted out of her own knowledge gathered by her 5 natural senses, without reference to her true spiritual center which was her sub-conscious mind. Since then the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of our conscious mind, is the result of our education, culture and religion, which combine to produce our intellect. Most of the programming of our conscious mind is done by mortal man, and includes the multitudes of opposites that good and evil have introduced into our thinking. However, our sub conscious mind has been impregnated with all the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of God almighty. Unfortunately, the conscious mind now has a potential for death and has the power to rob us of the Life we were given in creation, by spreading its poison in man thus destroying his life.

Paul gives us the answer to this problem of mind duality when he said, "And be not conformed to this world: (Do not allow your mind to be patterned according to the thinking of this world of illusion) but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, (allow a total and complete reformat of your mind) that ye may prove (or test and prove experientially) what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God." The mind is a part of the Soul, and this is a part of the "Spirit Man" that we are. This duality of mind is the Male and Female of the manís identity, which in the beginning functioned as ONE. The Male aspect of man is the sub conscious mind or our consciousness, which is impregnated with all the knowledge, wisdom, life and power of God, while the Female part is the conscious mind, which is dependant upon the sub conscious mind to bring to birth and into manifestation the thoughts and intents of our conscious mind. So man has the power to create the person we believe ourselves to be, rich or poor, to be sick or well, to be a failure or successful, to be good and evil, to live out of our true identity as Christ or to live as a mortal human being.

Here is the secret of sowing and reaping which we need to understand. Paul tells us, "Whatsoever a man sows, that is what he will reap, if he sows to the flesh he will reap corruption, but if he sows to the spirit he will reap life." Our thoughts are like seeds and our consciousness is like a garden in which we sow these seeds, and so every thought will produce a cause or an effect. That cause or effect will have either a positive or a negative effect in our lives. We cannot blame God for the pain or suffering, or the problems that are the result of thoughts we planted in our consciousness, for we planted them and we reap the harvest what ever that may be. The Psalmist understood this so he prayed, "Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer. Paul also tells us, "To Cast down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself above the knowledge of God and to bring every thought into captivity to the truth that is revealed in Christ."

We cannot finish this introductory section of this study without looking at the question of what we refer to as "healing," which is shrouded in confusion for most Christians. In Pentecostal and Charismatic circles we have known people who had what was called a "Gift" from God for healing. Some of these men have become very rich as they used this ability to make money, while others functioned out of compassion. However, this concept of a GIFT of healing comes from the early Pentecostal and Charismatic ministries who functioned through what was known as the GIFT MINISTRIES found in First Corinthians. Today, beloved I am here to tell you that every one of you has the ability to do everything that Jesus did. Firstly because he told us that we could do the things that he did, and then said that there would be even greater things than these that we would do. But let us leave the "Greater Things" for another time, and concentrate on DOING WHAT JESUS DID in his ministry on the earth.

Your "Consciousness" contains all the perfection in which we were created, our original DNA if you like, is still in tact and there is a power there that is constantly seeking to restore us back into that image. All it needs is for the carnal programming of our conscious mind to be deleted and replaced by the original mind of Christ, and the seed thoughts of our true identity will bring forth the manifestation. For as a man thinketh in his heart, that is what he is. Jesus went up to a man with a withered arm, and simply said, "Stretch forth your arm," and the arm shot out in response. Could Jesus not see that the man had a paralyzed arm? We would have said Lord be reasonable, this manís arm cannot move, why donít you fix those muscles and heal the arm so he can use it again. Yes that is what we would have said. At the pool of Bethesda Jesus found a man who had been paralyzed for thirty-eight years. He asked him nothing about his condition, as to what the doctors had told him. All he says to the man is, "Do you really want to be healed?" The man replies "YES" and so Jesus simply says, "Pick up your bed and go home."

What has such a command to do with "Healing," as we understand it today? The answer is nothing at all!! What is the key to these things that we call miracles, but which will be everyday occurrences on the earth as we grasp the truth Father is revealing to us today. When Jesus looked at that man he did not see what you and I would have seen, because we would have seen a crippled up body probably lying in a fetal position, and we would have walked right past him considering him to be past any kind of help. We would have gone looking for someone perhaps with a headache to see if we could help them. Jesus looked at that man as he appeared through the eyes of God. Standing up straight with no sign of any sickness in the likeness and image of God. So when Jesus planted that divine thought in his consciousness the power of God responded bringing forth a manifestation of what Jesus saw.

In my own ministry particularly in the Asian countries, I am called upon to pray for many people. My interpreter usually wanted to stand beside me to tell me what was wrong with each person who has come for prayer. But I told him that I do not want to know the nature of the disease whatever it is, because that puts my natural mind in gear thinking about the problem, when all I want to do is see what Father sees and my God-consciousness within me as well as in the person, has the power to bring forth the manifestation. What part do I play in such activity, is Des Walter the healer?? What a foolish question, for I cannot heal anything, but as I learn the WAYS of God I rejoice to see that God who is creator of all, is present in all his power and glory within my consciousness, waiting to be recognized and released into action, restoring all that creation has lost.

Jesus said, "I and my Father (God) are ONE." There are relatively few people who could say that today with conviction, as manís mind has been programmed to believe that God is totally separate from man. The religious leaders of his day wanted to kill Jesus for blasphemy when he made that statement, so obviously they believed he was assuming a relationship with God that they did not believe was possible for any man to have. So Jesus functioned out of a Mind and another knowledge system that was different to the people of his day. It is the purpose of this writing to explore this OTHER MIND, which Paul said we should embrace and allow to function in us and regulate our life and behavior

The truth is that we do not really have TWO MINDS, but since the Garden of Eden man became a duality, as his mind focused on the knowledge of good and evil, which he was able to bring into manifestation, calling it "WOMAN," knowing that it was in fact a part of his own being. He declared that this woman was bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh, and "MANKIND" became A LIVING SOUL. The "Living Soul" is a Man whose MIND has been divided, with the conscious mind accepting good and evil as truth, causing the subconscious mind to bring into manifestation the dual issues of GOOD and EVIL, which it had not done before. The truth that is revealed to us in these early chapters of Genesis, is in the form of an allegory because there was no other way God could reveal these things to us. But its importance is absolutely vital for us to understand, in order to stem the downward spiral into which man has become trapped.

Man became a duality because the conscious mind in the form of the woman began to function apart from Adam who represents the sub-conscious mind of man or his consciousness. Notice that God did not recognize this "Woman" as a separate entity from Adam as he never called her Eve, as Adam did. Gen 5:1-2. He called THEIR NAME ADAM. It was Adam who called her Eve, for he said she is the mother of all living, meaning that all of mankind would now be born through the duality of the conscious mind of man, declaring good and evil as realities, and the subconscious mind. The result is that Man was originally created in the image and likeness of God but now man is being brought forth in the IMAGE OF MAN.

There are few people who understand that our "Mind" functions as two separate entities, with the emphasis on the conscious mind to the detriment of the SPIRITUAL or subconscious mind. Here is the reason for the multitude of divisions in the "Church" and the constant separating of Christians one from the other on the basis of doctrines. Beloved TRUTH is absolute and cannot vary because it is the manifestation of a PERSON called Jesus Christ. Truth is not some theologically devised dogma that must be believed to be a Christian. In fact Jesus told us how to distinguish between the real and the fake, but it was not by their doctrine, but "By their FRUIT you will know them." Because their consciousness will faithfully bring into manifestation the true Fruit of their lives, according to what they believe.

The term "Living Soul," indicates that the "SOUL" (Mind) now has a life of its own determining what is Good and what is Evil, what is right and what is wrong, independently of the Subconscious mind or God. This "LIFE" flows out of the knowledge system of good and evil but in the end it is found to be mortal and ends in death. This is the de-generation of mankind that has caused us to lose our sense of divinity, and the knowledge of our true spirit being. The conscious mind has been exalted and now rules the life of man, while manís consciousness containing all the reality of God and his knowledge, power and wisdom, waits silently to be recognized. Prior to this duality Adam was in total union with God having a body of "LIGHT," and sharing in the creation of the animals in the Garden of Eden.

In order for us to grasp these truths our understanding is turned to the drama enacted in the Garden of Eden, as this "Woman" begins to function on her own for she has a mind of her own that functions on a different frequency to Adam, and decides to exercise it as she thought would benefit them both. Because she represents the carnal or natural mind, she is drawn to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, where she is captivated by this knowledge system that she believed would make them as gods. Her mind functions now as her adversary, and she is deceived into believing this knowledge will elevate them to a much higher position in relation to God. As a result of this, Adamís relationship to God is changed and from within his own being comes the cry, "I am Naked," being "unclothed" by his altered ego, and fleeing in fear from the presence of God with whom he had been united for so long. The glow of the divine glory had departed exposing a physical material body that would hide itself from the divine presence.

Now we live our lives out of that false sense of identity being convinced that what we see in the mirror is who we really are, when in fact this is a false image. Now I want to take you "Inside" to see how this illusion of Life functions within us.


Let us begin by saying that man was created with a single mind and that is the Mind of Christ out of whom came all things in the beginning. Eph 2:10. But Adam went to sleep while all this happened and is still asleep until awakened by the voice of God. Until then we will continue to live the dream of our duality. The "Dual Mind" represents two spheres of activity. The conscious mind is the reasoning mind and functions according to what we have been taught by education and social interaction. Most of our decisions are made by our conscious mind.

However we also have a "Sub Conscious Mind," which functions without reason but operates even while we sleep independent of any conscious control. This mind controls your heart beat and lungs and every other body function without any help from you. It is like a garden where we plant the seeds that represent our thoughts and our sub conscious mind accepts them and causes them to germinate and grow to produce a harvest. This mind has no reasoning faculty which is evidenced by the fact that people under hypnotism who react to whatever suggestion the hypnotist may make.

The sub conscious mind or our consciousness functions independently of our five natural senses, but it does respond to intuition and is the seat of all our emotions and the storehouse of our memories. This consciousness will continue to function even while our conscious mind is asleep. It also will accept any information that is given to it and will not debate or argue concerning the truth or otherwise of what is put into it. Every suggestion given to this consciousness is accepted as truth and it will proceed to bring them to pass as conditions, experiences or events in our lives. Everything that has happened to us is based upon thoughts that form our belief system, and then brought into manifestation.

If you have indulged in fear, worry and other destructive forms of thinking, it will be expressed in negative forms in your life. This is because this mind is creative and is associated with God the creator of all things. Therefore it is Omnipotent, having the ability to create Love, Peace and Joy and make them available to us as we desire them. But remember the reverse is also true, for when we speak of fear, sickness or any other negative thing they will also become evident in our life. It is also true that a suggestion cannot be imposed upon the subconscious mind against the will of the conscious mind. Our inner fears of sickness, Cancer or death, all become monsters that assume authority over us and invade our lives.

It is not the thought itself that invades our life, but the power of our consciousness to create the effect, then we will reap the results from our thoughts be they positive or negative. Now we have touched the very nerve center through which the religious world holds people in bondage to doctrines and man made religious laws. Once you establish a religious law in your consciousness it becomes the LAW OF YOUR LIFE and you will live out of it.

The greatest power in the universe has yet to be discovered by most people, for it is not in the splitting of the atom, but within each of us waiting to be discovered. There are some today that have stumbled upon this source of power, resident in every one of us, and have used it to become very rich as they sell their knowledge. This is typical of all knowledge and power that can be used for good or evil. This consciousness contains all the power of the universe, waiting for us to recognize its omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence. As we consider this power latent within us we discover that it is here we find God waiting for us to recognize he is there is all his power and glory. Could it be possible that the impersonal "I" of our true identity resides in this spiritual part of our being, just waiting to be activated.

Much of the pain and suffering we have endured is the result of our ignorance of how fearfully and wonderfully we have been made, and how marvelous are Godís works when he formed us in our motherís womb, and that my soul knows quite well. Proverbs 23:7. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he, or As a man openeth his soul, so is he. The Greek word for "Heart," is Leb, and means, The esoteric (Hidden) man of the heart which is Christ. It also refers to the soul or mind. Our consciousness includes all these things, so according to what we have programmed into our consciousness that is what we will be. If we are convinced we are a sinner and God is angry with us then of course we will do exactly what Adam did and hide from God. But if we believe and are conscious of the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent God of all creation dwelling in us as our consciousness then we can discover the enormous potential that we have dwelling in us waiting to be discovered.

All the knowledge and all the wisdom of God is in this sub conscious mind. The Apostle John tells us that we have an anointing and so we know all things. Then he goes on to say, the anointing that functions through our consciousness will also teach us all things, so that we do not need a man to teach us what is Truth, for our teacher is already within us. The conscious mind equates with the carnal mind, which is limited by the five natural senses, so it cannot know the things that be of God. But because the conscious mind is a part of the soul it awaits the transformation through our true consciousness. However, until these minds unite and function together we will not have the Mind of Christ.

As you establish thoughts in your conscious mind they become like seeds that are planted in your sub-conscious mind where they germinate and you will reap a harvest from them. So Jesus asked a question, "Do men gather grapes of thorns or figs of thistles?" From this we realize that our thoughts become a CAUSE and every condition becomes an effect. Now we realize what Paul said, "Casting down imaginations and every high thought that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God and bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ."

Man in his natural state considers the events of his life to be the result of "Luck" or "Chance," or even an accident. This is a state of mind that has no recognition of God in the circumstances of our lives. However, we need to understand that we live our life out of a "consciousness," which is a part of the spiritual capacity God has built into every man. This consciousness has been called our "Sub-conscious Mind," but regardless of what it may be called, it links our life either to the realm of God, or to the world that is around us.

When we read in Gen 1, that God created the heavens and the earth, and then continues on to say that, "Darkness was on the face of the Deep," this has reference to what we call our consciousness. It appears to be the connection between the Soul and the Spirit in our present condition as, "Living Souls." Our consciousness provides us with an in built realization that there is a GOD, even though we may not be able to define what, or who he is. This God Consciousness when combined with our lifeís experiences will cause us to begin a quest to find, and to know God. Whatever we believe about ourselves or about God, is translated into our consciousness, and this becomes the law of our life. However, the darkness that covered the "Deep" brought us into a state of ignorance, through a lack of LIGHT or understanding. Many of Godís people have never understood that we have the power to declare our nature and being, and to bring it into manifestation. Adam was able to do this in the Garden of Eden, when he named the animals that were expressions of his emotions, giving to them their nature, as he declared it.

It has remained a mystery to many who feel alone, or unloved, or feel they are not equipped to handle the relationships and situations of life in which they find themselves. But the mystery is solved when we understand that whatever we declare in our consciousness actually becomes the law of our life. Unlike the animals who do not have this power, for they function out of instinct so that when a dog is born it does not have to be taught how to live and function as a DOG, for it is established in him by God. This is true for all of nature, so they do not have the problem of discovering exactly who they are, and how they must function. It is only man who can have an inferiority complex or a false sense of identity. Man was created in the beginning in the likeness and image of God, and was male and female functioning together as one. But as the darkness descended, we programmed our consciousness according to how we felt within ourselves, and not according to TRUTH. This has produced the conditions such as depression, anger, sickness and disease. However, not many people realize that they brought these things on themselves because they programmed their consciousness with false data.

. Some live in loneliness with a great lack of Love, or as one who lacks the mental ability to cope with the issues of life, declaring, "I am not very clever." In every case we have set the limitations of our life, and this becomes the LAW of life for us.

Scripture declares, "Without a vision the people perish, or they cast off restraint." Beloved we need a "Vision" or true understanding of our identity that cannot be declared out of the darkness of our natural mind, but must come to us by the spirit of God. The truth is, we have been created IN CHRIST JESUS, for we are Godís workmanship. Eph 2:10. It is only when TRUTH is revealed by the spirit that the false ideas of our identity and being, can be cancelled out. We have programmed our consciousness according to the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for we have all been deceived by the snake that represents the carnal or natural mind. Our concept of God is that if we do good then God will bless us, but if we do evil then God will punish us. This false God becomes our reality as soon as we embrace the concept of good and evil. As a result, we become linked to this world of illusion where all our realities are those that we can see with these natural eyes, which Paul says, are simply transient.

Once we understand that our life is based upon our consciousness we begin to "Turn to the Lord" to discover the Truth about ourselves. As a living soul we have no understanding of the realm of God or the spirit, knowing only those things that we can see, touch, taste, smell and hear. These things become our reality, linking us to this world which functions under the law of sin and death. Through our body we can transmit the spiritual reality of what we truly are, but only when we program our conscious mind with the TRUTH.

There are several issues we must mention here some of which are the sacred cows of religious belief that need to be exposed. Maybe you are one of those Christians who live by verses in the Bible. How many times have I heard people tell me, "I am standing on the Word of God," which is meant to tell me this is a very spiritual Christian. But actually the opposite is true, for how can a verse in the Bible change your life or circumstances. Jesus Christ did not come into this world from God with a Bible under his arm, and tell us that he wants us to read this book and then we would know everything we would need to know about God. NO, Jesus Christ was the message, for he said," I am the Way the TRUTH and the LIFE." He did not say, come to me, the historic Jesus and I will tell you the way to heaven!! He said, what I am in my true being is the WAY God intended man to live. He is also the TRUTH as to what Man really is, and also he is a manifestation of God, for he said, "If you have seen me your have seen my Father".

Many people are shocked when I tell them that the Bible as we know it today did not exist for at least 1700 years after Christ came into the world. It was not until the invention of the printing press that the Bible could be produced in any kind of numbers. No one in the New Testament days had a Bible under his arm. All they had was the first 5 books of the Bible and they were only found on scrolls in the synagogue. So no one was standing on verses in the Bible in those days. The truth is, that man has substituted READING THE BIBLE instead of HEARING THE VOICE OF GOD. Jesus said, "Man shall not LIVE by bread alone but by every word that IS PROCEEDING out of the mouth of God." But religion has put God up in the sky so he is too far away to hear his voice. But for those who know the Truth, that God dwells on every man whether they know it or not, and so we have access to that "Still Small Voice" within, every day.

How few people recognize that we were created and still are SPIRIT, even though we live in a body. Most people consider that we are simply mortal human beings who have been born and will die. This idea denies the reality of "something" that keeps our heart beating and our digestion functioning plus a thousand other things even while we are asleep. That something has the power to transform our food into living tissue, to take electrical impulses from our eyes and transform them, so we actually see what we are looking at. Allows a man to look at a ball coming towards him at 100 klms/ hour, calculating its trajectory and then hit it with a racket at the correct angle to return that ball accurately. All these things we just take for granted and a thousand others without any thought that we are more that flesh and blood. Beloved, there is within every man a consciousness capable of creating the heavens and the earth, as this has already been accomplished, then in your mothers womb it brought forth all the parts of your body when as yet there was nothing there. This consciousness started your heart beating and all the other body functions and has sustained them even while you were asleep or unconscious. If you will open your heart to hear the voice of that divine part of your being, you will discover the secret of LIFE that is resident in you IS GOD.

Hear the word of the Psalmist who said,


May your eyes be opened to behold that you have been fearfully and wonderfully made!

Written by Des Walter Dec. 2003





Our spiritual birth is a transition in consciousness raising us from our human-ness, to see the divinity of our being.