Dream the Dream

There is a remarkable verse found in the book of Proverbs 29:18, which states, "Where there is no vision the people perish or cast off restraint." This is a truth that is evident in the lives of all mankind. The world about us is changing at an alarming rate making it difficult, if not impossible for many to have any true concept of the future. But without some "Vision" or dream for our lives, life would be the same as a ship leaving port with no destination in mind.

In what we may consider "Normal" life, a child will begin to act out even in play, what seems to be a concept of their future. A little girl will dress as a nurse or a teacher and "Play act" those roles, as if there is something within them that is drawing them towards such an expectation in their life. But today many children are robbed of their childhood forcing them to grow up at a very early age with sex education, fears and phobias that are considered to be necessary for life in the 21st century, over-riding the "Dreamtime" of youth. However, the problem goes much deeper for it touches the area of our consciousness. This goes much further than simply choosing some vocation in life by which we can earn a living.

Today suicide is almost an epidemic, and behind this blight on society we discover the consciousness of many of our youth today contains nothing positive for the future. In fact the "Fear" of death overwhelms them, seeing the world as a hostile environment and having no spiritual consciousness to correct the imbalance. To "Dream a Dream" or activate a true vision for the future within our consciousness requires some spiritual, prophetic word established by the Almighty. The fear or the reverence of God was almost automatic in the days of my own childhood. It seemed to permeate society in those days regardless of Church affiliation, and this established in my own spiritual consciousness in some mystical way, a connection with God and somehow he was involved in the reason for my being as well as my future.

At the age of twelve I had a serious accident riding my bicycle, in which I was run over by a truck, smashing my right leg. The doctors at the hospital told my parents that there was little hope of saving my leg, but I was "Lucky to be alive." Unfortunately, any thing that might be considered to be positive in life for many people, is attributed to "Luck." My leg was saved but the accident that could have filled my consciousness with fear, became a gateway into the life and ministry that I am involved in today. I became conscious there had been a divine intervention in my life, in which I had been preserved for a very positive reason, that I knew had been ordained of God. Had it not been for that inner revelation of a divine activity in my life, I could have taken another path and never fulfilled the very reason for which I was born on the earth. It was not "Luck" it was God.

To have a true spiritual consciousness is to be set free from all material concern, such as what you shall eat or what you will drink or what you will wear, but the greatest release is from the FEAR OF DEATH. Where our consciousness is devoid of true spirituality, there is a constant fear of sickness, disease and accidents, all of which register within us as the Fear of Death. Jesus reminded us in John 15 that while we remain ONE with the source of our life we will be fruitful and blessed, but if we find ourselves separated from our life source which is God, we will be like the branch of a tree cut off from the trunk, that will wither and die.

There are many examples in the Bible of children being born, and their name became a prophecy concerning their future. Moses was one of those, for he was born under the curse of death issued by Pharaoh, that all the male children were to be killed in order to destroy the Redeemer of Israel from slavery. His parents hid the child in faith knowing that God had a purpose that would be fulfilled in him. In faith they therefore hid him until it was no longer possible to keep his birth a secret, then they put him in a basket made of bulrushes and floated him down the river Nile. Either Moses parents simply abandoned their son, not wanting to see his demise, or they were acting out of an inner knowledge or revelation that the childís future was secure in God. The latter consideration was the case.

Jeremiah was another wonderful example of having a vision for our lives and particularly in times of unrest and conflict. This Prophet lived during the time in which his homeland and people were carried away into exile. But he heard a word from the Lord which would carry him through the troubled and difficult times, becoming a Savior to his people. His name means, "Whom Jehovah has appointed." In his youth he heard a word from the Lord that brought him security and confidence. This is what he heard, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you intimately, because I am the one who formed you in your motherís womb, knowing exactly what you were to accomplish in your life. Even before you came forth out of the womb I sanctified you, and set you apart unto myself, to be a Prophet unto the nations."

Some people may think that Jeremiah became like a puppet on a string having no control over his life at all. But this is not true, for when God speaks a word into our consciousness he knows before he speaks, that the one who hears that word will allow it to fulfill itself in their life. Today we have Christendom setting up training centers that are called, "School of the Prophets," because there is a real lack of TRUE Prophets who can speak the Word of God into the lives of people and Nations in this world of conflict and war. But these schools will never produce a "True Prophet." Because true prophets are ORDAINED OF GOD not by some man laying hands upon them. From the womb they heard a "WORD" from the Living God. According to Godís plan, that WORD (Which is Christ) that was deposited in their consciousness became FLESH as Jeremiah or Ezekiel or whoever God may call. These are the true Prophets who will in these days shake nations, and the people will hear through them, the voice of God

Many man made prophets have gone out into the world seeking to impress people with their ability to predict the future, filling Godís people with fear of death and destruction. Godís prophets were able to give true direction to his people that would save them even in a hostile world. Ezekiel was taken captive with the people of Israel yet fulfilled his Prophetic role for 22 years under those harsh conditions. His Name means, "To be strengthened of the Lord" or made strong, and this characterized his life and ministry. He saw visions that gave him understanding of things man could never have known any other way. This divine input into his life was that which not only guided and directed his footsteps through life, but he provided direction for the nation. In other words the divine input into his life and consciousness became his "Vision," fulfilling itself in his life.

Josephís Dreams

In Gen 37 we find Jacob living in the land of Canaan where his Father also had lived as a stranger, and there he raised his family. It is necessary to establish Jacobís place in the dynasty of the "Heirs of the promise." Isaac was divinely guided with regards to a wife for through him was the divine seed to flow. Therefore he did not marry a woman from Canaan, but was divinely separated from his environment. Jacob and Esau were natives of Canaan but there was not a drop of Canaanite blood in their veins. However it would be 20 years after Isaac and Rebecca were married before the boys were born. The barrenness of Rebecca caused Isaac to become very dependant upon the Lord, just as it was with his Father Abraham and Sarah.

However, Isaac entreated the Lord for his wife and her womb was opened and she conceived. But the pregnancy was difficult and a struggle developed within her womb, so she asked the Lord to give her understanding. She was told that two Nations, representing two different kinds of people, were in her womb and the conflict would continue between them, for one shall be stronger than the other, BUT the elder shall serve the younger. This was a reversal of the NATURAL ORDER. So when Esau and Jacob were born as twins in that order, Rebecca was fully aware of the prophecy she was told concerning the Elder serving the younger.

This resulted in Rebecca bringing about a situation where Jacob deceived his brother Esau into relinquishing the birthright. Then in the final act of deception Jacob receives the Patriarchal blessing from Isaac. However this produced a family conflict, which drove Jacob out of the family. So we now find Jacob seeking a wife not as Esau did from among the Canaanites but he stays within the family, for he is the one through whom the SEED was to come. He marries two of Labanís daughters one whom he loved dearly and the other he was deceived into marrying. But we take up the story with the birth of Jacobís youngest son Joseph, at that time.

Now Jacob loved Joseph more than all his children, because he was the son of his old age: and he made him a coat of many colors. It is important to note that Joseph was made the priest of the family as he was the child of Rachael his real love. In Israelís history, every family appointed one member to be the priest in the family. So Joseph had that wonderful right to be the priest in his family and of course that made his brothers very jealous, because he was the youngest. And so when his brethren saw that their Father loved him more than all the rest, they hated him and could not speak peaceably unto him. But Joseph "Dreamed a Dream," that would provide him with divine guidance throughout his life.

Joseph had no idea what would befall him in his life but he had a VISION, and that vision revealed two things to him. One was that he was born to win, and the other was that he would be given wisdom from God and this would provide him with a position of leadership allowing him to bless his family as well as the whole nation of Israel. This is a principle that applies to all of Godís children so we will follow Joseph in this amazing journey, and see how it applies to us today. The Bible is not a history book and whatever is being taught in the scriptures is written for our instruction today. The Apostle Paul tells us that we were created in Christ Jesus in the beginning, and not born as we have been led to believe. Our birthing through our mother produced our BODY as we are informed in Psalm 139. But even in this God was the one who FORMED our body and brought the various parts of our being together when as yet there was nothing there. Your body is the house you live in. But YOU ARE SPIRIT created in Christ Jesus in the beginning unto good works that God ordained for you to walk in before the world began. This is the vision for our lives today.

Life will have very little meaning for those who have never received the vision of our true being having come out of God, who is our FATHER, then given a body through which we are to fulfill the good works that were planned for us by a loving God before the world began. God is saying to you today, I want you to dream a dream for without a vision the people will cast off restraint, for there will be nothing to hold them on the path. I want you to dream a dream or receive the vision that Father has laid out for your life. You will see in Josephís life that it was the dreams he had, that became the motivating force in Josephís life that carried him right through to its fulfillment. It is important to note that Joseph did not have to seek to make the dream work, in fact there was no way he could ever have fulfilled his dreams by his own effort. Nor will you or I be able to bring the vision for our life to pass, but the vision spoken by the almighty into our consciousness has the power when we accept it, to fulfill itself.

"And Joseph dreamed a dream, and he told it to his brethren and they hated him yet the more. And he said unto them, Hear, I pray you, this dream that I have dreamed: For behold we were binding sheaves in the field, and lo my sheaf arose, and also stood upright." This is a sheaf that has been cut from the plant and then bound together in bundles so they are ready for the grain to be removed. But in this case Joseph saw his sheaf stand upright. There was a life that was active in this sheaf, even after it was cut from the plant that allowed it to stand upright. The source of this life in Josephís sheaf had no connection with the earth for it was spiritual. But there is more, for not only did my sheaf stand upright, but your sheaves stood round about bowing to my sheaf. His brethren said to him, "Shall you indeed reign over us or shall you indeed have dominion over us?" And they hated him yet the more for his dreams and for his words. Youíve got to dream a dream.

Not only did the life in Josephís sheaf have a spiritual origin, but it gave to him an authority not found in natural man. The vision God wants to write in your consciousness will reveal to you your true origin as being out of God, and will declare the divine reason for your being on the earth. Otherwise life can be like a lottery because you are never sure you will win. When I say dream a dream, it doesnít necessarily have to be a night time experience where you wake up in the middle of the night and youíre dreaming a dream. No, but you need to allow God to write his divine vision for you into your consciousness. Otherwise you will have no true direction in your life and when the problems arise you will not know how to handle the situation, or you may want to quit. God is your Father and his plan for your life is the greatest life you can ever live. The vision will carry you through every circumstance in your life and fulfill all that is in the heart of God for you to be.

This is not recorded here in the scriptures just to tell us what Joseph dreamed so many thousands of years ago. This is recorded for us because itís a picture of your life and mine. Did you know that our sheaf is going to stand up in the midst of this world regardless of what we may happen to face, and that the peoples of this world are going to acknowledge the Christ in us. This is the vision that will carry us through life with all of its ups and downs and we can never be defeated. But his brothers got angry and they were jealous because they didnít like the idea that their youngest brother was making himself out to be someone that would have dominion over them.

As a result of this dream his brothers decided there was only one way to destroy his "Dream," and that was to kill him. In times like this when even life itself is threatened, the vision holds us for it can never fail. The brothers are diverted from their plan to kill Joseph, when they see some merchants coming down the road with spices going to Egypt. Now the brothers reasoned this would be the best way to get rid of their brother and also to be rid of his dream, so they sold him as a slave to these traders. But in the dream, he saw these other sheaves all bowing down to him, but now it seems that the vision has no power, for he has become a slave in Egypt. However, the Prophet Habakkuk was told that THE VISION IS FOR AN APPOINTED TIME but at the end it will speak and not lie, though it tarry wait for it, for it will surely come and will not delay. Proverbs reminds us, that without a vision the people perish, but he that keeps the Law happy is he. The vision provides the restraint or discipline we need in our lives, and if it was not for the direction it provides, we would function according to our own will.

The vision holds us to the divine purpose in our lives, which involves many changes within us before it can be fulfilled. Remember the sheaf to which all men will ultimately bow is not simply you or I, but it is the Christ dwelling in us, for he is Lord. But when we truly express what he is, then "I" and my Father are ONE.

The throne of God is in his people and God is going to rule the nations out of that people, because that is where his throne is today. Now when our heart is open to the Lord he will continue to speak into our consciousness providing us with further direction. Joseph dreamed yet another dream, and he said, Behold, Iíve dreamed a dream more; and behold the sun and the moon and eleven stars made obeisance to me. Now Joseph was shown that even the natural family relationships are subject to the divine authority that is instilled into our consciousness by a divine activity. This dream involved his Father and Mother as well as his brothers, all of whom would bow the knee to him. Joseph was learning that the authority that God vested in him was supreme and nothing could challenge it, not even his parents.

Josephís brothers were born of different mothers even though they were all the children of Jacob. But Joseph was born, the son of his love through Rachel. She also birthed Benjamin and then she died. Some of Jacobís children were conceived through jealousy and strife between his two wives, and this caused division in the family. But when Joseph told his brothers of the dreams he was given of God, the problem in relationships increased. Jacobís deception by which he gained the birthright from his brother and then again, using deception he received the Patriarchal blessing from his Father, now appeared in his own life regarding his wife. To get the blessing from his father he took upon himself the roughness of the "First Son" with the goatskins covering his neck and hands, and the rough clothing of Esau. Now, Jacob was also deceived by Laban over his wife.

He woke up in the morning to find he had been given Leah instead of Rachel the one he loved. Leah was the older girl in the family and his uncle said, "This is the way it works here, the eldest must be married first, before the youngest." Jacob was cheated out of the wife that he really wanted, by a natural law. This has happened many times in our own lives when we joined a church and are convinced that you have found the right one. But after a little while when the light dawns, you wake up with the wrong "Wife," because you are not able to produce what your heart is yearning for. Then Jacob had to serve another seven years before he could get the wife he really loved. But Joseph could not be beaten by any natural law.

So, here we are today facing life with all of its complexities trying to decide what we are going to do, and making decisions about what we want out of life. Marriage for many is like taking a ticket in a lottery hoping that it is the winning ticket and we get what we want. How foolish many of Godís people are to even think you have the capacity to plot a course through life today on your own. We cannot see the tomorrows, nor can we know what the future holds for us so at best life becomes for so many a gamble. Three out of five marriages do not last, and the stress and strain of life rob many of peace and tranquility, so that family life becomes almost a battleground. However God has said, "I will never leave or forsake you, for we are ONE and I will guide and direct your footsteps, as you are willing to obey my voice."

God wants you to "Dream the Dream" of your own REALITY just as Joseph did, for his dream is your dream and mine if we can understand it, because weíre going to go through trials and testings just like Joseph, and if you havenít dreamed the dream, you will not stand. Not only did his brothers hate him, but now, it says that he told his Father, and he rebuked him and said unto him, "What is this dream that youíve dreamed?" Shall your mother and I and your brethren indeed come to bow down ourselves to thee in the earth? And his brethren envied him, but his Father kept it in his heart. There is a spiritual lesson here for his father knew that one day this boy was going to be the Savior of his people. The dream was to include the salvation of his family, as well as his own people.

Beloved we are not studying history here but truth that is relevant to us today. Let me ask you a question, "WHO is going to save your family, and the whole human race??" You may very casually reply and say, "Christ is going to save my family for he is the Savior of the world." This is the response that has put Godís people into a coma, and destruction comes while they sleep. Of course the answer is true if we have had our understanding illuminated by the spirit of God. Without a VISION the people perish or they have no restraining influence in their lives. Joseph saw himself as the "Sheaf" standing up in the midst of other sheaves all of whom are bowing down to his sheaf. Here is the vision of our reality, that within you beloved, is the Christ of whom it is said, "Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is LORD to the glory of God the Father."

Can you not see every sheaf bowing to that sheaf honoring the one who is CHRIST the Savior of the world. But see the picture clearly, for all the sheaves are bowing to ONE WHO IS ALSO A SHEAF, and in the "Dream" that sheaf is Y-O-U, just as it was for Joseph many years ago. When Jesus Christ was on the earth the people followed him everywhere he went, but today he says to us, "I if I be lifted up in your consciousness to become the reality of your identity and being, I WILL DRAW ALL MEN UNTO ME." Where are the sheaves standing up in this world who are exalting the Christ within them, causing people to be drawn unto him as he promised. There are very few for we would rather partake in an all night prayer meeting and pray for our Government, and print handbills etc etc. For we have never Dreamed the Dream that will transform our lives to become the expression of the Christ, so that we may be the SAVIOR OF OUR FAMILIES, and also the Savior of the world.

Can you save your family? Or must you stand by helpless while your childrenís lives are being destroyed with drugs or alcohol and a multitude of other things. How many more families must be destroyed by divorce, violence, rape and murder, before we will return to the vision of our true reality, and recognize that the Savior of this world is walking this earth today as a M-A-N. For the WORD was made FLESH and dwelt among us. Once the vision registers in our consciousness we will recognize that WE ARE THAT MAN, and if we reject the vision or ignore it, we will fail our families and all of humanity. Joseph dreamed his dream while he was young as it took affect right from his youth. However it is never too late to embrace the vision, for God is able to RESTORE THE YEARS that the locust has eaten, such is his mighty power. The vision will fulfill itself, for it is like a self fulfilling prophecy. However this divine revelation of our true identity, and role in the Salvation of all men will have no affect upon our lives while it remains simply in the realm of knowledge. Christianity has degenerated over the years into a knowledge based concept, built upon certain doctrines which if you believe, you are considered to be saved and will go to heaven.

Christianity is a supernatural life that can never function as a transforming power while it is activated by the MIND. Jesus said, "Take no thought for material things," or if you want to bring changes to your life, your MIND cannot help you. Christ is SPIRIT for he is the anointing, that will bring the changes that are necessary to demonstrate our true identity, The "Vision" must be planted in our consciousness, and not just in our mind, only then can it become the LAW OF OUR LIFE. Within Eternal Life is all the power of God capable of doing anything he wants to do and nothing can oppose it. Once the vision has been divinely planted in your consciousness you are no longer a mortal human being with all its limitations, for you have become what CHRIST IS, for he is Eternal Life personified. There is no more trying to be, or trying to do certain things, but it is now CHRIST living and expressing himself through me. It is no longer "I" the mortal human being that lives, but CHRIST that lives in me. There is no longer a possibility of you failing or being overcome by anything, for every knee shall bow. Praise the Lord.

Let me now ask you the same question again, "Could you be a Savior to your family?" Of course you can once the vision has been divinely implanted in your consciousness. Like Joseph you must Dream the Dream and allow the dream to fulfill itself. Beloved the dream or the vision will destroy our old religious concepts that have robbed us of the truth about ourselves. You and I have got to see ourselves as a people with a divine mission. We have got to dream the dream and see that Christ can make you what he is. Any other limitation we may put upon our lives, will be cancelled out by the vision, and we will recognize it as a LIE. Youíve got to dream the dream and see the sheaf standing up in the middle of this world, and see people bowing to the Christ that is manifesting himself through you.

I have dreamed the dream, and I am seeing its affect in my life today, and it amazes me. I stand here absolutely amazed in the presence of the Lord, that anyone would drive ten miles to come to a meeting where I am ministering. Why in the world would they do that? Because of myself I can do nothing, but in Christ, I am a Savior, and so are we all if we can understand it. I am not elevating myself and telling you that the preacher is the only one that can be a savior. I am telling you that you are all saviors and that is why you must dream the dream, that will put you into a position where it becomes your reality. The Prophet Obediah says, "And saviors shall come up on Mount Zion to judge the Mount of Esau, (representing the world and the flesh), and the Kingdom shall be the Lords." The Prophet Habakkuk said, "Write the vision and make it plain, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but in the end it shall speak and not lie, though it tarry wait for it because it will surely come and it will not tarry."

Jesus Christ said, "I and my Father are one." They are not two separate people trying to get along together. We are not walking hand in hand down the road. He is in me and I am in him and we are one, so if he is the savior, then I am the savior with him, and together we are working as a team. I am the "Body", but he does the work, and my body is his temple but he is the one who fills his temple with his glory. These are his hands and these are his feet and this is his mouth. So you see, youíve got to dream the dream, otherwise you will never rise to be what God says you are. Beloved, we have to understand that this world is waiting for the sons of God to begin to dream the dream and become what God said we are. We are the saviors and until we become active and raise up the Christ consciousness in us, there is not a whole lot thatís going to happen.

At the age of 12 Jesus told his parents that he must be about his Fatherís business, and from that time his life was a preparation for the work that was ahead of him. WHEN HE APPEARED AT THE River Jordan, John recognized who he was and said, "Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world." He became the savior and he saved the life of all mankind. Joseph also saved the life of his world. Do you realize that? The world was facing a devastating famine that would have wiped out a large percentage of the then know world. Millions of people were going to die, but he saved them for he was the savior. He dreamed the dream a long time before he became the savior and the vision tested him and prepared him for its fulfillment through him.

However, I want you to see that if he had not dreamed the dream the issues of his life would certainly have destroyed him. And weíre not going to go through all the details because you know it. If more people would allow God to install this vision in their Consciousness, there would be a whole lot more happening in the world. But first of all, there are many people I share with, who are still waiting for some bolt of lightening from heaven to strike them and initiate the dream or vision in them. They know the facts that are revealed in the dream but that knowledge has no power to find expression in them. Here is a very important issue for us to understand in todayís world.

Christianity is largely impotent in the world today for one particular reason. Man has substituted KNOWLEDGE for SPIRITUALITY. This has fostered a pride that is very evident in our world today, having a destructive effect on the testimony of Christ. How sad it is to see preachers putting down others on the basis that their KNOWLEDGE is more accurate than others. TRUTH is judged today just like any other information, on what a man believes. Beloved TRUTH is not simply KNOWLEDGE but a PERSON, for Jesus said, "I AM THE TRUTH." He also spoke about the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive because it cannot see him and neither can man know him, until his existence within him is revealed by the spirit.

The "Serpent" in the Garden of Eden is alive and well today among Godís people. So many Christians BELIEVE the "snake" that deceived Eve is an entity that is called the "DEVIL." This "Being," so called, now is blamed for all the evil in the world, which lets us all off the hook. Obviously, Jesus did not believe that the Serpent is to blame for evil today, because he told us that there was nothing external to man that could defile him. Matt 15:11. Then he continued saying, "for out of the HEART OF MAN proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornication, thefts, false witness and blasphemies. Matt 15:19. However, in spite of such direct statements by Jesus many people cling to what they believe, about some devil that dogs our footsteps every day trying to make us sin.

If we want the TRUTH then our natural mind is not much use to us, for the Apostle Paul tells us, "The natural man using his natural mind, cannot receive the things of the spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him, neither can he know them because they are SPIRITUALLY DISCERNED, or can only be known with the help of the SPIRIT OF GOD. It is the natural mind of man that God said is more subtle than all the beasts of the field. It was the natural mind of man that caused the whole world to be deceived, so that they believe their origin is from their parents and they are now sinful, mortal human beings. This is in spite of Paul telling us that we are the CHILDREN OF GOD. A man can believe anything he wants to believe, and be very sincere about it, and yet be sincerely wrong. In spiritual matters the mind of man is useless, for only the Sprit of God can reveal TRUTH to us.

One very evident effect that our natural mind has caused, is that so many today believe that if we DO certain things we will be the Sons of God and go to heaven when we die. But the sad commentary on this idea is that, the lives of such people usually never measure up to that which would declare to the world that we are indeed Godís Children. Now I have said all this to show you that my intention in writing these notes is not to simply increase your knowledge, nor to tell you something that you can use to put down others who may not have this knowledge. When the Scripture says, "Without a VISION the people perish," it is not saying that if we KNOW THIS, we will automatically fulfill the vision. NO, if your knowledge is from God it will be directed NOT TO YOUR NATURAL MIND, but to your CONSCIOUSNESS, through which it can be translated into the reality of your life. If it is simply KNOWLEDGE it will have no power to affect your life.

We must allow TRUTH to descend from the natural mind of academic knowledge into our consciousness, where it has the power to become expressed in our lives. I have to recognize the VISION now becomes the spiritual motivation of my life, and bringing it into expression. It means that inside, there is something like a divine compass that is pointing you in a certain direction, and you know that God has begun to fulfill his will and purpose in you. You will recognize from Josephís life that without the vision absorbing your whole life you will soon be turned aside.

Not long after receiving the divine vision, Joseph was sent out to contact his brothers who were looking after their Fatherís sheep. When they saw him coming they devised a scheme to kill him believing that this would cancel out the dream, and they would not have to bow themselves to him. There are many people in the religious world, who would try and cancel out the vision God has given to you. You may be excommunicated from a Church fellowship or forbidden to take part in the ministry, but when the vision has been divinely implanted nothing can disannul it. Remember Jesus grew up as a tender plant and as a root out of a dry ground, having no form of comeliness, despised and rejected of men and a man of sorrows. But Godís will always prevails and Josephís brothers could not kill him, not even if they wanted to, but they sold him as a slave into Egypt.

The brothers practiced a deception on their Father and convinced him that Joseph was dead. But later on when the vision was fulfilled he could say to his brothers. Do not be grieved or angry with yourselves, that you sold me as a slave, because IT WAS GOD who sent me before you to SAVE YOUR LIFE. God used his brothers who hated him, to fulfill his will in Josephís life. Egypt was to be the scene of the fulfillment of the dream, so God needed to bring Joseph down to that country. How wonderful are the ways of God? But after he is bought by Potiphar, it was not long before Joseph had proved himself to be trustworthy, and so he is given authority over his whole household. So this was a confirmation to Joseph although it was not the total fulfillment of the dream.

The dream was guiding him, or rather the one who gave him the dream was working out his purposes in his life, but he is a slave in the household. However another problem arises for Potipharís wife is apparently not very happy with her husband, so she begins to look upon Joseph with lust in her eyes. And Joseph had a problem on his hands, because he would not bow to her evil desires because he had dreamed a dream. He knew where he was going, and he knew what God wanted to do in his life and so he was not about to be sidetracked by some pretty woman. So he tries to keep out of her way but she catches him in the house one day when there is nobody else around, and grabs his coat as he runs away. The coat was all she needed to make Joseph look guilty of the wicked charge the woman brought against him. As soon as her husband came home she accused Joseph of raping her and this resulted in him going to prison for something he did not do.

Where is his dream now for he is in prison like a common criminal, but regardless of his circumstances God is still in charge and the dream is still there. Like Jesus he is learning obedience by the things he suffered. We have to learn how to love those who are even our enemies and who despitefully use us. Joseph was in prison for quite awhile but the dream was still working, for he is given charge over the prisoners so his "Sheaf" is still standing regardless of his circumstances. He was able to make the life of the prisoners much better as he looked after them and encouraged them. However, the day came when two of the prisoners had a dream, one was the baker and one was the butler who once worked for Pharaoh. Joseph was very interested when he heard that both of them had a dream.

Before long he was interpreting their dreams for them, which described their future. These dreams were not quite the same as he had been given, but they were important to these men. The Butlerís dream revealed that he would be reinstated as a servant to Pharaoh, but the Bakerís dream showed that he would die. But even in this, Josephís dream was still controlling his circumstances, for it would be the Butler who would eventually introduce him to Pharaoh. Remember the Prophet said, "Though the vision tarry wait for it because it will surely come to pass." Most Christians want everything N-O-W, but be warned beloved, for there is a time of preparation for each of us. The scripture says, "Without a vision the people perish, BUT he that keeps the law, happy is he."

So with the vision there is a law that will govern the fulfillment of the Vision. To be able to stand in the midst of conflict, disappointment and injustice requires an inworking of the spirit of God in our lives, for the natural man would be so easily side-tracked along the way. The "Law of the Vision," involves keeping a single eye on the vision without responding to any of the issues that may cross our path along the way. The vision represents GODíS PERFECT WILL FOR YOUR LIFE, and Father will not allow you or anyone else to modify it in any way. To respond to injustice is to fail the vision. To become involved with conflict in your life will take your eye off the vision and you will join the crowd of Christians who are fighting their own little war, instead of following the vision. It is said of Jesus, "Who for the joy that was set before him endured the Cross, despising the shame and as a result of this, he is set down at the right hand of the throne of God." So the Apostle says, "Consider him who endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest you be wearied and faint in your minds." There is no one on the earth who will see the dream fulfilled in their life who has not passed through the fire of God so that the extraneous matter of our lives has been consumed. If you will take note of the many Christian leaders and preachers you may have known, you will discover that the ones who have most impressed you are those who have been tested in every way by the fire of God, and are still standing.

The Man Born to Rule

The Bible is not a history book, all the men mentioned are types of people illustrating various aspects of mankind as they relate to the Divine Pattern. Joseph is the first man outside the Garden of Eden who was BORN TO RULE. Some men did great exploits, others won victories through their life, but here for the first time we see a man who was Born to Rule. This is a true representation of Jesus Christ Godís pattern man, who endured such contradiction of sinners, reviled and slain upon a cross, but in the end we see him seated at the right hand of the Throne of the Father, ruling and reigning in righteousness forever.

I have often been criticized for being too "Deep" in my writings, but for this I make no apology. All of you that read this study probably know the STORY of Joseph and could recite it to the children. I am not interested in simply recounting history or telling the story, but I believe this narrative was included for the spiritual teaching that it contains. I am ashamed to be associated with the teaching given to our Sunday School Children, who grow up simply knowing "Bible Stories," but know nothing of Fatherís will and desire for their lives. So let us examine a little closer this great example of GODíS MAN for this hour in which we live today!

Unlike his father Jacob, who was driven from his home because of conflict with his family, Joseph serves as a Priest representing God to his brothers. He is not interested in raising flocks, nor purchasing real estate or seeking wealth. The dreams or visions God had planted within him had become the direction for his life, shining like a beacon directing him in the way God had appointed. His Great Grand Father Abraham could not rule over Egypt, for it became a snare to him seeking his destruction. Neither can Isaac rule over Egypt, for he represents the picture of SONSHIP being content to rest in Heavenly Places, enjoying the peace. Even his Father Jacob who represents "Service" cannot subdue Egypt or the realm of sense, which invaded his life. But here we see Joseph, despised and rejected of men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief and no one it seemed, cared. He was almost murdered by his brothers, his innocence destroyed by a lust filled woman whose lies had him cast into prison. Such a condition would have broken the spirit of most people, but not the spirit of Joseph.

The dream he dreamed impregnated every aspect of his life, whether it seemed negative or positive did not matter for the dream is true, representing the VOICE OF GOD spoken into his spirit. Joseph had a confidence in God that few today can emulate, for he knew that God is not a man that he should LIE, neither the son of man that he should have to repent of anything. Hath he not said, and shall he not DO IT, or has he not spoken and shall he not be able to carry out his word. Num

This is the kind of confidence that is lacking among Godís people today. Beloved Salvation is not some cheap ticket to "heaven," but we have been saved from all the alternatives that Adam was exposed to in the Garden of Eden when he ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We have been saved from the whole realm of material and physical sense, that would decree that we are simply mortal human beings. How many Christians are still bound by such carnal attitudes and have never been freed from the sense of their nakedness before God. These can never aspire to be the SONS OF GOD in reality. Joseph was born to RULE in every aspect of Life, and that is exactly what he did to show US TODAY that it can be done. It was not until Jesus Christ came into the world that we saw another who was also BORN TO RULE and is now seated at the right hand of the Father in the place of Authority, waiting to implement that authority IN Y-O-U TODAY.

The Apostle John was imprisoned on the Island of Patmos, but he heard a voice calling him to come up higher. In that high spiritual state he looked and saw a DOOR opened into the spiritual realm of his own being, and he looked and saw a THRONE. But the Throne was not empty but it was active, for there was one that sat on the throne. Around this throne there were 24 elders clothed in white, which is the righteousness of God, and they all wore golden Crowns, that is the picture of divine authority. But the point to ponder is that John was not looking into the temple in Jerusalem but into the Temple of his Body. Godís throne is set IN A PEOPLE, and from that throne he is ruling the nations. This is the reason why today we must dream the dream that will convince us that in God we are destined to be the seat of his authority on the earth in this our day, and allow that dream to work out in us its purifying work.

The flesh refuses to accept that we can be imprisoned by the call of God in our lives, and still be in his will. Joseph remains in prison but even there he holds a position of authority over all the prisoners who share the same fate. But patience must have her perfect work in the man who will rule in the spiritual realm. When speaking about "Eternal Life," I made mention that God has not given that Life to any man. Some questioned this remark suggesting that God gives us eternal life when we, "Give our hearts to Jesus!" But remember that Eternal life is the very LIFE OF GOD, which can Create all things, make the blind to see, stop the storm, open up the sea for his people to pass through, raise the dead and much more! Would it be wisdom to give such unlimited power to children who are undisciplined? I do not think so.

When the disciples were traveling through Samaria on their way to Jerusalem the disciples asked the Samaritans for lodgings for the night, but they refused. Then the disciples asked Jesus if they could call down fire from heaven and consume them, just as Elijah did with the prophets of Baal. But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, "Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of, for the Son of man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them." There are Christians today who seek to destroy those who may differ in understanding from them and I know that such people are listening to another voice, and not the voice of God. So "Eternal Life" has been delegated to the SON, (Christ) a disciplined child of the Father who has passed through the fire of God, and by experience has allowed the divine vision to complete its work, bringing him into subjection to his Father.

Why is there such a time of waiting before the vision finds its fulfillment? There are two reasons, and the first is, so that the vessel can be fully equipped to handle the authority of true SONSHIP. The second reason is, because God needs to set the stage for the manifestation of his sons, before they can be brought forth. Paul tells us that all of creation is waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God. "For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry." Hab. 2:3. Why have they not been brought forth before this, in our generation? Before people will look for a deliverer, they must find themselves in a state of desperation, in other words they must feel that they need a Savior that can release them from a situation they cannot handle. So Joseph remains in prison, but the vision is still in control. After terrorism broke loose in America and has continued in many countries including Bali, a fear has been generated in the hearts of many people. But I believe we have only seen the very beginning of conflict in this world, for there is much more to come. As evil continues to escalate and diseases that are presently unknown begin to develop, then people will begin to look for someone to save them.

Then the Sons of God will come forth as a mighty army not with guns and bullets, but in the power and manifestation of the Christ functioning in and through the people of God bringing salvation and peace to all men. Egypt represents the world of sense, and one day Pharaoh the ruler of that country, has a dream and no one can interpret it for him. Suddenly, as a result of this dream the Butler remembers his friend Joseph in prison, and his ability to interpret dreams, so he tells Pharaoh about his friend in prison and Joseph is commanded to stand before him. Having washed off the grime of the prison he enters the presence of this ruler of the land of Egypt. After being hated of his brothers and being sold as a slave into the land of Egypt, then to be cast into prison and apparently forgotten, suddenly the vision comes alive and the role for which he has suffered the loss of all things, suddenly appears.

Pharaoh is pictured here as the highest faculty of the natural man, and he is suddenly disturbed by visions. He dreams that all his strength is being swallowed up as he watches the lean cows consume the fat ones, but they show no evidence of the meal. Then he sees thin ears consuming the full ears until nothing is left. In these visions he feels a foreboding of evil and becomes greatly agitated. So, "For such a time as this," all the pain and suffering Joseph went through prepared him to enter this scene as a liberator and a savior. The animals are linked to our emotions, and in this natural world of sense the animals simply devour each other with no benefit resulting, only trouble and great loss. The corn, which is the product of the natural life of man again is seen as being swallowed up, but there is still no benefit from the eating. The whole picture is very bleak indeed.

The wisdom of Egypt is summoned to provide an answer to this desperate situation, but they have no answer to give that can avert this coming judgment. Filled with fear and despair Pharaoh humbles himself as his attention is directed to Joseph who is first a prisoner, but also a man from another country, which at that time had no standing in Pharaohís world. But in the divine purposes of God, Joseph is Godís man for this hour. Beloved, do not get too wound up in the story line and so miss the very relevant lessons that we can learn here. There are a people on the earth at this moment, who are walking the same pathway as Joseph, but have not yet been manifested because the stage has not been set for them to be brought forth. However, the Lord is working his work and the stage is being set and everything is right on course.

Joseph began to tell Pharaoh that his dream was from God who was telling him that there are seven years of plenty to be followed by seven years of famine. However, Joseph continued to tell Pharaoh what he needed to do in order to minimize its effect upon the people. Joseph was not only able to interpret the dream but also to provide the solution to the problem. To Pharaohís amazement Joseph continued on to provide the whole strategy that would avert what would have been the destruction of much of the then known world. It was Godís desire to not only save the people of Egypt, but Josephís own family and this salvation was to extend to the rest of the world.

"The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding. For by me thy days shall be multiplied, and the years of thy life shall be increased." Pharaoh was told God was being merciful to him, warning him of things that were coming upon the earth, and giving him divine wisdom to know how to avert the devastation. Pharaoh was very impressed with this ex-prisoner and his ability to interpret his dreams. Such wisdom impressed Pharaoh so much that he appointed Joseph to be in charge, and to implement the plan that had been divinely given to him. In such a short time the dream became reality as Joseph found himself only one step from complete authority of all the land of Egypt. There are those today, who are being prepared as the Saviors of our generation. Death is reigning almost supreme in our world, through war, disease, famine, sickness, murder and evil men in positions of authority in Government.

For all those years Josephís life had been shattered having no contact with his father or his mother or any of his brothers, but that was all to change with his new position. He was divinely guided as he set about hording all the grain that could be produced, and filling every silo he could find and then building more. Whatever Joseph said, is what the people did and no one questioned his decree. He knew he had 7 years to store enough grain to feed the world, and he knew how much was needed so the task was not difficult. Those seven years of plenty were blessed of the Lord because of Joseph, and the people had never seen such crops as were produced during that time.

Joseph was seeing the fulfillment of part of his dream, with his sheaf standing in the midst of the field. Jesus said that the "Field" is the world in the parable of the sower and the seed, and now Godís man has passed through the discipline necessary to fit him to be a receptor of the wisdom of the universe, with an authority he possessed from the Lord. The world would soon be beating a path to his door in search of his wisdom and understanding, but for the moment the stage was being set for the time of famine. Notice the famine had no affect on Joseph except to elevate him to the place of authority. All the wisdom of God was in him, including the answer to the famine that was coming. But that wisdom was not just to save his own life, but the lives of his whole family and extending to the then known world.

However, let us look deeper and see that the wisdom of Joseph also provided for the reconciliation of his whole family. The dream said that all his brothers and his parents would bow down to him. In the natural we would say that could never happen, for his brothers declared they would never bow down to him. But God knows how to humble people not by force, but through the power of the Christ exalted in us. He said, "I, if I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me." The scripture also says that the day is coming when EVERY knee shall bow and EVERY tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God." This beloved, will be so in this end of the age, for the Lord has spoken it.

Could this be a picture of a time on the earth when men endowed with divine wisdom would come forth filled with the spirit of God and provide spiritual direction that will affect nations. Many such countries are being destroyed by the stupidity of men who have been given authority and then abused it, having no regard for the welfare of the people. Jeremiah was one who had influence over his nation at a time of difficulty and defeat, telling the people to surrender to the nation that was being raised up to bring them into subjection. If they decided to fight they would be destroyed. Godís people in nations that have been ruled by tyrants, are crying out to the Lord for a savior in these days, who can deliver them from their suffering. Many nations in Africa are making their voice heard today, as they call upon the Lord for deliverance from sickness, pain, suffering and death. Therefore, I believe there are saviors being raised up who will be endowed with divine wisdom and knowledge whose authority will inspire others leading them along a pathway of freedom and release.

As the seven years of plenty came to an end, every thing that would hold grain had been filled and Joseph was confident that the supply would be sufficient for the need. So the famine began to manifest itself and the crops failed just as the "Dream" had foretold. A steady flow of people began to find there way to Egypt for they had heard that there was corn in that land. The truth is that were not coming to Egypt because they liked the country, but because there was a savior there who could save them in their hour of need. It was to Joseph that everyone bowed, because he was ordained of God as the savior of the world. In this way Joseph represented Christ Jesus to the people of his day and his personal identity had very little relevance.

However the dream Joseph dreamed indicated that his brothers, who had vowed never to bow to him, would also bow down themselves to him. But the day came when the famine began to affect the land where Joseph came from and they received word that there was grain available in Egypt. As their food supply dried up Jacob sent his sons to buy grain so they could survive. When they arrive they have to deal with Joseph, but of course they do not recognize him, as he has been away for so long and now he was dressed as an Egyptian and used the local language. But as they approach this man in order to get the grain they need, they bow themselves before him. Little do they know that they have just fulfilled the dream Joseph had as a young man.

You can see why each of us have to dream the dream, because I do not know the pathway you must walk before Godís purpose will be fulfilled in you. I personally would never have chosen the pathway that I have had to walk, if God had asked for volunteers, I would have said that is not for me. But he did not ask me, but took me through certain experiences that I had to go through. But here I am today, and the dream is being fulfilled in my life and ministry. I see that people are beginning to bow to the Christ in me, not to Des Walter, but to the Christ that dwells in me fulfilling the dream. I want you to have the vision of what God has purposed for your life for we are the saviors of this world. Beloved it is Christ IN YOU that is the hope of glory, and it is to this indwelling Christ that every knee will eventually bow, and not simply to the historical Christ that lived 2000 years ago.

However the total fulfillment of the dream went must further than Josephís brothers bowing to him, for he was "Born to rule" as was the man created in Gen 1:26-27. God said to that man, "And let them have dominion over all the works of my hands." The word "Dominion" contains the idea of treading down the grapes so that the purpose for which they were grown can be fulfilled. Dominion is not "Domination," but functions out of a higher position of authority that is developed through obedience. That divine authority must be developed in us not to "Lord it over others," but so the will and purpose of God may be fulfilled in his people. Therefore Joseph was not satisfied just to see his brothers bowing before him, but there must be a reconciliation between himself and the brothers who once tried to kill him. This was not just for Josephís sake, but it was essential for his family whose lives had been stunted and distorted by the loss and estrangement of this son and brother. Guilt is a powerful and destructive force in the lives of Godís people.

In a most unique way Joseph set about first of all to develop "Trust" in his brothers as he enquires about his younger brother who he had never met, but who in a sense became his replacement in the family. By engineering circumstances Joseph forced his brothers to bring their youngest brother down with them before they would be able to buy more grain. There was something special about Benjamin, which means "Son of the right hand." The final acts in this drama brought about the reconciliation of the brothers with Joseph as they shared a meal together, and then the revelation that the one they had been dealing with as the brother they tried to kill and sold as a slave into Egypt.

In this we see a picture of today as many Christians reject the Truth that is revealed in Christ, and then cast out everyone who follows that truth out of their Churches and fellowships. But as we become the manifestation of the Sons of God, they will acknowledge our place in the release of all creation from the bondage they have been in. Thus the family of God will at last be reconciled not by arguments over doctrines, but when they see that we have been prepared of the Lord to be the saviors of the world. Josephís whole family was reconciled as they all discovered that the DREAMS Joseph had were from the Lord, and that was proved by the fact that they came to pass just as he had been told in the beginning. The reason why Christendom rejects so many Christians today is because their lives do not conform to what they believe, and this will continue to be the case until the Truth they claim to believe, becomes expressed in their lives. Joseph was accepted by his family because of what God said about him in the beginning, that all the other sheaves would bow down to his sheaf, and this had become the reality of his life.

This process must begin with a dream or a vision that comes from the Father into our spirit, and be received with joy as we walk out the pathway in perfect obedience, that will fit us for the role we are to play in the divine will as saviors of the world. Do not be deterred by the futurists who put all these things in some imaginary, "End of the world" experience. Neither be side tracked by those who are waiting for "Jesus to return" from the sky to judge the world, as the saints simply "Fly Away" to an imaginary heaven. Beloved, we are being fitted today to bring salvation to this world suffering under the law of sin and death. The Kingdom of God is not some "Pie in the sky when you die" experience, but as Jesus told us "IT IS WITHIN YOU NOW." "Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all that you need shall be added unto you."

Be blessed and be encouraged in the Lord.

Des Walter December 2003.

I want to tell you this world is in a mess as you already know. There are wars and rumors of wars and I donít think thatís the end and thatís going to continue. Thereíll be war in Indonesia before itís all over, thereís a war there now really. But thatís going to spread. Thereís a war that will be in the north of India, Iím sure. Thereís going to be another war in Korea, thereís going to be another war there I believe, because those guys at the top are now making there or theyíve already got their atomic weapons and what have you, weapons of warfare. So I can see that there is a lot of conflict to come into this world yet. How itíll all happen, I donít know. Iím not prophesying before you today, Iím just telling you what I believe thatís in my heart. And, what are we going to do? Thereís going to be people today because as war escalates, I have already told you that because of the war in Iraq, there has been such a change in the heart of men particularly, who come from the Arab nations and in their families, nothing basically to do with the war, nothing to do with the war, but the war is generating a hatred. Itís generating attitudes that are contrary to what God requires and so these men as I say, I was reading in this magazine how so many of the women who had a lovely husband, who had happy marriages, are finding now it very difficult to stay within the relationship because the man has become violent. The man is now showing an aggression in his life which heíd never seen before. Why is this? Because you see thereís a consciousness in this world, and that consciousness thatís been bringing war is also affecting many, many people, without them knowing it. Itís an unconscious thing. Without them knowing it, they are finding an aggression thatís arising in them, because evil, evil has a consciousness of itself. And if we become a part of that evil in the world, if evil becomes a part of our life, we will be adding to that mass whatever it is, that is evil in the world, and that will continue to affect all of mankind. But in the same way, as the Christ consciousness is being raised in us, so the Christ consciousness also is being raised in all of mankind.