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Hello, My name is Paul L. Young, Jr. My wife and I would like to welcome you to this web site. We are eternally grateful to Gary and others who preach the message of ultimate reconciliation. After many years of being caught up in religious systems it was life saving to hear that God is too loving to fail to reconcile all men to Himself. Traditional indoctrination had blinded me to this wonderful truth.
Mary and I have ministered in China, Australia, Guatemala, and the Philippines. Prison and jail ministry is our main focus in the states.
I have written a 235 page book of poetry that stresses the unconditional love of God for all men. The book covers a wide range of subjects
and does expose, what I believe to be, many incorrect doctrines taught in the world today. You can obtain a copy of "Out of Darkness" from
The following poems will be in my second book. I pray that you will be blessed, enlightened, and be able to see the outcome of infinite grace. Jesus really is the Savior of all men. 1 Tim. 4:10