In Spirit and In Truth    
Jackie Caporaso



Moving On Up

We Are What We Eat

The Last Phaseof Our Long Journey Home

Dividing Asunder

The Lord My RockV

The Guests of the Wedding Supper

Jerusalem From Above

World Under God

New Garments

The Last Word of the Last Trump

Unto Us A SON is Given

Beauty For Ashes

The Rising Son Within

Unmasking The Man Of Sin 

The Wire Church

The Horses Are Here 

Clouds of Heave Underground church 

Zion and Jerusalem  

Be Strong and of Good Courage 

The Battle of the Great Day of God Almighty

Time To Add Benjamin 

Buy The Truth and Sell It not

Good and Evil Working Together

The Day of Fire 

He That Overcometh

God Still Loves The World 

When God Lights Our Candle 

Ascending and Decending 

Of Life and Immortality   

Alpha and Omega 

The Bride the Woman the Wire the Church

The Living Breathing Tabernacle Part 5 

The Living Breathing Tabernacle Part 4 

The Living Breathing Tabernacle Part 3  

The Living Breathing Tabernacle Part 2  

The Living Breathing Tabernacle 

The Angel of Revelation 10   

John Saw The City 

The Rise and Fall of the Image

Esau Subdued 

Rise Up And Posses Your Land

Abba Father

When Michael Stands Up

Our God is a Consuming Fire

Thy Sons Shall Marry Thee

Time to crush the Dragon

The New Covenent in My Blood

Benjamin My Cup Is In Your Sack

The Jacob Journey

The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail

Witnesses of His Resurrection

On The Narrow Way

Go Subdue and Have Dominion

This Mortal Must Put on Immortality

No Greater Love

A Life-Giving Mission

The House That Jesus Built

Two Wings of a Great Eagle                                                                                                                                                                      

Feed My Lambs

A Short Work Will The Lord Make

God In All

 The Two Witnesses Part 1

The Two Witnesses Part 2

The Two Witnesses Part 3

The Absolute Promise Of tFather

Jesus As He Is Now

Baptism of Repentance

The Heart Of The Shulamite

Of Twain One New Man

First Love

Jesus Opened the Book

Going to Father's House

A Stone of Stumbling

The Way to the Tree of Life

The knowledge of the Glory of God Shall Fill the Earth

The Tabernacle of David

the Fiery Red Dragon

Our Predestination

Tabernacle Journey of True Worship

Where is Benjamin

Our Hope of Glory

What House Will You Build For Me

An Apostle Out of Due Season

The Bridegroom Bride Manchild

Conformable To His Death

Begotten and Begotten Again

I Have A Dream to Share

Four Beasts Out of the Sea

 From the Bride to the Great White Throne

A Pure Word and A Clear Vision

He Restoreth My Soul

I Will Go

The Omega Hour

Blow The Trumpet

I Hear An Abundance of Rain

Our Journey With His Blood

Being Built Unto A Holy Temple

Thou Art A Priest Forever

The Woman Clothed With The Sun

The Journey of the Seed

The Serpent In The Tree

We Walk With God

He That My Soul Loveth

Unto Immortality

To Know Who the Son of Man Is

Casting The Decisive Vote

Wheat and Tares

Let Us Go On Unto Perfection

The Last Shall Be First

The Fall of the Image

The Serpent's Masterpiece