Believe it or Not – II


     Let’s discuss prayer (talking with God) some more. Somehow I feel as though there are still some questions. This might not be very long but I pray it will help with those questions.

     We did learn that God is with us always. We learned we must get to know Him intimately. We also learned that to pray means to talk, have a conversation with Him and put Him first place in our lives.

     Sometimes the bible seems to contradict itself.  For instance, Jesus goes to a special place to pray; the mountains or the desert, always alone. Even in the last minutes of His life, He went into the garden. So therefore we understand as a young Christian we are to go into our closet. (Matt. 6:6) So how many of us still ‘go into our closet’?

     The Jewish people will still use a Tallit to cover themselves when they are in prayer. I’ve tried it and it worked for me then. As I grow I put away those things. I’ve learned a better way and that’s how it is with our walk with the Lord. It is ever changing as our faith grows.

     Let’s take Paul (Saul) for instance. He was a devout Christian (he thought). He was obeying those in authority by arresting and killing other Christians that were not like him. Well, the Lord decided it was time to rein him in to do His will rather than the Pharisees. Paul, as Saul, had a life and name changing experience, to say the least! He was captured by the Spirit and sent out into the desert to learn to hear Gods voice.

     He spent fourteen years I believe alone with God! Can you imagine what that would be like? I’ll bet he learned so much, well, we know he did. God used him to teach many people. We now have most of the New Testament because of him. We now trust his writings to live by.

     What I’m getting at is this: Paul learned what Jesus lived. He got hold of the fact that Jesus has come back already! We are not waiting for His great appearing in His flesh but His appearing in all of mankind’s “flesh.” “Clouds” in scripture means “crowds.” He will appear in the “clouds.” Slowly but surely He is appearing in His people who will submit to Him! As our lives and character change they will see Him! Our flesh won’t be “saved” but our lives will manifest Him outwardly through our flesh! Wow!!

     That knowledge helps us to have confidence and to trust Him. We know how to pray because we begin to know Him and His character. We soon have the love He has and even the knowledge He has! Remember He has said “you know all things.” (1st Jn. 2:20)

     If we know all things then we can do even more things that He did! It’s a different world today. We can “see” what the outcome of some situations will be and we have the power of prayer to either encourage them or to stop them. We just need to “believe and ask and it shall be done.” (Mark 11:24)

     When we pray in the name (character) of Jesus, and believe, the Holy Spirit as a free-agent is sent forth to do it. It is a very simple principle.

     I just asked my husband to bring me back a pair of rubber gloves while he is out. He has gone forth and I trust him to bring them to me! I am not sitting here calling him every few minutes to beg him to please bring me the rubber gloves! I asked him in respect and I know he will honor my request. In fact, I thanked him as he was leaving.

     I am learning to trust my Father in the same way. If I ask in love it will be His will and it is done!

     You can’t fake the love—NO! NO! He alone knows our hearts. It has to be a hearts desire, an abyss desire. Compassion, mercy and grace, these are the most important attitudes when conversing with the Father.

     Sometimes we have those attitudes while praying but the minute we are out into the world we start mouthing what our enemy, the carnal mind, says. What happens to our prayer? It is negated! Like I said, He alone knows our hearts and there is the power of life and death in our tongue! I’m just as guilty as the next person. Well, maybe not as bad as some but a little is as bad as a lot of negativity. I am really trying not to join in conversations that negate my prayers. I really try hard to portray that God is in control! If I just respond that way and make my carnal mind and mouth shut-up, I am fine. There are times I get caught up and I have to go back to my Father. But guess what? He has already forgiven.

     Just like with Peter denying Him three times at the cross. He knew it would happen. But Peter found out when he went fishing, he was already forgiven. Never ending, unconditional love! Oh my God, how wonderful you are, there is no one like you or even can compare with you!

     Paul taught us to pray constantly! Jesus said go into your closet and close the door. How? Paul caught the spirit of the term “closet.” A closet is a private room where you are by yourself. Well, in the spirit, our closet is the deepest part of our heart where He abides. The “abyss” as one brother called it. In there no one can disturb you; you can pray 24/7 and say what you need to say! It beats a hot Tallit or a dark closet!

     Jesus told the woman at the well that time was coming when we would not go here or there to worship God. He was giving us a ‘heads-up’ to the time when He would abide inside of us. There you will find the Holy Hill of Zion and there you will “find” God!

     Luke 18:5-8 tells us about a judge that feared neither man nor God. A widow came and asked him to avenge her of her adversary. He would not for awhile, but decided if he was to get rid of her and her begging, he would do it!  Before Jesus was crucified, people was asking and begging for God to answer their prayers. Jesus told them that God would answer anyone who continually cried out to Him. The next line He said blew their minds! They didn’t even hear what He said and that is still our problem today. We didn’t hear the next line either! Jesus said, “NEVER THE LESS, WHEN THE SON OF MAN COMETH, SHALL HE FIND FAITH ON THE EARTH?  Could He have said that crying out to God was fine for that time because he had not finished what He had come to do? It is now finished and He now lives inside of us. It is time for Him to find Faith on/in the earth! We are now to ask and believe and have faith that it shall be done!

     The throne of God is in the abyss of our hearts. Way down where no man can go. Only God and Holy Spirit know what’s there. But God has made a way for us, by the Spirit, to go where no man (human or carnal mind) has been or ever will go. That is our closet.


 So come boldly by the Spirit and let your request be known. (Heb.4:16)  He is there waiting on you to acknowledge His presence. After this happens there is no man who can stop you from getting your requests answered. He loves us with an unending unconditional love. His desire is our desire as long as it is Godly and in character with Him.





Frank’s Fragment

     As all of us continue our journey with Father, we should be reminded that it was impossible for any of us to be/get saved by answering an “altar call.” Remember Saul on the Damascus road. I feel certain that when he set out that morning to capture or kill Christians that he had no desire to meet the Creator of the Universe. However, Father had a plan for Saul and called him that particular day. Scripture tells us that no man can come to the Father except the Spirit draw (Gr. drag) him. Our lives are lived entirely at Fathers disposal. We think that we are in control but that is totally incorrect. Read Psalm 2 for an eye-opening experience. As a saying that I’ve heard goes: if you want to hear God laugh, tell him what your plans are! Whenever it is time for a change to be made within us, Father will initiate it via Holy Spirit working within our spirit. All we have to do is stay plugged in to the spiritual wave-length from Fathers transmitter and do what it tells us to do at the time it tells us to do it! Very simple to say, yet difficult to accomplish because of our connection with the world through our carnal mind. It is imperative that we put on the mind of Christ and allow Father full reign of our life. Always remember that phrase from the previous article: PRAY IT UP AND PRAISE IT DOWN! That has worked for Barbara and me for over forty years. Glory to Father!!


In His infinite grace,



Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, handling accurately the word of truth. (2 Tim. 2.15)


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