The Vision


     As I was reading a mail-out of Des Walter for the second time, I was struck by something he mentioned out of Habakkuk. I have read Habakkuk several times, as most of you have, but this time the book is very enlightening.

     Habakkuk is complaining about the iniquity in the land. Does that sound familiar? It seems every time two or more of us are gathered together, the question is there! We re-hash every terrible thing our world is going through. No one has an answer!

     It is not just the United States, this is a global thing and there are a lot of scared people out there! One good thing I can see is that we are realizing God cares for ALL people not just the U.S.A.! I think sometimes we tend to forget that He is God of ALL the world. He is concerned about ALL mankind, the good, the bad and the ugly. We here in the states are not anymore or any less special than the rest of the world. God has shown us more Mercy and Grace but it just might be coming to an end. At least we will feel like He has forgotten us! His mercies are without end so He will always show His mercy but there will be times when we wonít feel as though He being merciful.

     In the second verse of the second chapter, Habakkuk is told to write the vision and make it plain, that he might run that reads it. I am aware several others have written and tried to explain what is going on but no one can help everyone understand. I took this as a personal command from the Lord and I hope I will help someone understand and ďseeĒ more clearly what is going on in this world.

     Chapter one opens with Habakkuk sincerely questioning the Lord. Does that sound like most of our prayer and conversations we have with Him? There are a lot of ministries calling us to pray and fast for our countryóus four and no more! We have to be aware of the rest of the world. They are in trouble also!

     All of the crying out that is done in this book IS NOT ANSWERED! How can this be? This man KNOWS God and he is not getting any results!

     Habakkuk wants to know how can God, the great creator of Heaven and Earth just sit and watch HIS PEOPLE SUFFER. The violence, wickedness and spoiling has been brought before Habakkuk and has caused him sorrow. He just canít seem to get a grasp on what God is doing. The Law is not honored and the wicked seem to be winning! Judgment is not being brought forth. Are we not in this same place?

     But God! He finally speaks. We arenít told just how long He allowed this defeated and negative attitude to go on before He finally acknowledged the complaints and fear of His people.  We know He was aware and could hear and see His people were in trouble. The wicked were getting the victory over the people and He was not doing anything! (Maybe some of them even went so far as accusing the government of doing these terrible things. We would never accuse our government of such things, would we?) After all, we were allowed the privilege of selecting them ourselves. These people of Habakkukís time were not allowed such an honor.

     This should not be hard to understand. After all, God has said He would not strive with us forever! (Gen.3:6) I donít believe He means He will send us to everlasting damnation. I believe He was referring to the Day when He would send a Savior to redeem all mankind. He would take away our reason to fear others. He would take away our reasons for not rejoicing in all things. He would take all our fears and hate and give us a love that overcomes ALL things! By His dying on the cross and fulfilling the Law of Moses we need never fear anything again. He did it through Jesus Christ, His Son, and forever! If we know who He is and who we are in Him then we can rejoice in even the bad times like we are about to enter into!

     He will deal with each one, the attackers and the ones being attacked before it is all over for He is All in All. He didnít create us to destroy us. His promise came in the form of a human being named Jesus. His striving with us was finished on the cross as He accepted the sacrifice of His own Son. The resurrection put the period on the end. It is finished. He is not striving anymore because He knows all the debt has been paid. He is satisfied. Now, my Brothers and sisters, it is us, mankind that strives with Him! He sits in the clouds and laughs at our derision! It is US that kicks against the goads and He is not worried about what is going on because He knows who wins!!

      Back to HabakkukóGod is now explaining what is happening. This is where we need to pay close attention. Like Habakkuk, we need to set ourselves apart (not in a group) and ďhearĒ what He is saying. He is saying the same thing to the whole world, not just to us in our little corner of the world. There is a global economic problem.

     The Lord answered him just as He will us if we ask with a pure heart. (A prayer group is fine but everyone should have already heard from Him before the gathering! Donít come depending on the leaders to tell you! Come together to confirm and celebrate Godís will, not to hear from your leaders.) Be ready to accept His answer without protest. That is not always easy but it is the only way. We want His best, always.

     He tells Habakkuk the vision is for an appointed time. We do realize we donít have anything to do with His timing! Donít try to hold Him back or push Him forward! It wonít work. So what do we do while He is deciding who, what, where and when? Thatís right, we wait!! He promises it will come and will not tarry! By the way, He doesnít wear a watch!

     We, the just, have to learn to live by faith. He has so blessed America that if we donít have instant gratification thatís a sign our prayers will not be answered!

     As the verse goes on, our situation is correctly described. He is so succinct in describing our ďNOWĒ, we wonder if this kind of situation has been going on since the beginning of time. (Of course there is nothing new under the sun!)

     God has promised never to leave us or forsake us. We have to come to the place where we believe every promise He has ever made. We canít pick and choose those that please us. Many times it gets hard, but, He didnít promise us a rose garden. He did however promise to walk with us through the trial.

     Letís go back to verse four. He explains He has sent the Chaldeans for judgment on the nation. He has said He will work a work that we will not believe even though it be told us.

     The Chaldeans, their strong enemy, were being allowed to come against them because of their disobedience and unbelief. Now, my Dear Friends listen carefully to this! They had become secure in their own strength and prosperity! Actually, this attitude had caused a weakness in their nation. This false security had caused them to put God, in their own minds, their slave! We, like them, have become so secure in His love we take Him for granted. (That makes me sad.) That is not good. It has caused a weakness in our nation. He is like a jealous spouse. He has to be first in our lives.

     In verse twelve, Habakkuk realizes what he has done and starts to mend his ways. He doesnít plead for forgiveness of his sin or whine and beg. He simply starts to confess Godís promises. Reminding himself of who He is brings praises to his mouth.

     ďArt thou not from everlasting to everlasting, O Lord, my God, mine Holy One? We shall not die. O Lord, thou hast ordained them for judgment: and O, Lord, Mighty God, Thou hast established them for correction.Ē

     That is what should be coming out of our mouth and off our tongue when we gather together or have our time with our Precious Father. How dare we accuse Him of destroying us or making us suffer! This should not be. When we have hard times remember, He is in charge of the good times and the bad times. It all works together for the good, for those called by His name! Paul says to rejoice in all things because this is the will of God for you!

     He tells us we must live by faith. Faith in whatówhat we see or canít see?  Regardless of how bad situations get, we must depend on God and believe He is going to work it out for His Glory and our best. Period! He is the One who has promised and He cannot fail. It might look like He isnít even aware of what is going on but He is faithful to do as He has promised. He is not slack or a man that He can lie!

     He has called us to a place high above any problem. In this place the experience can be compared to living at the bottom of the ocean where the water is forever calm even if there is a terrible storm going on at the surface.  Our inner man can stay calm even though the outer man suffers. Why? Because we know Who is in control and we know He is working it out for our good!!

     What has come out of His mouth will be done. His Word will accomplish what it was sent to do. Every word, not just what we understand.

     Something we have to remember is that this earth as a ball of dirt is His and this earth as our flesh is His! He will have His way regardless of how man kicks against the goad or strives with Him, HE WINS!

     Our prayer should be one of praise and thanksgiving that He is doing the work. He will bring justice to His people and judgment to those who are against them! It might not be tomorrow, next year or a hundred years from now, but it will come in His time if we will just confess the Word and the Promises He has already made to us. There are no new promises, only those that have been for hundreds of years. We donít need a Prophet to tell us what God is doing, only a determination to ask and receive from Him. He is more than willing to tell anyone who will listen and receive.

     Habakkuk, in chapter three, finally finds that place of prayer and starts to realize Godís deliverance of the people. Not that he saw it manifest over night but his faith was renewed after he spent the time with God. Being renewed and stabilized, he got his eyes back on God rather than on the situation. Sometimes WE need a little jolt to help us ďseeĒ what is going on. (Remember, ďI could have had a V-8!Ē)

     Remember, He has said He will work a work that we would not believe even if we are told. The vision is total victory in every aspect of our lives in His time. We are to wait on the vision, for it will surely come.

     He has given us something to keep us busy while we wait expectantly for the vision to come to pass. Learn to control our tongue and be sure we speak blessings on our enemies and not curses! Even though they are speaking curses on us we know two wrongs do not make one right!! Do not resist evil but love your neighbor as yourself and your God with all your might, with all your strength and with all your heart. Matthew 22:37-40

     Remember who our neighbors areóThe World, for He came to save every man!










Frankís Fragment

    It seems like all of us are always trying to put Father into a box of our own choosing. However, as Habakkuk learned, it canít be done. Hopefully, we can learn and apply the same lesson to each of our lives. As Barbara pointed out, we in America are not the only ones in the world who are undergoing trials and tribulations. It is now, and will always be, worldwide. For some reason the Christians in America have come to believe that we are the only ones that Father has any concern for. That mind set is definitely wrong! Father cares for ALL of His creation as the song saysóRed, Yellow, Black or White, they are all precious in His sight. After all, Messiah came to save ALL mankind when He accepted His mission to come to earth as a man. Praise God, His work was accomplished and is totally finished.  Always recall, that God is not a man that He should lie, but you can count on His word accomplishing what it was sent forth to do. It will be done as He says, not always in accordance with what we think He should do.




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