There seems to be a big question that arises whenever we talk about how God forgave the whole world 2000 years ago. Do you find it always comes up when you share about the cross and how it took care of everything, including all we have ever done or ever will do?  This truth seems to be a problem for those seeking grace from our Father. 

     It was rather difficult for me, as well, when I first heard the good news of His Love for me. I thought I knew all about it but I was in for a big surprise! I thought everyone was a sinner and had to ask Jesus to forgive us our sins before He would accept us. Pretty logical to think that if God let His Son die on a cross for me the least I could do was accept Him. Besides that God demanded it! Or I was doomed to Hell for eternity?

     Since this came from well respected leaders I didn’t question, I just did what I was told. I now realize some thirty plus years later, it made no difference if I accepted Him or not! He had accepted me whether I knew it or not! He was not waiting for me to decide if I liked the idea! His Father had made a way for me to come back to Him and that was that! He had a plan.

     I know now that I can do nothing to receive that grace! Grace means unconditional, without any questions. That is how He looked at me. Jesus came here with one thing in mind and that was to help us to see the Father and know we had to be reconciled back to Him. (He was a peacemaker)! God didn’t need reconciling to us! He had never left! WE had to get to Him. WE needed a new perception of our Father’s love for us.

     We have come so far from what Adam had in the beginning and now we are too fearful to believe we never needed forgiveness because God never called us a sinner! We simply needed to understand that He never held anything against us at anytime!  God loved His creation enough to send His only begotten Son to be a propitiation (a conciliator) for us. What Amazing Grace! We sing about it and still put limits on it.

     But not to worry, God knew from the beginning and had plans from then until——.

     All through Genesis chapter one He says and does. His Word is Truth and it can’t be stopped!

     The question that keeps coming up and is so hard for some to wrap their hearts around is of course: “If we are all saved from the beginning then it must be ok to go ahead and live as we please! We don’t have to worry about Hell anymore because in the end we will be with God anyway. If He has already forgiven me for all I have ever done or ever will do what keeps me from doing whatever I want to do? Where is the resistance to keep me saved?”

     First of all, being “saved” is not the goal here! His goal is for us to be reconciled (propitiated) to Him. To be like Him so we can be His voice in this earth we live on. We never have been lost except in our minds. We have been told this thing about being lost since the days of Constantine, the guy who started all this “save, hell and rapture thing”. God never said anything about it! Look up all the words in the bible that makes you believe in hell and see what they mean. Nothing will mean “eternity or forever and ever”.  Try reading some old bibles in the Original Hebrew and Greek. It will surprise you as it did me!

     Secondly, Is God not big enough to KEEP me? There is nothing to big for God, remember, Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound. He is always with us even when we don’t know it! You can’t get away from Him. Even if I go to hell (?) He is with me (Psalm 139).  That was before Jesus died on the cross.

     Back to the question “Where is the restraint?” It is in our hearts! Is that simple? He has written His Laws in our hearts! We have always lived by them. Remember, thou shalt not commit adultery, thou shalt not steal, kill, be jealous, honor thy father and mother, etc.?  When did you ever do any of these and not know they were wrong? Did someone have to tell you not to steal, etc? You knew somewhere inside you were wrong! That is because He has written His laws INSIDE of each one of us! Man has made a lot of rules and we attempt to abide by them or pay the price. God has some rules and He never condemns! WOW! What a God! Our restraint comes out from our hearts because that is where we KNOW Him.

     If you love and respect someone you do your best not to hurt them. That is the way it is with our love and respect for God. It is not out of fear that we obey but out of love. It is that simple. True love casts out all fear.

     Let’s bring this to our level. If you are married ask yourself what keeps you from cheating on your spouse and true to your vows? Johnny Cash has a song out that goes a bit like this---“Because you are mine, I walk the line”. Because I am His and He is mine, I walk the line— Nothing more and nothing less. When I miss the mark, I receive His grace and go on from there. There is no condemnation if I fall and fall again! He understands and never gives up on me! That is the way it is for all of God’s creation. He desires none to be separated from Him and has done all to prevent it. IT IS FINISHED!! You can’t get away except in your mind and that doesn’t matter! You can’t get away from Him and He can’t get away from you! GRACE, GRACE, GRACE!! 

     Here is a wonderful verse from Psalm 33:13. “The Lord looks from heaven, He sees ALL the sons of men (not only Christians, but ALL the sons of man from east to west and from north to south). From the place of His dwelling He looks on ALL the inhabitants of the earth. He fashions their hearts individually (makes us all different). He considers (understands) ALL their works.

      He continues with no man is saved by his own strength, but by the fear (respect) of God. How do you have the fear of the Lord? Go to Psalms 34:11-14. Keep your tongue from evil, (James3:1-12), your lips from lying, depart from evil and do good, seek peace and pursue (run after) it. As we do this we are showing Him our respect and love and He rewards those that love Him and obey.

     Here is something the Lord just led me to in Psalms 19. Heavens is our Spirit and it declares the Glory of God through out the world. There is no place it is not heard. He has set a tabernacle in our heavens for the sun. The sun being the strongest and brightest light and power in the universe, He has set Him, the Son, in our tabernacle and He is coming forth from the chamber as a bride groom, rejoicing as a strong man to run a race! He is going forth from the chamber and His circuit is to the ends of the world. NOTHING is hid from the heat thereof. Read on and taste of the Lord and see if He is not good!

     Examine the list above and realize that as you control your tongue you won’t lie or gossip and you will only do what is good and cause peace to surround you. Your life will tell you and the world if you fear (respect) the Lord. If your mind is not set on Him, you do not fear the Lord. You might think you do but your fear is only fear as we know it in our carnal minds, not respect. You are living in vain and fearing each day that you will miss “heaven.” Be sure to know that I am not saying you are not “saved” because you can’t get something you already have! If you don’t respect God enough to guard your thoughts, tongue and actions, it is because you don’t know who you are and who He is. Get to know Him and you can’t not love Him and respect Him. Also, because you don’t know Him doesn’t mean HE doesn’t know you! Remember Psalm 33. He understands your ways and doesn’t condemn you. YOU ARE HIS whether you know it or not!!  Your not knowing who He is only means He will just push a little harder to get through to you.

     His passionate desire is for you to be His friend and for you to realize you have never been separated from Him except in your mind. You might have felt like you were but He has always been as close to you as your skin and as readily available as your blood! (Thanks, Bro. Eby)

     Remember, God has a purpose for your life and it will prevail. Something to think about---Who says that the end of life as we know it, stops His will from being done? There is no end in Him.

     He is all and knows all. There is nothing or no one except God. His love will prevail because HE is Love. Love covers a multitude of sins and LOVE has covered ALL of ours!


Barbara Doyle

September 2009



Frank’s Fragment

     Let go and let God! How many times have we heard that expression? This article by Barbara covers just what that means. Living for Father and allowing Him to have His way in our lives is so simple that we have allowed the “system” to cause us much confusion and anxiety as to just how to go about it. I realize that none of us really “has it all together” but many are attempting to walk being led by the Spirit rather than the carnal mind and our physical desires. Whenever we do what our body would like done, at that time we are acting as a carnal Christian. It is vitally necessary that we allow our spirit, influenced by Holy Spirit, to be the guiding element for our lives. Just how hard can that be? Truthfully, at times, it seems to be extremely difficult, at other times it is very simple. It all depends on what our soul/mind is focusing on at the time. We have the admonishment to let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. That means that Jesus ALWAYS had his mind tuned in to Father and only did whatever He told Him to do. Since Jesus is our perfect example, it should be our goal to be exactly like Him, which He said we were to be. Don’t buy into the story that we’re just an old sinner saved by grace. God NEVER called anyone a sinner. We think we are sinners because of what our mind tells us, our image-nation. We must get the same image about us that Father has. He sees as PERFECT at all times.


Frank Doyle

Sept 2009


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