Why Wonder

     Why do we wonder what is going on in the world as well as in our personal lives? Has it not been revealed in scripture? Should we know and yield instead of fighting?

     God has told us over and over how He expects us to live our lives in this world. If you even have a small glimpse of who He is, what He has done and will do, and then there should never be a surprise. All we have to do is think on Him, ask and obey!

     I believe the big problem we have is that we believe what we see, hear, taste, touch and smell. The papers, television and radio have more of our attention that God! We use our natural senses more than our spiritual senses. What is the first thing we do when we get home? Most of us have to hear the news and weather. When do we get to the spiritual part? We read some scripture before we go to sleep. By then we have ourselves filled up with all the negative things of the world report.

     Listen, I have found the work place has all the negative report we need. Sometimes I feel dirty and need a bath when I get home. Not that I am any less guilty of TV than anyone out there. My weakness is The Wheel! Can anyone relate?

     When are we going to step out of the world kingdom and into Godís kingdom? His kingdom is here and as real as the worldís kingdom. When will we realize that what Jesus said is truth? (Matt 12:28; Luke 17:21; 1Cor 4:20) The kingdom is now and here; just as close as the world. We just need to get our eyes focused on the right thing. When we just give it a try, He is there to help us. Remember, He came to show us the way and He made the way for us to walk in His kingdom. He knew from experience that it would be hard. He had a very hard life if you remember but He kept His eyes on His Father and made it! If he could then we can by His Spirit that is within us; the same Spirit that He had, we now have (Rom 8:11).

     Just like the worldís kingdom, Godís kingdom has a Government. The major difference is that God is full of grace and doesnít kick us out if we kill someone or disobey His rules. He forgives over and over and over. There is no end to His grace! We will suffer consequences from the world but God has His own judgment system and it does not include being kicked out of His kingdom. He promises to never leave us or forsake us. Nothing can separate us from the love of God (Rom 8:35-39). If I make my bed in hell you are there (Ps 139:8). Yes, I know murderers, etc. will not enter into the kingdom now, but it doesnít mean God has forsaken them. It means they have not come to the point of realizing who He is and who they are in Him. God is not finished with them. There is a life after death where God will deal with them, but that is another subject for another time.

     Godís kingdom is governed by Him. We must put our thoughts aside and think on Him. Paul said it this way put on the mind of Christ or let this mind be in you (Ph 2:5).  Then in 2 Tim 1:7 he says we have a sound mind. We have the mind of Christ IF WE ONLY ALLOW IT TO FUNCTION!

     To put on the mind of Christ is to think like Him. We are like Him on earth as He is in Heaven (1Jn 4:17). When He went to be seated at the right hand of Father, He left all His authority with us (Mt 28:18-20)

     We are all familiar with joining an organization and taking a pledge to obey all their rules. We also learn to think like as we take on their thoughts and minds. That is the same with godís kingdom. When we join with Him we pledge to take on His thoughts and rules. However, He doesnít kick us out whenever we come short of His glory. His grace is forever and ever and we canít fall from His grace. We may feel as though we have at times but we havenít. In our mind we get disconnected but in reality, we cannot be disconnected. Holy Spirit will gradually pull us back to Himself. We become God-conscious and able to recognize when He is wooing us back.

     When we tell others we are Christians we are telling them we are governed by the King of the universe. That will surely get us in trouble in some circles and may even get us kicked out. Sometimes that is a good thing. Other times just rejoice at the persecution for His sake. Count it a blessing (Mk 5:10).

     I know we who have walked with Him for awhile desire to be more like Him. Just remember, He has the remainder of eternity to bring us to that place, so rest in Him, know He will finish the work He has started in us until that day (He 12:2).

     Whenever uncomfortable things start happening in our lives we immediately start the ďblame game.Ē You know how that goes. We either rebuke the devil or blame God. If we are ďreal spiritualĒ we will ask for prayer to rebuke the devil or cast out demons. If not we will blame God. How many know what I am saying here? I have been there, done that and it did not work for me either! Do we not know who we are and what god has done for us? We are His kids! I donít care who you are, where you are, have been or what you have done or are doing, you are His child and He is your Father! You belong to Him, not by your choice but by His (Eph 1:4, 5). He sent you here. You are a temple for His Spirit to abide in. It makes no difference what your religious background is or what they have taught, YOU ARE HIS CHILD! His seed is in that body of flesh waiting for you to get low enough in the natural to let is loose. He wants you to call on Him for help to live in this world.

     His seed is in you and eventually you WILL have your day! You can fight the situation in your life or you can look for God. His promise is that everything works together for good to those that love God, for them that are called according to purpose (Ro 8:28). We are called for a purposeóHis purpose!

     I understand that a person is always called by his fatherís name. If you donít think you were birthed by Father God it is only because you havenít taken the time to read scripture and learned to know Him. Once you read and meditate on Him you will have no problem of seeing and knowing you belong to Him. He is your Father and you are called by His name. That is His plan and you canít change it!

     God is Spirit and we are made in His image. He is not flesh although we live in a flesh container but WE are Spirit. It that too difficult to understand? God, by His Spirit lives inside this container that we have given a name. Jesus had all authority because Father gave it to him. As He left, He gave it to His disciples and who so ever believes (Mt 28:18-20). Of course if you donít believe, then you can try everything and nothing happens! Remember, the qualification is BELIEVING! Belief = Authority; Unbelief = Nothing

     We can be given authority by man but there is always someone superior to you and they can take it away. God-given authority is permanent because there is no one who is above Him and He wonít take it away.

     We want to blame God or the devil when we get sick but God has already promised if we would obey Him none of these diseases would come upon us (Ex 15:26) What is our problem? Is it because this is in the Old covenant that we think only they were being spoken to? Scripture also teaches us that the Old were instruction for the ones who will come afteróthat is us! The best way to not get sick is to take care of the temple of God we live in. How? By exercise and a healthy diet. Donít wait until it is too late to change your lifestyle. Iím meddling, I know.

     We hold the key to health, prosperity, joy, peace, happiness, security, love and anything else we worry about. The key is of course, Godís promises! It is not always easy but if we seek, we shall find knock and the door will be opened. Ask and He will give understanding and His wisdom to see us through any situation that can come our way.

     We have to stop the ďblame game.Ē It is my fault if I eat or drink the wrong thing. I sleep in and donít have time for exercise or to pray and thank Him for guidance through the day. We make mistakes because we donít ask for His guidance and then suffer the consequences. We are wonderfully made and the body will repair itself if we take care of it. It is a gift from God and He lives there. Letís start making it comfortable for Him!

     You want to talk about sin? Look in the mirror and see if you are taking care of the temple (ouch, that hurt)óI am getting an ear full. Ask His if He is comfortable there. He will let you know. He does not beat around the bush!

     Most of us have to change our lifestyles. The way we live testifies of what we believe. Our belief systems need a checkup. If we will examine ourselves we will find that Obama, Bush, Muslims, blacks or whites or anyone else is not our problem. Our carnal mind is our worst enemy. The rest is Godís problem. We must pray but then let Him take it from there. Act as though we believe Him. His commandment He left with us is found in John 15:10, 12, and 13. If we keep this commandment, we will be loving Him with all our hearts; thereby fulfilling all the commandments. That should be our life styleóJust LOVE! That is the gospel lived out. That is the key to others desiring what you have. They will soon acknowledge Christ in their lives and will start prospering in Christ.

     A couple of things I want to leave with you. First, remember, we take the kingdom by violence (Mt 11:12). It is a hard fight. But, also remember, He will never leave us or forsake us (He 13:5) He will always help us through!


March 2011



Franks Fragment

     For years we have endured many varied teachings, prophecies and directions from men in the system who we respected only to have, for the most part, failed to live up to their expectations. It seems to me that it is very hard to find anyone who thinks they have some authority expecting folks to accept personal responsibility for their lives and actions. Once again I ask: Why is that? I personally feel like it is a direct result of the demise of the morality of the world as a whole along with the breakdown of parental control of the children that has lead us to this point in our history. Do not for one minute think that Father has been caught off guard. He is very well aware of everything that we as individuals are doing. As parents, our responsibility it to our children to teach them the boundaries established in  scripture. So much of the world system controls lives, such as both parents having to work to survive in this economy that we donít exercise proper control over our children and , a lot of times, over ourselves. Never lose sight of the fact that Fathers Spirit is within each and every human and that is what makes up what we call ME: the REAL ME! Our earth suit (body) is only a tabernacle for our spiritual self. Only our spirit can communicate with Father, our carnal (natural) mind cannot and never will! Trust what Brother Paul wrote: LET this mind be in you that was also in Christ, and allow your spirit man to have full authority in your life.



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