February 2007

I am using a quote from Ray Prinzing that was received by E-mail on January 20, 2007. Nathaniel and Margaret Williams send out some good words by our deceased Brother Prinzing and I appreciate them.


"The Psalmist often gave expression to his thoughts on the omnipotence and the sovereignty of God, as when he said, "but our God is in the heavens: He has done whatsoever He hath pleased." (Ps. 115:3) Or again, "For I know that the Lord is great and that our Lord is above all Gods. Whatsoever the Lord pleased, that did He in Heaven, and in earth, in the seas and all the deep places." (Ps. 135: 5-6) To this Paul readily gives his assent, by teaching that God "worketh all things after the counsel of His own will." (Eph.1:11)

He is above all. He does rule over all. He raises up Kings and abases them according to His own plan and purpose. We believe this and rejoice in it, for this is our God. But there is also a fact to be reckoned with, for in all the exercise of His will and purpose there is not one particle of perverseness or selfishness involved. He performs His will because He knows it is in the best interest of all His creation. For He alone has the knowledge and wisdom necessary to make the right judgment. His nature is LOVE, and love motivates all His actions toward us, as an elect first fruit to become a new creation, and towards the entire world, which shall be delivered from the bondage of sin and shame in due time.

GOD IS LOVE. (1 John 4:16) We quote it, write mottoes of it to hang on our walls, yet find it difficult to believe. "GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE" and continues to give out of His boundless supply until He shall have reconciled every man unto Himself, and lifted every creature into the highest realms of glory, to fulfill in each one that purpose for which we are created. It is a working out of a purpose in which He is well pleased. A victory which is totally secure in Himself, and joyously and freely shared with us through His grace." (By Ray Prinzing)

I wanted to know more about this Rule He has over us since we have been taught so diligently that we have a free will! What can all this mean? I believe I have learned a lot from this research from the printed word and the Living Word. I want to share some with you. I feel like a Babe walking in this but we have to start somewhere so here I am.

For some reason He started me off with the word "Zion". I started looking and it seems as though Zion was a city until Psalms and then the word seemed to take on a form of people. All through the Psalms He refers to Zion as city, mountains and people. He seems to be trying to get us to see the correlation between something physical and something spiritual.

Isaiah 28:16ó"Lay in Zion a stone (we know as Jesus) a foundationÖ". He didnít lay this "stone" or foundation on a mountain but IN our hearts. (Zion)


Isaiah 40:9ó (speaking to a race of people and using Zion to describe them.) O! Zion, YOU(a people) who bring good tidings, get up into the high mountains, o Jerusalem, you who bring good tidings,(Jerusalem being a people also) Lift up your voice with strength, lift it(voice) up, be not afraid: SAY to the cities of Judah," Behold your God!"

Isaiah 49:14ó "But Zion SAID"ódoes a mountain talk?

Isaiah 60:14ó "ÖAnd they shall call you the city of the Lord, ZION of the Holy One of Israel." God is building this CITY of Zion according to His will and by His spirit and His Word!

The old covenant clearly describes Godís building His city, His way, in His time, according to His purposes and pleasures. We are Zion and the fire of God is in us burning out the old limitations of our carnal minds.

We, Zion, are to bring good tidings, but the fire has to do its work! There are some things we have to know about the Fire of God!

    Fire does not consume, it modifies! It served as a vessel for God to speak to Moses. Fire is used for God to communicate with His people throughout the old covenant.

    Fire is precious to God. He called it Holy.

    Fire was used in the temple daily by Him and by His commandments as instructions for the operations of the temple.

    Job 31:12 says Godís Fire is a fire that consumes to destruction and would not root out all mine increase. (modified evil to good)

    Fire purges PEOPLE and burns CHAFF with unquenchable fire.

    Matthew 3:12 calls people who would be angry; fools because they would rather go through the fire of God, (that allows the change to come by grace) than to be humbled. It is easier, my Friend, to submit to God than have to go through His fire!

    Mark 9:45---Warning us to do whatever it takes rather than choose to go into the fire of God for modification. The fire of modification is never quenched until the job is done!

1Cor. 3:13óEvery manís work will be made manifest-it shall be revealed by fire, it shall be tested by fire.

1Cor. 3:15óIf any manís work be burned by fire he shall suffer loss; but he himself shall be saved, yet so as by fire. (The fire will save us not destroy or torment us forever)

Revelation 4:5óThe seven lamps of fire are the seven spirits of God going about testing our works.

God is very active with His fire in our lives. He will win and we will all be modified to His will and design and purpose. No man, woman or child will be lost but He will be complete in all mankind.

His purpose shall be completed in everyone according to His plans and time. There will be no mistakes. Godís fire will not consume us but our works will be burned.

Revelation 15:2óAnd I saw like a sea of glass mingled with fire and them that had gotten the victory over the beast(carnal nature) and over his image and over his mark, and over the number of his name (666= man at his worst) stand on the sea of glass having the harps of God.

Revelation 19:20óthe beast(carnal nature) and false prophet who worked signs in his presence, by which he deceived---these two were cast alive into the lake of fire burning with brimstone. (Fire cleanses, now what)

Revelation 21:8---All the works of the flesh shall have their part in the in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.

    Everyone, I say, everyone will go through the fire but will come out cleansed and holy, even as He is.

    Revelation 20:15óAnd anyone not found written in "the book of life" was cast into the lake of fire. (What for? To be cleansed and modified into His image.)

Another question I have is "What is the Book of Life"? I will get around to that another time.

    God uses fire to work His Pleasure into us. We need to embrace it; not rebuke it!


We received the following prayer from a friend, Alan Newton, after the writing of June í06 entitled "Godís Judgment." As he calls it an interaction I feel it is not what we have known as prayer out of our experience with the organized system of church. It is a declaration to our Father of who we are and the authority we have by recognizing our Being as His Son. The words seem to be what he heard from his spirit and I add my "Amen" to it until Father gives me my own word. Feel free to do the same or ignore it and continue the way you communicate with Father. He hears us all; there is no vicissitude with God.

A Prayer for the Use of Our Power

We have been Granted

January 28, 2007

I offer you this prayer (interaction) for us all to contemplate. If it speaks truth to your heart then I ask you to offer your "amen." If it doesnít speak truth to your heart then please ask Father to give you the word to speak over these situations. I fully believe it is time for the Body of The resurrected Christ to begin to recognize, and implement its God given response ability to bring order to chaos; to bring Blessing our of disorder, and to establish edification where detriment would manifest. I ask you to respond as is appropriate and fitting for you.

"Father, I ask and declare, in the name of your Son Christ, which you have declared that we are, the hurricanes, storms, tornadoes and earthquakes that are causing great discomfort, fear and awe on this earth to be brought under the authority and influence of YOUR spirit. And I request that the Angels of God, your dispatched ones, be sent forth to gather the four winds, and bring disorder into order. If storms and hurricanes must form and release energy, then I speak to them to bring only blessings and no harm; to bring edification, and no chaos; to gender life and not destruction. May the occurrences we call hurricanes and tornadoes, if there is a necessity for them to occur, only be for the balance and prosperity of the earth. May the winds be gentle; the rains for restoration and refreshing; and the lightenings be only for the edification and fruitfulness of the earth. Father, teach us to see the blessings and benefit in the nature of the weather, and show us how to realize and appropriate the profitability of these occurrences. And may they cause no harmí no destruction's, no loss. May they only contribute to our well being as they offer the gentle corrections to the chaos that we, Your disobedient Sons, have allowed and energized. Speak to us and mobilize us, your Body, to establish a corrective order to your creation. In the name of Christ, in the nature and identity of Christ; in the authority and ability of Christ; may these words be established and done. Amen and Amen."

Barbara Doyle


Franks Fragments

The most effective prayer I ever learned to utter was and is "Father, send your fire to cleanse me!" Itís impossible to cleanse oneself from the inside. Thatís what Holy Spirit does. The man-made church system holds people in bondage through a series of doís and doníts, which are actually impossible for us to do. We can look good and smell good on the outside and on the inside still be putrid and ugly. Godís fire does its work from the inside toward the outside. Once one learns that Father will not destroy but reconcile, they are free to invite the purging fire into their life. Itís much better allowing Father to do the work as He sees fit rather than trying to do it yourself and utterly failing simply because we canít do it! The expression "let go and let God" has gained much validity since Iíve come to understand His character a little better. He is purely love and only has the best interest for us in His being. Accept that as a fact and not as a fable. Would a parent torment their child forever if they didnít do exactly as told? No, unless they were some sort of monster. God is not a monster and a burning hell is a figment of manís imagination. It is not scriptural!

"If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in you life you doubt, as far as possible, all things." Rene Descartes (1596-1650)

There comes a certain moment in the experience of every person, when a touch of the Spirit breaks through into consciousness; when a ray of light penetrates, not because of the person, but in spite of him. From the moment that ray touches him, the end is inevitable...As He is going to find his way to the very center of his being, right to the throne of God.