July 2006 




     As we study scripture we can see that The Garden of Eden was not the Beginning that is referred to here in 1st John. God has no beginning so we know that man has determined in his own mind when the “Beginning” began. Jesus as a man could not have been with God at the beginning since human flesh cannot be a part of the spirit realm. (Flesh has to die and be absorbed by Holy Spirit and Spirit abides with God. Until flesh has died or totally surrendered to things of God then He abides in the flesh-man but the two can never become one until all is in God rather than God is in all. When all is IN God then He will be IN all. All things came OUT of God but all things have not gone back INTO Him yet (Hebrews 2:8, 9). Before the submission to the cross, Jesus walked the earth as a human, like us, and Holy Spirit abode IN Him. After total submission, Jesus abode IN Holy Spirit and God became ALL in ALL of Jesus. Jesus was totally absorbed by Holy Spirit and came out of the grave as an immortal body! The cross took away the purpose of our dying and going to the natural grave but it was a symbol of our flesh dying and us being absorbed by Holy Spirit which is a progressive work. He will be ALL in ALL) Since the flesh man had not been formed we realize that this verse is pertaining to Holy Spirit being with God.

     Only one time was it ever recorded in scriptures where Jesus spoke out of His flesh-man. His flesh was a problem for Him because we see in the garden where He asked Father to “let this cup pass from me” but knowing Father’s will, He drank from the “cup” for ALL mankind. The words we read are the words coming from His spirit-man. He only said what he heard his father say. He was aware of who He was and where He came from. He knew that the flesh-man was not who HE was but the inner-man was the real HIM.  He had come to the place where He was willing to let God be ALL in ALL and the process was coming to an end. God had dwelt in Him but now He started dwelling in God! What a difference that made. If He had not made that decision then where would we be?

     Was Jesus, as a flesh-man, the “container” of High Priest, Holy Spirit? Scripture tells us in Hebrews 2:17 that mankind had to have a flesh-man High Priest to make propitiation for their sins. I believe that because of Holy Spirit living in Him He was and is our High Priest. Only the presence of Holy Spirit could cause Him to be our Savior. Jesus’ flesh was not any holier than ours. He was earthy as we are in the flesh but the Holy Spirit living in every flesh-man makes him holy unto God. “Therefore, in ALL things He had to be made like His brethren, that He might be a merciful and faithful High Priest in things pertaining to God to make propitiation for the sins of the people.” (Hebrews 2:17 and Hebrews 5:7, 8, 9)

    When the flesh had been prepared and the time was right for the sacrifice of all time Jesus the flesh-man was put on the cross (tree), on a hill for all the world to see. He was the perfect sacrifice Father had prepared before the foundation of the earth. Everything was in place now and Elohim accepted this sacrifice as the final one. There would be no more sacrificing of animals once a year, no more High Priests going into the Holy of Holies for the people. Now everyone was welcome into the throne room! (Hebrews 4:14)  A New Order was now taking place, the order of Melchizedek.

     The whole world was judged on that day and one perfect man took our judgment. Sin was no more and man was free to be what he was called to be. Sin had no more power over him for He destroyed the power of sin. (Hebrews 6, 7---Isaiah 53:12---John 1.29---Romans 6:14---1st John 3:9) The way I read Romans 5:13-17, what happened on the cross HAS saved or delivered ALL mankind and sin is not imputed to him anymore! What is so hard about that to accept? We will accept everything else that is free and yet we won’t accept the fact that God has freely forgiven us forever! You would think that we all had a “death wish”!  As for me, I am eternally grateful that I don’t have to pay God back for all He has done for me and mine. At one time I tried to work for Him to do just that and Praise God, My Spirit came alive in me and I got a better understanding about the things of God. I have found in Hebrews that He tells me to enter into that rest He has for me and to let Him take care of things for me. I believe the 23rd Psalm and it is real in my life. Otherwise I could not go on living some days. It gets bad out there, Folks! Without Him, I don’t know how anyone makes it. (I see those who are “trying to get saved or to stay saved” and my heart aches for them. I was there but I have found it so much easier to trust that God is True to His word and just rest and “BE” me! He loves me as I am and He is changing me into that “perfect” Son to fulfill the purpose I was called to walk in from the foundation of the world.  Ephesians 2:10” For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.”)

     Unlike all sacrifices before, this sacrifice was done in the open in a high place for all the world to see. Did you ever wonder why the earlier ones were done in a closed place? I think the reason was that they were only for a special group of people who placed themselves above others. This last sacrifice was for the world, the whole world and not just for a special group that thought they might be better than others. He died for the whole world!!

     Everything was prepared and finished in perfect order, not man’s order but God’s order. Nothing keeps Him from getting things done in His time. Man tried to stop it, fix it and even do it himself but God has said,” I will rule over you.” Ezekiel 20:33. So He just sits on His throne and laughs as man plans and fails time and time again. (Psalm 2:1-12)

     As we read Ezekiel 20 we find Him speaking to natural Israel but we now know that what He said and was recorded in the Old Covenant was for all mankind. I especially like verse44. “Then (when? Read vs.33-43 for the answer) you shall know that I am the Lord, when I have dealt with you for MY name’s sake, not according to your wicked ways nor according to your corrupt doings, O House of Israel,” says the Lord God.

I believe He dealt with us on the cross. The name of a person describes his nature and we know God is LOVE. The cross demonstrated His nature in a way that we find hard to understand, but that is O.K. Even if we never understand doesn’t make it any less true. God is Love and all that He does is Love.

     Through the Old Order (covenant) He was showing us His grace, mercy and love. In Ezekiel 45 He tells us that He had strengthened Cyrus to subdue nations, to loose the armor of kings, to open the double doors before him and He would go with him. All Cyrus had to do was subdue, loose and open! God would do the rest. Even then He was telling us what He would do for us. The big difference being Jesus did the part that Cyrus was told to do. We don’t even have to do that much for deliverance! Jesus subdued, loosed the armor that was keeping us in bondage and opened the great doors to the throne room for us! Even before we knew Him He was preparing a place for all mankind in His Kingdom. Jesus has prepared the place by opening the Door and all we need to do is accept the fact. It is already there for us and one day “every knee will bow and every tongue will take an oath (acclaim to Alueim). Every man shall say, “surely in the Lord I have righteousness and strength, to Him men shall (not maybe or might but SHALL) come.” And all men shall be ashamed who are incensed against Him. In the Lord ALL the descendants of Israel, shall be justified and shall glory. Isaiah 45: 22-25. He told the disciples in John 14:1-6 that He was going to prepare a place for us and in His Father’s House there are many mansions. We are the mansions in Father’s House and we got there when Jesus was presented as the perfect sacrifice for all mankind. If you don’t trust Him here on earth then you can live in a hell without His blessings but one day you will be one of those mansions. Just because you don’t trust Him doesn’t mean He is not with you always. He is there all the time!


Barbara Doyle

July 2006