Since the greatest catastrophe the United States has ever seen, I have been reading and listening to the Spirit as to what is meant by the judgment of God. There are a lot of opinions including my own before I asked Holy Spirit His opinion. After all is said and done His is the only one that counts anyway. I donít understand why we donít ask Him before we open our mouth. Sometimes I wonder about the Church.

          Most of us have an opinion that was taught to us over the years, usually by an authority in our lives, whether it was in the church we attended or from our parents. We really did believe them but sooner or later if we want to go on with God we have to turn to Him and ask Him to help us understand.

          When I asked Him I believe He spoke Truth to me. You have to hear me when I say I believe because you donít have to believe anything I say, you just have to ask Him yourself. I am not your teacher, Holy Spirit is. Anything you hear me say please take to Him and ask Him about it. We are not at the same place in Him and He could have a different way of saying the same thing to you. We can only believe what we are ready for, nothing else. Donít be conformed to any manís teaching until Holy Spirit has put it in your heart. Then it becomes a Truth to you. I have found that I have to go with the peace that comes or does not come with any revelation. There will be times that I have to put it all on the ďback-burnerĒ for a while. I would encourage you to learn to do the same thing with all that you hear, from man or spirit. If it is truth it will reveal itself to you at the proper time. So donít be afraid of anything you hear, it canít hurt you if you go to Him with it. God will correct it for you and whoever you heard it from.

          I thought at one time that God used natural things or disasters to judge people, nations and countries, but now I see something different. I happened to be reading one of these other opinions and it sounded very logical to my ďchurchedĒ mind. Then to my surprise, I started to cry in my humanity and Spirit because Holy Spirit spoke these words to meóďI am Spirit and I judge by My Spirit, through My Spirit in the spiritual realm.Ē

          I meditated on that for quite a while and I began to see something I had never before seen! NATURE IS GROANING FOR THE MANIFESTATION OF THE SONS OF GOD! Oh My God! How blind can we get? God forgive us. I am reading from the Companion Bible put out by Bullinger and here is what he says concerning Romans 8:19-27ó ďCreation is waiting to share the coming glory of this manifestation of the liberty of the glory. Creation uniting itís groaning with ours waiting for the manifestation of our resurrection glory. Holy Spirit Himself, helping our infirmities owing to our state, by His intercessions.Ē You remember nature knows what happened in the Garden and is re-acting on what is going on now. We canít think for a moment that nature doesnít have life because where God is there is life for God IS life. Nature came out of Him and David tells us that if we donít praise Him the rocks will! Where Life is there is God and nature was made out of God so they have a Ďvoiceí and scriptures prove that many times over. Nature was around when God cursed the ground and knows that the curse was broken when Noah offered a sacrifice after the flood (Genesis 8:20-22 and Romans 8:18).

          When God gave Adam dominion over all the earth it meant, I believe, that Adam was to control the animals as well as the weather. We have to know there was a natural man in the garden even though the Spirit man came first. God did form Adam from the earth and blew the Spirit man into him and he became a living soul. God gave dominion over the natural earth to natural man. God could give it because it was His to give to whom He pleased. Just think, He could have given it to the beasts of the field!! What a mess we would have been in then!

          Today our problem is we never take dominion over anything. Our Spirit is groaning along with nature for the glory of the manifestation of the Sons of God and we are miserable trying to find our way in this world. We need to do what God told us to do in the first placeóTAKE DOMINION. I had better get back to judgment before I chase too many rabbits!

          God sent His Son to go to the cross and pay for our judgment. (Hebrews 8:9, 10) His flesh dying instead of our flesh was the idea of His death. When He died it was as though we died with Him. He could have cut Himself and bled but He had to kill the flesh to pay a debt He did not owe for He had never sinned or come short of the glory of God. Our flesh had sinned and come short of the glory of God and we owed the debt. The people had always paid the debt from year to year with burnt offerings that covered the sin but Jesus went to the cross to pay the debt of the world once and for all and for all! (Hebrews 10:4-10) That one Holy Body paid the debt for the whole world. His blood (life) was for our sins and He wiped them out forever. Whatever we will ever do has been paid for in Godís sight. 1st John, chapter 2 tells us we cannot sin. Whatever is born of God cannot sin! There is a new man inside of us that cannot sin because it is God Himself and we have been reconciled to Him by the blood of His Son. Paul says there is a law that makes him do what he doesnít want to do but there is another law inside that fights against that outer law and delivers him from this life of sin (Romans 7: 17-25). Jesus has done it, Brother and Sister, and we just as well accept the fact that all people are free from the law of sin and death. The world needs to know they are free from the power of sin and they donít have to bow to it if they donít want to; and even if they do they are not condemned except in their own mind (John 3:17). Jesus came to destroy the works of the evil (carnal) one and ALL have been reconciled unto God! That is the gospel that we need to spread to the world. It is a gospel of pure unadulterated love, not of fear and rejection! That is good news.

          Because of the grace, mercy and love of God our Father and the obedience of Jesus our debt has been paid. His obedience to the Father is our salvation and redemption because the blood had to be from a perfect sacrifice according to the Law. Remember Jesus was born under the Law and walked accordingly (Isaiah 53 & Galatians 4:4, 5). His innocent blood satisfied the judgment this world was under because of all the disobedience of the people since the exodus walk in the desert. 

          I do not believe we understand everything that was done on the cross (tree). Everything that was judged by animal sacrifices in the old covenant was finished on the cross (tree) and since that Day of the Lord, judgment comes by His Spirit in the Spirit realm. There is so much more to learn but we have to learn to go to Him and ask our questions. Donít think this writing is the end of all there is to learn. Take time to listen to Him and ask Him things that are in, and on, your heart. He will bring to remembrance all things as He knows you are ready for them. He invites us to come and reason together with Him. Take Him up on it and enjoy your walk with Him.

          Now, what do I believe about Him using natural things to judge the world? I believe we reap what we sow and that is hard to accept when we see destruction come and destroy lives like we saw in the hurricanes of 2005. We as individuals and as a country need to examine ourselves and see what each has sown and we will see what kind of crop we will reap. We donít need a prophet to tell us more terrible things are going to happen before it is all over with. We just need to go to the printed Word and see what He says. When you donít understand why just ask Him and He will tell you. If He doesnít tell you what it means you donít need to know for a time but rest in Him knowing He is in charge. There is only one safe place to be in these last days and that is under the shadow of His wings, (Psalm 91) and resting in Him (Hebrews 4: 9-11).

          Could nature be groaning for us to take dominion? Try speaking to a storm and see what will happen if you believe! It could become a habit when you see what a little authority can do for you. Life can be exciting even if there is trouble all around if you know who you are in Him and what His promises are. Come boldly before the throne!!

Speak to the mountain and it shall be moved! 

Time to ponder!! 

Barbara Doyle

Life Givers Ministries

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