Hebrews 5:7, 8


          Jesus was in the garden before His arrest by the

Roman soldiers and He was praying.



     Out of this scenario, we have thought He was praying He would not have to go to the cross and suffer the pain. Let us think on this for a minute. He knew by this time that He was the chosen one to be the Lamb of God and the final sacrifice. Why would He pray for a way out? He knew it was settled in Heaven and Father was in charge of this situation.

     There have been times in all of our lives when we had difficult decisions to make and it took a lot of effort on our part to allow Father to have His way. Jesus was at the place that He knew the decision was made for Him but could He trust His Father to cause Him to get out of this life? He desperately wanted to go Home to His Father, but what if He would be proven innocent, as He was, or would they to send Him to the cross? He knew His flesh was weak as we also know ours is at times. It is so easy to allow flesh to have its way when the pain is so bad. Jesus wasn’t thinking about the pain of the cross, but about the possibility of staying here in this life another day! He wanted out and He was so close to it, He was hoping nothing would go wrong now! OH, He could hear the Father’s voice well enough to know this was the day but sometimes doubt can come when there is so much at stake!

     He knew Father was in control but He also knew the humanity of man can over-rule the spirit for a while and if this happened then He could be doomed to stay here until they were ready to crucify Him. I know as well as you that this could not have happened but, our mind is a strong force to reckon with at times. He was trying so hard to release the outcome of this day to Father that He sweated drops as of blood there in the garden! What a fight with His mind and emotions He must have had! Part of Himself knowing all things were going to be alright and a part of Himself telling Him it might not be alright! (Reminds me of what Eve went through in the garden) We know His Spirit man won out but what if He had not? Then what? Well, Jesus, Spirit-man and flesh-man, would have been in this world for awhile. He was not praying for this “cup” of pain to pass but for the “cup” of staying in this world to be taken away!

     Imagine coming from a perfect place and living in a place of “death” or separation from His Father for 33 years. Now the appointed time had come for Him to return to His Father and there could be a chance the courts would find Him innocent and allow Him to go free! What a disappointment, what a heart break. Almost to the end of a jail sentence and your pardon denied! What a let down. He knew who He really was; an innocent man, but He also knew Who was in control. Suppose “they” were allowed to let Him go! (NO! NO! NO! It couldn’t be. Please let me out of here. Don’t change things! I can’t take another day in this place!) He was so afraid in His flesh-man that this “cup” of staying earthbound would continue that He sweated drops as of blood. He went into fervent prayer and finally had to come to a perfect peace with His Father and trust Him to do what was right. If it was to stay—so be it!

     Have you ever been there? If not, you really haven’t learned to trust Him completely. There has to come a time that we realize we are not in control and if it is to be, it will have to be Him! When that time comes there will be a change in your relationship with Him. Then you will “KNOW” Him.

     Yes, Jesus, the flesh-man knew, but only because He listened to the Holy Spirit within Him. He knew where He had come from and where He was going. (John 8:14) He had no identity crisis. Because we don’t know who we are or where we came from, we don’t know where we are going! We believe this life that we can see, feel, smell and hear is all we have and for the most part we are satisfied. I can say this because most of us don’t inquire or look any further than what man says about us to find something different! Somewhere in scriptures it says, “seek me and you shall find me.”  “Knock and the door shall be opened.” “When you seek for me with your whole heart then you shall find me.” “Ask and you shall find.” Every where you look it says for ME to ask, seek, and knock, not someone else to do it for me. Moses did it for his people but we have a better promise than they had and God expects us to “reason with Him.”

     Jesus knew and He also had some doubt or maybe fears? I think it was a little of both. I have been there and I knew He was in control but I also had a fear that He wasn’t! I learned that as I just “threw in the towel” so to speak and “whatever will be will be” became my attitude, everything worked out for the best. “Having done all, stand.” Ephesians 6:13

     Jesus had His “Garden” experience and we will have ours, but He is the author and finisher of our faith and we can follow Him knowing Father is in control and we are here “for such a time as this.”

     May love for our Father bring us to obedience to HIS will.  Amen 


Barbara Doyle

October 18, 2006