Ephesians 4:5, 6 

            1st John 4:13

            1st Peter 3:18

            James 4:5

            2nd Corinthians 3:17

            2nd Corinthians 3:6

            Matthew 12:18

            Ecclesiastes 12:7


            There is one God and one Spirit, one Body, one Baptism. He has given us His Spirit and we are made alive, physically and spiritually by the Spirit that dwells in us. Now the Lord is the Spirit who gives life. He put His Spirit in us and the Spirit will return to Him (GOD).

            When God blew His breath (SPIRIT) into Adam, Adam became a living soul in the exact image of God. He (Adam) had a spirit and soul. That made Adam (mankind) body, spirit and soul. The body represents the body of Christ that Father promised Him in eternity. (Hebrews 10: 5) He prepared a flesh body, also a spiritual body for His Son to dwell in. He needed the flesh body so He could live on the earth and the spiritual one for His Spirit to abide in. The latter one is where the over comers will rule and reign. We are that body as we all become one in Him! What a concept, only God could think of such a thing! The soul is the mind, emotions and will. Father has the same. We are born of Him and have the same features as He does. We are not any different than Him if we could only let our minds conceive of the TRUTH! Jesus thought it not wrong to be equal with God and He was a man like as we are! (Philippians 2:6 who being in the form of God did not consider it robbery to be equal with Godó,  Psalm 17:15  as for me I will see your face in righteousness; I shall be satisfied when I awake in your likeness.)

            There canít be another spirit! When we were born into this world, we came as flesh that Father had prepared for a body to hold His spirit and soul. Therefore body, soul and spirit! As an afterthought, we do know that Jesus was not his name before he was born into this world, right? His Name was Holy Spirit and that is who received the promise for a body! SO, every time a body is sent to this world via a motherís womb, there is the Holy Spirit! The body, whoever it is called on this earth is precious in Godís sight because His Son is dwelling in it! Do we see it as such? Do we treat it as such?

            As we entered this realm of humanity we quickly forgot who we were and where we came from and allowed our soul to separate herself from the Spirit, just as the woman in The Garden. We started living out of our soul and stopped listening to the Spirit within us. We started eating from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and things quickly got bad ó REAL BAD!! 

            We just repeated the womanís experience in the Garden over and over again, knowing down inside we were wrong. Our soul (Eve) ruled our bodies (Adam) and we thought we had it all under control. Little did we know that we were as dead men walking.


            Adam (body) knew what was going on because he had been this way before. He also knew who was living inside of him and that sooner or later things were going to change! The only thing is, the change was not to be put out of the presence of God but on the contraryó this time they would be brought BACK into His presence! As much as he knew there would be consequences to pay he knew it would be worth it all!

            Then one day something happens and we cannot control the situation anymore. We all of a sudden see that we are naked and destitute before our God with no place to go! Oh, we try the fig leaf again but soon see that it doesnít work anymore than it worked in the original Garden! We can hide but God knows where we are. It is all futile and vanity to try to hide from Him or make excuses. He is the all wise one and knows us from the inside out!

            SO-- what to do? We start looking for something on the outside of us to satisfy our need. We soon find that nothing lasts. Money, fame or lustful relationships with others are soon gone with a lot of sorrows left behind. What has happened to us? Once we were so happy with all of our things and suddenly it all has faded away! We have hit a wall and lost control of everything! There is nothing. Of course that is when we think about praying! That is the answer to all our problems!! We will just ask God to fix it all and things will be back to normal. Doesnít the word say that if we ask we shall receive? Certainly, but do we ask in His will? It is not always true that He wants the same thing for our lives as we do! Some revelation, huh?

            The Holy Spirit is now getting restless and figures that He has waited long enough for us to turn around and see Him again. He is going to take control of the situation in a way that we never thought of. He works His wonderful plan that has already been determined for our lives and things might get worse for awhile!

            He plans a reunion party! Yes, a reunion party for Body, Soul and Spirit! We are both invited and we excitedly accept His invitation! As we enter the party we are going back into Him and confirming to ourselves that this is where we belong! How we have missed being with Him and fellowshipping with Him! No more fig leaves or excuses. We are back home and all is well! It is as though we had never left. There is no condemnation or anger or rejection from Him. He loves us as though we had never left! We realize He has been there all the time patiently waiting. It is a very humbling situation but such a satisfying one. It is the love and acceptance we have been looking for and it has been there all the time! A never ending relationship that we thought had ended because of our attitudes and actions. We, Body and Soul has become one again with Holy Spirit! He had never left us because if He had we could not have been walking around. Even though it was as dead men walking we were still walking and breathing.. That was the evidence of Him still being there! Never leaving us even for a moment, in spite of ourselves.


            We have found out we couldnít accomplish anything without Him! He is our life and forever will be all that we need. He was faithfully waiting because He had the promise from His Father that He would prepare a body for Him.

            There is only one Spirit and He is life--Our life. Without being joined with Him we donít live. We will walk and breathe but that is not the Life He has promised. If He ever left us there is no human spirit to keep us living. (Colossians 1:9-23) We might think we are separated from Him until we are ďsavedĒ but that is not true. If it was true we wouldnít be walking around. We have been separated from Him in our minds only. Our soul told our minds we were different than God so therefore we could not commune with Him in our Garden. Just as soon as we learn that we need Him, He appears and it is done! There is nothing we have to do to get saved because the good news is that everyone is already saved and has been since the beginning, whenever that was! He hasnít gone anywhere. Nothing can separate us from the love of God, NOTHING!

            He blew His breath into us in the Garden and has never called it back. We are His and He is ours, like it or not. There is no life aside of Gods Spirit living inside of us. Praise be to Him, Creator of ALL things and condemner of none.

            Makes no difference what is going on in your life right now, it is God who works in you; both to will and to do; for His good pleasure. (Philippians 2:13)


And that is the way I see it this day in February 2008.  God Bless you as you commune with Him in your Garden. 


Barbara Doyle

Life Givers Ministries