In Genesis God promised Abraham that his seed would be as the stars and the sands of the sea. Then we find out Abraham made an Ishmael, the product of doing it his way thinking he was helping God. The mistake was not Godís doing but when man thinks he can help God that is what happens. When Isaac was born, Godís promised seed, Abraham saw that the seed was to BEcome in His time and way. It is the same today.

Promises from God are Spirit and that is how they work! Because God is Spirit and lives inside of each of us the promise comes from inside out. Nothing happens outside until it has happened inside. If you get a prophecy or a promise from God look for it to happen on the inside, in the spiritual realm first. That may be all that He is referring to. It could be it was never meant to be in the natural.

Everything we see came from God therefore it was spirit first. God is spirit and has always created by His Word which is Spirit and so everything was first created Spirit. He spoke it all into being and He hasnít changed His way of doing things nor will He ever. He only blesses His own creation.

How many times have we received a "word" or a prophecy from God, whether it was through the written word, a spoken word, vision or dream and we helped it to happen? As for me more times than I can count and of course when it didnít come to pass we wouldnít blame the source but GOD! It happened so many times in the old covenant and we know it but we still do it! The Bible is not just a book of history. We need to learn how God works from their mistakes. The new covenant tells us that it happened to the forefathers as an example to us. Unless we can see it with our spiritual eyes it is not there and will never be there as a promise. At the cross, God established His covenant with the whole world, not just with those few that we think believe. It doesnít matter if we believe or not. God said it that settles it! He chose us we didnít choose Him. Who are we, the potter or the clay?

The whole world receiving the promises through Isaac was something established in Godís sight before the foundations of the world. He only has one plan and He knows how to bring it about. His plan of the ages is to bring every man back to Himself. Throughout the scriptures He declares: He will never leave us or forsake us. The Bible was written for all mankind not just for those we call Christians. Man thought they crucified Jesus but He said no man takes my life but I lay it down. Who are we to think we can change Godís plan to reconcile ALL back into Him? As His spirit left the body of Jesus, He said "It is finished" or done, completed, fulfilled. What Jesus had been ordained to do, He finished! Just as we will on this earth. Everything it took to reconcile man back to God was done. We have nothing more to do, it is finished. All mankind is free. They all havenít realized it yet but their day will come. When Christ had absorbed the flesh man, Jesus and He came out of the grave people didnít even recognize Him as the man Jesus! That is because the body, the flesh body, had been glorified and they could only see the Spirit man! He walked the earth for a while until the Disciples knew who He was and then He went back into the Spiritual realm where they couldnít "see" Him. Fifty days later at Pentecost, He came back as Holy Spirit to abide in earthly tabernacles. He had cleansed the disciples by His word and they were ready for Him. This was NOT something they had planned on. This was scary and frightening. It caused them to be beaten and run out of town and some even killed. Holy Spirit had made them so bold that they even scared the people. They could not understand what was going on. Their friends of a life time had changed and it was a suddenly thing! Since Pentecost, God has lived INSIDE of men instead of coming down upon them for awhile as in the old covenant. He now had a Temple, not built by mans hand, to abide within His people and that is where He is today.

Man, woman and child now have the opportunity to be guided Godís Spirit that dwells within them and have received the promises of God through Isaac. He is now ALL in ALL and will have His way in ALL! No more mistakes (Ishmaelís) for He is in control of it all and we canít blame anyone for things that happen. It is all in His perfect plan for the ages. We were all made for such a time as this without being asked if it was alright. God is in control.

No more "sin" to rule the world, no more evil for all things are of God. God has a purpose for all things, all events and situations. He has ordained all of us for a certain work before the foundation of the earth. We were sent for a purpose and if we know He lives in us that the old man died at Calvary with Jesus and was resurrected as He was then we would trust His guidance. It is possible to do what our Father does and say what He says.

When we realize He is in control of all things we will find it easy not to judge others. When we find ourselves trying to figure out why someone is doing things that we think they shouldnít be, that is the time to realize that they have a purpose in God and maybeó just maybeó they are living it out! Jesus said He didnít come to judge or condemn so we canít either. We are as He is because He, Christ, lives in us as that inner-man. The outer-man is only a shell that will go into a hole in the ground and return to dust, the part of God it came from. When this time comes the spirit and soul will have become one again as they were in the garden and will return to Father from whence they came!

There cannot possibly be a place or destination that we call "hell." What would it be for? Think about it; our flesh will return to its original form, dust, which is also a part of God. Since nothing was made without Him, and our spirit and soul are to become one as a Spirit, what is left to burn forever? The soul was separated from the Spirit in the garden by God and it will be reunited with the Spirit by God! The Spirit IS God because there is only ONE Spirit and He hasnít rebelled or sinned. You canít burn something you canít see. So now answer the question ówho is going to this mythical "hell?" Did you know that the meaning of "death" and "Sheol" in Acts 2:27 is "grave"óa place of hiding away? "Hades" in Revelation 1:18 is an unseen realm. Can you see there is no place to go and burn forever?

Can you see that God is a Spirit and speaks in parables to our carnal minds to make a spiritual point? This is not confusing if you know who you really are. I suggest you read the booklet "Identity Quagmire" a revelation given to Frank Doyle by Holy Spirit concerning the truth of who God says we are. You will understand more and as you search the scriptures in this writing Father will reveal even more. The only requirement Father has is for YOU to search, ask and seek! He hasnít planned for others to explain it all to you. He wants us to learn to trust His voice as He speaks to us individually. Your relationship with Him is what He wants to enjoy.

There is a lot more to think about than a "hell" that doesnít exist but if you must think about it go to the only one who knows the truth, Holy Spirit. You will find, if you are willing to lay down all that you have been taught, a lot more and a loving Fathers heart in your search.

Let me touch on this thing we call "sin". It only means to miss the mark or the high standard that God has set for His kids. Remember "His kid" is the inner-man that lives within all mankind, not just the few that we think of as being "saved." Let your mind go and think "spirit" for a while. This man will consist of Gods Spirit and our soul. He is perfecting this man to prepare Him to come back to Him. Our soul is causing a lot of havoc right now but as it submits to the Spirit man all will be one. This outer or flesh man can never reach the high calling of Jesus Christ because our Spirit only responds to Spirit. We can never make our outer man become like Christ. We work hard at it because we have been told the bible is an instruction book on how to live. This is true but we canít do it by changing the flesh or by works. It really is pretty simple to just BE. Jesus tells us in John 15:10 to follow His commandment as He follows His Fatherís commandment. In verse 12 He gives us His commandment pretty clearly, "Love one another as I have loved you." The Fatherís commandments to Him were written in the Laws of the old covenant. Remember He was born under the LAW. After His death and resurrection we are born under GRACE.

Think about how He loved the Disciples. He was never negative, never judged, and never condemned them. He was always gentle, loving and kind. That is the way He is in us if we will submit and let Him, Christ, the Spirit of our Father, have His way daily as we walk through this life.

We love Him as we love ourselves but we find it hard to express that love outside of ourselves. We will do anything to keep our "self" from getting hurt, physically or emotionally. How do we relate that to our brothers, sisters or neighbors? If that love is on the inside of us then we need to let Him be expressed in our world. He said at one point that "they" will know us by our love for one another. Who are "they" He is talking about? When I realized "they" are the people who donít understand that they have the same Spirit living in them as I do, "loving others as myself" took on a whole new meaning. It really meant the "bad and the ugly"óthe ones I would like to avoid and let live their lives as they wanted. Well, things started to change around me. Guess who appeared in my life? Yep, youíre right--the "bad and the ugly!" When you start "seeing" things in Godís word by His spirit, strange things start to happen around you. He is teaching me to accept them as one of His own and not condemn them. I must remember that they have a purpose in Him as I do and He will take care of it. My place is to allow them to BE and love them as they are. I canít change them, only He has that power.

We have for so long tried to show love by doing, buying and giving material things to those in need and that is a good thing but it is not the thing that will bring them to the knowledge that Jesus died for them. We can preach to them and that is not the total answer. Love conquers all and that is the answer. It will cover a multitude of sin but that love is spelled Jesus and us showing love the way He did.

When we love someone it means we accept them just as they are and we wouldnít change a thing about them. When I came to that love it was because I felt accepted by the people around me and I could see something different about them. I had a faithful husband who loved me and wonderful children but there was a different kind of love I needed. That came through these people accepting me as I was and not asking a lot of questions. They really didnít care who I was or even if I was "saved". They just wanted to love me, unconditionally. That, my friends, is hard to find in this world today.

All the things we give to one another only become old things after awhile and then you need more new things. It is a losing battle. The only thing that lasts is acceptance by others. I donít need someone to tell me I am wrong, I know that! I donít need someone to tell me I need to change my dress, my ideas, my personality or anything about me. Father does that real well and I can accept it from Him without being hurt, because I know He loves me. I am sure I am not weird or nuts and I would be willing to bet that all those reading this agree with me.

We all need to give acceptance to others regardless where they are going or where they have come from. Love the Christ in them and they will change. I believe, and this might not be for everyone, if we learned to love as He did then the High Calling of Christ would be reached and we could drop the nasty, inferring word "sin" out of our vocabulary. As we submit to the Christ within us we will be able to reach the standard Father has set for us.

We need to relax and learn to BE. BE what? Just BE ourselves as we know us. Scripture tell us that the filthy should just be filthy, the unjust are unjust, the righteous are righteous and the holy be holy! That means to take off the masks that we all wear and just be whatever we know we are. Our Father, the creator of all and who is All to All and All in All is big enough to change us. Each of us will have a Day that Father will show Himself individually and that is the day that He will start changing us. There is no big hurry to get things done for He knows the perfect time and place. He will keep us until that day and it makes no difference what we have done, are doing or where we are at that time. Remember the disciples and how He went about choosing them? Not a one was asked if they wanted to follow, He just said," Follow Me!" Paul was on the road to Damascus to destroy the church. I canít see where he was asked to receive the Lord and I am sure he wasnít looking for Him! He thought he was doing the church a favor by killing all who wanted to follow this "man," He hasnít changed over the years and generations so we need to trust that He is doing the same thing the same way today.

All I can say is wonderful, wonderful heavenly Father, to love the world so much that He makes His plan work in spite of us! Glory Be to Him forever more.

If we could keep our minds on Him and be ready in season and out of season, we could always show forth His glory and our family and friends would sit up and take notice. BE content where He has planted you and become what He has ordained for you to BE. Just think for a moment about nature around you. Every species of plant life requires different types of soil, fertilizer and weather to grow and mature. A palm tree doesnít do too well in Alaska and ice bergs wonít be found in Florida. Salt water marshlands wonít be found in the mid west and sage brush isnít too fond of the east coast. Get the point? We can only do well in the place Father chooses for us. When we try to be somewhere He hasnít chosen for us we can get pretty miserable, believe me, I have experienced it as most of you have. I know He will never leave us or forsake us but as the Charismatic adage goes, we need to be under the spout where the blessings pour out and please understand you will know when you arenít.

He has promised peace to those whose mind is staid on him. If we are constantly trying to be something not of His choosing our mind is not on Him and we find ourselves not putting Him first in our decision making. That is BAD! It is rather simple to know if He is not first in our daily lives then we do not have our mind staid on Him. First of all, we are not where He wants us spiritually and therefore we are probably not where He wants us in the natural.

BEing is a natural thing. It doesnít take a lot of thought to do what comes naturally. It is when we try to be what we are not that we get in trouble and we mess ourselves up. If we can remember we are actually created in Godís image we would naturally act like God, but we really believe in our minds that we are separated from Him and so we create who we think we are. What we believe with our minds is what we will be! Our minds are a powerful thing and our words are expressions of our thoughts. There is life and death in our tongue, meaning that what we speak is what is in our minds. We create with our words and our conscious doesnít know whether it is truth or not. It just believes what ever we say! Now that calls for responsibility on OUR part! We must think TRUTH and then we will BE Truth! I see that as being very simple if we get our Truth from the TruthóHoly Spirit!

If we watch nature we will see that they donít work very hard to BE. They just are. The bird sings its own song, the bears growl their own growl, the lion roars and they donít worry if others like it or notóthey just carry own to be what they were created for. Even in the sky we see the contentment to BE what all was made to BE. Stars twinkle, the moon reflects the sun and the sun shines. All of this when it is supposed to happen! They donít judge the works of the other! They do their part and let the others do theirs. We need to learn to be as content.

I know the world has a lot of teachers that claim they can help you become a better, stronger, richer you but until we can "see" this person in the spiritual realm it will never happen. We have to believe we are that person before we actually manifest that person! We have to know the truth before it can set us free. The Truth is that we are created in His image and that image was inside of us before we are ever sent to this earth. That image is given a body at birth and this body houses this image until the purpose of our being sent to earth is completed and it returns to Father. The body then returns to the dust and God is All in All once again. I like that!

The Image inside is what we are looking for in all the books and the books help us to concentrate on allowing it to come forth. After all, what better person can we be except the exact image of GOD! We all desire to be the best we can be and we are all looking for what we were before the fall of mankind.

Jesus was the perfect man and He didnít think it robbery to be equal with God [Philippians 2:5]. He then tells US to put on the mind of Christ that He had put on! In this "Higher Level" we could receive more revelation from Father. He has so much more to reveal to us than the natural mind can conceive or explain in this natural realm that we walk in from day to day. He has secrets for those who would walk across this "line" or the darkness of the "veil" we have in our minds. We have imagined in our minds, from many years of teaching, that we cannot know Fatherís mind but He tells us we know all things! He rent the veil two thousand years ago but it is easier to live in darkness than it is to spend time with Him and listen to Him. That would mean we would have to put down the books we read and get to know Him as He is. He is not out there coming soon but Heís here NOW. We are to come boldly to the throne, to His presence, in time of need and yet we still beg and plead to get things from Him! We donít even make our kids beg for things from us why should THE GOD of the universe make or expect His kids to? All that He is and all that He has is ours and we canít see it. The time is now that He is opening some of our eyes to the fact that He loves us and is making us to become what He had created in the beginning! We are all out of Him so we have all of His attributes. Just as if you took a cup of ocean, you wouldnít have ALL the ocean but you would have all its attributes; everything that makes it the ocean and we have the same of God. There is nothing that can hold all of God but each one of us is made in His exact image and sooner or later we will all be in Him just as we would pour the cup of the ocean back into itself. We are one with God.

He told John on Patmos to write all that he has seen, the things which are and the things that will take place. He then explained the things that John saw. All and everything he saw was spiritual, not a thing was in the natural realm. Did you notice John was in the Spirit? The times you have seen in the spirit, was there anything natural? NO! Spirit sees spirit, natural sees natural. If you remember Father used parables all through the Bible from Genesis to Jude to express a natural point? Why would He change in Revelation and speak to the natural man? He is speaking of a personal relationship all through the scriptures including Revelation!

Armageddon is going on in our minds and as OUR day gets closer the battle gets worse. The carnal mind and Spirit are battling and soon the flesh will die and the battle will be over. Our mind will be overcome by our Spirit and the marriage will take place and the Light will shine through for the entire world to see. We will then realize that we are free and have been for two thousand years! We will then see ourselves as we really areóA Son of God. All childish things put away and finally mature.

He did come, He has come and He is coming! I donít understand all of it but I believe Him. Try to explain this statement that we have heard so oftenóHe was, He is and He shall be! What does that mean? Spend some time with Him and He will tell you things you have never heard. Each of us has a special walk with Him and we have to find that pathway for ourselves. When we do then no one can take it away from us.

Most of us hate to find that "Isle of Patmos" where we will find Him because we know that it will mean dying to self. That is not fun. Patmos is important because Father doesnít yell above the crowd and our business. He speaks in a small, quiet voice and it is hard to hear Him sometimes. Do you notice you hear His voice mostly early in the morning or as you are sleeping? He had to take John to the Patmos so John could hear what The Spirit was saying to the churches. He will have to take each of us to our place so we can hear what He is saying to us for our lives. History tells us that John did not die on the Isle but he did die to self and went back to tell the churches what he had seen. Paul had to be taken to the desert for about fourteen years all together before he understood what he was going to do. Where will you have to be taken to hear and be prepared for your purpose?

My place was a country called Lincoln County Georgia. It took about seven years for Him to clear my head of all the things I had been taught. It was and is hard to give it all up and start over! I realized Father was using some of my past to help me as He said "make new friends but keep the old; one is silver the other gold." Most of you know that as the Girl Scout motto. I realized that some of the old was good but I was to also add a lot of new stuff. Some old had to go if I wanted to go on with Him. That was and is my biggest desire even today.

He has told me to write what I have been shown and what I have heard from the Spirit of God. I am learning to BE what He has called me to beóA Son of the Most High God.

Why do we find all this SO hard to do? I believe it is because we have been taught that HE lives out there somewhere and we are not good enough! Someday when we get to heaven then all these things will be ours! How ridiculous! God is "now," not somewhere out there that we canít reach Him. He will never leave us or forsake us, what does that mean to you? To me it means He came and He is not going to leave me! He is here inside of me now just like He is with you. I am sorry if I sound rather emphatic about this but I am passionate about God working in me both to will and to do for His good pleasure [Philippians 2:13]. I am learning to do all things without complaining and disputing, so I can become a blameless and harmless child of God and shine as a light in this world (from Philippians 2:13-15). It is not easy but He puts such a desire in my heart to be like Him. Why are we yet listening to man instead of our Spirit within? He has said to be perfect (mature) as He is so I know it is possible and I believe that is our destiny. We are His child but we are to become A SON, not stay a child forever.

Abraham heard, followed and made mistakes that Father had to clean-up but Isaac came along, as God said he would, and became the vine for God to twine through the generations even unto us and all that follow.

If our minds are staid on Him, when the "time" has come we will all be as one. What a wonderful Hope of Glory living in us! This is the promise He has given usóWe will be one with the Father manifested to the world! That is our destinyóto BE like Him for when we see Him we will BE as He is now! That is how my Father sees me now and that is the Truth that comes out of my mouth. The perfect manóChristólives in me and Father is bringing Himself outside so the whole world can agree with me!