December 2006


     Last time we discussed how Jesus, the flesh-man, had already died to the Spirit-Man before He was arrested and was ready to get back to His Father! He was able to look beyond the cross and see the joy that was waiting on the other side.

     This time I would like to discuss our relationship between our Father and our flesh-man. This might hurt, it might bring anger. The anger will be “holy anger,” I trust—the kind that makes us see ourselves as we really are!

      You might ask, “What is this thing we call flesh?” I did! After searching scripture it seems to me that flesh is no more than our mind and soul. It is not this outer coat that we see. You can pinch yourself and see it is not the flesh we are talking about. This body can do nothing if the mind doesn’t send it a message to do it! We all learned that in school. Could it be that our minds receive instructions from our subconscious and then passes it on to the flesh or our hands, feet, etc? We are wonderfully made and everything is connected to work together. Our problem is that we put things in our subconscious that are not from God and they are passed on for our bodies to perform! So, now we see that we are not talking about this body and its actions when we say “flesh-man.” Our relationship with Father is not with our bodies, it is with our mind, soul and emotions, or our “flesh-man.”

     Frank and I were discussing the lazy, indolent attitude of our world since we were young, (My, how things change) probably 65 years ago. I am sure there are a few of you that can relate to the “good ole days” of the 40’s, 50’s or 60’s?

     Just a few of the things we understood was that a girl didn’t ask a boy for a date, no matter how foxy he was! You certainly didn’t kiss him on the first date and you didn’t stay out all night! (My sisters and I had to be in by 11:00 P.M.) Mom always made sure we had a dime to call home if things got bad or the car “broke down.” Parents always had to know the boy before we could date him and usually we didn’t date until we were 14-16 years old! Also, remember, Guys, you would not date a girl you couldn’t bring home to Mother or that you wouldn’t consider marrying!

     I know this all sounds a little pristine and I am not sure if it kept us out of trouble or not, but never the less, we had rules and we were accountable! We certainly didn’t abide by them all but the ones we would allow to rule us were for our own good and our obedience helped us to have a good life. Obedience brings blessings!

     During my years of “sitting, walking and standing” with the Lord I have learned that what I see in the natural is a shadow of what is happening in the spirit. Of course I didn’t know it then, but looking back I know that people knew the Lord then but didn’t discuss it. They lived it! They considered their beliefs to be a “private” thing, not to be talked about. They were all that we say we should be today and didn’t know it! It was a natural thing to obey and respect their parents, to be honest and love each other.

     Life is not that simple anymore. Somewhere we have decided to do our own thing and in the name of progress we have left all the rules on the back shelf and decided we know better than our parents before us. People tend to have to “find themselves.” They look in all the craziest places when all they have to do is look where they came from! Why can’t they see that they are what and who their parents were! You can never become something you are not, just like you can never become something you already are! No, you don’t have to be in the same financial place they were and you don’t have to do what they did making a living but the things that God put in your genes you can’t change!! We kick against the goads knowing deep within ourselves it is wrong and only causes heartbreak! You are your Dad’s child! You can’t change that, you only accept it and use your heritage to your benefit!

     As I meditated on this phenomenon I heard Father speak and I write what I believe to be His thoughts as He has so often told me to write those things He tells me.

     I am sure you are all aware of how these days it is not popular to go through the process of dating, getting married and then having children. On the contrary, you see a guy and gal sleep together, have children and then go their merry ways! I certainly realize the ceremony of marriage was thought of by man but it seems to be blessed by God! In God’s kingdom you can see the same thing happening! It is not popular to get to know God, get married or committed to Him and then have children!

     God is seeing His people (I am speaking of the whole world for whom He died to reconcile back to Himself) confessing their sins (which He has already forgiven) getting water baptized and we think we are saved!! What kind of a commitment is that? Someone tells us that we are now ready for heaven and we will go there someday. Nonsense and humbug!! We do Him a favor and go our way!! We say “Thank You, Jesus” and then only expect our lives to be wonderful from that time on! Has anyone ever told you that is where your troubles start? We don’t expect anything else from Him and hope He doesn’t expect anything else from us until we leave this earth. How sad and deficient we are! Why should He want anything else than our confession. Some how, we think that is our payback for what He did for us. We are SO depraved!! That is somehow like meeting a guy or gal and sleeping with them without any questions!

     What He is saying is that without a commitment you are free to walk away just as the flesh-man is free to walk away. Oh, we think we have made a commitment to Father until a temptation to our flesh-man comes up and then all of a sudden we “walk away.” The mind dictates to us what we need to do and the relationship in the spirit has gone, at least for awhile. Trouble comes and we take the easy way out, just like we do in the flesh. Bad times come and we think about abortion, finding another person or going back to Dad and Mom.

     In the flesh-man we are not committed because we haven’t obeyed laws that are written on our hearts and we try to fix it ourselves. We have tried to be someone we are not! We are our Dad’s child. In the spirit we are our Father’s son and if we try to be something else we will fail! It will never work! You can’t become something you are not and that is what we try to do. Instead of accepting the fact that we are a son of God we try to be our own person!

     The church system, as a rule, is only making us aware of the Cross and that is the extent of the commitment. God’s people, whom we all are, are still trying to find themselves. They just won’t accept the fact that we are who we are in Him and we can only be who our Father is. No matter what people tell us or what our doctrine happens to be, we are still a son of God. Nothing can change that!

     You confront some with this truth and their remark is “It was good in the good ole days but it is not for now. It just won’t work for us.” No one wants to get married to God and forsake the ways of the world. They can’t seem to see that the world would be an easier place to live in if they would stop trying to be what they are not and just “be” what they are!

      Father tells us in John 15:6 the reason life is so hard without Him—“If anyone does not abide in Me, he is cast out as a branch and is withered: and they (man) gather them and throw them into the fire (God’s fire) and they are burned!”  Notice it doesn’t say destroyed but burned. God’s fire does not destroy us, it only judges and corrects us. The fire hurts but it is good. God uses people and circumstances to bring us to the fire He provides. Until the fire has done its job and we have submitted to being who we are; we are not committed.

     We must know marriage is the same in the natural as it is in the spirit. When the couple has been through some trials (fire) together they will find their commitment. Usually in a “live-in” situation, the fire will come and they will run in opposite directions. There is no commitment to the relationship.

     It is easy to run from the relationship with God that is a “live-in” relationship. That is one where there has been no ceremony. This spiritual ceremony is the point of time that you realize that you belong to Him and He belongs to you. He will fight your battles for you. Read John 5:7, 8—When the fire (trials) comes, you will either stand or run. This is where the commitment is made. He doesn’t forsake you for running but He will give you another chance, and another and another. The best thing to do is learn to stand with Him and go through the fire.

     Just like dating is for the couple to get to know each other, there is a preparation time for our flesh-man to come into agreement with our spirit-man. This “dating” time has to come before the “living” together. (Everything in its own order) During this time we are getting committed and learning to understand who we are in Him. As we accept the relationship as He desires then we are “married” and have “children.”

     These “children” come forth as we live our new life before them. The process then starts over for them to become who they are in Him. The process for us bearing spiritual children is the same as in the natural. We have “intercourse” with Father and get so close to Him that we become one with Him and as a natural thing children are raised up. Isn’t He wonderful?

     Marriage is a beautiful thing, for the natural man as well as the spirit man. In both we have a fire to go through and we can do it in Him. We only have to look beyond the flames and see the joy of the outcome. Just “BE” who you are and He will take care of the rest. Fathers take care of their children.


Barbara Doyle


P.S. Have a Beautiful Holiday, Christmas or Hanukkah. However you want to say it. Enjoy the fact that we are His and He is ours! 


Franks Fragments

     This article puts the emphasis where it belongs, on us, our flesh-man. The battle field is truly in the mind, will and emotions which make up the flesh-man. We cannot be referring to our skin covering as that is a necessary “suit” for Holy Spirit (the Christ) to have to inhabit. Spirit beings must have an earth suit in order to stay here in this atmosphere, or they would be considered an illegal alien. 

     Father is going to do whatever it takes in order to bring every one of His people, all of humanity, to the place where every knee will bow and every tongue will confess His Lordship. A very effective prayer of submission is to ask Father to “send His fire.” His fire does not destroy, but it does judge and purify. For instance, fire (Greek = pur {we get purify}) and brimstone (Greek = theion {divine incense}) was to cleanse and purify

     Several years ago, Pogo, in the comic strip stated “I met the enemy, it’s me!” That truism is still alive and much in effect in everyone’s life. It just seems that so many who call themselves Christian feel they need something or someone to blame for their failures rather than take personal responsibility. It is much easier to blame the devil primarily because of the teachings that have been going around for hundreds of years that the devil is very powerful, almost as powerful as Father himself. Hogwash! If, in fact, the devil had the power many Christians think he has, then Calvary would be considered a total failure, and Jesus was a liar. However, it wasn’t and He isn’t. In 1 John 3.8 the word for destroy is annul meaning to make or declare void or invalid. Didn’t Jesus himself say that he came to destroy the works of the enemy? Either He did or He can be called a phony. If we would only heed the admonition of Philippians 2.5 and put on the mind of the Christ, then we would also be able to give no place for the adversary to occupy. If you’ll notice, your mind is only occupied with the things you think about. If you feel you need a personal devil to take the blame for your mistakes, so be it. Have all the devils you want.  I don’t feel the need for a devil as I’m willing to take responsibility for my own actions, good or bad. How about you?

Frank Doyle