Ex. 3:12 Moses had his first encounter with God at Mount Horeb, The Mountain of God. We all know the story of The Burning Bush and how God called Moses to bring His (Godís) children out of Egypt and there would be a sign to show He would be with him. The sign being that they would worship God at that same mountain that God had spoken to Moses.

Ex. 19: 5 At Mount Horeb in the Sinai Wilderness, God spoke to Moses and said "that if they would obey His voice and keep his covenant, they would be a special treasure above all people, for all the Earth is mine".

In Deut., the Book that the Jewish people has called the "Second Law" and has also been called "The Book of Remembrance," Moses repeats the happenings of the first four books of the Law. In Deut., as he is explaining the laws to the people that would go into the Promised Land, he said, " The Lord our God spoke to us in Horeb saying, You have dwelt long enough at this mountain." They had served the Lord there and received the ten commandments when Moses went up on the Mountain and met with God. Now God is telling them it is time to go and take the land He had promised them through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Deut. 1:8). In Ex. 9:11, 15, He told them to get ready for the Third Day.

Our Father has been talking to The Church for several years about The Third Day. I believe there is a message here for me as an individual and to you, the reader, as an individual as well as the corporate church. We are all standing at different places on this mountain, but we have been standing there a long time. The Third Day is upon us and He is telling us it is time to move on. It has been long enough for us to have learned all that He has for us at this place. We must realize the church as a denomination, has been there for about 1700 years. It is time for them to move into another realm that they have never been before.

While we have camped here, we have learned to hear His voice, we have come to know His voice, and we have come to know His Commandments "Love the Lord Thy God with all your heart and Thy neighbor as Thyself" (Matthew 22: 37,39). At the physical Mountain of God, or Mt. Horeb, the people learned the same thing and God called them to leave the place they were so comfortable at and go take the land.

In the Spirit realm, there is a higher, deeper walk with Him that He is calling us too. Mt. Horeb was the starting place for Israel and "The Mt. of God" for us is the Cross. The cross is The place that we acknowledge the work of Jesus in our lives and we start learning the things we need to move into the "deeper" things of God. Learning something involves head knowledge as well as experiencing them in our lives. When we start walking in this knowledge of the work of the Cross, we must begin being a "doer" of this word (knowledge) and not a hearer only. Start allowing Holy Spirit to change you by being willing and obedient. As we open ourselves to Him, He will start working anyway so we just as well sit back and enjoy His Presence in our lives. The Promise Land Peace, Joy and Love is ours but we have to be willing to move when He says to, as He changes us. There is life abundant at the Cross, but so much more as we move out beyond the Cross. We never get all there is to get of God, there is always more. At the Cross, or the Mountain, we find that Jesus has died and resurrected and as He died, we also died. When we move away from the cross, we find out that our Flesh has not died and that is when the "Wilderness begins! In the Wilderness we find out who we really are and we are usually surprised to "See" ourselves as we are in this Earth. It is not a pleasing sight. We have to allow the inner man to come forth and we start seeing that that Man is Christ! We really donít even know who we are until we are a few "days" in the "wilderness" with Him and He starts revealing us to ourselves. We then realize that we have left the Adamic nature behind and we start living out of our Spirit. We start bringing forth the Real Man out of our Spirits and know the flesh has no place in us. Father is saying we have lived in the shadow of the Cross long enough, we have learned all we can there. Come out into the "Light" and find the Promises that is in Him. There is no end to this phase of our lives. The "Wilderness" just goes on and on. The End will bring perfection and we will be like Jesus, Perfect. That is what the Wilderness is all about, that is where the promises are.

Matthew 13:44 We have found the treasure in the field and now we are willing to sell all that we have and purchase that field. There is a pearl of great price there just under the surface and we are starting to dig it out as we move from the cross into the wilderness with Him. At the Cross, we were so comfortable and everything made sense but now all has changed and it is not quite as easy. We are not too sure we like this. Some will go back, but some will move on because they want as much of God as they can get and they love Him above their own lives. We find out that His Wonders are unsearchable but we are willing to search them out and allow Holy Spirit to take us where He wants. Those that go back will still be His Child but, because they think they have all there is, then they will start their own "works" -- different programs and all the things we do to make us worthy of this Love that He has for us. If they would go on, they would find they just have to rest in Him because He loves them regardless of their works. They will be able to enter into the rest He has for all of us if we will just obey and move from this mountain. (Heb. 4)

God has allowed us to work the top of the field for 1700+ years, but now He wants us to plow the field and search for the Pearl of Great price. He is preparing us for more than "good works". There will be a world to rule and reign in before all this is over with and He has to prepare us for it. Do you know anyone that has been prepared for this at the place we have walked up until now? The Church is so weak that you canít tell the world from the church and it is time that we allow the Spirit to change us and strengthen us to be more than they are. How will we ever be able to convince them we have something better if we donít live it? How will we live it if we donít know who we are and what the Cross did for us as well as them? We must learn more than we know right now and we canít learn more sitting at the same place as we have for so long. He is going to build a Temple and He has chosen people to be the building stones to do it with. Those stones has to fit together and only by His Fire can He make us fit. We have tried to do it ourselves but we can only do it by the flesh and He is Spirit and His House is going to be Spirit. He is going to use our Spirits to build that Spiritual House not built by hands. It is time to stop working with our hands and let Him do the work He has to do and ONLY He can do it.

I find this life in the wilderness is so exciting as I learn to yield to Him and trust Him. He made the Earth and all that is in it and He is in control of it all. He is our All in All and there is nothing else besides Him.I want to see what He means when He says " You have been here at this mountain too long. I am going to let go and let God. I want to enter into that land that He has promised Abraham and his descendants. There are no works of the flesh that please me now. I have tried it all and got nowhere. I am waiting on God and His timing and I wonít move until I see Him beckoning and calling my name. Then and not before will I move and do what He says and nothing more.

If the church, or any individual, refuses to move from this mountain and decides to stay where they are comfortable, then the old testament is full of results of disobedience. Jesus came and showed us how to move on and as we study His life we can see the results of obedience. If we will move from the bondageís of traditions and man-made rules into hearing the Father and His commandments then the rewards are phenomenal!

We are moving into the 3rd Day, like it or not. We will have to be ready on His time table and not ours. He is preparing a people and building His Temple. We canít stop His work but we can be rebellious or afraid of moving on and miss out on a lot. I, for one donít want to miss anything and I want to be willing to move with Him. The Blessings are for us all, is it worth it to give up some worldly ways to receive them and above all, to please our Heavenly Father?

Be willing, Beloved and see what the Lord can do!


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