Why do we always ask “WHY?”  It seems like forever before we learn that God is able to do what it takes without us interfering. Isn’t that the only reason we ask? We really think we can give Him suggestions if we knew why He was doing things in the manner He is doing them! We always have a better way.

          One of the biggest questions I have had is “Why did He send us down here when we were doing fine in Him?” Why would He subject mankind to this world and its problems when we didn’t have any there? (Romans 8:20) In this writing I will attempt to express what I believe the Spirit has shown me. Rudy Jones has done an extensive study on the Tabernacle and does a great explanation on how the tabernacle is a pattern of us! If you would like to receive this teaching just drop a line requesting it to - The Tabernacle Home Study Course, P.O. Box 627, Fountain Inn, SC  29964.

          It seems the world was a dark and vile place when God said “Let us make man in our image”. He saw that He needed a representative on the earth to bring His Light back into His creation. Of course if we read Genesis we will find that He sent the first man called Holy Spirit and formed a body out of the earth to contain Himself. He blew His life into him and man became a living soul. Only when the Breath of God was breathed into the form did it then become a living soul. They were called Adam and actually were the first Adam with Jesus being the Last Adam. Holy Spirit was the life of them both and was the Alpha and Omega of our life.

          It is not that Father sent us into the world knowing it was a sinful place but that He needed a Light in the Dark. This life we live is not “just about me” as we have thought. It is about Him having a place to abide so there would be an example of the life man was to live from the beginning, whenever that was! We are that place, the Body that was prepared for Him from the beginning (Hebrews10:5). He knew we would go the way of the world but the world had to see a people that had a choice and see them make the right one so they would have hope in this world! They were hopeless and dying because they had lost their way and only knew darkness with no understanding of who they were.

          We were not born IN sin but INTO sin. I never could figure out what was meant by being born in sin and thought that God must have thought that sex was sin! It is wild how our minds can think about things! This thought has even made us believe that we are separated from God when all the time He is inside of us! How can we be separated from something that is a part of us?

          We were born perfect with no knowledge of right and wrong. As we became a little older because of the more mature people around us we became aware of our ability to think for ourselves. This did not happen over night but by the time we were old enough to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, we “forgot” where we came from. It was easy to choose the easy way to get things. We found out we could cry and pitch a fit or in many ways manipulate others to get our way! In fact, that is the way everyone else expected us to be. The “perfection” of our Father quickly disappeared and we folded right into the system. Now don’t think for a minute that HE didn’t know what we would do. He had a plan and that was included in it. The only way that He could display His way of life was to have an example for humans to compare it with. They had to know there was something different and a different way for them. Do you know that the way a bank will train a teller to recognize counterfeit bills are to let the student play with the real stuff?  Our Father reversed the application. He knew if we played with the “bad” stuff then we would now the “real” stuff when the time came for Him to reveal that He lived inside of us and awakened the memory of who we are. You see, He knew He could make us remember Him when the time came. He was not even worried about us straying. HE HAD A PLAN AND HE WAS WORKING THE PLAN! When we realize He knows what He is doing we can be free like Jesus said.

          Our God is building a Temple not built with man’s hand but by the Spirit and we are that Temple! We are the many mansions in our Father’s House. His Body that has already been prepared for Him! Is this too wonderful for our natural mind to conceive? Yes, that is why we have to depend on Holy Spirit to reveal the Truth to the carnal mind. It is absolutely impossible for us to understand Father’s Truth in this carnal mind. We have tried for years and it has only caused confusion in our lives. No man can explain it or teach it. It is only revealed by His Spirit dwelling in us.

          We can’t get away from the fact that we learn by the trials we go through, just as Jesus did. He was persecuted, beat, ridiculed and finally killed for what He believed! (Hebrews 5:8) How can we expect any better? God is not going to change His plan to make us more comfortable. Jesus overcame and He has given us the power to do the same. His vision has never changed and never will or else He is not God! Whatever His will is for any situation He will do exactly as He said. Everything is for a purpose. Our place is to discern His will (not ours) and speak it into this world.

          Jesus was perfect when He came into this world but scripture tells us He learned obedience through the things He suffered and after having been perfected became the Author of our faith. We can see by this that He came by the way of a woman, taking on the appearance of a man and had to walk through the same things we have had to. He had to conquer the flesh before He became the manifested Son of God. God knew who He was and by faith Joseph and Mary knew but He was not manifested to the world until the day at the Jordan and John said, “Behold the Lamb of God!” (John 1:29) God then said, “This is My Beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased.” (Luke 3:22)  God has a plan and He knew Jesus as a man was going to come back to remembrance of being His Son. That day came after approximately thirty years. God is in no hurry. Remember, a thousand years is as a day with Him and a day as a thousand years. (2nd Peter 3:8)

          Remember His keeping power as we are walking through the trials and tribulations of this world. It is all a part of Father’s Plan since eternity began and He is able to keep that which we have committed to Him until that day that His Plan is completed. (2nd Timothy 1:12)

          I am not asking “why” anymore. My question is now “When will it all be over?” and I know the answer—When He says it is over. His Plan is going to be fulfilled and we can’t make it happen before The Day has arrived. We can only learn to obey.


Barbara Doyle

March 4, 2006