The Creative Power of Imagination and visulization









                                         THE CREATIVE POWER OF IMAGINATION AND VISUALIZATION


NOW that you laid around the last several days has helped much in cleansing of the body. Any time that you are quiet in your mind and your body is at rest, your kidneys will cleanse your blood from the toxins that the mind puts into the body. this is the reason for the flushing out of the last two days. Once it has been removed from the body temple, it will leave the body through the urine and bowel movement. it is gone.


Now I ask you this question, why do you have such a hard time with the idea of creative imagination? I mean you already use it in creating your day. So why can't I as your God also have a creative imagination? I mean, AS I AM, SO ARE YOU IN THIS WORLD.


It is your imaginations that contain the ability for your mind to step beyond itself into the unseen world to explore options and pursue paths that the mind would not other wise take. Do you know why it don't take the path into the unseen world is because most of the time it it buzzing around on its own. So it doesn't know anything about the unseen world. I AM trying to awaken these gifts of creative imagination and creative visualization; for these two are truly one and the same. And to walk as a true son of God, these two faculties must be operating in you. And to the degree you use them. But you don't realize it yet. BUT YOU WILL. and to the same degree you know you do use this, because you would not be so quick to get rid of the issues of life  that can arise so quickly.


To bring what you find in your creative imagination into reality, you need to learn to do your own experiencing and know your own truth relative to what you find and access. See, it's okay to experiment doing these things so that you know YOUR OWN TRUTH in what you have found in your experiencing with your creative imagination. this is why when you teach people how to still their minds of its thoughts, and you tell people that what ever they do with this is MOSTLY UP TO THEM. You can show them how to do this, but what they do with it is their choice.


Trying to live the truth of another will always cause you difficulties when you are trying to bring what you find in your creative imagination into manifestation. You know the truth of another doesn't necessary mean that it will not work for you, or it may not work for you. The truth of another person is meant for that person. For you have to become very honest with yourself as to your intention and why you are doing what you do. and you do  question yourself of your intention of why you are doing what you do. Even when I instruct you to do something, you still need to check out your motives and your intentions. It is good to do this, but then too, you must come to the place of trust in my word to you.


Here is a thought to think on; almost every religious person is a patriot, repeating other truth from those of long ago; but they truly have difficult in experiencing the truth. Now, here is something to think on, and that is, could it be that what was for the early church is not  for this day? Because they were going into a new age, and the Piecean age was the coming age of duality. And it was, because of the do's and don'ts that every religious church has. They want to control you. And they do until you break free of that controlling spirit.


You need to remember, your creative imagination has characterized the energy you experience based on your truth and the intentions you hold. For it has access an energy based on your intention and then uses the experiences you had in your life to characterize what you have accessed. You intention is to have in mind as a purpose, plan. This is your truth in how I TAUGHT YOU to be still in the thoughts of your mind. So this is the same truth in showing you that creative imagination is there for you to use everyday in your life. And in doing so I AM going to take away all fears of these things, creative imagination, and creative visualization. It's there already in you, because it is part of my mind that is in you now.


Now see, this will confirm what I have said about creative imagination and creative  visualization are one and the same. It says that, creative visualization is the technique of using one's imagination to advocates suggest creating a detailed schema of what one desire and then visualizing it over and over again. In imagination, also called the faculty of imagining, IS THE ABILITY OF FORMING MENTAL IMAGES. IMAGINATION IS THE WORK OF THE MIND THAT HELPS CREATES. IMAGINATION HELPS PROVIDE MEANING TO EXPERIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING THE KNOWLEDGE. For it is this imagination and visualization that is going to create this new world coming and now is here. it's just a thought away, that is my thought away.


When you fully understand this creative visualization and imagination, NOTHING, now hear me, NOTHING  WILL BE MISSING OR LACKING, you will be able to create all that is needed or desired that will give you the ability to live a full life and an abundant life, as the creator of YOUR WORLD. You and I are one and the same. Many of the writers of these things, do not, or should I say, they present the information as to get material wealth and things. But here is the real truth to this, you must glean these things to know the truth behind them. It's like "THE SECRET" on the law of attraction is really on how you think on anything, you draw or attract to you, whether  negative or positive. The same with this of creative imagination, in the writings, you must glean the field for the truth hidden in these writings. Do you understand this?for once you start imagining what you start imagining what you desire, and with my help, I can bring into the impossible without any ideas of this is okay or not. Just keep in mind, all things are LAWFUL TO YOU, BUT NOT PROFITABLE to you.So what is there to be afraid or fearful of?


CREATIVE VISUALIZATION can and will do great things, but for every person there are areas, which he or she might find hard to change, at least for now. you see this in you even now, that there is some resistance within you about this subject. How many have you heard this, but you were not able to handle this, and you just keep wondering  in your wilderness of you mind, instead of going over into the promise land of your RIGHT HEMISPHERE OF YOUR BRAIN. For the power of visualization is a  mighty power, but there are some limits to using it, for these limits are within you, but not in the power of it. Of course there are some limits to using this power of visualization. For worldly gain is not one that belongs to this power or for the flesh; all this will brings difficulties into your life. Of the limits within you, well you must be willing to let go of them, for you do struggle with this, specially every time I bring this up to you, I want to release you from this bondage that is in your mind, or maybe in your left side of your brain, so that the LIGHT ENERGY of your RIGHT SIDE OF YOUR BRAIN can go through that veil Between the RIGHT AND LEFT side of your brain can come together, and become ONE MIND once again, just as it was in the beginning.


You often limit yourself and cannot look beyond a limited circle or a box. You limit yourself by your thoughts and beliefs. Why do you think I taught you in how to silence your mind and make you LET GO OF ALL of your doctrines and beliefs? Because they limit you from going beyond the circle or the box of doctrines and beliefs. I AM wanting you to be set free in your mind of what ever keeps you from experiencing this creative power of imagination and visualization. This is part of living life to its fullest and the abundance that there is in the invisible realm of spirit. Is this okay? I AM setting you free from the control in your mind.


You limit yourself, do you understand this yet? It's you in your thinking. the more opened minded you can be, the bigger you dare to think, the greater are your opportunities and possibilities. FOR ALL LIMITATIONS ARE WITHIN YOUR MIND, and it's up to you to rise above them. You don't  do too bad about being opened minded, even though you still struggle with what I AM revealing and showing you at this moment. Wouldn't you like to think bigger and to  have great opportunities open to you. But up to now, you like all have limited yourself in how you think, and it is engraved in you because of the generations in your bloodline has transferred it into you for now. Do you understand that what I AM doing in you now it to release you from this resistance that is in the left side of your brain, and bring you into the free flow of the right side of your brain. Maybe what you need is to experience the VEIL BETWEEN THE TWO HEMISPHERE OF YOUR BRAIN TO BE RENT OR TORN FROM THE TOP TO THE BOTTOM, SO THAT YOU CAN FREELY EXPERIENCE WHAT WILL COME OUT OF THIS, that is, THE JOINING OF THE TWO HALVES.


The belief is that energy that follows your thoughts. This is why, I don't want you to have any belief system in you. It's not about what you believe, BUT IT IS FROM WHAT  YOU KNOW FROM EXPERIENCES. The energy that follows your thoughts is what brings forth these things that come out of the creative imaginations and creative visualizations  that is in your mind as you let go of all your beliefs and doctrines that have PRODUCED NOTHING so far as to raise up the spirit and shine. This is the whole religious world in their doctrines, beliefs and dogmas, NOTHING HAS REALLY WORKED FOR THEM.  This is why the world, whether inside of you or out side of you is struggling. The whole world is struggling to find an answer to their so - called problems.


Your mind, do you see that? Your mind and thoughts produce energy, which begins to be birth in the spiritual realm first and then is reproduced into the so - called nature realm. As the image you hold is incubated in thought; it becomes birth into the physical material world. For every thing is first spiritual and then physical. The spiritual realm is the invisible realm or world..If your eyes were opened you would find a host of spirits of energy beings that are here to help you.For when the things come to you that you thought of come into the natural realm, or the outer world, then it is manifested. It says that your thoughts  of that image incubates before it is manifested in this outer world of illusion.


Here is a thought for you to hold in you; this whole thing about creative imagination and visualization is done in your mind, and then appears in your mind and then projected outwardly into what you think is in the outer world, the world out there that seems so real to the natural mind. This is why you must keep what you desire in your in order to manifest in your mind first, before it is projected into the divine matrix of the screen of your life.


Before I release you from my presence, I want to inject something to you. for in recent weeks has been a stumbling block making you confess that I don't have,, in this case, money for gas. How would you like to fill up your gas tank and get an unlimited miles per tank, like thousands of miles per tank. But YOU MUST GET RID OF THE THOUGHT THAT IT IS A GAS HOG AND whatever other thought you might have because of it being a big van. But you have it for this reason, to travel where I want  you to go and do what I want. Just look at your Wind - Star mini van, you got 263,000 out of it without doing no maintenance or oil changes hardly. You only put $1,200 in up keep of it, but why? Because you learned not to speak or think you would  have problems with it. Even the high gas mileage like the last two tanks of gas, the 32 and 34 M.P.G. was because of how you put gas in it. You do not allow anyone to speak evil about it. So right there, the ENERGY and THE   THOUGHTS THAT YOU EMANATED WITHIN THE VAN MADE IT PERFORM THE WAY IT DID. Interesting, isn't it? But it is true. If you tell that to a mechanic, he would tell you that you are crazy and lucky. But I say NO! it was done for you this way in order to prepare you for the next step, and that is to flow in the energy of the spirit of Creative imaginations and creative visualization. It this alright? I AM setting you free from the limitations of your own mind, and not only that, but the boundaries that go with the limitations.


Can you see the last two notebooks  You write in are really nothing but an introduction into my mind, THE UNIVERSAL MIND OF ALL, IN ALL, AS ALL. This is HOLOGRAPHIC, IT PROJECTS OUT OF YOU. For what you are saying is exality what you are now getting. If you are living in poverty and lack and want, Change what you are thinking on and saying...... the powerful force of the spiritual world that creates the circumstance around you is controlled by THE WORDS OF YOUR MOUTH. So in a way, this word on the holographic mind, the divine matrix of the outer world, the creative imagination and visualizations,; this is all an introduction to the supreme being of light that you are. It's an ENTRANCE INTO THE INNER CHAMBER OF BEING OF YOU, AND THE INNER CHAMBER WAS IN THE MIND OF CHRIST JESUS; BECAUSE IT WAS THIS THAT MADE THIS JESUS, WHOM THE RELIGIOUS WORLD CRUCIFIES EVERY YEAR, BOTH LORD AND CHRIST. And this is what this is suppose to do to you, and all who are awakening to this. Just know that NO ONE MAN HAS ALL THE TRUTH. This is a many member body that makes up - CHRIST IN YOU.


This is a word that is needed to confirm what I AM saying to many. The religious crowd will not like it, because it or THIS PUTS IT INTO THEIR HANDS. So what are you going to do to prove this word to you is to see if it is true or not? But I put this into you, but what you do with it is in your hands. For I as God, do not force you to do anything, except you KNOW WHAT IS HERE IS NOT A BELIEF SYSTEM. Because in believing you GET NOTHING IN RETURN, you only get what you KNOW AS TRUTH: THE REST IS AN ILLUSION. This word is for ALL to hear and consider, IT THIS REAL OR IS THIS MEMORIX. If you memorize this to parrot it out. It's up to you. The results is one produces manifestation and the other NOTHING.




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