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I think that some readers may not yet have a clear idea of what exactly this glorious good news of UR is about. Hence this short post. Maybe this will help bring into focus for some as to WHY we are contending for this message.

Those who proclaim UR (universal reconcilation) aren't trying to be divisive or controversial, believe it or not. Neither are they merely trying to prove a "doctrinal point" by maintaining that 100% of humanity
will be drawn into Christ through His cross. It's not a matter of driving doctrinal details down the throats of other people. The real issue that UR addresses is simply--


How deep plumbs the love of God? How high does it reach? How long does it endure? How wide is its range?

Traditional churchianity for 1500 years has been and is telling us that God's love is only as deep as YOU are wise enough to let it be for you--in THIS lifetime. UR proclaims that it goes far deeper than that! "It reaches to the lowest hell!" (To quote the words of a famous gospel song that many Christians love, but fail to believe.)

Traditional Churchianity asserts that God's (meaningful and active) love reaches only such a height as to impact with those "chosen few" who have been elected to "go to heaven" to the everlasting exclusion of the rest
of the human race. (Calvinism) Or to those who have shown valid faith by their acts of obedience to make it to the further shore. (Arminianism)

UR proclaims that God's love reaches far higher than that, and that His dreams for his human offspring aspire far higher than that. UR maintains that those who are "elected" to follow Christ now aren't elected for
eternal bliss in a heavenly "pie in the sky" to the exclusion of everyone else. No, they are chosen to s..p..r..e..a..d heaven until Holy Love Himself becomes "all in all." Everything in everyone and everything

Traditional churchianity maintains that the length of God's--redemptive, meaningful and active--love endures AS LONG AS nonChristian people are
still living and breathing in physical bodies on this physical planet. But if they die unconverted...poof! It is no more. And that is the "long and the short" of it! On the other hand, UR proclaims that God's love endures for all time--and infinitely beyond-- and is never-ending at all times and in all realms. His love is an ACTIVE and EFFECTIVE quality that never fails for--anyone. Not even for Satan and the fallen angels.
(Although some UR believers [just as some partialist believers] don't see fallen angels as literal personages in need of restoration.)

Traditional Churchianity maintains that the width of God's (meaningful) love ranges to those whom He has elected to escape an endless hell, or to those who demonstrate by their faith and good works that they merit it. UR proclaims that God's Son "GIVES life to the world" according to Scripture, and that "the gifts and callings of God are without repentance." Therefore all Israel--as well as ALL of the WORLD will be saved.

So the issue is not about "doctrine" and trying to get everyone straightened out on their eschatology (the doctrine of "last things").
No, not at all.

The real issue is Love.

Is Love really effective? Is it really unconditional? Can we rely on it (Him!) even when we have lost control and cannot rely on ourselves--one iota? Can we rely on Love to prove faithful to our nonChristian departed loved ones? Does Love ever fail--in any respect or to any degree? Does Love plan to abandon billions of His cherished (?) offspring to an eternity of endless fiery torture? If this is so, how can people (with a normal conscience) SINCERELY love, admire and worship Him?

Does the quality of "holiness" in God render His love unreliable for the billions of people who have not attained to holiness in this lifetime? How can we aspire after Love and seek to be "loving people" when this is
the net result of its working? How can we sincerely aspire after "holiness" if it will cause us to be increasingly more vindictive and unloving--as traditional churchianity hints that it does in our heavenly

How, then, do holiness and Love differ from hate?

Do we have to earn or merit or "receive" or "appropriate" God's love (whatever!) in a wise and timely fashion in order for it to accomplish
its healing work?

Is Love (God Himself) more reliable than we are?

Does Love Himself REALLY care about the objects of His (professed) affection?

Is Love Something (and Someone) we can REALLY count on?  

THAT is the issue. And that is what UR is about.

May our Good Father, from whom "every family" in heaven and earth is named, increasingly lead you into the height, depth, width and length of
His unfailing love. (Eph.3:14-21)

He loves you FAR MORE than you think!

Charles Slagle
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