Whenever You Become Aware

This One Moment Now

The Moment You Enter The Now

The Veil That Covers The Mind

A New Spiritual Practice

You Are Avoiding What Is

The Joy of Being Who You Are

Bringing You Into This State of Being

Obscured By Mental Noise

In This Moment Of Now -I AM

The Secret of the Lord Belongs To....

To Let You See

What Is Life

In This Way You May Follow Me

A Major Shift That Is Taking Place

                                       LIVING IN THE MOMENT OF NOW


                    STILLNESS AND SILENCE

                                OF YOUR BEING





  This next section of writings came to me as the HOLY SPIRIT opened my understanding to Eckhart Tolle's book  THE POWER OF NOW.   These writings were the beginning of teaching me how to ENTER INTO MY BOOTH and DWELL IN IT IN SILENCE AND STILLNESS. And what was so interesting was this, I used many of these writings to learn how to take control of my mind. And many others told me the same thing that they really worked in being silent within their temple. THE LORD INHABITS HIS TEMPLE, LET ALL THE EARTH BE SILENT BEFORE HIM.


 So enjoy these writings and may the Lord of you give you the ability to enter your temple in silence and stillness in the present moment of THE NOW.

                                                                       John Rojak