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                   THE ISNESS OF GOD

                       The word "ISNESS" has been coming to me for months

There is a realm beyond meditation that is beginning to open in a fresh way It is only found when you comes to understand what Jesus said, "Resist not evil." When we are free of all fear we find the place of "resisting nothing and embracing all." It's the place where you let what is be, what it is, knowing that this planet is a stage and we are the actors. Everyone has his part to play. In the mortal realm few see for they live in a sense of separation only operating out of the five-sense realm. Most live in the place of selfishness and some are willing to pray for anybody as long as he is good according to their particular standards of goodness. Those that understand they are the expression of the invisible One wipe out all barriers and all distinctions and refuse to hold judgment, criticism, accusation, or condemnation toward any. These are those that understand they don't go in and out of God's presence but they ARE THE PRESENCE in this present arrangement. It's the place of "BE-INGNESS."
We, the many membered One called Christ, understand our Father is the creative principle in this universe, and He alone is maintaining and sustaining all and will continue without any help, advice, or prayers from man.

                             Can you see God IS whether or not man
                                does anything about it?

Can you see that the function of God takes place whether or not man prays and the rain falls on the just and unjust? Can you see we live in a God-governed world~~~ and ALL IS WELL? God's heart is giving and he has created this universe and He's maintaining and sustaining ALL. This is God's ISNESS.
As we find this life we understand everyone is right where they are supposed to be, doing what they are supposed to doing and will be there until and everyone has an until word. Even Judas had a part to play, Pharaoh ruler of Egypt had a part. In fact he kept trying to release them and every time God hardened his heart. I believe Judas tried to get out of his part and Jesus had to encourage him to do what he had to. So we learn to let everyone be what they are UNTIL.

                Shakespeare said, "The world is a stage and we are the actors."

This is the realm of "ISNESS!" Jesus healed all who came to him. He just BE who he was and anyone that came to him, he could be whatever they needed. It's living in "BE-NESS" for all that you will ever need is already IN YOU! A religious mind is taught do, do, do but we are to be AS HE IS---NOW!
This way life flows wherever we are. We are coming to understand more and more of this life, which we are. So the BIG question for most still is WHY?
Why is there still so much strife on the earth? Why so much strife in families? Local and around the world we see conflict, wars, unrest, lack, and limitation. Does God have anything to do with these discords? NO

Who is responsible for these troubles? God or man? One thing I've been teaching is getting our individual universe aligned. God's universe flows with the planets in place and the sun and the moon coming up in their set time. Do we identify with the world or the Kingdom of God, for in the Kingdom "ALL IS WELL." So do we plead with God to change our situation or do we examine ourselves. " Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." Throughout time there are those who have found the truth, illumined souls, that have found trials, tribulation, wars, conflict cannot be laid at God's door. This is what James 3:1-18 is dealing with. So how do we change our planet? It all starts within each of us. As my garden (consciousness) gets straightened and my planets (thoughts) get aligned and then I realize I can't change my mind, I just begin to function out of the mind of Christ.

                             IT ALL STARTS IN YOU

God has no enemies for there is only one power on our planet. I love how Jesus put it, "In this world you will have tribulation but be of good cheer, I HAVE OVERCOME THIS WORLD." Our "forerunner" found the place of no conflict, the place of peace in the midst of turmoil. NOW we are finding this life a life free of conflict, accusation, judgment, and condemnation towards any. Keep watching the world and you will have tribulation but as we set our focus on the kingdom the shadows of this world fade away.

Living in this Christ consciousness we begin to walk without material obstruction, without physical, mental, moral or financial hindrances. This is the Kingdom of heaven and all sense of the three-dimensional world of limitation is fading. We have begun to understand the timelessness of this presence and power as it makes its appearance it has always been and has existed within you...for IT'S THE TRUTH OF YOUR BEING!  Sickness or disease, poverty or lack, have no power in this Life.

              All will appear in your experience as you have need of it,
                       And it will appear abundantly

This reality or state of consciousness is your entire reliance, faith and dependence and it's bursting forth from the inner chamber of your being
NOW!!! IT'S THE ISNESS OF YOUR BE-ING, THE EXPRESSION OF THE INVISIBLE, THE CRYSTALIZATION OF YOUR TRUE LIFE, it's the Kingdom of God made manifest in this present arrangement we call the world. AMEN

"If the Son (self-identification) therefore shall make you free (reveal the full Light of your being to you), you shall be free indeed...Whosoever denieth the Son (refuses absolute identification), the same hath not the Father (is unillumined): BUT he that acknowledgeth the Son (Identifies himself as the Way, the Truth and the Life, as Jesus did) hath the Father also (has pierced the mystery of the Kingdom!) ONENESS!!!

Blessings,  Floyd

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