Faith Explosion Workshops - Syllabus

When the unthinkable, unbelievable occurs and you are transformed from being a skeptic into being a believer because you've not only seen it with your own eyes, but experienced it, you have had a "faith explosion."


The blast that obliterated the city of Hiroshima in an instant turned millions of people into believers in the fact that a new age -- the "atomic" or "nuclear era" had been birthed.

It is still difficult to believe that the huge mushroom cloud aftermath was comprised of  billions of particles of what had been human beings and the structures in which they had lived and worked -- were disintegrated in one enormous, brilliant flash of light.

Imagine it, see the picture in your mind. Did it really happen? What was the process that made the impossible take place?

The device, the bomb, was insignificant in both size (a mere few hundred centimeters). It had been engineered so that an atom was blown apart internally and the chain reaction that ensued was the horrific nuclear explosion.

What made it possible was Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity first published in 1905. One of the things we learned  subsequent to this theory-become-reality is that something which had been widely believed, assumed and taught as truth -- wasn't. An atom is not the smallest particle in the universe. We don't need 

to understand all the implications of this to know that a nuclear explosion is real.

Faith that opens the door to what some think of as "the supernatural" or "the miraculous" begins when we discover that something else we've believed, assumed and been taught to be truth -- isn't either.


A Faith Explosion Workshop is a device that is engineered to blow apart irrational and obsolete belief systems which keep the mind closed to the kind of faith which produces the "supernatural," including "healing" and other "miracles."

The purpose of a Faith Explosion Workshop is to help people get beyond limiting beliefs and to begin accessing the creative SOURCE of everything.

Those who have their own faith explosion come into an awareness that they are connected TO and conduits OF "supernatural" powers belonging to the SOURCE (by whatever other title or name).

Further, they realize that these powers are not "theirs," but belong exclusively to the SOURCE and which (powers) "merely" and "simply" flow through them (period).  They are unable to even explain the phenomena. The SOURCE gets credit for all results.

This, then, is the Faith Explosion.

Faith Explosion Workshops

Session I   Understanding limiting belief systems and how to overcome them.

Newton's Law of Gravity vs. Einstein's Theory of Relativity - certain findings by both men a diametrically opposed and, therefore, neither finding can be true, right? WRONG!

In this session we discover how physicists have recently resolved a controversy that has been raging for almost a century. Newton and Einstein were both right. Understanding this (now) "simple" basic will help us get past our own proclivities to refuse to accept that what we have long believed to be true is NOT true …and yet IS true. What we will learn is how two disparate, mutually exclusive opinions can actually both be true …when that seems impossible.

We learn two words "complementarity" and "namaste" …and, if we allow it, these two words will set the stage for each of us, individually, to move into the awareness that nothing is impossible because we are connected to the creative SOURCE of everything.

When any two of us disagree, only one of us can be correct, right? WRONG!

Applying what we've learned so far -- in an open discussion about our varying and differing about Who/What God is and beginning to understand "complementarity" (a physics/quantum mechanics - scientific term) and how to apply it to spiritual matters.

"Namaste" comes alive.

Session II   Understanding the religious equivalent to he scientific controversy of Newton vs. Einstein …and getting past it.

Session III     Daily reinforcing exercises.

Session IV    Understanding the Tower of Babel and avoiding building one -- thus also avoiding the consequences.

Session V     Learning the basics of facilitating rather than leading a Faith Explosion Workshop and the importance in the difference …and why it is so important.

Session VI    Moving forward individually as directed by the SOURCE. 

Faith Explosion Workshops - Syllabus