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Seeing The Invisible
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How can you see the invisible? Has anyone explained something to you and you replied, "Oh, I see". Do you see what I mean? Everything you see with those eyes in your head is temporary, including the eyes themselves. Therefore all that you see with those temporary eyes is vanity, really giving you nothing to stand on. How tragic to live your life totally according to the things that are seen on the outside of you, while the true and lasting Treasure is on the inside.

We are not to look at the things that are seen, but at the things which are unseen. The things that are seen are temporary; the things that are unseen are eternal. So how do we see the things growing outward from the center of your being, while unseen? By hearing. As we have heard, so have we seen in the City of the Lord of Hosts. He will establish it forever! The reason it is established forever is because it is formed from the inside of your being growing outward. By hearing and hearing of Truth in the Light the Foundation is laid and the house is built, and eventually furnished with the richest of goods. Here a little, there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept the permanent house is built. And unlike the things that we furnish ourselves with on the outside, these things cannot be stolen for they are on the inside. Do you see?

This and other writings of this sort will only register with them who realize what are priorities, and who have received the Spirit of Truth who guides these selfless ones into all truth. Others will just not be drawn because they want to do what their selves want to do, and self does not want to pursue after eternal things, but will rather cheat and blind those into believing that all is okay. Just keep going your own way. Unto these I also have hope, and I refuse to despair over any for I was the worst. This is just a short thesis to prepare you for more. Some will be spoken in the plain and some from the hilltops. Either way any can receive something to appropriate for their spiritual growth.

The Kingdom Within

Like most Kingdoms the Kingdom within you is composed of a "Garden" and a "City". These are what we want to see. They are glorious for as they come into view the focus of our lives is consumed with the possessing of them, knowing that they are eternal, and cannot be taken away, for that is who you become. "The highest order of anything is to become it"! Here are some ways to see. In the spirit when you go higher you don’t have to go up on the roof. Height and depth are not geographical. Even the world knows these things as businesses talk about laying foundations, while not talking about pouring concrete. It is something you can stand upon and build upon. When people talk about being planted somewhere it doesn’t mean that they’re going to dig a ditch and put themselves in it in order to grow. Do you see ? Be planted, get established in things eternal, come on up higher so that you can get an overview of the situation. Let’s move up the pyramid and meet together at the top as one! Talk to you later!


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