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     Valuable treasures are rarely found on the surface of the earth, or in superficial communication. Gold, silver, and precious gems are to be found deep in the earth, which is what you are personally. The heavens out there and the earth on which we stand are universal. But individually the heavens are your thinking (a vast expanse) and the earth is your body, made from the dust of the earth, and composed of all its ingredients. Your body is an earthen vessel.


     There are treasures of great value inside of you!, just as there are precious treasures in the corporeal earth. But even as the gold, silver, and gems of the natural earth must be searched and dug for, even so must we dig into dark, cavernous places of our own being in order to find the value. Can you dig it?


     Most relationships are super-ficial (facial), or surface relatings. In the end there will be nothing of true value gathered; sad but true. Most are afraid to venture into the deep because it is dark and can be scary, and fear is your main enemy in keeping one from great discoveries. The fear is really one that compares to a child being afraid of the dark.


     There are Treasures to be found in these writings if you will trust enough to believe this, and to venture in unafraid of going beyond the veil of your own surface thinking. I wish the BEST for your life, and it is not found out here, but within you!


     I recommend starting at “The Garden”, part 1, and hopefully your desire for these “lasting” precious stones will be enhanced, that you might find all that you need to build a House of Wisdom for yourself and others.


Sincerely Yours,

Tom Henry



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