The Adam Man

The True Independence Day


Living In The Moment Of Now

The Power of Resurrection

The Feast of Tabernacles

The Cocoon

THE Inifinite Being Of I AM

Power Over All Flesh

The Law of Liberty


The Secret Place of Being

Thou Art a Priest Forever

As I AM So Are You

Bringing You Into This State of Being








This day is the day of release of all that has held you from being free in spirit. You are free to receive all that I have for you at this moment, all that you have lost all these years of travel in this matrix realm. Yes, the liberty that is come to you, releasing you from all that held you in slavery to it, imprisonment, and captivity to your mind, and to the mind set on man who still hold man - kind in slavery to it. You could very well say that this independence day is the RELEASE OF THE GREAT JUBILEE, and one realizes just how free he is.


Oh the trumpet is sounding and the dead in Christ are rising as the LIBERTY that is for all is calling all to be free. It's not a 21 gun salute, but a sound as the trumpet, this last trumpet sounding, saying, COME UP HERE, FOR THE DOORS OF OPPORTUNITIES OF HEAVEN IS HERE. ARISE! SHINE! FOR YOUR LIGHT IS COME. FOR THE GLORY OF THE LORD IS RISEN UPON YOU. FOR YOU HAVE ENTERED IN. THIS NEW DAY IS TRULY THE TRUE INDEPENDENCE DAY WHERE THE SPIRIT OF LIBERTY SAYS, YOU ARE FREE, AND IF THE SON OF GOD HAS SET YOU FREE, YOU ARE FREE INDEED.


It is time to eat the fruit of your labors in seeking first the kingdom of heaven as I open doors of opportunities that you know nothing of. The days of lack and the days of tears are over; the shout of the spirit is loud and clear. Fir all who have endured this time can now walk in the LIBERTY OF THE SPIRIT. This is your day to NOW BE FREE!


Many have died in hope to see this day. And NOW they rejoice at the sound of these words; for truly you are A NEW MAN WALKING, AND YOU HAVE NEVER WALKED THIS WAY BEFORE. For this is the FRUIT OF THE LABOR THAT HAS BROUGHT YOU TO THIS NEW INDEPENDENCE DAY.

                                        REJOICE IN HIS LOVE TO ALL WHO HEAR WHAT THE SPIRIT IS SAYING.